How to use fetch_necessary_packages method in autotest

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...48 env_python_path = os.environ.get(env_python_path_varname, '')49 if install_dir+':' not in env_python_path:50 os.environ[env_python_path_varname] = ':'.join([51 install_dir, env_python_path])52 fetched_packages, fetch_errors = fetch_necessary_packages(package_dir,53 install_dir)54 install_errors = build_and_install_packages(fetched_packages, install_dir)55 # Byte compile the code after it has been installed in its final56 # location as .pyc files contain the path passed to compile_dir().57 # When printing exception tracebacks, python uses that path first to look58 # for the source code before checking the directory of the .pyc file.59 # Don't leave references to our temporary build dir in the files.60'compiling .py files in %s to .pyc', install_dir)61 compileall.compile_dir(install_dir, quiet=True)62 # Some things install with whacky permissions, fix that.63 external_packages.system("chmod -R a+rX '%s'" % install_dir)64 errors = fetch_errors + install_errors65 for error_msg in errors:66 logging.error(error_msg)67 return len(errors)68def fetch_necessary_packages(dest_dir, install_dir):69 """70 Fetches all ExternalPackages into dest_dir.71 @param dest_dir: Directory the packages should be fetched into.72 @param install_dir: Directory where packages will later installed.73 @returns A tuple containing two lists:74 * A list of ExternalPackage instances that were fetched and75 need to be installed.76 * A list of error messages for any failed fetches.77 """78 names_to_check = sys.argv[1:]79 errors = []80 fetched_packages = []81 for package_class in external_packages.ExternalPackage.subclasses:82 package = package_class()...

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