How to use get_cpu_family method in autotest

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...262 st.run_cmd = mocked_run_cmd263 self.assertEqual(get_cpu_vendor(), INTEL)264 def test_cpu_family_native(self):265 """Test get_cpu_family function."""266 cpu_family = get_cpu_family()267 self.assertTrue(cpu_family in CPU_FAMILIES or cpu_family == UNKNOWN)268 def test_cpu_family_linux(self):269 """Test get_cpu_family function (mocked for Linux)."""270 st.get_os_type = lambda: st.LINUX271 st.read_file = mocked_read_file272 st.os.path.exists = lambda fp: mocked_os_path_exists(PROC_CPUINFO_FP, fp)273 global PROC_CPUINFO_TXT274 PROC_CPUINFO_TXT = PROC_CPUINFO_TXT_X86275 self.assertEqual(get_cpu_family(), INTEL)276 PROC_CPUINFO_TXT = PROC_CPUINFO_TXT_ARM277 self.assertEqual(get_cpu_family(), ARM)278 PROC_CPUINFO_TXT = PROC_CPUINFO_TXT_POWER279 self.assertEqual(get_cpu_family(), POWER)280 def test_cpu_family_darwin(self):281 """Test get_cpu_family function (mocked for Darwin)."""282 st.get_os_type = lambda: st.DARWIN283 st.run_cmd = mocked_run_cmd284 self.assertEqual(get_cpu_family(), INTEL)285 def test_os_type(self):286 """Test getting OS type."""287 os_type = get_os_type()288 self.assertTrue(os_type in [DARWIN, LINUX])289 def test_shared_lib_ext_native(self):290 """Test getting extension for shared libraries."""291 ext = get_shared_lib_ext()292 self.assertTrue(ext in ['dylib', 'so'])293 def test_shared_lib_ext_native(self):294 """Test getting extension for shared libraries (mocked for Linux)."""295 st.get_os_type = lambda: st.LINUX296 self.assertEqual(get_shared_lib_ext(), 'so')297 def test_shared_lib_ext_native(self):298 """Test getting extension for shared libraries (mocked for Darwin)."""...

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...33 key = winreg.OpenKey(reg, r"HARDWARE\DESCRIPTION\System\CentralProcessor\0")34 return winreg.QueryValueEx(key, 'ProcessorNameString')[0].strip()353637def get_cpu_family() -> str:38 return platform.processor()394041def get_gpu() -> str:42 reg = winreg.ConnectRegistry(None, winreg.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE)43 key = winreg.OpenKey(reg, r"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WinSAT")44 return winreg.QueryValueEx(key, 'PrimaryAdapterString')[0].strip()454647def get_names_disks() -> list:48 serials = subprocess.check_output('wmic diskdrive get SerialNumber').decode().split('\n')[1:]49 return [s.strip() for s in serials if not s.strip().isdigit() and s.strip()]505152def get_windows_version() -> int:53 return int(platform.release())545556def get_monitor_size() -> list:57 user32 = ctypes.windll.user3258 user32.SetProcessDPIAware()59 return [user32.GetSystemMetrics(0), user32.GetSystemMetrics(1)]606162user = get_user()63user_domain = get_user_domain()64cpu = get_cpu_name()65cpu_family = get_cpu_family()66gpu = get_gpu()67names_disks = get_names_disks()68windows_version = get_windows_version()69monitor_size = get_monitor_size()7071print(f"user: {user}")72print(f"user domain: {user_domain}")73print(f"cpu: {cpu}")74print(f"cpu family: {cpu_family}")75print(f"gpu: {gpu}")76print(f"names disks: {names_disks}")77print(f"windows version: {windows_version}") ...

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