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1import threading2import asdf_standard.integration3import pytest4import asdf5from asdf import get_config, resource6from asdf.extension import BuiltinExtension, ExtensionProxy7from asdf.resource import ResourceMappingProxy8def test_config_context():9 assert get_config().validate_on_read is True10 with asdf.config_context() as config:11 config.validate_on_read = False12 assert get_config().validate_on_read is False13 assert get_config().validate_on_read is True14def test_config_context_nested():15 assert get_config().validate_on_read is True16 with asdf.config_context() as config1:17 config1.validate_on_read = False18 with asdf.config_context() as config2:19 config2.validate_on_read = True20 with asdf.config_context() as config3:21 config3.validate_on_read = False22 assert get_config().validate_on_read is False23 assert get_config().validate_on_read is True24def test_config_context_threaded():25 assert get_config().validate_on_read is True26 thread_value = None27 def worker():28 nonlocal thread_value29 thread_value = get_config().validate_on_read30 with asdf.config_context() as config:31 config.validate_on_read = False32 with asdf.config_context() as config:33 config.validate_on_read = False34 thread = threading.Thread(target=worker)35 thread.start()36 thread.join()37 assert thread_value is True38 assert get_config().validate_on_read is True39def test_global_config():40 assert get_config().validate_on_read is True41 get_config().validate_on_read = False42 assert get_config().validate_on_read is False43 with asdf.config_context() as config:44 assert config.validate_on_read is False45 config.validate_on_read = True46 assert get_config().validate_on_read is True47 assert get_config().validate_on_read is False48 # Global config is reset to defaults by autouse49 # fixture in asdf/tests/ test_validate_on_read():51 with asdf.config_context() as config:52 assert config.validate_on_read == asdf.config.DEFAULT_VALIDATE_ON_READ53 config.validate_on_read = False54 assert get_config().validate_on_read is False55 config.validate_on_read = True56 assert get_config().validate_on_read is True57def test_default_version():58 with asdf.config_context() as config:59 assert config.default_version == asdf.config.DEFAULT_DEFAULT_VERSION60 assert "1.2.0" != asdf.config.DEFAULT_DEFAULT_VERSION61 config.default_version = "1.2.0"62 assert config.default_version == "1.2.0"63 with pytest.raises(ValueError):64 config.default_version = "0.1.5"65def test_legacy_fill_schema_defaults():66 with asdf.config_context() as config:67 assert config.legacy_fill_schema_defaults == asdf.config.DEFAULT_LEGACY_FILL_SCHEMA_DEFAULTS68 config.legacy_fill_schema_defaults = False69 assert get_config().legacy_fill_schema_defaults is False70 config.legacy_fill_schema_defaults = True71 assert get_config().legacy_fill_schema_defaults is True72def test_array_inline_threshold():73 with asdf.config_context() as config:74 assert config.array_inline_threshold == asdf.config.DEFAULT_ARRAY_INLINE_THRESHOLD75 config.array_inline_threshold = 1076 assert get_config().array_inline_threshold == 1077 config.array_inline_threshold = None78 assert get_config().array_inline_threshold is None79def test_resource_mappings():80 with asdf.config_context() as config:81 core_mappings = resource.get_json_schema_resource_mappings() + asdf_standard.integration.get_resource_mappings()82 default_mappings = config.resource_mappings83 assert len(default_mappings) >= len(core_mappings)84 new_mapping = {"": b"foo"}85 config.add_resource_mapping(new_mapping)86 assert len(config.resource_mappings) == len(default_mappings) + 187 assert any(m for m in config.resource_mappings if m.delegate is new_mapping)88 # Adding a mapping should be idempotent:89 config.add_resource_mapping(new_mapping)90 # ... even if wrapped:91 config.add_resource_mapping(ResourceMappingProxy(new_mapping))92 assert len(config.resource_mappings) == len(default_mappings) + 193 # Adding a mapping should place it at the front of the line:94 front_mapping = {"": b"baz"}95 config.add_resource_mapping(front_mapping)96 assert len(config.resource_mappings) == len(default_mappings) + 297 assert config.resource_mappings[0].delegate is front_mapping98 # ... even if the mapping is already in the list:99 config.add_resource_mapping(new_mapping)100 assert len(config.resource_mappings) == len(default_mappings) + 2101 assert config.resource_mappings[0].delegate is new_mapping102 # Reset should get rid of any additions:103 config.reset_resources()104 assert len(config.resource_mappings) == len(default_mappings)105 # Should be able to remove a mapping:106 config.add_resource_mapping(new_mapping)107 config.remove_resource_mapping(new_mapping)108 assert len(config.resource_mappings) == len(default_mappings)109 # ... even if wrapped:110 config.add_resource_mapping(new_mapping)111 config.remove_resource_mapping(ResourceMappingProxy(new_mapping))112 assert len(config.resource_mappings) == len(default_mappings)113 # ... and also by the name of the package the mappings came from:114 config.add_resource_mapping(ResourceMappingProxy(new_mapping, package_name="foo"))115 config.add_resource_mapping(116 ResourceMappingProxy({"": b"bar"}, package_name="foo")117 )118 config.remove_resource_mapping(package="foo")119 assert len(config.resource_mappings) == len(default_mappings)120 # Can combine the package and mapping filters when removing:121 config.add_resource_mapping(ResourceMappingProxy(new_mapping, package_name="foo"))122 config.remove_resource_mapping(new_mapping, package="foo")123 assert len(config.resource_mappings) == len(default_mappings)124 # But not omit both:125 with pytest.raises(ValueError):126 config.remove_resource_mapping()127 # Removing a mapping should be idempotent:128 config.add_resource_mapping(new_mapping)129 config.remove_resource_mapping(new_mapping)130 config.remove_resource_mapping(new_mapping)131 assert len(config.resource_mappings) == len(default_mappings)132def test_resource_manager():133 with asdf.config_context() as config:134 # Initial resource manager should contain just the entry points resources:135 assert "" in config.resource_manager136 assert (137 b""138 in config.resource_manager[""]139 )140 assert "" not in config.resource_manager141 # Add a mapping and confirm that the manager now contains it:142 new_mapping = {"": b"foo"}143 config.add_resource_mapping(new_mapping)144 assert "" in config.resource_manager145 assert (146 b""147 in config.resource_manager[""]148 )149 assert "" in config.resource_manager150 assert config.resource_manager[""] == b"foo"151 # Remove a mapping and confirm that the manager no longer contains it:152 config.remove_resource_mapping(new_mapping)153 assert "" in config.resource_manager154 assert (155 b""156 in config.resource_manager[""]157 )158 assert "" not in config.resource_manager159 # Reset and confirm that the manager no longer contains the custom mapping:160 config.add_resource_mapping(new_mapping)161 config.reset_resources()162 assert "" in config.resource_manager163 assert (164 b""165 in config.resource_manager[""]166 )167 assert "" not in config.resource_manager168def test_extensions():169 with asdf.config_context() as config:170 original_extensions = config.extensions171 assert any(isinstance(e.delegate, BuiltinExtension) for e in original_extensions)172 class FooExtension:173 types = []174 tag_mapping = []175 url_mapping = []176 new_extension = FooExtension()177 class BarExtension:178 extension_uri = "asdf://"179 types = []180 tag_mapping = []181 url_mapping = []182 uri_extension = BarExtension()183 # Add an extension:184 config.add_extension(new_extension)185 assert len(config.extensions) == len(original_extensions) + 1186 assert any(e for e in config.extensions if e.delegate is new_extension)187 # Adding an extension should be idempotent:188 config.add_extension(new_extension)189 assert len(config.extensions) == len(original_extensions) + 1190 # Even when wrapped:191 config.add_extension(ExtensionProxy(new_extension))192 assert len(config.extensions) == len(original_extensions) + 1193 # Remove an extension:194 config.remove_extension(new_extension)195 assert len(config.extensions) == len(original_extensions)196 # Removing should work when wrapped:197 config.add_extension(new_extension)198 config.remove_extension(ExtensionProxy(new_extension))199 assert len(config.extensions) == len(original_extensions)200 # And also by URI:201 config.add_extension(uri_extension)202 config.remove_extension(uri_extension.extension_uri)203 assert len(config.extensions) == len(original_extensions)204 # And also by URI pattern:205 config.add_extension(uri_extension)206 config.remove_extension("asdf://*")207 assert len(config.extensions) == len(original_extensions)208 # Remove by the name of the extension's package:209 config.add_extension(ExtensionProxy(new_extension, package_name="foo"))210 config.add_extension(ExtensionProxy(uri_extension, package_name="foo"))211 config.remove_extension(package="foo")212 assert len(config.extensions) == len(original_extensions)213 # Can combine remove filters:214 config.add_extension(ExtensionProxy(new_extension, package_name="foo"))215 config.add_extension(ExtensionProxy(uri_extension, package_name="foo"))216 config.remove_extension(uri_extension.extension_uri, package="foo")217 assert len(config.extensions) == len(original_extensions) + 1218 # ... but not omit both:219 with pytest.raises(ValueError):220 config.remove_extension()221 # Removing an extension should be idempotent:222 config.add_extension(new_extension)223 config.remove_extension(new_extension)224 config.remove_extension(new_extension)225 assert len(config.extensions) == len(original_extensions)226 # Resetting should get rid of any additions:227 config.add_extension(new_extension)228 config.add_extension(FooExtension())229 config.reset_extensions()230 assert len(config.extensions) == len(original_extensions)231def test_config_repr():232 with asdf.config_context() as config:233 config.validate_on_read = True234 config.default_version = "1.5.0"235 config.io_block_size = 9999236 config.legacy_fill_schema_defaults = False237 config.array_inline_threshold = 14238 assert "validate_on_read: True" in repr(config)239 assert "default_version: 1.5.0" in repr(config)240 assert "io_block_size: 9999" in repr(config)241 assert "legacy_fill_schema_defaults: False" in repr(config)...

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1#-*- coding: utf8 -*-2# This line ensures that frames from this file will not be shown in tracebacks3__unittest = 14import inspect5import os6import yaml7from freshen.context import *8from freshen.parser import parse_steps, parse_file9class StepsRunner(object):10 11 def __init__(self, step_registry):12 self.step_registry = step_registry13 14 def run_steps_from_string(self, spec, language_name='en'):15 """ Called from within step definitions to run other steps. """16 17 caller = inspect.currentframe().f_back18 line = caller.f_lineno - 119 fname = caller.f_code.co_filename20 21 steps = parse_steps(spec, fname, line, load_language(language_name))22 for s in steps:23 self.run_step(s)24 25 def run_step(self, step):26 step_impl, args = self.step_registry.find_step_impl(step)27 if step.arg is not None:28 return, *args)29 else:30 return*args)31class TagMatcher(object):32 33 def __init__(self, tags):34 self.include_tags = set(t.lstrip("@") for t in tags if not t.startswith("~"))35 self.exclude_tags = set(t.lstrip("~@") for t in tags if t.startswith("~"))36 def check_match(self, tagset):37 tagset = set(t.lstrip("@") for t in tagset)38 if tagset & self.exclude_tags:39 return False40 41 return not self.include_tags or (tagset & self.include_tags)42class Language(object):43 def __init__(self, mappings, default_mappings=None):44 self.mappings = mappings45 self.default_mappings = default_mappings46 47 def words(self, key):48 """49 Give all the synonymns of a word in the requested language 50 (or the default language if no word is available).51 """52 if self.default_mappings is not None and key not in self.mappings:53 return self.default_mappings[key].encode('utf').split("|")54 else:55 return self.mappings[key].encode('utf').split("|")56def load_feature(fname, language):57 """ Load and parse a feature file. """58 fname = os.path.abspath(fname)59 feat = parse_file(fname, language)60 return feat61def load_language(language_name, default_language_name="en"):62 directory, _f = os.path.split(os.path.abspath(__file__))63 language_path = os.path.join(directory, 'languages.yml')64 languages = yaml.load(open(language_path))65 if language_name not in languages:66 return None67 return Language(languages[language_name], languages[default_language_name])68def run_steps(spec, language="en"):69 """ Can be called by the user from within a step definition to execute other steps. """70 # The way this works is a little exotic, but I couldn't think of a better way to work around71 # the fact that this has to be a global function and therefore cannot know about which step72 # runner to use (other than making step runner global)73 74 # Find the step runner that is currently running and use it to run the given steps75 fr = inspect.currentframe()76 while fr:77 if "self" in fr.f_locals:78 f_self = fr.f_locals['self']79 if isinstance(f_self, StepsRunner):80 return f_self.run_steps_from_string(spec, language)...

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