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1#===----------------------------------------------------------------------===##2#3# The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure4#5# This file is dual licensed under the MIT and the University of Illinois Open6# Source Licenses. See LICENSE.TXT for details.7#8#===----------------------------------------------------------------------===##9import os10import lit.util11import libcxx.util12class CXXCompiler(object):13 CM_Default = 014 CM_PreProcess = 115 CM_Compile = 216 CM_Link = 317 def __init__(self, path, flags=None, compile_flags=None, link_flags=None,18 use_ccache=False):19 self.path = path20 self.flags = list(flags or [])21 self.compile_flags = list(compile_flags or [])22 self.warning_flags = []23 self.link_flags = list(link_flags or [])24 self.use_ccache = use_ccache25 self.type = None26 self.version = None27 self._initTypeAndVersion()28 def _initTypeAndVersion(self):29 # Get compiler type and version30 macros = self.dumpMacros()31 if macros is None:32 return33 compiler_type = None34 major_ver = minor_ver = patchlevel = None35 if '__clang__' in macros.keys():36 compiler_type = 'clang'37 # Treat apple's llvm fork differently.38 if '__apple_build_version__' in macros.keys():39 compiler_type = 'apple-clang'40 major_ver = macros['__clang_major__']41 minor_ver = macros['__clang_minor__']42 patchlevel = macros['__clang_patchlevel__']43 elif '__GNUC__' in macros.keys():44 compiler_type = 'gcc'45 major_ver = macros['__GNUC__']46 minor_ver = macros['__GNUC_MINOR__']47 patchlevel = macros['__GNUC_PATCHLEVEL__']48 self.type = compiler_type49 self.version = (major_ver, minor_ver, patchlevel)50 def _basicCmd(self, source_files, out, mode=CM_Default, flags=[],51 input_is_cxx=False,52 enable_warnings=True, disable_ccache=False):53 cmd = []54 if self.use_ccache and not disable_ccache \55 and not mode == self.CM_Link \56 and not mode == self.CM_PreProcess:57 cmd += ['ccache']58 cmd += [self.path]59 if out is not None:60 cmd += ['-o', out]61 if input_is_cxx:62 cmd += ['-x', 'c++']63 if isinstance(source_files, list):64 cmd += source_files65 elif isinstance(source_files, str):66 cmd += [source_files]67 else:68 raise TypeError('source_files must be a string or list')69 if mode == self.CM_PreProcess:70 cmd += ['-E']71 elif mode == self.CM_Compile:72 cmd += ['-c']73 cmd += self.flags74 if mode != self.CM_Link:75 cmd += self.compile_flags76 if enable_warnings:77 cmd += self.warning_flags78 if mode != self.CM_PreProcess and mode != self.CM_Compile:79 cmd += self.link_flags80 cmd += flags81 return cmd82 def _getWarningFlags(self, enable_warnings=True):83 return self.warning_flags if enable_warnings else []84 def preprocessCmd(self, source_files, out=None, flags=[],85 enable_warnings=True):86 return self._basicCmd(source_files, out, flags=flags,87 mode=self.CM_PreProcess,88 enable_warnings=enable_warnings,89 input_is_cxx=True)90 def compileCmd(self, source_files, out=None, flags=[],91 disable_ccache=False, enable_warnings=True):92 return self._basicCmd(source_files, out, flags=flags,93 mode=self.CM_Compile,94 input_is_cxx=True,95 enable_warnings=enable_warnings,96 disable_ccache=disable_ccache) + ['-c']97 def linkCmd(self, source_files, out=None, flags=[]):98 return self._basicCmd(source_files, out, mode=self.CM_Link)99 def compileLinkCmd(self, source_files, out=None, flags=[],100 enable_warnings=True):101 return self._basicCmd(source_files, out, flags=flags,102 enable_warnings=enable_warnings)103 def preprocess(self, source_files, out=None, flags=[], env=None, cwd=None):104 cmd = self.preprocessCmd(source_files, out, flags)105 out, err, rc = lit.util.executeCommand(cmd, env=env, cwd=cwd)106 return cmd, out, err, rc107 def compile(self, source_files, out=None, flags=[], env=None, cwd=None,108 disable_ccache=False, enable_warnings=True):109 cmd = self.compileCmd(source_files, out, flags,110 disable_ccache=disable_ccache,111 enable_warnings=enable_warnings)112 out, err, rc = lit.util.executeCommand(cmd, env=env, cwd=cwd)113 return cmd, out, err, rc114 def link(self, source_files, out=None, flags=[], env=None, cwd=None):115 cmd = self.linkCmd(source_files, out, flags)116 out, err, rc = lit.util.executeCommand(cmd, env=env, cwd=cwd)117 return cmd, out, err, rc118 def compileLink(self, source_files, out=None, flags=[], env=None,119 cwd=None):120 cmd = self.compileLinkCmd(source_files, out, flags)121 out, err, rc = lit.util.executeCommand(cmd, env=env, cwd=cwd)122 return cmd, out, err, rc123 def compileLinkTwoSteps(self, source_file, out=None, object_file=None,124 flags=[], env=None, cwd=None,125 disable_ccache=False):126 if not isinstance(source_file, str):127 raise TypeError('This function only accepts a single input file')128 if object_file is None:129 # Create, use and delete a temporary object file if none is given.130 with_fn = lambda: libcxx.util.guardedTempFilename(suffix='.o')131 else:132 # Otherwise wrap the filename in a context manager function.133 with_fn = lambda: libcxx.util.nullContext(object_file)134 with with_fn() as object_file:135 cc_cmd, cc_stdout, cc_stderr, rc = self.compile(136 source_file, object_file, flags=flags, env=env, cwd=cwd,137 disable_ccache=disable_ccache)138 if rc != 0:139 return cc_cmd, cc_stdout, cc_stderr, rc140 link_cmd, link_stdout, link_stderr, rc = object_file, out=out, flags=flags, env=env, cwd=cwd)142 return (cc_cmd + ['&&'] + link_cmd, cc_stdout + link_stdout,143 cc_stderr + link_stderr, rc)144 def dumpMacros(self, source_files=None, flags=[], env=None, cwd=None):145 if source_files is None:146 source_files = os.devnull147 flags = ['-dM'] + flags148 cmd, out, err, rc = self.preprocess(source_files, flags=flags, env=env,149 cwd=cwd)150 if rc != 0:151 return None152 parsed_macros = {}153 lines = [l.strip() for l in out.split('\n') if l.strip()]154 for l in lines:155 assert l.startswith('#define ')156 l = l[len('#define '):]157 macro, _, value = l.partition(' ')158 parsed_macros[macro] = value159 return parsed_macros160 def getTriple(self):161 cmd = [self.path] + self.flags + ['-dumpmachine']162 return lit.util.capture(cmd).strip()163 def hasCompileFlag(self, flag):164 if isinstance(flag, list):165 flags = list(flag)166 else:167 flags = [flag]168 # Add -Werror to ensure that an unrecognized flag causes a non-zero169 # exit code. -Werror is supported on all known compiler types.170 if self.type is not None:171 flags += ['-Werror', '-fsyntax-only']172 cmd, out, err, rc = self.compile(os.devnull, out=os.devnull,173 flags=flags)174 return rc == 0175 def addCompileFlagIfSupported(self, flag):176 if isinstance(flag, list):177 flags = list(flag)178 else:179 flags = [flag]180 if self.hasCompileFlag(flags):181 self.compile_flags += flags182 return True183 else:184 return False185 def addWarningFlagIfSupported(self, flag):186 """187 addWarningFlagIfSupported - Add a warning flag if the compiler188 supports it. Unlike addCompileFlagIfSupported, this function detects189 when "-Wno-<warning>" flags are unsupported. If flag is a190 "-Wno-<warning>" GCC will not emit an unknown option diagnostic unless191 another error is triggered during compilation.192 """193 assert isinstance(flag, str)194 if not flag.startswith('-Wno-'):195 if self.hasCompileFlag(flag):196 self.warning_flags += [flag]197 return True198 return False199 flags = ['-Werror', flag]200 cmd = self.compileCmd('-', os.devnull, flags, enable_warnings=False)201 # Remove '-v' because it will cause the command line invocation202 # to be printed as part of the error output.203 # TODO(EricWF): Are there other flags we need to worry about?204 if '-v' in cmd:205 cmd.remove('-v')206 out, err, rc = lit.util.executeCommand(cmd, input='#error\n')207 assert rc != 0208 if flag in err:209 return False210 self.warning_flags += [flag]...

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