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1"""Config on Windows"""2# **** The search part is broken. For instance, the png Visual Studio project3# places to dll in a directory not checked by this module.4try:5 from setup_win_common import get_definitions6except:7 from buildconfig.setup_win_common import get_definitions8import os, sys9import re10from glob import glob11from distutils.sysconfig import get_python_inc12try:13 raw_input14except NameError:15 raw_input = input16def get_ptr_size():17 return 64 if sys.maxsize > 2**32 else 3218def as_machine_type(size):19 """Return pointer bit size as a Windows machine type"""20 if size == 32:21 return "x86"22 if size == 64:23 return "x64"24 raise BuildError("Unknown pointer size {}".format(size))25def get_machine_type():26 return as_machine_type(get_ptr_size())27class Dependency(object):28 huntpaths = ['..', '..\\..', '..\\*', '..\\..\\*']29 inc_hunt = ['include']30 lib_hunt = ['VisualC\\SDL\\Release', 'VisualC\\Release', 'Release', 'lib']31 check_hunt_roots = True32 def __init__(self, name, wildcards, libs=None, required=0, find_header='', find_lib=''):33 if libs is None:34 libs = []35 = name36 self.wildcards = wildcards37 self.required = required38 self.paths = []39 self.path = None40 self.inc_dir = None41 self.lib_dir = None42 self.find_header = find_header43 if not find_lib and libs:44 self.find_lib = "%s\.(a|lib)" % re.escape(libs[0])45 else:46 self.find_lib = find_lib47 self.libs = libs48 self.found = False49 self.cflags = ''50 self.prune_info = []51 self.fallback_inc = None52 self.fallback_lib = None53 def hunt(self):54 parent = os.path.abspath('..')55 for p in self.huntpaths:56 for w in self.wildcards:57 found = glob(os.path.join(p, w))58 found.sort() or found.reverse() #reverse sort59 for f in found:60 if f[:5] == '..'+os.sep+'..' and \61 os.path.abspath(f)[:len(parent)] == parent:62 continue63 if os.path.isdir(f):64 self.paths.append(f)65 def choosepath(self, print_result=True):66 if not self.paths:67 if self.fallback_inc and not self.inc_dir:68 self.inc_dir = self.fallback_inc[0]69 if self.fallback_lib and not self.lib_dir:70 self.lib_dir = self.fallback_lib[0]71 self.libs[0] = os.path.splitext(self.fallback_lib[2])[0]72 if self.inc_dir and self.lib_dir:73 if print_result:74 print ("Path for %s found." % return True76 if print_result:77 print ("Path for %s not found." % for info in self.prune_info:79 print(info)80 if self.required:81 print ('Too bad that is a requirement! Hand-fix the "Setup"')82 return False83 elif len(self.paths) == 1:84 self.path = self.paths[0]85 if print_result:86 print ("Path for %s: %s" % (, self.path))87 else:88 print ("Select path for %s:" % for i in range(len(self.paths)):90 print (" %i=%s" % (i + 1, self.paths[i]))91 print (" %i = <Nothing>" % 0)92 choice = raw_input("Select 0-%i (1=default):" % len(self.paths))93 if not choice: choice = 194 else: choice = int(choice)95 if(choice):96 self.path = self.paths[choice-1]97 return True98 def matchfile(self, path, match):99 try:100 entries = os.listdir(path)101 except:102 pass103 else:104 for e in entries:105 if match(e) and os.path.isfile(os.path.join(path, e)):106 return e107 def findhunt(self, base, paths, header_match=None, lib_match=None):108 for h in paths:109 hh = os.path.join(base, h)110 if header_match:111 header_file = self.matchfile(hh, header_match)112 if not header_file:113 continue114 else:115 header_file = None116 if lib_match:117 lib_file = self.matchfile(hh, lib_match)118 if not lib_file:119 continue120 else:121 lib_file = None122 if os.path.isdir(hh):123 return hh.replace('\\', '/'), header_file, lib_file124 def prunepaths(self):125 lib_match = re.compile(self.find_lib, re.I).match if self.find_lib else None126 header_match = re.compile(self.find_header, re.I).match if self.find_header else None127 prune = []128 for path in self.paths:129 inc_info = self.findhunt(path, Dependency.inc_hunt, header_match=header_match)130 lib_info = self.findhunt(path, Dependency.lib_hunt, lib_match=lib_match)131 if not inc_info or not lib_info:132 if inc_info:133 self.prune_info.append('...Found include dir but no library dir in %s.' % (134 path))135 self.fallback_inc = inc_info136 if lib_info:137 self.prune_info.append('...Found library dir but no include dir in %s.' % (138 path))139 self.fallback_lib = lib_info140 prune.append(path)141 else:142 self.inc_dir = inc_info[0]143 self.lib_dir = lib_info[0]144 self.libs[0] = os.path.splitext(lib_info[2])[0]145 self.paths = [p for p in self.paths if p not in prune]146 def configure(self):147 self.hunt()148 if self.check_hunt_roots:149 self.paths.extend(self.huntpaths)150 self.prunepaths()151 self.choosepath()152 if self.path:153 lib_match = re.compile(self.find_lib, re.I).match if self.find_lib else None154 header_match = re.compile(self.find_header, re.I).match if self.find_header else None155 inc_info = self.findhunt(self.path, Dependency.inc_hunt, header_match=header_match)156 lib_info = self.findhunt(self.path, Dependency.lib_hunt, lib_match=lib_match)157 if inc_info:158 self.inc_dir = inc_info[0]159 if lib_info:160 self.lib_info = lib_info[0]161 if lib_info[2]:162 self.libs[0] = os.path.splitext(lib_info[2])[0]163 if self.lib_dir and self.inc_dir:164 print("...Library directory for %s: %s" % (, self.lib_dir))165 print("...Include directory for %s: %s" % (, self.inc_dir))166 self.found = True167class DependencyPython(object):168 def __init__(self, name, module, header):169 = name170 self.lib_dir = ''171 self.inc_dir = ''172 self.libs = []173 self.cflags = ''174 self.found = False175 self.ver = '0'176 self.module = module177 self.header = header178 def configure(self):179 self.found = True180 if self.module:181 try:182 self.ver = __import__(self.module).__version__183 except ImportError:184 self.found = False185 if self.found and self.header:186 fullpath = os.path.join(get_python_inc(0), self.header)187 if not os.path.isfile(fullpath):188 found = 0189 else:190 self.inc_dir = os.path.split(fullpath)[0]191 if self.found:192 print ("%-8.8s: found %s" % (, self.ver))193 else:194 print ("%-8.8s: not found" % DependencyDLL(Dependency):196 def __init__(self, dll_regex, lib=None, wildcards=None, libs=None, link=None):197 if lib is None:198 lib = link.libs[0]199 Dependency.__init__(self, 'COPYLIB_' + lib, wildcards, libs)200 self.lib_name = lib201 self.test = re.compile(dll_regex, re.I).match202 self.lib_dir = '_'203 = link204 def configure(self):205 if not self.path:206 if ( is None or not and self.wildcards:207 self.hunt()208 self.choosepath(print_result=False)209 else:210 self.path = if self.path is not None:212 self.hunt_dll(self.lib_hunt, self.path)213 elif self.check_hunt_roots:214 self.check_roots()215 if self.lib_dir != '_':216 print ("DLL for %s: %s" % (self.lib_name, self.lib_dir))217 self.found = True218 else:219 print ("No DLL for %s: not found!" % (self.lib_name))220 if self.required:221 print ('Too bad that is a requirement! Hand-fix the "Setup"')222 def check_roots(self):223 parent = os.path.abspath('..')224 for p in self.huntpaths:225 if self.hunt_dll(self.lib_hunt, p):226 return True227 return False228 def hunt_dll(self, search_paths, root):229 for dir in search_paths:230 path = os.path.join(root, dir)231 try:232 entries = os.listdir(path)233 except:234 pass235 else:236 for e in entries:237 if self.test(e) and os.path.isfile(os.path.join(path, e)):238 # Found239 self.lib_dir = os.path.join(path, e).replace('\\', '/')240 return True241 return False242class DependencyDummy(object):243 def __init__(self, name):244 = name245 self.inc_dir = None246 self.lib_dir = None247 self.libs = []248 self.found = True249 self.cflags = ''250 def configure(self):251 pass252class DependencyWin(object):253 def __init__(self, name, cflags):254 = name255 self.inc_dir = None256 self.lib_dir = None257 self.libs = []258 self.found = True259 self.cflags = cflags260 def configure(self):261 pass262class DependencyGroup(object):263 def __init__(self):264 self.dependencies =[]265 self.dlls = []266 def add(self, name, lib, wildcards, dll_regex, libs=None, required=0, find_header='', find_lib=''):267 if libs is None:268 libs = []269 if dll_regex:270 dep = Dependency(name, wildcards, [lib], required, find_header, find_lib)271 self.dependencies.append(dep)272 dll = DependencyDLL(dll_regex, link=dep, libs=libs)273 self.dlls.append(dll)274 dep.dll = dll275 else:276 dep = Dependency(name, wildcards, [lib] + libs, required, find_header, find_lib)277 self.dependencies.append(dep)278 return dep279 def add_win(self, name, cflags):280 self.dependencies.append(DependencyWin(name, cflags))281 def add_dll(self, dll_regex, lib=None, wildcards=None, libs=None, link_lib=None):282 link = None283 if link_lib is not None:284 name = 'COPYLIB_' + link_lib285 for d in self.dlls:286 if == name:287 link = d288 break289 else:290 raise KeyError("Link lib %s not found" % link_lib)291 dep = DependencyDLL(dll_regex, lib, wildcards, libs, link)292 self.dlls.append(dep)293 return dep294 def add_dummy(self, name):295 self.dependencies.append(DependencyDummy(name))296 def find(self, name):297 for dep in self:298 if == name:299 return dep300 def configure(self):301 for d in self.dependencies:302 if not getattr(d, '_configured', False):303 d.configure()304 d._configured = True305 for d in self.dlls:306 if not getattr(d, '_configured', False):307 d.configure()308 d._configured = True309 # create a lib310 if d.found and and not try:312 from . import vstools313 except ImportError:314 from buildconfig import vstools315 from os.path import splitext316 nonext_name = splitext(d.lib_dir)[0]317 def_file = '%s.def' % nonext_name318 basename = os.path.basename(nonext_name)319 print('Building lib from %s: %s.lib...' % (320 os.path.basename(d.lib_dir),321 basename322 ))323 vstools.dump_def(d.lib_dir, def_file=def_file)324 vstools.lib_from_def(def_file)325 = os.path.dirname(d.lib_dir)326[0] = basename327 def __iter__(self):329 for d in self.dependencies:330 yield d331 for d in self.dlls:332 yield d333def _add_sdl2_dll_deps(DEPS):334 # MIXER335 DEPS.add_dll(r'(libvorbis-0|vorbis)\.dll$', 'vorbis', ['libvorbis-[1-9].*'],336 ['ogg'])337 DEPS.add_dll(r'(libvorbisfile-3|vorbisfile)\.dll$', 'vorbisfile',338 link_lib='vorbis', libs=['vorbis'])339 DEPS.add_dll(r'(libogg-0|ogg)\.dll$', 'ogg', ['libogg-[1-9].*'])340 DEPS.add_dll(r'(lib)?FLAC[-0-9]*\.dll$', 'flac', ['*FLAC-[0-9]*'])341 DEPS.add_dll(r'(lib)?modplug[-0-9]*\.dll$', 'modplug', ['*modplug-[0-9]*'])342 DEPS.add_dll(r'(lib)?mpg123[-0-9]*\.dll$', 'mpg123', ['*mpg123-[0-9]*'])343 DEPS.add_dll(r'(lib)?opus[-0-9]*\.dll$', 'opus', ['*opus-[0-9]*'])344 DEPS.add_dll(r'(lib)?opusfile[-0-9]*\.dll$', 'opusfile', ['*opusfile-[0-9]*'])345 # IMAGE346 DEPS.add_dll(r'(lib){0,1}tiff[-0-9]*\.dll$', 'tiff', ['tiff-[0-9]*'], ['jpeg', 'z'])347 DEPS.add_dll(r'(z|zlib1)\.dll$', 'z', ['zlib-[1-9].*'])348 DEPS.add_dll(r'(lib)?webp[-0-9]*\.dll$', 'webp', ['*webp-[0-9]*'])349def setup(sdl2):350 DEPS = DependencyGroup()351 if not sdl2:352 DEPS.add('SDL', 'SDL', ['SDL-[1-9].*'], r'(lib){0,1}SDL\.dll$', required=1,353 find_header='SDL\.h')354 DEPS.add('FONT', 'SDL_ttf', ['SDL_ttf-[2-9].*'], r'(lib){0,1}SDL_ttf\.dll$', ['SDL', 'z'],355 find_header='SDL_ttf\.h')356 DEPS.add('IMAGE', 'SDL_image', ['SDL_image-[1-9].*'], r'(lib){0,1}SDL_image\.dll$',357 ['SDL', 'jpeg', 'png', 'tiff'], 0, find_header='SDL_image\.h'),358 DEPS.add('MIXER', 'SDL_mixer', ['SDL_mixer-[1-9].*'], r'(lib){0,1}SDL_mixer\.dll$',359 ['SDL', 'vorbisfile'], find_header='SDL_mixer\.h')360 DEPS.add('PNG', 'png', ['libpng-[1-9].*'], r'(png|libpng)[-0-9]*\.dll$', ['z'])361 DEPS.add('JPEG', 'jpeg', ['jpeg-[6-9]*'], r'(lib){0,1}jpeg[-0-9]*\.dll$')362 DEPS.add('PORTMIDI', 'portmidi', ['portmidi'], r'portmidi\.dll$', find_header='portmidi\.h')363 #DEPS.add('PORTTIME', 'porttime', ['porttime'], r'porttime\.dll$')364 DEPS.add_dummy('PORTTIME')365 DEPS.add('FREETYPE', 'freetype', ['freetype-[1-9].*'], r'(lib){0,1}freetype[-0-9]*\.dll$',366 find_header='ft2build\.h', find_lib='(lib)?freetype[-0-9]*\.lib')367 DEPS.configure()368 DEPS.add_dll(r'(lib){0,1}tiff[-0-9]*\.dll$', 'tiff', ['tiff-[3-9].*'], ['jpeg', 'z'])369 DEPS.add_dll(r'(z|zlib1)\.dll$', 'z', ['zlib-[1-9].*'])370 DEPS.add_dll(r'(libvorbis-0|vorbis)\.dll$', 'vorbis', ['libvorbis-[1-9].*'],371 ['ogg'])372 DEPS.add_dll(r'(libvorbisfile-3|vorbisfile)\.dll$', 'vorbisfile',373 link_lib='vorbis', libs=['vorbis'])374 DEPS.add_dll(r'(libogg-0|ogg)\.dll$', 'ogg', ['libogg-[1-9].*'])375 for d in get_definitions():376 DEPS.add_win(, d.value)377 DEPS.configure()378 else:379 DEPS.add('SDL', 'SDL2', ['SDL2-[1-9].*'], r'(lib){0,1}SDL2\.dll$', required=1)380 DEPS.add('PORTMIDI', 'portmidi', ['portmidi'], r'portmidi\.dll$', find_header='portmidi\.h')381 #DEPS.add('PORTTIME', 'porttime', ['porttime'], r'porttime\.dll$')382 DEPS.add_dummy('PORTTIME')383 DEPS.add('MIXER', 'SDL2_mixer', ['SDL2_mixer-[1-9].*'], r'(lib){0,1}SDL2_mixer\.dll$',384 ['SDL', 'vorbisfile'])385 DEPS.add('PNG', 'png', ['SDL2_image-[2-9].*', 'libpng-[1-9].*'], r'(png|libpng)[-0-9]*\.dll$', ['z'],386 find_header='png\.h', find_lib='(lib)?png1[-0-9]*\.lib')387 DEPS.add('JPEG', 'jpeg', ['SDL2_image-[2-9].*', 'jpeg-9*'], r'(lib){0,1}jpeg-9\.dll$',388 find_header='jpeglib\.h', find_lib='(lib)?jpeg-9\.lib')389 DEPS.add('IMAGE', 'SDL2_image', ['SDL2_image-[1-9].*'], r'(lib){0,1}SDL2_image\.dll$',390 ['SDL', 'jpeg', 'png', 'tiff'], 0)391 DEPS.add('FONT', 'SDL2_ttf', ['SDL2_ttf-[2-9].*'], r'(lib){0,1}SDL2_ttf\.dll$', ['SDL', 'z', 'freetype'])392 DEPS.add('FREETYPE', 'freetype', ['freetype-[1-9].*'], r'(lib){0,1}freetype[-0-9]*\.dll$',393 find_header='ft2build\.h', find_lib='(lib)?freetype[-0-9]*\.lib')394 DEPS.configure()395 _add_sdl2_dll_deps(DEPS)396 for d in get_definitions():397 DEPS.add_win(, d.value)398 DEPS.configure()399 return list(DEPS)400def setup_prebuilt_sdl2(prebuilt_dir):401 Dependency.huntpaths[:] = [prebuilt_dir]402 Dependency.lib_hunt.extend([403 '',404 'lib',405 os.path.join('lib', get_machine_type()),406 ])407 Dependency.inc_hunt.append('')408 DEPS = DependencyGroup()409 DEPS.add('SDL', 'SDL2', ['SDL2-[1-9].*'], r'(lib){0,1}SDL2\.dll$', required=1)410 fontDep = DEPS.add('FONT', 'SDL2_ttf', ['SDL2_ttf-[2-9].*'], r'(lib){0,1}SDL2_ttf\.dll$', ['SDL', 'z', 'freetype'])411 imageDep = DEPS.add('IMAGE', 'SDL2_image', ['SDL2_image-[1-9].*'], r'(lib){0,1}SDL2_image\.dll$',412 ['SDL', 'jpeg', 'png', 'tiff'], 0)413 mixerDep = DEPS.add('MIXER', 'SDL2_mixer', ['SDL2_mixer-[1-9].*'], r'(lib){0,1}SDL2_mixer\.dll$',414 ['SDL', 'vorbisfile'])415 DEPS.add('PORTMIDI', 'portmidi', ['portmidi'], r'portmidi\.dll$', find_header='portmidi\.h')416 #DEPS.add('PORTTIME', 'porttime', ['porttime'], r'porttime\.dll$')417 DEPS.add_dummy('PORTTIME')418 DEPS.configure()419 # force use of the correct freetype DLL420 ftDep = DEPS.add('FREETYPE', 'freetype', ['SDL2_ttf-[2-9].*', 'freetype-[1-9].*'], r'(lib)?freetype[-0-9]*\.dll$',421 find_header='ft2build\.h', find_lib='libfreetype[-0-9]*\.lib')422 ftDep.path = fontDep.path423 ftDep.inc_dir = [424 os.path.join(prebuilt_dir, 'include').replace('\\', '/')425 ]426 ftDep.inc_dir.append('%s/freetype2' % ftDep.inc_dir[0])427 ftDep.found = True428 png = DEPS.add('PNG', 'png', ['SDL2_image-[2-9].*', 'libpng-[1-9].*'], r'(png|libpng)[-0-9]*\.dll$', ['z'],429 find_header='png\.h', find_lib='(lib)?png1[-0-9]*\.lib')430 png.path = imageDep.path431 png.inc_dir = [os.path.join(prebuilt_dir, 'include').replace('\\', '/')]432 png.found = True433 jpeg = DEPS.add('JPEG', 'jpeg', ['SDL2_image-[2-9].*', 'jpeg-9*'], r'(lib){0,1}jpeg-9\.dll$',434 find_header='jpeglib\.h', find_lib='(lib)?jpeg-9\.lib')435 jpeg.path = imageDep.path436 jpeg.inc_dir = [os.path.join(prebuilt_dir, 'include').replace('\\', '/')]437 jpeg.found = True438 dllPaths = {439 'png': imageDep.path,440 'jpeg': imageDep.path,441 'tiff': imageDep.path,442 'z': imageDep.path,443 'webp': imageDep.path,444 'vorbis': mixerDep.path,445 'vorbisfile': mixerDep.path,446 'ogg': mixerDep.path,447 'flac': mixerDep.path,448 'modplug': mixerDep.path,449 'mpg123': mixerDep.path,450 'opus': mixerDep.path,451 'opusfile': mixerDep.path,452 'freetype': fontDep.path,453 }454 _add_sdl2_dll_deps(DEPS)455 for dll in DEPS.dlls:456 if dllPaths.get(dll.lib_name):457 dll.path = dllPaths.get(dll.lib_name)458 for d in get_definitions():459 DEPS.add_win(, d.value)460 DEPS.configure()461 return list(DEPS)462def setup_prebuilt_sdl1(prebuilt_dir):463 setup_ = open('Setup', 'w')464 is_pypy = '__pypy__' in sys.builtin_module_names465 import platform466 is_python3 = platform.python_version().startswith('3')467 try:468 try:469 setup_win_in = open(os.path.join(prebuilt_dir, ''))470 except IOError:471 raise IOError("%s missing required" % prebuilt_dir)472 # Copy to Setup, replacing the BeginConfig/EndConfig473 # block with prebuilt\ .474 setup_in = open(os.path.join('buildconfig', ''))475 try:476 do_copy = True477 for line in setup_in:478 if line.startswith('#--StartConfig'):479 do_copy = False480 setup_.write( try:482 setup_win_common_in = open(os.path.join('buildconfig', ''))483 except:484 pass485 else:486 try:487 setup_.write( finally:489 setup_win_common_in.close()490 elif line.startswith('#--EndConfig'):491 do_copy = True492 elif do_copy:493 setup_.write(line)494 finally:495 setup_in.close()496 finally:497 setup_.close()498 print("Wrote to \"Setup\".")499def main(sdl2=False):500 machine_type = get_machine_type()501 prebuilt_dir = 'prebuilt-%s' % machine_type502 use_prebuilt = '-prebuilt' in sys.argv503 auto_download = 'PYGAME_DOWNLOAD_PREBUILT' in os.environ504 if auto_download:505 auto_download = os.environ['PYGAME_DOWNLOAD_PREBUILT'] == '1'506 try:507 from . import download_win_prebuilt508 except ImportError:509 import download_win_prebuilt510 download_kwargs = {511 'x86': False,512 'x64': False,513 'sdl2': sdl2,514 }515 download_kwargs[machine_type] = True516 if not auto_download:517 if (not download_win_prebuilt.cached(**download_kwargs) or\518 not os.path.isdir(prebuilt_dir))\519 and download_win_prebuilt.ask(**download_kwargs):520 use_prebuilt = True521 else:522 download_win_prebuilt.update(**download_kwargs)523 if os.path.isdir(prebuilt_dir):524 if not use_prebuilt:525 if 'PYGAME_USE_PREBUILT' in os.environ:526 use_prebuilt = os.environ['PYGAME_USE_PREBUILT'] == '1'527 else:528 reply = raw_input('\nUse the SDL libraries in "%s"? [Y/n]' % prebuilt_dir)529 use_prebuilt = (not reply) or reply[0].lower() != 'n'530 if use_prebuilt:531 if sdl2:532 return setup_prebuilt_sdl2(prebuilt_dir)533 setup_prebuilt_sdl1(prebuilt_dir)534 raise SystemExit()535 else:536 print ("Note: cannot find directory \"%s\"; do not use prebuilts." % prebuilt_dir)537 return setup(sdl2)538if __name__ == '__main__':539 print ("""This is the configuration subscript for Windows.540Please run "" for full configuration.""")541 import sys542 if "--download" in sys.argv:543 try:544 from . import download_win_prebuilt545 except ImportError:546 import download_win_prebuilt...

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...12##############################################################################13# Defaults.14version = '1.0.0'15pkgconfig.defaults()16pkgconfig.find_header('endian.h', 'HAVE_ENDIAN_H')17pkgconfig.find_header('machine/endian.h', 'HAVE_MACHINE_ENDIAN_H')18pkgconfig.find_header('sys/endian.h', 'HAVE_SYS_ENDIAN_H')19if pkgconfig.get_uname() == 'Linux':20 gnu_dl = pkgconfig.find_libwithheader('dl', 'dlfcn.h', 'HAVE_DLFCN_H')21else:22 gnu_dl = pkgconfig.find_header('dlfcn.h', 'HAVE_DLFCN_H')23# Just so we recognize it exists.24pkgconfig.find_header('GL/freeglut.h', 'USE_FREEGLUT')25# pthreads is neccessary.26pkgconfig.find_pthread()27if not gnu_dl or pkgconfig.get_uname() == 'Darwin':28 pkgconfig.find_sdl('1.2.4', '', True)29 pkgconfig.find_opengl('', True)30 pkgconfig.find_glut()31else:32 pkgconfig.find_header('SDL.h', 'HAVE_SDL_H')33 pkgconfig.find_header('SDL/SDL.h', 'HAVE_SDL_SDL_H')34 pkgconfig.add_cflag('-DDNLOAD_LIBM')35 pkgconfig.add_cflag('-DDNLOAD_LIBGL')36 pkgconfig.add_cflag('-DDNLOAD_LIBGLU')37 pkgconfig.add_cflag('-DDNLOAD_LIBGLUT')38 pkgconfig.add_cflag('-DDNLOAD_LIBSDL')39pkgconfig.add_cflag('-pedantic')40env = pkgconfig.get_env()...

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