How to use gather_unique_dicts method in autotest

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...13 Prepare Python objects to be returned via RPC.14 """15 if (isinstance(objects, list) and len(objects) and16 isinstance(objects[0], dict) and 'id' in objects[0]):17 objects = gather_unique_dicts(objects)18 return _prepare_data(objects)19def prepare_rows_as_nested_dicts(query, nested_dict_column_names):20 """21 Prepare a Django query to be returned via RPC as a sequence of nested22 dictionaries.23 @param query - A Django model query object with a select_related() method.24 @param nested_dict_column_names - A list of column/attribute names for the25 rows returned by query to expand into nested dictionaries using26 their get_object_dict() method when not None.27 @returns An list suitable to returned in an RPC.28 """29 all_dicts = []30 for row in query.select_related():31 row_dict = row.get_object_dict()32 for column in nested_dict_column_names:33 if row_dict[column] is not None:34 row_dict[column] = getattr(row, column).get_object_dict()35 all_dicts.append(row_dict)36 return prepare_for_serialization(all_dicts)37def _prepare_data(data):38 """39 Recursively process data structures, performing necessary type40 conversions to values in data to allow for RPC serialization:41 -convert datetimes to strings42 -convert tuples and sets to lists43 """44 if isinstance(data, dict):45 new_data = {}46 for key, value in data.iteritems():47 new_data[key] = _prepare_data(value)48 return new_data49 elif (isinstance(data, list) or isinstance(data, tuple) or50 isinstance(data, set)):51 return [_prepare_data(item) for item in data]52 elif isinstance(data, if data is NULL_DATETIME or data is NULL_DATE:54 return None55 return str(data)56 else:57 return data58def raw_http_response(response_data, content_type=None):59 response = django.http.HttpResponse(response_data, mimetype=content_type)60 response['Content-length'] = str(len(response.content))61 return response62def gather_unique_dicts(dict_iterable):63 """\64 Pick out unique objects (by ID) from an iterable of object dicts.65 """66 id_set = set()67 result = []68 for obj in dict_iterable:69 if obj['id'] not in id_set:70 id_set.add(obj['id'])71 result.append(obj)72 return result73def extra_job_filters(not_yet_run=False, running=False, finished=False):74 """\75 Generate a SQL WHERE clause for job status filtering, and return it in76 a dict of keyword args to pass to query.extra(). No more than one of...

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