How to use get_create_job_common_args method in autotest

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...314 (param value,315 param type)316 """317 # Save the values of the passed arguments here. What we're going to do with318 # them is pass them all to rpc_utils.get_create_job_common_args(), which319 # will extract the subset of these arguments that apply for320 # rpc_utils.create_job_common(), which we then pass in to that function.321 args = locals()322 # Set up the parameterized job configs323 test_obj = models.Test.smart_get(test)324 if test_obj.test_type == model_attributes.TestTypes.SERVER:325 control_type = models.Job.ControlType.SERVER326 else:327 control_type = models.Job.ControlType.CLIENT328 try:329 label = models.Label.smart_get(label)330 except models.Label.DoesNotExist:331 label = None332 kernel_objs = models.Kernel.create_kernels(kernel)333 profiler_objs = [models.Profiler.smart_get(profiler)334 for profiler in profilers]335 parameterized_job = models.ParameterizedJob.objects.create(336 test=test_obj, label=label, use_container=use_container,337 profile_only=profile_only,338 upload_kernel_config=upload_kernel_config)339 parameterized_job.kernels.add(*kernel_objs)340 for profiler in profiler_objs:341 parameterized_profiler = models.ParameterizedJobProfiler.objects.create(342 parameterized_job=parameterized_job,343 profiler=profiler)344 profiler_params = profiler_parameters.get(, {})345 for name, (value, param_type) in profiler_params.iteritems():346 models.ParameterizedJobProfilerParameter.objects.create(347 parameterized_job_profiler=parameterized_profiler,348 parameter_name=name,349 parameter_value=value,350 parameter_type=param_type)351 try:352 for parameter in test_obj.testparameter_set.all():353 if in parameters:354 param_value, param_type = parameters.pop( parameterized_job.parameterizedjobparameter_set.create(356 test_parameter=parameter, parameter_value=param_value,357 parameter_type=param_type)358 if parameters:359 raise Exception('Extra parameters remain: %r' % parameters)360 return rpc_utils.create_job_common(361,362 control_type=control_type,363 **rpc_utils.get_create_job_common_args(args))364 except:365 parameterized_job.delete()366 raise367def create_job(name, priority, control_file, control_type,368 hosts=(), meta_hosts=(), one_time_hosts=(),369 atomic_group_name=None, synch_count=None, is_template=False,370 timeout=None, max_runtime_hrs=None, run_verify=True,371 email_list='', dependencies=(), reboot_before=None,372 reboot_after=None, parse_failed_repair=None, hostless=False,373 keyvals=None, drone_set=None):374 """\375 Create and enqueue a job.376 @param name name of this job377 @param priority Low, Medium, High, Urgent378 @param control_file String contents of the control file.379 @param control_type Type of control file, Client or Server.380 @param synch_count How many machines the job uses per autoserv execution.381 synch_count == 1 means the job is asynchronous. If an atomic group is382 given this value is treated as a minimum.383 @param is_template If true then create a template job.384 @param timeout Hours after this call returns until the job times out.385 @param max_runtime_hrs Hours from job starting time until job times out386 @param run_verify Should the host be verified before running the test?387 @param email_list String containing emails to mail when the job is done388 @param dependencies List of label names on which this job depends389 @param reboot_before Never, If dirty, or Always390 @param reboot_after Never, If all tests passed, or Always391 @param parse_failed_repair if true, results of failed repairs launched by392 this job will be parsed as part of the job.393 @param hostless if true, create a hostless job394 @param keyvals dict of keyvals to associate with the job395 @param hosts List of hosts to run job on.396 @param meta_hosts List where each entry is a label name, and for each entry397 one host will be chosen from that label to run the job on.398 @param one_time_hosts List of hosts not in the database to run the job on.399 @param atomic_group_name The name of an atomic group to schedule the job on.400 @param drone_set The name of the drone set to run this test on.401 @returns The created Job id number.402 """403 return rpc_utils.create_job_common(404 **rpc_utils.get_create_job_common_args(locals()))405def abort_host_queue_entries(**filter_data):406 """\407 Abort a set of host queue entries.408 """409 query = models.HostQueueEntry.query_objects(filter_data)410 query = query.filter(complete=False)411 models.AclGroup.check_abort_permissions(query)412 host_queue_entries = list(query.select_related())413 rpc_utils.check_abort_synchronous_jobs(host_queue_entries)414 for queue_entry in host_queue_entries:415 queue_entry.abort()416def reverify_hosts(**filter_data):417 """\418 Schedules a set of hosts for verify....

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