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1from modality_agnostic.test_support.common import lazy2from unittest import TestCase, main as unittest_main3def in_memory_collection(orig_f): # #decorator4 def use_f():5 return in_memory_collection_via_entity_dictionaries(orig_f())6 return use_f7class CommonCase(TestCase):8 def these(self):9 def useAssertSequenceEqual(actual, expected):10 assert(isinstance(expected, tuple))11 use_expected = ('update_entity', *expected)12 self.assertSequenceEqual(actual, use_expected)13 pe = self.build_end_state().result_value14 stack = list(reversed(pe.units_of_work))15 return stack.pop, stack, useAssertSequenceEqual16 @property17 def end_state(self):18 cls = self.__class__19 if hasattr(cls, evil):20 return getattr(cls, evil)21 es = self.customize_end_state(self.build_end_state())22 setattr(cls, evil, es)23 return es24 def customize_end_state(self, end_state):25 return end_state26 def build_end_state(self):27 import modality_agnostic.test_support.common as em28 listener, emissions = em.listener_and_emissions_for(self)29 ncs = notecards_via_collection(self.collection())30 def perform(eid, cud_tups):31 entity_identifier_tup = ('update_entity', eid)32 return ncs._prepare_edit(entity_identifier_tup, cud_tups, listener)33 edits = self.perform(perform)34 return EndState(edits, tuple(emissions))35 do_debug = False36class EndState:37 def __init__(self, x, emi):38 self.result_value = x39 self.emissions = emi40 self.custom_data = None41evil = '_OMG_' # back hacky memory hack [#507.6]42class Case3250_POORLY_FORMED_REQUEST(CommonCase):43 def test_100_strange_CUD_type(self):44 self.end_state['unrecognized CUD']45 def test_200_strange_attributes(self):46 line = self.end_state['had attribute'][0]47 self.assertEqual(line, 'had attribute name(s) not in the list of known attributes.') # noqa: E50148 def test_300_multiple(self):49 self.end_state['appears multiple']50 def test_400_custom_reason(self):51 line = self.end_state["can't update"][0]52 self.assertEqual(line, "can't update identifier because identifiers are appointed to you") # noqa: E50153 def customize_end_state(self, end_state):54 dct = {}55 assert(end_state.result_value is None)56 em, = end_state.emissions57 for para in paragraphs_via_lines(em.to_messages()):58 k = first_N_words(2, para[0])59 dct[k] = para60 return dct61 def perform(self, perform):62 cuds = []63 cuds.append(('frobulate_attribute', 'body'))64 cuds.append(('update_attribute', 'height_in_kilograms', 'qq'))65 cuds.append(('update_attribute', 'identifier', 'qq'))66 cuds.append(('create_attribute', 'body', 'qq'))67 cuds.append(('update_attribute', 'body', 'qq'))68 return perform('BB', cuds)69 def collection(self):70 return collection_LL1()71@lazy72@in_memory_collection73def collection_minimal():74 yield {75 'identifier_string': 'QQ',76 'core_attributes': {**reqs}}77class Case3280_delete_primitive(CommonCase):78 def test_100_everything(self):79 line, = self.build_end_state().emissions[0].to_messages()80 self.assertIn('body cannot be none', line)81 def perform(self, perform):82 return perform('QQ', (('delete_attribute', 'body'),))83 def collection(self):84 return collection_minimal()85class Case3310_update_primitive(CommonCase):86 def test_100_everything(self):87 pe = self.build_end_state().result_value88 edit, = pe.units_of_work89 expect = ('update_entity', 'QQ', 'update_attribute', 'body', 'wahoo')90 self.assertSequenceEqual(edit, expect)91 def perform(self, perform):92 cuds = []93 cuds.append(('update_attribute', 'body', 'wahoo'))94 return perform('QQ', cuds)95 def collection(self):96 return collection_minimal()97@lazy98@in_memory_collection99def collection_LL1():100 #101 # AA <-> BB <-> CC <-> DD GG <-> HH <-> II <-> JJ102 #103 yield {104 'identifier_string': 'AA',105 'core_attributes': {'next': 'BB', **reqs}}106 yield {107 'identifier_string': 'BB',108 'core_attributes': {'previous': 'AA', 'next': 'CC', **reqs}}109 yield {110 'identifier_string': 'CC',111 'core_attributes': {'previous': 'BB', 'next': 'DD', **reqs}}112 yield {113 'identifier_string': 'DD',114 'core_attributes': {'previous': 'CC', **reqs}}115 yield {116 'identifier_string': 'GG',117 'core_attributes': {'next': 'HH', **reqs}}118 yield {119 'identifier_string': 'HH',120 'core_attributes': {'previous': 'GG', 'next': 'II', **reqs}}121 yield {122 'identifier_string': 'II',123 'core_attributes': {'previous': 'HH', 'next': 'JJ', **reqs}}124 yield {125 'identifier_string': 'JJ',126 'core_attributes': {'previous': 'II', **reqs}}127class Case3340_create_a_prext(CommonCase):128 #129 # AA <-> BB <-> CC <-> DD GG <-> HH <-> II <-> JJ130 #131 # AFTER:132 #133 # AA <-> BB <-> CC <-> DD <-> GG <-> HH <-> II <-> JJ134 def test_100_everything(self):135 p, stack, o = self.these()136 o(p(), ('DD', 'create_attribute', 'next', 'GG'))137 o(p(), ('GG', 'create_attribute', 'previous', 'DD'))138 assert(0 == len(stack))139 def perform(self, perform):140 cud = ('create_attribute', 'previous', 'DD')141 return perform('GG', (cud,))142 def collection(self):143 return collection_LL1()144class Case3370_two_cut_one_splice_a_linked_list(CommonCase):145 #146 # AA <-> BB <-> CC <-> DD GG <-> HH <-> II <-> JJ147 #148 # AFTER:149 #150 # AA <-> BB <-> II <-> JJ CC <-> DD GG <-> HH151 def test_100_everything(self):152 p, stack, o = self.these()153 o(p(), ('HH', 'delete_attribute', 'next'))154 o(p(), ('II', 'update_attribute', 'previous', 'BB'))155 o(p(), ('CC', 'delete_attribute', 'previous'))156 o(p(), ('BB', 'update_attribute', 'next', 'II'))157 assert(0 == len(stack))158 def perform(self, perform):159 return perform('BB', (('update_attribute', 'next', 'II'),))160 def collection(self):161 return collection_LL1()162@in_memory_collection163def collection_tiktok():164 yield {165 'identifier_string': 'bytedance',166 'core_attributes': {'children': ('TikTok',), **reqs}}167 yield {168 'identifier_string': 'TikTok',169 'core_attributes': {'parent': 'bytedance', **reqs}}170class Case3400_delete_parent(CommonCase):171 #172 # bytedance173 # |174 # TikTok175 #176 # AFTER:177 #178 # bytedance179 #180 # TikTok181 def test_100_everything(self): # _NOW_182 p, stack, o = self.these()183 o(p(), ('bytedance', 'delete_attribute', 'children'))184 o(p(), ('TikTok', 'delete_attribute', 'parent'))185 assert(0 == len(stack))186 def perform(self, perform):187 cud = ('delete_attribute', 'parent')188 return perform('TikTok', (cud,))189 def collection(self):190 return collection_tiktok()191class Case3430_create_parent(CommonCase):192 #193 # AAA BBB194 # / \ / \195 # A22 A23 B22 B23 C22196 #197 # AFTER:198 # AAA199 # / | \200 # A22 A23 BBB C22201 # / \202 # B22 B23203 def test_100_everything(self):204 p, stack, o = self.these()205 o(p(), ('AAA', 'update_attribute', 'children', ('A22', 'A23', 'BBB')))206 o(p(), ('BBB', 'create_attribute', 'parent', 'AAA'))207 assert(0 == len(stack))208 def perform(self, perform):209 cud = ('create_attribute', 'parent', 'AAA')210 return perform('BBB', (cud,))211 def collection(self):212 return collection_fellas()213class Case3460_update_parent(CommonCase):214 #215 # AAA BBB216 # / \ / \217 # A22 A23 B22 B23 C22218 #219 # AFTER:220 # AAA BBB221 # / / | \222 # A22 B22 B23 A23 C22223 def test_100_everything(self):224 p, stack, o = self.these()225 o(p(), ('AAA', 'update_attribute', 'children', ('A22',)))226 o(p(), ('BBB', 'update_attribute', 'children', ('B22', 'B23', 'A23')))227 o(p(), ('A23', 'update_attribute', 'parent', 'BBB'))228 assert(0 == len(stack))229 def perform(self, perform):230 cud = ('update_attribute', 'parent', 'BBB')231 return perform('A23', (cud,))232 def collection(self):233 return collection_fellas()234@lazy235@in_memory_collection236def collection_fellas():237 #238 # AAA BBB239 # / \ / \240 # A22 A23 B22 B23 C22241 #242 yield {243 'identifier_string': 'AAA',244 'core_attributes': {'children': ['A22', 'A23'], **reqs}}245 yield {246 'identifier_string': 'BBB',247 'core_attributes': {'children': ['B22', 'B23'], **reqs}}248 yield {249 'identifier_string': 'C22',250 'core_attributes': reqs}251 yield {252 'identifier_string': 'A22',253 'core_attributes': {'parent': 'AAA', **reqs}}254 yield {255 'identifier_string': 'A23',256 'core_attributes': {'parent': 'AAA', **reqs}}257 yield {258 'identifier_string': 'B22',259 'core_attributes': {'parent': 'BBB', **reqs}}260 yield {261 'identifier_string': 'B23',262 'core_attributes': {'parent': 'BBB', **reqs}}263class Case3490_delete_children(CommonCase):264 #265 # AAA BBB266 # / \ / \267 # A22 A23 B22 B23 C22268 #269 # AFTER:270 # AAA BBB271 # / \272 # A22 A23 B22 B23 C22273 def test_100_everything(self):274 p, stack, o = self.these()275 o(p(), ('B22', 'delete_attribute', 'parent'))276 o(p(), ('B23', 'delete_attribute', 'parent'))277 o(p(), ('BBB', 'delete_attribute', 'children'))278 assert(0 == len(stack))279 def perform(self, perform):280 return perform('BBB', (('delete_attribute', 'children'),))281 def collection(self):282 return collection_fellas()283class Case3520_edit_children(CommonCase):284 #285 # AAA BBB286 # / \ / \287 # A22 A23 B22 B23 C22288 #289 # AFTER:290 # AAA BBB291 # / | \ |292 # C22 A23 B23 B22 A22293 def test_100_everything(self):294 p, stack, o = self.these()295 o(p(), ('BBB', 'update_attribute', 'children', ('B22',)))296 o(p(), ('B23', 'update_attribute', 'parent', 'AAA'))297 o(p(), ('C22', 'create_attribute', 'parent', 'AAA'))298 o(p(), ('A22', 'delete_attribute', 'parent'))299 o(p(), ('AAA', 'update_attribute', 'children', ('C22', 'A23', 'B23')))300 assert(0 == len(stack))301 def perform(self, perform):302 cud = ('update_attribute', 'children', ('C22', 'A23', 'B23'))303 return perform('AAA', (cud,))304 def collection(self):305 return collection_fellas()306class Case3550_create_children(CommonCase):307 #308 # AAA BBB309 # / \ / \310 # A22 A23 B22 B23 C22311 #312 # AFTER:313 # AAA314 # / \315 # A22 A23316 # / | \317 # C22 BBB B23318 # /319 # B22320 def test_100_everything(self):321 p, stack, o = self.these()322 o(p(), ('BBB', 'update_attribute', 'children', ('B22',)))323 o(p(), ('B23', 'update_attribute', 'parent', 'A23'))324 o(p(), ('C22', 'create_attribute', 'parent', 'A23'))325 o(p(), ('BBB', 'create_attribute', 'parent', 'A23'))326 o(p(), ('A23', 'create_attribute', 'children', ('C22', 'BBB', 'B23')))327 assert(0 == len(stack))328 def perform(self, perform):329 cud = ('create_attribute', 'children', ('C22', 'BBB', 'B23'))330 return perform('A23', (cud,))331 def collection(self):332 return collection_fellas()333def notecards_via_collection(coll):334 from pho import _Notecards335 return _Notecards(coll)336# == FROM will move to kiss one day probaly #[#873.16] coll impl337def in_memory_collection_via_entity_dictionaries(ent_dcts):338 def do_retrieve_entity(eid, listener):339 if eid not in ents:340 ddct = ddct_via_eid[eid] # ddct = two-deep dictionary341 if ddct is None:342 return whine_not_found(listener, eid)343 ents[eid] = _MinimalEntity(ddct)344 return ents[eid]345 def whine_not_found(listener, eid):346 def structer():347 return {'reason': f"not found (hello from test) '{eid}'"}348 listener('error', 'structure', 'entity_not_found', structer)349 def no_clobber():350 seen = set()351 for ddct in ent_dcts:352 k = ddct['identifier_string']353 if k in seen:354 raise RuntimeError(f"Oops, clobber: '{k}'")355 seen.add(k)356 yield k, ddct357 ddct_via_eid = {k: v for k, v in no_clobber()}358 ents = {}359 class custom_collection: # #class-as-namespace360 retrieve_entity = do_retrieve_entity361 return custom_collection362class _MinimalEntity:363 def __init__(self, ddct):364 self._ddct = ddct365 def to_dictionary_two_deep(self):366 return self._ddct367# == TO here368def paragraphs_via_lines(lines):369 def flush():370 para = tuple(cache)371 cache.clear()372 return para373 itr = iter(lines)374 cache = [next(itr)]375 for line in itr:376 if ' ' == line[0]:377 cache.append(line)378 continue379 yield flush()380 cache.append(line)381 para = flush()382 assert(len(para))383 yield para384def _build_first_N_words():385 def first_N_words(n, s):386 return rx_for(n).match(s)[0]387 def rx_for(n):388 rx = cache.get(n)389 if rx:390 return rx391 this = "[a-zA-Z']+"392 pcs = ['^', this]393 for _ in range(1, n):394 pcs.append(' ')395 pcs.append(this)396 rx = re.compile(''.join(pcs))397 cache[n] = rx398 return rx399 import re400 cache = {}401 return first_N_words402first_N_words = _build_first_N_words()403reqs = {404 'heading': "some heading",405 'body': "some body"}406if __name__ == '__main__':407 unittest_main()408# still need to cover:409# - {update} primitive410# - delete parent when you are only child leads to delete children...

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1"""2I used this to do all of the radial, density, etc. profiles of3the target halo.4The iterative_center_of_mass callback can be uncommented to5create a series of images as we zoom in on the center of mass6from the halo scale down to the collapsed object.7For each simulation, the target halo was:8cc_512_collapse_solar_dust DD0182 874979cc_512_collapse_solar_no_dust DD0185 6676810### rockstar_halos_2Myr catalogs11cc_512_no_dust_continue DD0560 4173212cc_512_no_dust_continue_no_metal DD0560 41732 (from cc_512_no_dust_continue)13cc_512_no_dust_continue_no_metal_ms2 DD0533 41732 (from cc_512_no_dust_continue)14### rockstar_halos catalogs15cc_512_no_dust_continue DD0560 1682516cc_512_no_dust_continue_2 DD0532 16144917cc_512_continue_collapse_dust DD0564 5001018"""19import numpy as np20import os21import sys22import yt23from yt.extensions.astro_analysis.halo_analysis.api import \24 add_callback, \25 add_recipe, \26 HaloCatalog27from yt.extensions.astro_analysis.halo_analysis.halo_callbacks import \28 periodic_distance29from yt.extensions.p2p import \30 add_p2p_fields31from yt.extensions.p2p.halo_catalog_callbacks import \32 get_my_sphere33def iterative_center_of_mass(halo, inner_radius,34 radius_field="virial_radius", step_ratio=0.9):35 if step_ratio <= 0.0 or step_ratio >= 1.0:36 raise RuntimeError(37 "iterative_center_of_mass: step_ratio must be between 0 and 1.")38 dds = halo.halo_catalog.data_ds39 center_orig = halo_data_center(halo)40 radius_orig = halo_data_radius(halo, radius_field="virial_radius")41 sphere = get_my_sphere(halo, radius_field="virial_radius")42 my_units = "pc"43"Halo %d: radius: %s, center: %s." %44 (halo.quantities["particle_identifier"],45 sphere.radius.in_units(my_units), i = 047 try:48 while sphere.radius > inner_radius:49 new_center = sphere.quantities.center_of_mass(50 use_gas=True, use_particles=False)51 sphere = sphere.ds.sphere(52 new_center, step_ratio * sphere.radius)53 region =*sphere.radius,54*sphere.radius)55 for ax in "xyz":56 p = yt.ProjectionPlot(57 dds, ax, ["density", "metallicity3", "temperature"],58 weight_field="density",,59 width=(2*sphere.radius), data_source=region)60 if sphere.radius < sphere.ds.quan(0.1, "pc"):61 my_units = "AU"62 p.set_axes_unit(my_units)63 p.set_cmap("density", "algae")64 p.set_cmap("temperature", "gist_heat")65 p.set_cmap("metallicity3", "kamae")66"sphere_center_box/%s_%03d" % (str(dds), i))67 i+=168"Radius: %s, center: %s." %69 (sphere.radius.in_units(my_units), except:71"Reached minimum radius.")72 pass73 distance = periodic_distance(74 center_orig.in_units("unitary").v,75 new_center.in_units("unitary").v)76 distance = dds.quan(distance, "unitary")77"Recentering halo %d %f pc away." %78 (halo.quantities["particle_identifier"],79 distance.in_units("pc")))80 set_halo_center(halo, new_center)81 del sphere82"Original center: %s." %"unitary"))83" New center: %s." %"unitary"))84add_callback("iterative_center_of_mass", iterative_center_of_mass)85def my_2d_radial_profile(hc, output_dir, my_field, field_units,86 log=True):87 hc.add_callback(88 "profile", [("index", "radius"), ("gas", my_field)],89 ["cell_mass"], weight_field=None, bin_density=20,90 logs={("gas", my_field): log, ("index", "radius"): True},91 units={("gas", my_field): field_units, ("index", "radius"): "pc"})92 hc.add_callback("save_object_as_dataset", "profiles_object",93 output_dir=output_dir, filename=my_field)94 hc.add_callback("delete_attribute", "profiles")95 hc.add_callback("delete_attribute", "profiles_variance")96 hc.add_callback("delete_attribute", "profiles_object")97add_recipe("my_2d_radial_profile", my_2d_radial_profile)98def my_2d_density_profile(hc, output_dir, my_field, field_units,99 log=True):100 hc.add_callback(101 "profile", [("gas", "number_density"),102 ("gas", my_field)], ["cell_mass"],103 weight_field=None, bin_density=20,104 units={("gas", my_field): field_units,105 ("gas", "number_density"): "cm**-3"})106 hc.add_callback("save_object_as_dataset", "profiles_object",107 output_dir=output_dir, filename=my_field)108 hc.add_callback("delete_attribute", "profiles")109 hc.add_callback("delete_attribute", "profiles_variance")110 hc.add_callback("delete_attribute", "profiles_object")111add_recipe("my_2d_density_profile", my_2d_density_profile)112def run_halo_catalog(ddsfn, hdsfn, halo_id):113 dds = yt.load(ddsfn)114 add_p2p_fields(dds)115 hds = yt.load(hdsfn)116 hc = HaloCatalog(117 halos_ds=hds, data_ds=dds,118 output_dir="halo_catalogs/profile_catalogs/%s" % dds.basename)119 hc.add_filter("quantity_value", "particle_identifier", "==", halo_id, "")120 # my_radius = dds.quan(100.0, "AU")121 my_radius = dds.quan(1.0, "pc")122 # hc.add_callback("iterative_center_of_mass", my_radius)123 hc.add_callback("field_max_center", "density")124 # calculate virial mass125 hc.add_recipe("calculate_virial_quantities",126 [('index', 'radius'),127 ('gas', 'cell_mass'),128 ('gas', 'dark_matter_mass'),129 ('gas', 'matter_mass')])130 hc.add_callback("sphere")131 # 1D mass-weighted radial profiles132 hc.add_callback(133 "profile", ("index", "radius"),134 [('index', 'radius'),135 ('gas', 'cell_mass'),136 ('gas', 'dark_matter_mass'),137 ('gas', 'matter_mass')],138 units={("index", "radius"): "pc"},139 accumulation=True,140 weight_field=None, bin_density=20)141 hc.add_callback("save_object_as_dataset", "profiles_object",142 output_dir="profiles", filename="virial_profiles")143 hc.add_callback("delete_attribute", "profiles")144 hc.add_callback("delete_attribute", "profiles_variance")145 hc.add_callback("delete_attribute", "profiles_object")146 # hc.add_callback("set_inner_bulk_velocity", my_radius)147 hc.add_callback("set_field_max_bulk_velocity", "density")148 hc.add_callback("set_inner_angular_momentum_vector", my_radius)149 # 1D mass-weighted radial profiles150 hc.add_callback(151 "profile", ("index", "radius"),152 [("gas", "metal3_mass"),153 ("gas", "cell_mass"),154 ("gas", "dark_matter_mass"),155 ("gas", "velocity_magnitude"),156 ("gas", "velocity_spherical_radius"),157 ("gas", "velocity_spherical_theta"),158 ("gas", "velocity_spherical_phi"),159 ("gas", "sound_speed"),160 ("gas", "specific_angular_momentum_magnitude"),161 ("gas", "specific_angular_momentum_x"),162 ("gas", "specific_angular_momentum_y"),163 ("gas", "specific_angular_momentum_z"),164 ("gas", "vortical_time"),165 ("gas", "dynamical_time"),166 ("gas", "cooling_time"),167 ("gas", "density"),168 ("gas", "temperature")],169 units={("index", "radius"): "pc"},170 weight_field="cell_mass", bin_density=20)171 hc.add_callback("save_object_as_dataset", "profiles_object",172 output_dir="profiles", filename="profiles")173 hc.add_callback("delete_attribute", "profiles")174 hc.add_callback("delete_attribute", "profiles_variance")175 hc.add_callback("delete_attribute", "profiles_object")176 # 2D density profiles177 nprofs = [("H2_fraction", ""),178 ("HD_fraction", ""),179 ("HD_H2_ratio", ""),180 ("temperature", "K"),181 ("vortical_dynamical_ratio", ""),182 ("vortical_cooling_ratio", ""),183 ("cooling_dynamical_ratio", ""),184 ("vortical_time", "yr"),185 ("dynamical_time","yr"),186 ("cooling_time", "yr")]187 for my_field, field_units in nprofs:188 hc.add_recipe("my_2d_density_profile", "density_profiles",189 my_field, field_units)190 # 2D radial profiles191 rprofs = [("density", 'g/cm**3'),192 ("metallicity3_min7", 'Zsun'),193 ("temperature", 'K'),194 ("H2_fraction", '')]195 for my_field, field_units in rprofs:196 hc.add_recipe("my_2d_radial_profile", "radial_profiles",197 my_field, field_units)198 # 2D radial/timescale profiles199 tprofs = [("vortical_dynamical_ratio", ""),200 ("vortical_cooling_ratio", ""),201 ("cooling_dynamical_ratio", ""),202 ("vortical_time", "yr"),203 ("dynamical_time","yr"),204 ("cooling_time", "yr")]205 for my_field, field_units in tprofs:206 hc.add_recipe("my_2d_radial_profile", "timescale_profiles",207 my_field, field_units)208 # 2D radial/velocity profiles209 my_field = "cell_mass"210 hc.add_callback("profile", [("index", "radius")], [("gas", my_field)],211 weight_field=None, bin_density=20,212 logs={("index", "radius"): True},213 units={("index", "radius"): "pc"})214 hc.add_callback("save_object_as_dataset", "profiles_object",215 output_dir="velocity_profiles", filename=my_field)216 hc.add_callback("delete_attribute", "profiles")217 hc.add_callback("delete_attribute", "profiles_variance")218 hc.add_callback("delete_attribute", "profiles_object")219 vprofs = ["velocity_magnitude",220 "velocity_spherical_radius",221 "velocity_spherical_theta",222 "velocity_spherical_phi",223 "tangential_velocity_magnitude",224 "sound_speed"]225 for my_field in vprofs:226 hc.add_recipe("my_2d_radial_profile", "velocity_profiles",227 my_field, 'km/s', log=False)228 hc.create()229if __name__ == "__main__":230 ddsfn = sys.argv[1]231 hdsfn = sys.argv[2]232 datasets = {233 'cc_512_collapse_solar_dust': {'DD0182': 87497},234 'cc_512_collapse_solar_no_dust': {'DD0185': 66768},235 'cc_512_no_dust_continue': {'DD0560': 16825},236 # 'cc_512_no_dust_continue_no_metal': {'DD0560': 41732},237 # 'cc_512_no_dust_continue_no_metal_ms2': {'DD0533': 41732},238 'cc_512_no_dust_continue_2': {'DD0532': 161449},239 'cc_512_continue_collapse_dust': {'DD0564': 50010}}240 if len(sys.argv) > 3:241 halo_id = int(sys.argv[3])242 else:243 curdir = os.path.basename(os.path.abspath(os.curdir))244 ds_key = os.path.basename(ddsfn)245 if curdir not in datasets:246 raise RuntimeError("Can't find %s in dataset collection." % curdir)247 my_sim = datasets[curdir]248 if ds_key not in my_sim:249 raise RuntimeError("Can't find %s in %s simulation." % (ds_key, curdir))250 halo_id = my_sim[ds_key]251"Running profiles for halo %06d." % halo_id)...

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