How to use decored method in autotest

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2from .view_models import error_view_model3from traceback import print_exc4def has_a_parameters(*param_list):5 def decorator(fun):6 def decored():7 if not request.json:8 return error_view_model("JSON body not found")9 for param in param_list:10 if not param in request.json:11 return error_view_model("Parameter {} not found".format(param))12 return fun()13 return decored14 return decorator15def handle_500(fun):16 def decorator():17 try:18 return fun()19 except Exception as ex:20 print_exc()21 print(ex)22 return error_view_model("Server error")23 return decorator24def base_handle(has_parameters):25 def decorator(fun):26 @handle_50027 @has_a_parameters(*has_parameters)28 def decored():29 return fun()30 return decored31 return decorator32def check(result, err_str):33 def decorator(fun):34 def decored():35 if not result:36 return error_view_model(err_str)37 return fun()38 return decored...

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1'''2mid 3此例展示带参数的装饰器如何装饰带参数的函数4此时,装饰器的参数,被装饰的函数,被装饰函数的参数都有确定的传递位置5'''6def d(argDec): #1) 装饰器的参数 7 def _d(funcDecored): #2) 被装饰函数8 def __d(*arg, **karg): #3) 被装饰函数的参数9 print (argDec)10 print("do sth before decored func..")11 r= funcDecored(*arg, **karg) 12 print("do sth after decored func..")13 return r 14 return __d15 return _d16 17@d("first")18def func01(): 19 print("call func01")20@d("second")21def func02(a, b=2):22 print("call f2")23 print (a+b)24func01()25print ("-"*20)26func02(1)27print ("-"*20)...

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