How to use customConvertJson method in autotest

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...24except django_exceptions.ImproperlyConfigured:25 from json import encoder26 json_encoder = encoder.JSONEncoder()27json_decoder = decoder.JSONDecoder()28def customConvertJson(value):29 """\30 Recursively process JSON values and do type conversions.31 -change floats to ints32 -change unicodes to strs33 """34 if isinstance(value, float):35 return int(value)36 elif isinstance(value, unicode):37 return str(value)38 elif isinstance(value, list):39 return [customConvertJson(item) for item in value]40 elif isinstance(value, dict):41 new_dict = {}42 for key, val in value.iteritems():43 new_key = customConvertJson(key)44 new_val = customConvertJson(val)45 new_dict[new_key] = new_val46 return new_dict47 else:48 return value49def ServiceMethod(fn):50 fn.IsServiceMethod = True51 return fn52class ServiceException(Exception):53 pass54class ServiceRequestNotTranslatable(ServiceException):55 pass56class BadServiceRequest(ServiceException):57 pass58class ServiceMethodNotFound(ServiceException):59 pass60class ServiceHandler(object):61 def __init__(self, service):62 self.service=service63 @classmethod64 def blank_result_dict(cls):65 return {'id': None, 'result': None, 'err': None, 'err_traceback': None}66 def dispatchRequest(self, request):67 """68 Invoke a json RPC call from a decoded json request.69 @param request: a decoded json_request70 @returns a dictionary with keys id, result, err and err_traceback71 """72 results = self.blank_result_dict()73 try:74 results['id'] = self._getRequestId(request)75 methName = request['method']76 args = request['params']77 except KeyError:78 raise BadServiceRequest(request)79 metadata = request.copy()80 metadata['_type'] = 'rpc'81 metadata['rpc_server'] = socket.gethostname()82 try:83 meth = self.findServiceEndpoint(methName)84 results['result'] = self.invokeServiceEndpoint(meth, args)85 except Exception, err:86 results['err_traceback'] = traceback.format_exc()87 results['err'] = err88 return results89 def _getRequestId(self, request):90 try:91 return request['id']92 except KeyError:93 raise BadServiceRequest(request)94 def handleRequest(self, jsonRequest):95 request = self.translateRequest(jsonRequest)96 results = self.dispatchRequest(request)97 return self.translateResult(results)98 @staticmethod99 def translateRequest(data):100 try:101 req = json_decoder.decode(data)102 except:103 raise ServiceRequestNotTranslatable(data)104 req = customConvertJson(req)105 return req106 def findServiceEndpoint(self, name):107 try:108 meth = getattr(self.service, name)109 return meth110 except AttributeError:111 raise ServiceMethodNotFound(name)112 def invokeServiceEndpoint(self, meth, args):113 return meth(*args)114 @staticmethod115 def translateResult(result_dict):116 """117 @param result_dict: a dictionary containing the result, error, traceback118 and id....

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