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1"""2Cobra's built in clustering framework3"""4import sys5import time6import cobra7import dcode8import Queue9import struct10import socket11import threading12import subprocess13cluster_port = 3212314cluster_ip = ""15sub_cmd = """16import cobra.cluster17import cobra.dcode18import urllib219if %s:20 x = urllib2.Request("%s")21 cobra.dcode.enableDcodeClient()22 cobra.dcode.addDcodeServer(x.get_host().split(":")[0])23cobra.cluster.getAndDoWork("%s")24"""25class ClusterWork(object):26 """27 Extend this object to create your own work units. Do it in28 a proper module (and not __main__ to be able to use this29 in conjunction with cobra.dcode).30 """31 def __init__(self):32 object.__init__(self)33 def work(self):34 """35 Actually do the work associated with this work object.36 """37 print "OVERRIDE ME"38 def done(self):39 """40 This is called back on the server once a work unit41 is complete and returned.42 """43 print "OVERRIDE DONE"44class ClusterServer:45 def __init__(self, name, maxsize=0, docode=False):46 self.added = False47 = name48 self.inprog = 049 self.maxsize = maxsize50 self.queue = Queue.Queue(maxsize)51 self.cobraname = cobra.shareObject(self)52 if docode: dcode.enableDcodeServer()53 def runServer(self):54 sock = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_DGRAM)55 while (self.added == False or56 self.queue.empty() == False or57 self.inprog > 0):58 buf = "cobra:%s:%s:%d" % (, self.cobraname, cobra.COBRA_PORT)59 sock.sendto(buf, (cluster_ip, cluster_port))60 time.sleep(1)61 def addWork(self, work):62 """63 Add a work object to the ClusterServer. This 64 """65 self.added = True # One time add detection66 if not isinstance(work, ClusterWork):67 raise Exception("%s is not a ClusterWork extension!")68 self.queue.put(work)69 def getWork(self):70 try:71 ret = self.queue.get_nowait()72 self.inprog += 173 return ret74 except Queue.Empty, e:75 return None76 def doneWork(self, work):77 """78 Used by the clients to report work as done.79 """80 self.inprog -= 181 work.done()82class ClusterClient:83 """84 Listen for our name (or any name if name=="*") on the cobra cluster85 multicast address and if we find a server in need, go help.86 maxwidth is the number of work units to do in parallel87 docode will enable code sharing with the server88 threaded == True will use threads, otherwise subprocess of the python interpreter (OMG CLUSTER)89 """90 def __init__(self, name, maxwidth=4, threaded=True, docode=False):91 self.go = True92 = name93 self.width = 094 self.maxwidth = maxwidth95 self.threaded = threaded96 self.verbose = False97 self.docode = docode98 if docode: dcode.enableDcodeClient()99 self.sock = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_DGRAM)100 self.sock.setsockopt(socket.SOL_SOCKET, socket.SO_REUSEADDR, 1)101 self.sock.bind(("",cluster_port))102 mreq = struct.pack("4sL", socket.inet_aton(cluster_ip), socket.INADDR_ANY)103 self.sock.setsockopt(socket.IPPROTO_IP, socket.IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP, mreq)104 def processWork(self):105 """106 Runs handing out work up to maxwidth until self.go == False.107 """108 while self.go:109 110 buf, sockaddr = self.sock.recvfrom(4096)111 if self.width >= self.maxwidth:112 continue113 if not buf.startswith("cobra:") and not buf.startswith("cobrassl:"):114 continue115 info = buf.split(":")116 if len(info) != 4:117 continue118 server, svrport = sockaddr119 cc,name,cobject,portstr = info120 if ( != name) and ( != "*"):121 continue122 port = int(portstr)123 #FIXME this should fire a thread...124 if self.docode:125 dcode.addDcodeServer(server, port=port)126 uri = "%s://%s:%d/%s" % (cc,server,port,cobject)127 self.fireRunner(uri)128 def fireRunner(self, uri):129 if self.threaded:130 thr = threading.Thread(target=self.threadWorker, args=(uri,))131 thr.setDaemon(True)132 thr.start()133 else:134 thr = threading.Thread(target=self.threadForker, args=(uri,))135 thr.setDaemon(True)136 thr.start()137 def threadWorker(self, uri):138 self.width += 1139 try:140 return getAndDoWork(uri)141 finally:142 self.width -= 1143 def threadForker(self, uri):144 self.width += 1145 cmd = sub_cmd % (self.docode, uri, uri)146 try:147 sub = subprocess.Popen([sys.executable, '-c', cmd])148 sub.wait()149 finally:150 self.width -= 1151def getAndDoWork(uri):152 proxy = cobra.CobraProxy(uri)153 work = proxy.getWork()154 # If we got work, do it.155 if work != None:156

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1from bs4 import BeautifulSoup as bs2import pandas as pd3import mechanize4import http.cookiejar as cookielib5import schedule6import time78cj = cookielib.CookieJar()9br = mechanize.Browser()10br.set_cookiejar(cj)"", timeout=10)12br.select_form(nr=0)13br.form['username'] = ''14br.form['password'] = 'jasur2171517'15br.submit()161718def main():19 def get_data_from_qwasar(data, usernames):20 student_data = {}21 counter = 022 for i in usernames:23 try:24"{i}")25 soup = bs(br.response().read(), 'html.parser')2627 student_data['qwasar username'] = i28 student_data['ism-familiya'] = soup.find('h1', class_='text-c-yellow').text.strip()29 student_data['qwasardagi ballari '] = soup.find('div', {'id': 'user_qpoints'}).text.strip()30 student_data["hozirgi vaqtdagi o'qiyotgan sezoni"] = soup.find('div',31 class_='row p-t-10 align-items-center').find(32 'a').text.strip()33 student_data['qwasardagi hozirgi foizi'] = soup.find("div", class_="progress b-radius-1")[34 'title'].strip()3536 months = {'January': 'Yanvar', 'February': 'Fevral', 'March': 'Mart', 'April': 'Aprel', 'May': 'May',37 'June': 'Iyun', 'July': 'Iyul', 'August': 'Avgust', 'September': 'Sentabr',38 'October': 'Oktabr',39 'November': 'Noyabr', 'December': 'Dekabr'}4041 student_months = soup.find_all("div", {"class": 'border col-sm-4'})4243 for month in student_months:44 sum_docode = 045 sum_upskill = 046 count_docode = 047 count_upskill = 048 student_active = month.find_all("div", {"class": 'c-pointer'}) # col text-c-white49 month_name = month.find_all("div", {"class": 'col text-c-white'})[0].text.strip()50 for link in student_active:51 try:52 if link['title']:53 docode = float(link['title'].split("<br>")[1][8:-1])54 upskill = float(link['title'].split("<br>")[2][8:-1])55 if docode > 0:56 count_docode += 157 if upskill > 0:58 count_upskill += 159 sum_docode += docode60 sum_upskill += upskill61 except:62 pass6364 student_data[f"{months[month_name]} oyida docode vaqti"] = sum_docode65 student_data[f"{months[month_name]} oyida platformadagi vaqti"] = sum_upskill66 student_data[f"{months[month_name]} oyida aktiv docode kunlari"] = count_docode67 student_data[f"{months[month_name]} oyida platformadagi aktiv kunlari"] = count_upskill68 except:69 pass7071 user_data = pd.DataFrame(pd.Series({i: str(student_data)[1:-1]}), columns=['data'])72 data = pd.concat([data, user_data])7374 print(counter, i)75 counter += 17677 return data7879 from database.students import usernames8081 full_data = get_data_from_qwasar(pd.DataFrame({}), usernames).reset_index()82 full_data.columns = ['usernames', 'data']83 full_data.to_csv('./database/real_database.csv', index=False)848586schedule.every()"03:00").do(main)87while True:88 schedule.run_pending() ...

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