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...9from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import base_packages, packages10from autotest_lib.server import utils as server_utils11c = global_config.global_config12logging.basicConfig(level=logging.DEBUG)13def get_exclude_string(client_dir):14 '''15 Get the exclude string for the tar command to exclude specific16 subdirectories inside client_dir.17 For profilers we need to exclude everything except the __init__.py18 file so that the profilers can be imported.19 '''20 exclude_string = ('--exclude=deps/* --exclude=tests/* '21 '--exclude=site_tests/* --exclude=**.pyc')22 # Get the profilers directory23 prof_dir = os.path.join(client_dir, 'profilers')24 # Include the file for the profilers and exclude all its25 # subdirectories26 for f in os.listdir(prof_dir):27 if os.path.isdir(os.path.join(prof_dir, f)):28 exclude_string += ' --exclude=profilers/%s' % f29 # The '.' here is needed to zip the files in the current30 # directory. We use '-C' for tar to change to the required31 # directory i.e. src_dir and then zip up the files in that32 # directory(which is '.') excluding the ones in the exclude_dirs33 exclude_string += " ."34 # TODO(milleral): This is sad and ugly. # Surprisingly, |exclude_string| actually means argument list, and36 # we'd like to package up the current global_config.ini also, so let's37 # just tack it on here.38 # Also note that this only works because tar prevents us from un-tarring39 # files into parent directories.40 exclude_string += " ../global_config.ini"41 return exclude_string42def parse_args():43 parser = optparse.OptionParser()44 parser.add_option("-d", "--dependency", help="package the dependency"45 " from client/deps directory and upload to the repo",46 dest="dep")47 parser.add_option("-p", "--profiler", help="package the profiler "48 "from client/profilers directory and upload to the repo",49 dest="prof")50 parser.add_option("-t", "--test", help="package the test from client/tests"51 " or client/site_tests and upload to the repo.",52 dest="test")53 parser.add_option("-c", "--client", help="package the client "54 "directory alone without the tests, deps and profilers",55 dest="client", action="store_true", default=False)56 parser.add_option("-f", "--file", help="simply uploads the specified"57 "file on to the repo", dest="file")58 parser.add_option("-r", "--repository", help="the URL of the packages"59 "repository location to upload the packages to.",60 dest="repo", default=None)61 parser.add_option("--all", help="Upload all the files locally "62 "to all the repos specified in global_config.ini. "63 "(includes the client, tests, deps and profilers)",64 dest="all", action="store_true", default=False)65 options, args = parser.parse_args()66 return options, args67# Method to upload or remove package depending on the flag passed to it.68def process_packages(pkgmgr, pkg_type, pkg_names, src_dir,69 remove=False):70 exclude_string = ' .'71 names = [p.strip() for p in pkg_names.split(',')]72 for name in names:73 print "Processing %s ... " % name74 if pkg_type == 'client':75 pkg_dir = src_dir76 exclude_string = get_exclude_string(pkg_dir)77 elif pkg_type == 'test':78 # if the package is a test then look whether it is in client/tests79 # or client/site_tests80 pkg_dir = os.path.join(get_test_dir(name, src_dir), name)81 else:82 # for the profilers and deps83 pkg_dir = os.path.join(src_dir, name)84 pkg_name = pkgmgr.get_tarball_name(name, pkg_type)85 if not remove:86 # Tar the source and upload87 temp_dir = tempfile.mkdtemp()88 try:89 try:90 base_packages.check_diskspace(temp_dir)91 except error.RepoDiskFullError, e:92 msg = ("Temporary directory for packages %s does not have "93 "enough space available: %s" % (temp_dir, e))94 raise error.RepoDiskFullError(msg)95 tarball_path = pkgmgr.tar_package(pkg_name, pkg_dir,96 temp_dir, exclude_string)97 pkgmgr.upload_pkg(tarball_path, update_checksum=True)98 finally:99 # remove the temporary directory100 shutil.rmtree(temp_dir)101 else:102 pkgmgr.remove_pkg(pkg_name, remove_checksum=True)103 print "Done."104def tar_packages(pkgmgr, pkg_type, pkg_names, src_dir, temp_dir):105 """Tar all packages up and return a list of each tar created"""106 tarballs = []107 exclude_string = ' .'108 names = [p.strip() for p in pkg_names.split(',')]109 for name in names:110 print "Processing %s ... " % name111 if pkg_type == 'client':112 pkg_dir = src_dir113 exclude_string = get_exclude_string(pkg_dir)114 elif pkg_type == 'test':115 # if the package is a test then look whether it is in client/tests116 # or client/site_tests117 pkg_dir = os.path.join(get_test_dir(name, src_dir), name)118 else:119 # for the profilers and deps120 pkg_dir = os.path.join(src_dir, name)121 pkg_name = pkgmgr.get_tarball_name(name, pkg_type)122 tarball_path = pkgmgr.tar_package(pkg_name, pkg_dir,123 temp_dir, exclude_string)124 tarballs.append(tarball_path)125 return tarballs126def process_all_packages(pkgmgr, client_dir, remove=False):127 """Process a full upload of packages as a directory upload."""...

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