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...113 """114 Compatibility with ctypes.115 Allows passing transparently a Window object to an API call.116 """117 return self.get_handle()118 def get_handle(self):119 """120 @rtype: int121 @return: Window handle.122 @raise ValueError: No window handle set.123 """124 if self.hWnd is None:125 raise ValueError("No window handle set!")126 return self.hWnd127 def get_pid(self):128 """129 @rtype: int130 @return: Global ID of the process that owns this window.131 """132 if self.dwProcessId is not None:133 return self.dwProcessId134 self.__get_pid_and_tid()135 return self.dwProcessId136 def get_tid(self):137 """138 @rtype: int139 @return: Global ID of the thread that owns this window.140 """141 if self.dwThreadId is not None:142 return self.dwThreadId143 self.__get_pid_and_tid()144 return self.dwThreadId145 def __get_pid_and_tid(self):146 "Internally used by get_pid() and get_tid()."147 self.dwThreadId, self.dwProcessId = \148 win32.GetWindowThreadProcessId(self.get_handle())149 def __load_Process_class(self):150 global Process # delayed import151 if Process is None:152 from winappdbg.process import Process153 def __load_Thread_class(self):154 global Thread # delayed import155 if Thread is None:156 from winappdbg.thread import Thread157 def get_process(self):158 """159 @rtype: L{Process}160 @return: Parent Process object.161 """162 if self.__process is not None:163 return self.__process164 self.__load_Process_class()165 self.__process = Process(self.get_pid())166 return self.__process167 def set_process(self, process = None):168 """169 Manually set the parent process. Use with care!170 @type process: L{Process}171 @param process: (Optional) Process object. Use C{None} to autodetect.172 """173 if process is None:174 self.__process = None175 else:176 self.__load_Process_class()177 if not isinstance(process, Process):178 msg = "Parent process must be a Process instance, "179 msg += "got %s instead" % type(process)180 raise TypeError(msg)181 self.dwProcessId = process.get_pid()182 self.__process = process183 def get_thread(self):184 """185 @rtype: L{Thread}186 @return: Parent Thread object.187 """188 if self.__thread is not None:189 return self.__thread190 self.__load_Thread_class()191 self.__thread = Thread(self.get_tid())192 return self.__thread193 def set_thread(self, thread = None):194 """195 Manually set the thread process. Use with care!196 @type thread: L{Thread}197 @param thread: (Optional) Thread object. Use C{None} to autodetect.198 """199 if thread is None:200 self.__thread = None201 else:202 self.__load_Thread_class()203 if not isinstance(thread, Thread):204 msg = "Parent thread must be a Thread instance, "205 msg += "got %s instead" % type(thread)206 raise TypeError(msg)207 self.dwThreadId = thread.get_tid()208 self.__thread = thread209 def __get_window(self, hWnd):210 """211 User internally to get another Window from this one.212 It'll try to copy the parent Process and Thread references if possible.213 """214 window = Window(hWnd)215 if window.get_pid() == self.get_pid():216 window.set_process( self.get_process() )217 if window.get_tid() == self.get_tid():218 window.set_thread( self.get_thread() )219 return window220#------------------------------------------------------------------------------221 def get_classname(self):222 """223 @rtype: str224 @return: Window class name.225 @raise WindowsError: An error occured while processing this request.226 """227 return win32.GetClassName( self.get_handle() )228 def get_style(self):229 """230 @rtype: int231 @return: Window style mask.232 @raise WindowsError: An error occured while processing this request.233 """234 return win32.GetWindowLongPtr( self.get_handle(), win32.GWL_STYLE )235 def get_extended_style(self):236 """237 @rtype: int238 @return: Window extended style mask.239 @raise WindowsError: An error occured while processing this request.240 """241 return win32.GetWindowLongPtr( self.get_handle(), win32.GWL_EXSTYLE )242 def get_text(self):243 """244 @see: L{set_text}245 @rtype: str246 @return: Window text (caption) on success, C{None} on error.247 """248 try:249 return win32.GetWindowText( self.get_handle() )250 except WindowsError:251 return None252 def set_text(self, text):253 """254 Set the window text (caption).255 @see: L{get_text}256 @type text: str257 @param text: New window text.258 @raise WindowsError: An error occured while processing this request.259 """260 win32.SetWindowText( self.get_handle(), text )261 def get_placement(self):262 """263 Retrieve the window placement in the desktop.264 @see: L{set_placement}265 @rtype: L{win32.WindowPlacement}266 @return: Window placement in the desktop.267 @raise WindowsError: An error occured while processing this request.268 """269 return win32.GetWindowPlacement( self.get_handle() )270 def set_placement(self, placement):271 """272 Set the window placement in the desktop.273 @see: L{get_placement}274 @type placement: L{win32.WindowPlacement}275 @param placement: Window placement in the desktop.276 @raise WindowsError: An error occured while processing this request.277 """278 win32.SetWindowPlacement( self.get_handle(), placement )279 def get_screen_rect(self):280 """281 Get the window coordinates in the desktop.282 @rtype: L{win32.Rect}283 @return: Rectangle occupied by the window in the desktop.284 @raise WindowsError: An error occured while processing this request.285 """286 return win32.GetWindowRect( self.get_handle() )287 def get_client_rect(self):288 """289 Get the window's client area coordinates in the desktop.290 @rtype: L{win32.Rect}291 @return: Rectangle occupied by the window's client area in the desktop.292 @raise WindowsError: An error occured while processing this request.293 """294 cr = win32.GetClientRect( self.get_handle() )295 cr.left, = self.client_to_screen(cr.left, cr.right, cr.bottom = self.client_to_screen(cr.right, cr.bottom)297 return cr298 # XXX TODO299 # * properties x, y, width, height300 # * properties left, top, right, bottom301 process = property(get_process, set_process, doc="")302 thread = property(get_thread, set_thread, doc="")303 classname = property(get_classname, doc="")304 style = property(get_style, doc="")305 exstyle = property(get_extended_style, doc="")306 text = property(get_text, set_text, doc="")307 placement = property(get_placement, set_placement, doc="")308#------------------------------------------------------------------------------309 def client_to_screen(self, x, y):310 """311 Translates window client coordinates to screen coordinates.312 @note: This is a simplified interface to some of the functionality of313 the L{win32.Point} class.314 @see: {win32.Point.client_to_screen}315 @type x: int316 @param x: Horizontal coordinate.317 @type y: int318 @param y: Vertical coordinate.319 @rtype: tuple( int, int )320 @return: Translated coordinates in a tuple (x, y).321 @raise WindowsError: An error occured while processing this request.322 """323 return tuple( win32.ClientToScreen( self.get_handle(), (x, y) ) )324 def screen_to_client(self, x, y):325 """326 Translates window screen coordinates to client coordinates.327 @note: This is a simplified interface to some of the functionality of328 the L{win32.Point} class.329 @see: {win32.Point.screen_to_client}330 @type x: int331 @param x: Horizontal coordinate.332 @type y: int333 @param y: Vertical coordinate.334 @rtype: tuple( int, int )335 @return: Translated coordinates in a tuple (x, y).336 @raise WindowsError: An error occured while processing this request.337 """338 return tuple( win32.ScreenToClient( self.get_handle(), (x, y) ) )339#------------------------------------------------------------------------------340 def get_parent(self):341 """342 @see: L{get_children}343 @rtype: L{Window} or None344 @return: Parent window. Returns C{None} if the window has no parent.345 @raise WindowsError: An error occured while processing this request.346 """347 hWnd = win32.GetParent( self.get_handle() )348 if hWnd:349 return self.__get_window(hWnd)350 def get_children(self):351 """352 @see: L{get_parent}353 @rtype: list( L{Window} )354 @return: List of child windows.355 @raise WindowsError: An error occured while processing this request.356 """357 return [358 self.__get_window(hWnd) \359 for hWnd in win32.EnumChildWindows( self.get_handle() )360 ]361 def get_tree(self):362 """363 @see: L{get_root}364 @rtype: dict( L{Window} S{->} dict( ... ) )365 @return: Dictionary of dictionaries forming a tree of child windows.366 @raise WindowsError: An error occured while processing this request.367 """368 subtree = dict()369 for aWindow in self.get_children():370 subtree[ aWindow ] = aWindow.get_tree()371 return subtree372 def get_root(self):373 """374 @see: L{get_tree}375 @rtype: L{Window}376 @return: If this is a child window, return the top-level window it377 belongs to.378 If this window is already a top-level window, returns itself.379 @raise WindowsError: An error occured while processing this request.380 """381 hWnd = self.get_handle()382 history = set()383 hPrevWnd = hWnd384 while hWnd and hWnd not in history:385 history.add(hWnd)386 hPrevWnd = hWnd387 hWnd = win32.GetParent(hWnd)388 if hWnd in history:389 # See: return self391 if hPrevWnd != self.get_handle():392 return self.__get_window(hPrevWnd)393 return self394 def get_child_at(self, x, y, bAllowTransparency = True):395 """396 Get the child window located at the given coordinates. If no such397 window exists an exception is raised.398 @see: L{get_children}399 @type x: int400 @param x: Horizontal coordinate.401 @type y: int402 @param y: Vertical coordinate.403 @type bAllowTransparency: bool404 @param bAllowTransparency: If C{True} transparent areas in windows are405 ignored, returning the window behind them. If C{False} transparent406 areas are treated just like any other area.407 @rtype: L{Window}408 @return: Child window at the requested position, or C{None} if there409 is no window at those coordinates.410 """411 try:412 if bAllowTransparency:413 hWnd = win32.RealChildWindowFromPoint( self.get_handle(), (x, y) )414 else:415 hWnd = win32.ChildWindowFromPoint( self.get_handle(), (x, y) )416 if hWnd:417 return self.__get_window(hWnd)418 except WindowsError:419 pass420 return None421#------------------------------------------------------------------------------422 def is_valid(self):423 """424 @rtype: bool425 @return: C{True} if the window handle is still valid.426 """427 return win32.IsWindow( self.get_handle() )428 def is_visible(self):429 """430 @see: {show}, {hide}431 @rtype: bool432 @return: C{True} if the window is in a visible state.433 """434 return win32.IsWindowVisible( self.get_handle() )435 def is_enabled(self):436 """437 @see: {enable}, {disable}438 @rtype: bool439 @return: C{True} if the window is in an enabled state.440 """441 return win32.IsWindowEnabled( self.get_handle() )442 def is_maximized(self):443 """444 @see: L{maximize}445 @rtype: bool446 @return: C{True} if the window is maximized.447 """448 return win32.IsZoomed( self.get_handle() )449 def is_minimized(self):450 """451 @see: L{minimize}452 @rtype: bool453 @return: C{True} if the window is minimized.454 """455 return win32.IsIconic( self.get_handle() )456 def is_child(self):457 """458 @see: L{get_parent}459 @rtype: bool460 @return: C{True} if the window is a child window.461 """462 return win32.IsChild( self.get_handle() )463 is_zoomed = is_maximized464 is_iconic = is_minimized465#------------------------------------------------------------------------------466 def enable(self):467 """468 Enable the user input for the window.469 @see: L{disable}470 @raise WindowsError: An error occured while processing this request.471 """472 win32.EnableWindow( self.get_handle(), True )473 def disable(self):474 """475 Disable the user input for the window.476 @see: L{enable}477 @raise WindowsError: An error occured while processing this request.478 """479 win32.EnableWindow( self.get_handle(), False )480 def show(self, bAsync = True):481 """482 Make the window visible.483 @see: L{hide}484 @type bAsync: bool485 @param bAsync: Perform the request asynchronously.486 @raise WindowsError: An error occured while processing this request.487 """488 if bAsync:489 win32.ShowWindowAsync( self.get_handle(), win32.SW_SHOW )490 else:491 win32.ShowWindow( self.get_handle(), win32.SW_SHOW )492 def hide(self, bAsync = True):493 """494 Make the window invisible.495 @see: L{show}496 @type bAsync: bool497 @param bAsync: Perform the request asynchronously.498 @raise WindowsError: An error occured while processing this request.499 """500 if bAsync:501 win32.ShowWindowAsync( self.get_handle(), win32.SW_HIDE )502 else:503 win32.ShowWindow( self.get_handle(), win32.SW_HIDE )504 def maximize(self, bAsync = True):505 """506 Maximize the window.507 @see: L{minimize}, L{restore}508 @type bAsync: bool509 @param bAsync: Perform the request asynchronously.510 @raise WindowsError: An error occured while processing this request.511 """512 if bAsync:513 win32.ShowWindowAsync( self.get_handle(), win32.SW_MAXIMIZE )514 else:515 win32.ShowWindow( self.get_handle(), win32.SW_MAXIMIZE )516 def minimize(self, bAsync = True):517 """518 Minimize the window.519 @see: L{maximize}, L{restore}520 @type bAsync: bool521 @param bAsync: Perform the request asynchronously.522 @raise WindowsError: An error occured while processing this request.523 """524 if bAsync:525 win32.ShowWindowAsync( self.get_handle(), win32.SW_MINIMIZE )526 else:527 win32.ShowWindow( self.get_handle(), win32.SW_MINIMIZE )528 def restore(self, bAsync = True):529 """530 Unmaximize and unminimize the window.531 @see: L{maximize}, L{minimize}532 @type bAsync: bool533 @param bAsync: Perform the request asynchronously.534 @raise WindowsError: An error occured while processing this request.535 """536 if bAsync:537 win32.ShowWindowAsync( self.get_handle(), win32.SW_RESTORE )538 else:539 win32.ShowWindow( self.get_handle(), win32.SW_RESTORE )540 def move(self, x = None, y = None, width = None, height = None,541 bRepaint = True):542 """543 Moves and/or resizes the window.544 @note: This is request is performed syncronously.545 @type x: int546 @param x: (Optional) New horizontal coordinate.547 @type y: int548 @param y: (Optional) New vertical coordinate.549 @type width: int550 @param width: (Optional) Desired window width.551 @type height: int552 @param height: (Optional) Desired window height.553 @type bRepaint: bool554 @param bRepaint:555 (Optional) C{True} if the window should be redrawn afterwards.556 @raise WindowsError: An error occured while processing this request.557 """558 if None in (x, y, width, height):559 rect = self.get_screen_rect()560 if x is None:561 x = rect.left562 if y is None:563 y = rect.top564 if width is None:565 width = rect.right - rect.left566 if height is None:567 height = rect.bottom - rect.top568 win32.MoveWindow(self.get_handle(), x, y, width, height, bRepaint)569 def kill(self):570 """571 Signals the program to quit.572 @note: This is an asyncronous request.573 @raise WindowsError: An error occured while processing this request.574 """575 def send(self, uMsg, wParam = None, lParam = None, dwTimeout = None):577 """578 Send a low-level window message syncronically.579 @type uMsg: int580 @param uMsg: Message code.581 @param wParam:582 The type and meaning of this parameter depends on the message.583 @param lParam:584 The type and meaning of this parameter depends on the message.585 @param dwTimeout: Optional timeout for the operation.586 Use C{None} to wait indefinitely.587 @rtype: int588 @return: The meaning of the return value depends on the window message.589 Typically a value of C{0} means an error occured. You can get the590 error code by calling L{win32.GetLastError}.591 """592 if dwTimeout is None:593 return win32.SendMessage(self.get_handle(), uMsg, wParam, lParam)594 return win32.SendMessageTimeout(595 self.get_handle(), uMsg, wParam, lParam,596 win32.SMTO_ABORTIFHUNG | win32.SMTO_ERRORONEXIT, dwTimeout)597 def post(self, uMsg, wParam = None, lParam = None):598 """599 Post a low-level window message asyncronically.600 @type uMsg: int601 @param uMsg: Message code.602 @param wParam:603 The type and meaning of this parameter depends on the message.604 @param lParam:605 The type and meaning of this parameter depends on the message.606 @raise WindowsError: An error occured while sending the message.607 """...

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...99 nftables.set_echo_output(False)100 out = do_command(list_ruleset)101 nftables.set_echo_output(echo)102 return out103def get_handle(output, search):104 try:105 for item in output["nftables"]:106 if "add" in item:107 data = item["add"]108 elif "insert" in item:109 data = item["insert"]110 else:111 data = item112 k = list(search.keys())[0]113 if not k in data:114 continue115 found = True116 for key in list(search[k].keys()):117 if key == "handle":118 continue119 if not key in data[k] or search[k][key] != data[k][key]:120 found = False121 break122 if not found:123 continue124 return data[k]["handle"]125 except Exception as e:126 exit_dump(e, output)127# single commands first128do_flush()129print("Adding table t")130out = do_command(add_table)131handle = get_handle(out, add_table["add"])132out = do_list_ruleset()133handle_cmp = get_handle(out, add_table["add"])134if handle != handle_cmp:135 exit_err("handle mismatch!")136add_table["add"]["table"]["handle"] = handle137print("Adding chain c")138out = do_command(add_chain)139handle = get_handle(out, add_chain["add"])140out = do_list_ruleset()141handle_cmp = get_handle(out, add_chain["add"])142if handle != handle_cmp:143 exit_err("handle mismatch!")144add_chain["add"]["chain"]["handle"] = handle145print("Adding set s")146out = do_command(add_set)147handle = get_handle(out, add_set["add"])148out = do_list_ruleset()149handle_cmp = get_handle(out, add_set["add"])150if handle != handle_cmp:151 exit_err("handle mismatch!")152add_set["add"]["set"]["handle"] = handle153print("Adding rule")154out = do_command(add_rule)155handle = get_handle(out, add_rule["add"])156out = do_list_ruleset()157handle_cmp = get_handle(out, add_rule["add"])158if handle != handle_cmp:159 exit_err("handle mismatch!")160add_rule["add"]["rule"]["handle"] = handle161print("Adding counter")162out = do_command(add_counter)163handle = get_handle(out, add_counter["add"])164out = do_list_ruleset()165handle_cmp = get_handle(out, add_counter["add"])166if handle != handle_cmp:167 exit_err("handle mismatch!")168add_counter["add"]["counter"]["handle"] = handle169print("Adding quota")170out = do_command(add_quota)171handle = get_handle(out, add_quota["add"])172out = do_list_ruleset()173handle_cmp = get_handle(out, add_quota["add"])174if handle != handle_cmp:175 exit_err("handle mismatch!")176add_quota["add"]["quota"]["handle"] = handle177# adjust names and add items again178# Note: Handles are per-table, hence add renamed objects to first table179# to make sure assigned handle differs from first run.180add_table["add"]["table"]["name"] = "t2"181add_chain["add"]["chain"]["name"] = "c2"182add_set["add"]["set"]["name"] = "s2"183add_counter["add"]["counter"]["name"] = "c2"184add_quota["add"]["quota"]["name"] = "q2"185print("Adding table t2")186out = do_command(add_table)187handle = get_handle(out, add_table["add"])188if handle == add_table["add"]["table"]["handle"]:189 exit_err("handle not changed in re-added table!")190print("Adding chain c2")191out = do_command(add_chain)192handle = get_handle(out, add_chain["add"])193if handle == add_chain["add"]["chain"]["handle"]:194 exit_err("handle not changed in re-added chain!")195print("Adding set s2")196out = do_command(add_set)197handle = get_handle(out, add_set["add"])198if handle == add_set["add"]["set"]["handle"]:199 exit_err("handle not changed in re-added set!")200print("Adding rule again")201out = do_command(add_rule)202handle = get_handle(out, add_rule["add"])203if handle == add_rule["add"]["rule"]["handle"]:204 exit_err("handle not changed in re-added rule!")205print("Adding counter c2")206out = do_command(add_counter)207handle = get_handle(out, add_counter["add"])208if handle == add_counter["add"]["counter"]["handle"]:209 exit_err("handle not changed in re-added counter!")210print("Adding quota q2")211out = do_command(add_quota)212handle = get_handle(out, add_quota["add"])213if handle == add_quota["add"]["quota"]["handle"]:214 exit_err("handle not changed in re-added quota!")215# now multiple commands216# reset name changes again217add_table["add"]["table"]["name"] = "t"218add_chain["add"]["chain"]["name"] = "c"219add_set["add"]["set"]["name"] = "s"220add_counter["add"]["counter"]["name"] = "c"221add_quota["add"]["quota"]["name"] = "q"222do_flush()223print("doing multi add")224add_multi = [ add_table, add_chain, add_set, add_rule ]225out = do_command(add_multi)226thandle = get_handle(out, add_table["add"])227chandle = get_handle(out, add_chain["add"])228shandle = get_handle(out, add_set["add"])229rhandle = get_handle(out, add_rule["add"])230out = do_list_ruleset()231if thandle != get_handle(out, add_table["add"]):232 exit_err("table handle mismatch!")233if chandle != get_handle(out, add_chain["add"]):234 exit_err("chain handle mismatch!")235if shandle != get_handle(out, add_set["add"]):236 exit_err("set handle mismatch!")237if rhandle != get_handle(out, add_rule["add"]):...

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