How to use create_mock_class method in autotest

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...49 except:50 print "caught error"51def main():52 god = mock.mock_god()53 m1 = god.create_mock_class(A, "A")54 print m1.var55 m2 = god.create_mock_class(B, "B")56 f = god.create_mock_function("func")57 print dir(m1)58 print dir(m2)59 # sets up the "recording"60 m2.method1.expect_call().and_return(1)61 m2.method3.expect_call(10).and_return(10)62 f.expect_call("how many").and_return(42)63 m1.method2.expect_call(5).and_return(0)64 m2.method1.expect_call().and_return(2)65 m2.method4.expect_call(1, 4).and_return(6)66 m2.method2.expect_call(3).and_return(6)67 m2.method2.expect_call(mock.is_string_comparator()).and_return("foo")68 # check the recording order69 for func_call in god.recording:70 print func_call71 # once we start making calls into the methods we are in72 # playback mode73 do_stuff(m1, m2, f)74 # we can now check that playback succeeded75 god.check_playback()76 # now test the ability to mock out all methods of an object77 # except those under test78 c = C()79 god.mock_up(c, "c")80 # setup recording81 c.method1.expect_call()82 c.method2.expect_call(4).and_return(4)83 c.method3.expect_call(4).and_return(5)84 # perform the test85 answer = c.method5.run_original_function()86 # check playback87 print "answer = %s" % (answer)88 god.check_playback()89 # check exception returns too90 m3 = god.create_mock_class(D, "D")91 m3.method6.expect_call(False).and_return(10)92 m3.method6.expect_call(True).and_raises(MyError("woops"))93 do_more_stuff(m3)94 god.check_playback()95 # now check we can mock out a whole class (rather than just an instance)96 mockE = god.create_mock_class_obj(E, "E")97 oldE = mock_demo_MUT.E98 mock_demo_MUT.E = mockE99 m4 = mockE.expect_new(val=7)100 m4.method1.expect_call().and_return(1)101 mock_demo_MUT.do_create_stuff()102 god.check_playback()103 mock_demo_MUT.E = oldE104if __name__ == "__main__":...

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...3from django.http import HttpRequest4from django.http import HttpResponse5from permission.handlers import PermissionHandler6from permission.tests.compat import MagicMock7def create_mock_class(name, base, instance=None):8 instance = instance or MagicMock()9 mock_class = MagicMock(name=name,10 return_value=instance)11 mock_class.__bases__ = (type, base)12 mock_class.__class__ = type13 return mock_class14def create_mock_handler():15 instance = MagicMock(**{16 'has_perm.return_value': False,17 'get_permissions.return_value': [18 'permission.add_article',19 ],20 })21 handler = create_mock_class('MockPermissionHandler',22 base=PermissionHandler,23 instance=instance)24 return handler25def create_mock_request(mock_permission_handler):26 request = MagicMock(spec=HttpRequest)27 request.build_absolute_uri = MagicMock(return_value="/")28 request.META = MagicMock()29 request.user = MagicMock(**{30 'is_active.return_value': True,31 'is_authenticated.return_value': True,32 'has_perm.side_effect': mock_permission_handler.has_perm,33 })34 return request35def create_mock_view_func():...

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