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...15 get_crashdumps(host, test_start_time)16 if wait_for_machine_to_recover(host):17 # run any site-specific collection18 get_site_crashinfo(host, test_start_time)19 crashinfo_dir = get_crashinfo_dir(host)20 collect_messages(host)21 collect_log_file(host, "/var/log/monitor-ssh-reboots", crashinfo_dir)22 collect_command(host, "dmesg", os.path.join(crashinfo_dir, "dmesg"))23 collect_uncollected_logs(host)24def wait_for_machine_to_recover(host, hours_to_wait=4.0):25 """Wait for a machine (possibly down) to become accessible again.26 @param host: A RemoteHost instance to wait on27 @param hours_to_wait: Number of hours to wait before giving up28 @returns: True if the machine comes back up, False otherwise29 """30 current_time = time.strftime("%b %d %H:%M:%S", time.localtime())31 if host.is_up():32"%s already up, collecting crash info", host.hostname)33 return True34"Waiting four hours for %s to come up (%s)",35 host.hostname, current_time)36 if not host.wait_up(timeout=hours_to_wait * 3600):37 logging.warning("%s down, unable to collect crash info",38 host.hostname)39 return False40 else:41"%s is back up, collecting crash info", host.hostname)42 return True43def get_crashinfo_dir(host):44 """Find and if necessary create a directory to store crashinfo in.45 @param host: The RemoteHost object that crashinfo will be collected from46 @returns: The path to an existing directory for writing crashinfo into47 """48 host_resultdir = getattr(getattr(host, "job", None), "resultdir", None)49 if host_resultdir:50 infodir = host_resultdir51 else:52 infodir = os.path.abspath(os.getcwd())53 infodir = os.path.join(infodir, "crashinfo.%s" % host.hostname)54 if not os.path.exists(infodir):55 os.mkdir(infodir)56 return infodir57def collect_log_file(host, log_path, dest_path):58 """Collects a log file from the remote machine.59 Log files are collected from the remote machine and written into the60 destination path. If dest_path is a directory, the log file will be named61 using the basename of the remote log path.62 @param host: The RemoteHost to collect logs from63 @param log_path: The remote path to collect the log file from64 @param dest_path: A path (file or directory) to write the copies logs into65 """66"Collecting %s...", log_path)67 try:68 host.get_file(log_path, dest_path, preserve_perm=False)69 except Exception:70 logging.warning("Collection of %s failed", log_path)71def collect_command(host, command, dest_path):72 """Collects the result of a command on the remote machine.73 The standard output of the command will be collected and written into the74 desitionation path. The destination path is assumed to be filename and75 not a directory.76 @param host: The RemoteHost to collect from77 @param command: A shell command to run on the remote machine and capture78 the output from.79 @param dest_path: A file path to write the results of the log into80 """81"Collecting '%s' ...", command)82 devnull = open("/dev/null", "w")83 try:84 try:85 result =, stdout_tee=devnull).stdout86 utils.open_write_close(dest_path, result)87 except Exception, e:88 logging.warning("Collection of '%s' failed:\n%s", command, e)89 finally:90 devnull.close()91def collect_uncollected_logs(host):92 """Collects any leftover uncollected logs from the client.93 @param host: The RemoteHost to collect from94 """95 if host.job:96 try:97 logs = host.job.get_client_logs()98 for hostname, remote_path, local_path in logs:99 if hostname == host.hostname:100"Retrieving logs from %s:%s into %s",101 hostname, remote_path, local_path)102 host.get_file(remote_path + "/", local_path + "/")103 except Exception, e:104 logging.warning("Error while trying to collect stranded "105 "Autotest client logs: %s", e)106def collect_messages(host):107 """Collects the 'new' contents of /var/log/messages.108 If host.VAR_LOG_MESSAGE_COPY_PATH is on the remote machine, collects109 the contents of /var/log/messages excluding whatever initial contents110 are already present in host.VAR_LOG_MESSAGE_COPY_PATH. If it is not111 present, simply collects the entire contents of /var/log/messages.112 @param host: The RemoteHost to collect from113 """114 crashinfo_dir = get_crashinfo_dir(host)115 try:116 # paths to the messages files117 messages = os.path.join(crashinfo_dir, "messages")118 messages_raw = os.path.join(crashinfo_dir, "messages.raw")119 messages_at_start = os.path.join(crashinfo_dir, "messages.at_start")120 # grab the files from the remote host121 collect_log_file(host, host.VAR_LOG_MESSAGES_COPY_PATH,122 messages_at_start)123 collect_log_file(host, "/var/log/messages", messages_raw)124 # figure out how much of messages.raw to skip125 if os.path.exists(messages_at_start):126 # if the first lines of the messages at start should match the127 # first lines of the current messages; if they don't then messages128 # has been erase or rotated and we just grab all of it...

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