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1# This file is part of curtin. See LICENSE file for copyright and license info.2from . import (VMBaseClass)3from .releases import base_vm_classes as relbase4from .releases import centos_base_vm_classes as centos_relbase5import textwrap6class TestBasicAbs(VMBaseClass):7 interactive = False8 test_type = 'storage'9 arch_skip = ["s390x"]10 conf_file = "examples/tests/uefi_basic.yaml"11 extra_disks = ['4G']12 uefi = True13 disk_to_check = [('main_disk', 1), ('main_disk', 2)]14 extra_collect_scripts = [textwrap.dedent("""15 cd OUTPUT_COLLECT_D16 ls /sys/firmware/efi/ | cat >ls_sys_firmware_efi17 cp /sys/class/block/vda/queue/logical_block_size vda_lbs18 cp /sys/class/block/vda/queue/physical_block_size vda_pbs19 blockdev --getsz /dev/vda | cat >vda_blockdev_getsz20 blockdev --getss /dev/vda | cat >vda_blockdev_getss21 blockdev --getpbsz /dev/vda | cat >vda_blockdev_getpbsz22 blockdev --getbsz /dev/vda | cat >vda_blockdev_getbsz23 exit 024 """)]25 def test_sys_firmware_efi(self):26 self.output_files_exist(["ls_sys_firmware_efi"])27 sys_efi_possible = [28 'config_table',29 'efivars',30 'fw_platform_size',31 'fw_vendor',32 'runtime',33 'runtime-map',34 'systab',35 'vars',36 ]37 efi_lines = self.load_collect_file(38 "ls_sys_firmware_efi").strip().split('\n')39 # sys/firmware/efi contents differ based on kernel and configuration40 for efi_line in efi_lines:41 self.assertIn(efi_line, sys_efi_possible)42 def test_disk_block_sizes(self):43 """ Test disk logical and physical block size are match44 the class block size.45 """46 blocksize_files = ['vda_' + bs for bs in ['lbs', 'pbs']]47 self.output_files_exist(blocksize_files)48 for bs_file in blocksize_files:49 size = int(self.load_collect_file(bs_file))50 self.assertEqual(self.disk_block_size, size)51 def test_disk_block_size_with_blockdev(self):52 """ validate maas setting53 --getsz get size in 512-byte sectors54 --getss get logical block (sector) size55 --getpbsz get physical block (sector) size56 --getbsz get blocksize57 """58 bdev_files = ['vda_blockdev_' + sc for sc in ['getss', 'getpbsz']]59 self.output_files_exist(bdev_files)60 for sc_file in bdev_files:61 size = int(self.load_collect_file(sc_file))62 self.assertEqual(self.disk_block_size, size)63class Centos70UefiTestBasic(centos_relbase.centos70_xenial, TestBasicAbs):64 __test__ = True65class PreciseUefiTestBasic(relbase.precise, TestBasicAbs):66 __test__ = False67 def test_ptable(self):68 print("test_ptable does not work for Precise")69 def test_dname(self):70 print("test_dname does not work for Precise")71class PreciseHWETUefiTestBasic(relbase.precise_hwe_t, PreciseUefiTestBasic):72 __test__ = False73class XenialGAUefiTestBasic(relbase.xenial_ga, TestBasicAbs):74 __test__ = True75class XenialHWEUefiTestBasic(relbase.xenial_hwe, TestBasicAbs):76 __test__ = True77class XenialEdgeUefiTestBasic(relbase.xenial_edge, TestBasicAbs):78 __test__ = True79class BionicUefiTestBasic(relbase.bionic, TestBasicAbs):80 __test__ = True81class CosmicUefiTestBasic(relbase.cosmic, TestBasicAbs):82 __test__ = True83class DiscoUefiTestBasic(relbase.disco, TestBasicAbs):84 __test__ = True85class EoanUefiTestBasic(relbase.eoan, TestBasicAbs):86 __test__ = True87class Centos70UefiTestBasic4k(centos_relbase.centos70_xenial, TestBasicAbs):88 __test__ = True89 disk_block_size = 409690class XenialGAUefiTestBasic4k(relbase.xenial_ga, TestBasicAbs):91 __test__ = True92 disk_block_size = 409693class BionicUefiTestBasic4k(relbase.bionic, TestBasicAbs):94 __test__ = True95 disk_block_size = 409696class CosmicUefiTestBasic4k(relbase.cosmic, TestBasicAbs):97 __test__ = True98 disk_block_size = 409699class DiscoUefiTestBasic4k(relbase.disco, TestBasicAbs):100 __test__ = True101 disk_block_size = 4096102class EoanUefiTestBasic4k(relbase.eoan, TestBasicAbs):103 __test__ = True104 disk_block_size = 4096...

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