How to use generate_test method in autotest

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1#!/usr/bin/python32import random3import os4import datetime5import subprocess6import struct7import sys8# binary(num):10 return ''.join('{:0>8b}'.format(c) for c in struct.pack('!d', num))11def generate_test ( filenum, double=1.0, path="./" ):12 with open("{}tests/test{}.txt".format(path,filenum), "w") as infile:13 infile.write( str(double) )14 with open("{}answers/answer{}.txt".format(path,filenum), "w") as outfile:15 bits = binary(double)16 outfile.write( bits[0] + '_' + bits[1:12] + '_' + bits[12:] )17def generate_test_suite():18 os.makedirs("tests", exist_ok=True)19 os.makedirs("answers", exist_ok=True)20 generate_test ( 0, 0.0 )21 generate_test ( 1, 1.0 )22 generate_test ( 2, -2.0 )23 generate_test ( 3, -0.5 )24 generate_test ( 4, -5./32 )25 generate_test ( 5, 3.625*16 )26def test_doubleToBin ( filenum, path="./", verbose=False ):27 try:28 with open("{}answers/answer{}.txt".format(path,filenum), "r") as outfile:29 answer = except EnvironmentError: # parent of IOError, OSError31 print ("answers/answer{}.txt missing".format(filenum))32 try:33 result = ['./doubleToBin', "tests/test{}.txt".format(filenum)],35 cwd=path,36 check=True,37 stdout=subprocess.PIPE,38 stderr=subprocess.STDOUT,39 encoding='ASCII',40 timeout=datetime.timedelta(seconds=4).total_seconds(),41 )42 if verbose:43 print (' '.join(result.args))44 print ("answer")45 print (answer)46 print ("result")47 print (result.stdout)48 assert answer.replace('_','') == result.stdout.replace('_',''), "The printed result doesn't match answers/answer{}.txt. You can add underscores as needed for readability".format(filenum)49 return True50 except subprocess.CalledProcessError as e:51 print (e.stdout)52 print ("Calling ./doubleToBin returned non-zero exit status.")53 except ValueError as e:54 print (result.stdout)55 print ("Please check your output formatting; it should be formatted as a binary number.")56 except AssertionError as e:57 print (result.stdout)58 print (e.args[0])59 return False60def grade_doubleToBin( path='./', verbose=False ):61 score = 062 try:63 ['make', '-B'], cwd=path, check=True, )64 except subprocess.CalledProcessError as e:65 print ("Couldn't compile doubleToBin.")66 return score67 if test_doubleToBin(0,path,verbose):68 score += 269 if test_doubleToBin(1,path,verbose):70 score += 271 if test_doubleToBin(2,path,verbose):72 score += 273 if test_doubleToBin(3,path,verbose):74 score += 275 if test_doubleToBin(4,path,verbose):76 score += 377 if test_doubleToBin(5,path,verbose):78 score += 379 # standard range test80 allpass = True81 for filenum in range(6,10):82 generate_test (83 filenum,84 double = random.uniform(85 -65536.0,86 +65536.0,87 ),88 path=path89 )90 allpass &= test_doubleToBin(filenum,path,verbose)91 if allpass:92 score += 393 # high magnitude test94 allpass = True95 for filenum in range(10,14):96 generate_test (97 filenum,98 double = random.uniform(99 0.,100 sys.float_info.max101 ),102 path=path103 )104 allpass &= test_doubleToBin(filenum,path,verbose)105 if allpass:106 score += 3107 # denormalized range test108 allpass = True109 for filenum in range(14,18):110 generate_test (111 filenum,112 double = random.uniform(113 -sys.float_info.min,114 sys.float_info.min,115 ),116 path=path117 )118 allpass &= test_doubleToBin(filenum,path,verbose)119 if allpass:120 score += 3121 # negative zero test122 generate_test ( 18, -0.0, path=path )123 if test_doubleToBin(16,path,verbose):124 score += 1125 print ("Score on doubleToBin: {} out of 24.".format(score))126 return score127if __name__ == '__main__':128 # generate_test_suite()129 grade_doubleToBin(verbose=True)...

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