How to use get_client_autodir_paths method in autotest

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...70 a temporary directory.71 """72 cls.install_in_tmpdir = flag73 @classmethod74 def get_client_autodir_paths(cls, host):75 return settings.get_value('AUTOSERV', 'client_autodir_paths', type=list)76 @classmethod77 def get_installed_autodir(cls, host):78 """79 Find where the Autotest client is installed on the host.80 :return: an absolute path to an installed Autotest client root.81 :raise AutodirNotFoundError if no Autotest installation can be found.82 """83 autodir = host.get_autodir()84 if autodir:85 logging.debug('Using existing host autodir: %s', autodir)86 return autodir87 if not _server_system_wide_install():88 for path in Autotest.get_client_autodir_paths(host):89 try:90 autotest_binary = os.path.join(path, CLIENT_BINARY)91'test -x %s' % utils.sh_escape(autotest_binary))92'test -w %s' % utils.sh_escape(path))93 logging.debug('Found existing autodir at %s', path)94 return path95 except error.AutoservRunError:96 logging.debug('%s does not exist on %s', autotest_binary,97 host.hostname)98 else:99 for path in Autotest.get_client_autodir_paths(host):100'test -w %s' % utils.sh_escape(path))101 logging.debug('Found existing autodir at %s', path)102 host.autodir = path103 return path104 raise AutodirNotFoundError105 @classmethod106 def get_install_dir(cls, host):107 """108 Determines the location where autotest should be installed on109 host. If self.install_in_tmpdir is set, it will return a unique110 temporary directory that autotest can be installed in. Otherwise, looks111 for an existing installation to use; if none is found, looks for a112 usable directory in the global config client_autodir_paths.113 """114 try:115 install_dir = cls.get_installed_autodir(host)116 except AutodirNotFoundError:117 install_dir = cls._find_installable_dir(host)118 if cls.install_in_tmpdir:119 return host.get_tmp_dir(parent=install_dir)120 return install_dir121 @classmethod122 def _find_installable_dir(cls, host):123 client_autodir_paths = cls.get_client_autodir_paths(host)124 for path in client_autodir_paths:125 try:126'mkdir -p %s' % utils.sh_escape(path))127'test -w %s' % utils.sh_escape(path))128 return path129 except error.AutoservRunError:130 logging.debug('Failed to create %s', path)131 raise error.AutoservInstallError(132 'Unable to find a place to install Autotest; tried %s' %133 ', '.join(client_autodir_paths))134 def _create_test_output_dir(self, host, autodir):135 tmpdir = os.path.join(autodir, 'tmp')136 state_autodir = settings.get_value('COMMON', 'test_output_dir',137 default=tmpdir)...

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...31 #self.server_system_wide_install = _server_system_wide_install()32 super(BaseAutotest, self).__init__()33 install_in_tmpdir = False34 @classmethod35 def get_client_autodir_paths(cls, host):36 return settings.get_value('auto', 'client_autodir_paths', type=list)37 def install(self, host=None, autodir=None):38 self._install(host=host, autodir=autodir)39 def _install(self, host=None, autodir=None, use_auto=True, use_packaging=True):40 """41 Install Caliper.42 :param host: A host instance on which caliper will be installed43 :param autodir: Location on the remote host to install to44 :param use_auto: Enable install modes that depend on the client running with 'autoserv harness'45 :param use_packaging: Enable install modes that use the packaging system46 """47 if not host:48 host = self.host49 if not

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