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...51 from the given manifest.'''52 version = manifest['pkg'][pkg]['version']53 info = manifest['pkg'][pkg]['target'][target]54 return (version, info)55def fetch_package(manifest, pkg, host):56 version, info = package(manifest, pkg, host)57 print('%s %s\n %s\n %s' % (pkg, version, info['url'], info['hash']))58 if not info['available']:59 print('%s marked unavailable for %s' % (pkg, host))60 raise AssertionError61 fetch(info['url'])62 return info63def fetch_std(manifest, targets):64 stds = []65 for target in targets:66 info = fetch_package(manifest, 'rust-std', target)67 stds.append(info)68 return stds69def tar_for_host(host):70 if 'linux' in host:71 tar_options = 'cJf'72 tar_ext = '.tar.xz'73 else:74 tar_options = 'cjf'75 tar_ext = '.tar.bz2'76 return tar_options, tar_ext77def repack(host, targets, channel='stable', suffix=''):78 print("Repacking rust for %s..." % host)79 url = '' + channel + '.toml'80 req = requests.get(url)81 req.raise_for_status()82 manifest = toml.loads(req.content)83 if manifest['manifest-version'] != '2':84 print('ERROR: unrecognized manifest version %s.' % manifest['manifest-version'])85 return86 print('Using manifest for rust %s as of %s.' % (channel, manifest['date']))87 print('Fetching packages...')88 rustc = fetch_package(manifest, 'rustc', host)89 cargo = fetch_package(manifest, 'cargo', host)90 stds = fetch_std(manifest, targets)91 print('Installing packages...')92 tar_basename = 'rustc-' + host93 if suffix:94 tar_basename += '-' + suffix95 tar_basename += '-repack'96 install_dir = 'rustc'97 subprocess.check_call(['rm', '-rf', install_dir])98 install(os.path.basename(rustc['url']), install_dir)99 install(os.path.basename(cargo['url']), install_dir)100 for std in stds:101 install(os.path.basename(std['url']), install_dir)102 pass103 print('Tarring %s...' % tar_basename)104 tar_options, tar_ext = tar_for_host(host)105 subprocess.check_call(['tar', tar_options, tar_basename + tar_ext, install_dir])106 subprocess.check_call(['rm', '-rf', install_dir])107def repack_cargo(host, channel='nightly'):108 print("Repacking cargo for %s..." % host)109 # Cargo doesn't seem to have a .toml manifest.110 base_url = ''111 req = requests.get(os.path.join(base_url, 'channel-cargo-' + channel))112 req.raise_for_status()113 file = ''114 for line in req.iter_lines():115 if line.find(host) != -1:116 file = line.strip()117 if not file:118 print('No manifest entry for %s!' % host)119 return120 manifest = {121 'date': req.headers['Last-Modified'],122 'pkg': {123 'cargo': {124 'version': channel,125 'target': {126 host: {127 'url': os.path.join(base_url, file),128 'hash': None,129 'available': True,130 },131 },132 },133 },134 }135 print('Using manifest for cargo %s.' % channel)136 print('Fetching packages...')137 cargo = fetch_package(manifest, 'cargo', host)138 print('Installing packages...')139 install_dir = 'cargo'140 subprocess.check_call(['rm', '-rf', install_dir])141 install(os.path.basename(cargo['url']), install_dir)142 tar_basename = 'cargo-%s-repack' % host143 print('Tarring %s...' % tar_basename)144 tar_options, tar_ext = tar_for_host(host)145 subprocess.check_call(['tar', tar_options, tar_basename + tar_ext, install_dir])146 subprocess.check_call(['rm', '-rf', install_dir])147# rust platform triples148android="armv7-linux-androideabi"149linux64="x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu"150linux32="i686-unknown-linux-gnu"151mac64="x86_64-apple-darwin"...

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1from NikGappsPackages import NikGappsPackages2import Config3from NikGapps.Helper.Cmd import Cmd4from NikGapps.Helper.AppSet import AppSet5from NikGapps.Helper.Package import Package6class Fetch:7 @staticmethod8 def package(fetch_package, sent_message=None):9 cmd = Cmd()10 if fetch_package.lower() == "all":11 fetch_package = "full"12 if Config.ADB_ROOT_ENABLED:13 if cmd.established_device_connection_as_root():14 Config.ADB_ROOT_ENABLED = True15 else:16 print("Device not found! or failed to acquire Root permissions")17 return []18 return Fetch.fetch_packages(sent_message, fetch_package)19 @staticmethod20 def fetch_packages(sent_message, fetch_package):21 # Get the list of packages that we want to pull from connected device22 app_set_list = NikGappsPackages.get_packages(fetch_package)23 # Fetch all the packages from the device24 # We will check for errors here (need to make sure we pulled all the files we were looking for25 # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #26 if app_set_list is None or app_set_list[0] is None:27 return []28 updated_pkg_list = []29 failure_summary = ""30 for app_set in app_set_list:31 app_set: AppSet32 message = "--> Working on " + app_set.title33 if sent_message is not None:34 sent_message.edit_text(message)35 print(message)36 for pkg in app_set.package_list:37 pkg: Package38 pkg.validate()39 failure_summary += pkg.failure_logs40 message = pkg.package_title + " Ready to be fetched"41 if sent_message is not None:42 sent_message.edit_text(message)43 print(message)44 if pkg.primary_app_location is not None or pkg.package_name is None \45 or pkg.predefined_file_list.__len__() > 0:46 pkg.pull_package_files(app_set.title)47 failure_summary += pkg.failure_logs48 message = pkg.package_title + " Successfully Fetched!"49 if sent_message is not None:50 sent_message.edit_text(message)51 print(message)52 updated_pkg_list.append(pkg)53 if not str(failure_summary).__eq__(""):54 print("")55 print("Failure Summary:")56 print(failure_summary)...

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