How to use find_gwt_dir method in autotest

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...31 for file in os.listdir(project_path):32 if file.endswith('.gwt.xml'):33 projects[project].append(file[:-8])34 return projects35def find_gwt_dir():36 """See if GWT is installed in site-packages or in the system,37 site-packages is favored over a system install or a /usr/local install.38 """39 site_gwt = os.path.join(_AUTOTEST_DIR, 'site-packages', 'gwt')40 gwt_dirs = [site_gwt] + _DEFAULT_GWT_DIRS41 for gwt_dir in gwt_dirs:42 if os.path.isdir(gwt_dir):43 return gwt_dir44 logging.error('Unable to find GWT. '45 'You can use utils/ to install it.')46 sys.exit(1)47def install_completed_client(compiled_dir, project_client):48 """Remove old client directory if it exists, move installed client to the49 old directory and move newly compield client to the installed client50 dir.51 @param compiled_dir: Where the new client was compiled52 @param project_client: project.client pair e.g. autotest.AfeClient53 @returns True if installation was successful or False if it failed54 """55 tmp_client_dir = os.path.join(_TMP_COMPILE_DIR, project_client)56 install_dir = os.path.join(_DEFAULT_INSTALL_DIR, project_client)57 old_install_dir = os.path.join(_DEFAULT_INSTALL_DIR,58 project_client + '.old')59 if not os.path.exists(_DEFAULT_INSTALL_DIR):60 os.mkdir(_DEFAULT_INSTALL_DIR)61 if os.path.isdir(tmp_client_dir):62 if os.path.isdir(old_install_dir):63 shutil.rmtree(old_install_dir)64 if os.path.isdir(install_dir):65 os.rename(install_dir, old_install_dir)66 try:67 os.rename(tmp_client_dir, install_dir)68 return True69 except Exception, err:70 # If we can't rename the client raise an exception71 # and put the old client back72 shutil.rmtree(install_dir)73 shutil.copytree(old_install_dir, install_dir)74 logging.error('Copying old client: %s', err)75 else:76 logging.error('Compiled directory is gone, something went wrong')77 return False78def compile_and_install_client(project_client, extra_args='',79 install_client=True):80 """Compile the client into a temporary directory, if successful81 call install_completed_client to install the new client.82 @param project_client: project.client pair e.g. autotest.AfeClient83 @param install_client: Boolean, if True install the clients84 @return True if install and compile was successful False if it failed85 """86 java_args = {}87 java_args['compile_dir'] = _TMP_COMPILE_DIR88 java_args['app_dir'] = _DEFAULT_APP_DIR89 java_args['gwt_dir'] = find_gwt_dir()90 java_args['extra_args'] = extra_args91 java_args['project_client'] = project_client92 cmd = _COMPILE_LINE % java_args93'Compiling client %s', project_client)94 try:95, verbose=True)96 if install_client:97 return install_completed_client(java_args['compile_dir'],98 project_client)99 return True100 except error.CmdError:101 logging.error('Error compiling %s, leaving old client', project_client)102 return False103def compile_all_projects(extra_args=''):...

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