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...316 exclude_only_if_needed_labels,317 exclude_atomic_group_hosts,318 valid_only, filter_data)319 return hosts.count()320def get_install_server_profiles():321 """322 Get install server profiles.323 :return: Sequence of profiles.324 """325 install_server = None326 install_server_info = get_install_server_info()327 install_server_type = install_server_info.get('type', None)328 install_server_url = install_server_info.get('xmlrpc_url', None)329 if install_server_type == 'cobbler' and install_server_url:330 install_server = xmlrpclib.ServerProxy(install_server_url)331 if install_server is None:332 return None333 return install_server.get_item_names('profile')334def get_profiles():335 """336 Get profiles.337 :return: Sequence of profiles.338 """339 error_encountered = True340 profile_dicts = []341 profiles = get_install_server_profiles()342 if profiles is not None:343 if len(profiles) < 1:344 msg = 'No profiles defined on install server'345 rpc_logger = logging.getLogger('rpc_logger')346 else:348 error_encountered = False349 # not sorted350 profiles.sort()351 profile_dicts.append(dict(name="Do_not_install"))352 for profile in profiles:353 profile_dicts.append(dict(name=profile))354 if error_encountered:355 profile_dicts.append(dict(name="N/A"))356 return rpc_utils.prepare_for_serialization(profile_dicts)357def get_num_profiles():358 """359 Get the number of profiles. Same parameters as get_profiles().360 :return: The number of defined profiles.361 """362 error_encountered = True363 profiles = get_install_server_profiles()364 if profiles is not None:365 if len(profiles) < 1:366 # 'N/A'367 return 1368 else:369 # include 'Do_not_install'370 return len(profiles) + 1371 if error_encountered:372 # 'N/A'373 return 1374def reserve_hosts(host_filter_data, username=None):375 """376 Reserve some hosts.377 :param host_filter_data: Filters out which hosts to reserve.378 :param username: login of the user reserving hosts379 :type username: str380 :return: None.381 """382 hosts = models.Host.query_objects(host_filter_data)383 reservations.create(hosts_to_reserve=[h.hostname for h in hosts],384 username=username)385def release_hosts(host_filter_data, username=None):386 """387 Release some hosts.388 :param host_filter_data: Filters out which hosts to release.389 :param username: login of the user reserving hosts390 :type username: str391 :return: None.392 """393 hosts = models.Host.query_objects(host_filter_data)394 reservations.release(hosts_to_release=[h.hostname for h in hosts],395 username=username)396def force_release_hosts(host_filter_data, username=None):397 """398 Force release some hosts (remove all ACLs).399 :param host_filter_data: Filters out which hosts to release.400 :param username: login of the user releasing hosts, which needs have elevated privileges401 :type username: str402 :return: None.403 """404 hosts = models.Host.query_objects(host_filter_data)405 reservations.force_release(hosts_to_release=[h.hostname for h in hosts],406 username=username)407# tests408def add_test(name, test_type, path, author=None, dependencies=None,409 experimental=True, run_verify=None, test_class=None,410 test_time=None, test_category=None, description=None,411 sync_count=1):412 """413 Add (create) test.414 :param name: Test name.415 :param test_type: Test type (Client or Server).416 :param path: Relative path to the test.417 :param author: The author of the test (optional).418 :param dependencies: Dependencies (optional).419 :param experimental: Experimental? (True or False) (optional).420 :param run_verify: Run verify? (True or False) (optional).421 :param test_class: Test class (optional).422 :param test_time: Test time (optional).423 :param test_category: Test category (optional).424 :param description: Description (optional).425 :param sync_count: Sync count (optional).426 :return: ID.427 """428 return models.Test.add_object(name=name, test_type=test_type, path=path,429 author=author, dependencies=dependencies,430 experimental=experimental,431 run_verify=run_verify, test_time=test_time,432 test_category=test_category,433 sync_count=sync_count,434 test_class=test_class,435 description=description).id436def modify_test(id, **data):437 """438 Modify (update) test.439 :param id: Test identification.440 :param data: Test data to modify.441 :return: None.442 """443 models.Test.smart_get(id).update_object(data)444def delete_test(id):445 """446 Delete test.447 :param id: Test identification.448 :return: None.449 """450 models.Test.smart_get(id).delete()451def get_tests(**filter_data):452 """453 Get tests.454 :param filter_data: Filters out which tests to get.455 :return: Sequence of tests.456 """457 return rpc_utils.prepare_for_serialization(458 models.Test.list_objects(filter_data))459# profilers460def add_profiler(name, description=None):461 """462 Add (create) profiler.463 :param name: The name of the profiler.464 :param description: Description (optional).465 :return: ID.466 """467 return models.Profiler.add_object(name=name, description=description).id468def modify_profiler(id, **data):469 """470 Modify (update) profiler.471 :param id: Profiler identification.472 :param data: Profiler data to modify.473 :return: None.474 """475 models.Profiler.smart_get(id).update_object(data)476def delete_profiler(id):477 """478 Delete profiler.479 :param id: Profiler identification.480 :return: None.481 """482 models.Profiler.smart_get(id).delete()483def get_profilers(**filter_data):484 """485 Get all profilers.486 :param filter_data: Filters out which profilers to get.487 :return: Sequence of profilers.488 """489 return rpc_utils.prepare_for_serialization(490 models.Profiler.list_objects(filter_data))491# users492def add_user(login, access_level=None):493 """494 Add (create) user.495 :param login: The login name.496 :param acess_level: Access level (optional).497 :return: ID.498 """499 return models.User.add_object(login=login, access_level=access_level).id500def modify_user(id, **data):501 """502 Modify (update) user.503 :param id: User identification.504 :param data: User data to modify.505 :return: None.506 """507 models.User.smart_get(id).update_object(data)508def delete_user(id):509 """510 Delete user.511 :param id: User identification.512 :return: None.513 """514 models.User.smart_get(id).delete()515def get_users(**filter_data):516 """517 Get users.518 :param filter_data: Filters out which users to get.519 :return: Sequence of users.520 """521 return rpc_utils.prepare_for_serialization(522 models.User.list_objects(filter_data))523# acl groups524def add_acl_group(name, description=None):525 """526 Add (create) ACL group.527 :param name: The name of the ACL group.528 :param description: Description (optional).529 :return: ID.530 """531 group = models.AclGroup.add_object(name=name, description=description)532 group.users.add(models.User.current_user())533 return group.id534def modify_acl_group(id, **data):535 """536 Modify (update) ACL group.537 :param id: ACL group identification.538 :param data: ACL group data to modify.539 :return: None.540 """541 group = models.AclGroup.smart_get(id)542 group.check_for_acl_violation_acl_group()543 group.update_object(data)544 group.add_current_user_if_empty()545def acl_group_add_users(id, users):546 """547 Add users to an ACL group.548 :param id: ACL group identification.549 :param users: Sequence of users.550 :return: None.551 """552 group = models.AclGroup.smart_get(id)553 group.check_for_acl_violation_acl_group()554 users = models.User.smart_get_bulk(users)555 group.users.add(*users)556def acl_group_remove_users(id, users):557 """558 Remove users from an ACL group.559 :param id: ACL group identification.560 :param users: Sequence of users.561 :return: None.562 """563 group = models.AclGroup.smart_get(id)564 group.check_for_acl_violation_acl_group()565 users = models.User.smart_get_bulk(users)566 group.users.remove(*users)567 group.add_current_user_if_empty()568def acl_group_add_hosts(id, hosts):569 """570 Add hosts to an ACL group.571 :param id: ACL group identification.572 :param hosts: Sequence of hosts to add.573 :return: None.574 """575 group = models.AclGroup.smart_get(id)576 group.check_for_acl_violation_acl_group()577 hosts = models.Host.smart_get_bulk(hosts)578 group.hosts.add(*hosts)579 group.on_host_membership_change()580def acl_group_remove_hosts(id, hosts):581 """582 Remove hosts from an ACL group.583 :param id: ACL group identification.584 :param hosts: Sequence of hosts to remove.585 :return: None.586 """587 group = models.AclGroup.smart_get(id)588 group.check_for_acl_violation_acl_group()589 hosts = models.Host.smart_get_bulk(hosts)590 group.hosts.remove(*hosts)591 group.on_host_membership_change()592def delete_acl_group(id):593 """594 Delete ACL group.595 :param id: ACL group identification.596 :return: None.597 """598 models.AclGroup.smart_get(id).delete()599def get_acl_groups(**filter_data):600 """601 Get ACL groups.602 :param filter_data: Filters out which ACL groups to get.603 :return: Sequence of ACL groups.604 """605 acl_groups = models.AclGroup.list_objects(filter_data)606 for acl_group in acl_groups:607 acl_group_obj = models.AclGroup.objects.get(id=acl_group['id'])608 acl_group['users'] = [user.login609 for user in acl_group_obj.users.all()]610 acl_group['hosts'] = [host.hostname611 for host in acl_group_obj.hosts.all()]612 return rpc_utils.prepare_for_serialization(acl_groups)613# jobs614def generate_control_file(tests=(), kernel=None, label=None, profilers=(),615 client_control_file='', use_container=False,616 profile_only=None, upload_kernel_config=False):617 """618 Generates a client-side control file to load a kernel and run tests.619 :param tests List of tests to run.620 :param kernel A list of kernel info dictionaries configuring which kernels621 to boot for this job and other options for them622 :param label Name of label to grab kernel config from.623 :param profilers List of profilers to activate during the job.624 :param client_control_file The contents of a client-side control file to625 run at the end of all tests. If this is supplied, all tests must be626 client side.627 TODO: in the future we should support server control files directly628 to wrap with a kernel. That'll require changing the parameter629 name and adding a boolean to indicate if it is a client or server630 control file.631 :param use_container unused argument today. TODO: Enable containers632 on the host during a client side test.633 :param profile_only A boolean that indicates what default profile_only634 mode to use in the control file. Passing None will generate a635 control file that does not explcitly set the default mode at all.636 :param upload_kernel_config: if enabled it will generate server control637 file code that uploads the kernel config file to the client and638 tells the client of the new (local) path when compiling the kernel;639 the tests must be server side tests640 :return: a dict with the following keys:641 control_file: str, The control file text.642 is_server: bool, is the control file a server-side control file?643 synch_count: How many machines the job uses per autoserv execution.644 synch_count == 1 means the job is asynchronous.645 dependencies: A list of the names of labels on which the job depends.646 """647 if not tests and not client_control_file:648 return dict(control_file='', is_server=False, synch_count=1,649 dependencies=[])650 cf_info, test_objects, profiler_objects, label = (651 rpc_utils.prepare_generate_control_file(tests, kernel, label,652 profilers))653 cf_info['control_file'] = control_file.generate_control(654 tests=test_objects, kernels=kernel, platform=label,655 profilers=profiler_objects, is_server=cf_info['is_server'],656 client_control_file=client_control_file, profile_only=profile_only,657 upload_kernel_config=upload_kernel_config)658 return cf_info659def create_parameterized_job(name, priority, test, parameters, kernel=None,660 label=None, profiles=[], profilers=(),661 profiler_parameters=None,662 use_container=False, profile_only=None,663 upload_kernel_config=False, hosts=[],664 meta_hosts=[], meta_host_profiles=[], one_time_hosts=[],665 atomic_group_name=None, synch_count=None,666 is_template=False, timeout=None,667 max_runtime_hrs=None, run_verify=True,668 email_list='', dependencies=(), reboot_before=None,669 reboot_after=None, parse_failed_repair=None,670 hostless=False, keyvals=None, drone_set=None,671 reserve_hosts=False):672 """673 Creates and enqueues a parameterized job.674 Most parameters a combination of the parameters for generate_control_file()675 and create_job(), with the exception of:676 :param test name or ID of the test to run677 :param parameters a map of parameter name ->678 tuple of (param value, param type)679 :param profiler_parameters a dictionary of parameters for the profilers:680 key: profiler name681 value: dict of param name -> tuple of682 (param value,683 param type)684 """685 # Save the values of the passed arguments here. What we're going to do with686 # them is pass them all to rpc_utils.get_create_job_common_args(), which687 # will extract the subset of these arguments that apply for688 # rpc_utils.create_job_common(), which we then pass in to that function.689 args = locals()690 # Set up the parameterized job configs691 test_obj = models.Test.smart_get(test)692 if test_obj.test_type == model_attributes.TestTypes.SERVER:693 control_type = models.Job.ControlType.SERVER694 else:695 control_type = models.Job.ControlType.CLIENT696 try:697 label = models.Label.smart_get(label)698 except models.Label.DoesNotExist:699 label = None700 kernel_objs = models.Kernel.create_kernels(kernel)701 profiler_objs = [models.Profiler.smart_get(profiler)702 for profiler in profilers]703 parameterized_job = models.ParameterizedJob.objects.create(704 test=test_obj, label=label, use_container=use_container,705 profile_only=profile_only,706 upload_kernel_config=upload_kernel_config)707 parameterized_job.kernels.add(*kernel_objs)708 for profiler in profiler_objs:709 parameterized_profiler = models.ParameterizedJobProfiler.objects.create(710 parameterized_job=parameterized_job,711 profiler=profiler)712 profiler_params = profiler_parameters.get(, {})713 for name, (value, param_type) in profiler_params.iteritems():714 models.ParameterizedJobProfilerParameter.objects.create(715 parameterized_job_profiler=parameterized_profiler,716 parameter_name=name,717 parameter_value=value,718 parameter_type=param_type)719 try:720 for parameter in test_obj.testparameter_set.all():721 if in parameters:722 param_value, param_type = parameters.pop( parameterized_job.parameterizedjobparameter_set.create(724 test_parameter=parameter, parameter_value=param_value,725 parameter_type=param_type)726 if parameters:727 raise Exception('Extra parameters remain: %r' % parameters)728 return rpc_utils.create_job_common(729,730 control_type=control_type,731 **rpc_utils.get_create_job_common_args(args))732 except Exception:733 parameterized_job.delete()734 raise735def create_job(name, priority, control_file, control_type,736 hosts=[], profiles=[], meta_hosts=[], meta_host_profiles=[],737 one_time_hosts=[], atomic_group_name=None, synch_count=None,738 is_template=False, timeout=None, max_runtime_hrs=None,739 run_verify=True, email_list='', dependencies=(), reboot_before=None,740 reboot_after=None, parse_failed_repair=None, hostless=False,741 keyvals=None, drone_set=None, reserve_hosts=False):742 """743 Create and enqueue a job.744 :param name: name of this job745 :param priority: Low, Medium, High, Urgent746 :param control_file: String contents of the control file.747 :param control_type: Type of control file, Client or Server.748 :param synch_count: How many machines the job uses per autoserv execution.749 synch_count == 1 means the job is asynchronous. If an750 atomic group is given this value is treated as a751 minimum.752 :param is_template: If true then create a template job.753 :param timeout: Hours after this call returns until the job times out.754 :param max_runtime_hrs: Hours from job starting time until job times out755 :param run_verify: Should the host be verified before running the test?756 :param email_list: String containing emails to mail when the job is done757 :param dependencies: List of label names on which this job depends758 :param reboot_before: Never, If dirty, or Always759 :param reboot_after: Never, If all tests passed, or Always760 :param parse_failed_repair: if true, results of failed repairs launched by761 this job will be parsed as part of the job.762 :param hostless: if true, create a hostless job763 :param keyvals: dict of keyvals to associate with the job764 :param hosts: List of hosts to run job on.765 :param profiles: List of profiles to use, in sync with @hosts list766 :param meta_hosts: List where each entry is a label name, and for each767 entry one host will be chosen from that label to run768 the job on.769 :param one_time_hosts: List of hosts not in the database to run the job on.770 :param atomic_group_name: name of an atomic group to schedule the job on.771 :param drone_set: The name of the drone set to run this test on.772 :param reserve_hosts: If set we will reseve the hosts that were allocated773 for this job774 :returns: The created Job id number.775 :rtype: integer776 """777 return rpc_utils.create_job_common(778 **rpc_utils.get_create_job_common_args(locals()))779def abort_host_queue_entries(**filter_data):780 """781 Abort a set of host queue entries.782 :param filter_data: Filters out which hosts.783 :return: None.784 """785 query = models.HostQueueEntry.query_objects(filter_data)786 query = query.filter(complete=False)787 models.AclGroup.check_abort_permissions(query)788 host_queue_entries = list(query.select_related())789 rpc_utils.check_abort_synchronous_jobs(host_queue_entries)790 for queue_entry in host_queue_entries:791 queue_entry.abort()792def reverify_hosts(**filter_data):793 """794 Schedules a set of hosts for verify.795 :param filter_data: Filters out which hosts.796 :return: A list of hostnames that a verify task was created for.797 """798 hosts = models.Host.query_objects(filter_data)799 models.AclGroup.check_for_acl_violation_hosts(hosts)800 for host in hosts:801 models.SpecialTask.schedule_special_task(host,802 models.SpecialTask.Task.VERIFY)803 return list(sorted(host.hostname for host in hosts))804def get_jobs(not_yet_run=False, running=False, finished=False, **filter_data):805 """806 Extra filter args for get_jobs:807 -not_yet_run: Include only jobs that have not yet started running.808 -running: Include only jobs that have start running but for which not809 all hosts have completed.810 -finished: Include only jobs for which all hosts have completed (or811 aborted).812 At most one of these three fields should be specified.813 """814 filter_data['extra_args'] = rpc_utils.extra_job_filters(not_yet_run,815 running,816 finished)817 job_dicts = []818 jobs = list(models.Job.query_objects(filter_data))819 models.Job.objects.populate_relationships(jobs, models.Label,820 'dependencies')821 models.Job.objects.populate_relationships(jobs, models.JobKeyval, 'keyvals')822 for job in jobs:823 job_dict = job.get_object_dict()824 job_dict['dependencies'] = ','.join(label.name825 for label in job.dependencies)826 job_dict['keyvals'] = dict((keyval.key, keyval.value)827 for keyval in job.keyvals)828 job_dicts.append(job_dict)829 return rpc_utils.prepare_for_serialization(job_dicts)830def get_num_jobs(not_yet_run=False, running=False, finished=False,831 **filter_data):832 """833 See get_jobs() for documentation of extra filter parameters.834 """835 filter_data['extra_args'] = rpc_utils.extra_job_filters(not_yet_run,836 running,837 finished)838 return models.Job.query_count(filter_data)839def get_jobs_summary(**filter_data):840 """841 Like get_jobs(), but adds a 'status_counts' field, which is a dictionary842 mapping status strings to the number of hosts currently with that843 status, i.e. {'Queued' : 4, 'Running' : 2}.844 """845 jobs = get_jobs(**filter_data)846 ids = [job['id'] for job in jobs]847 all_status_counts = models.Job.objects.get_status_counts(ids)848 for job in jobs:849 job['status_counts'] = all_status_counts[job['id']]850 return rpc_utils.prepare_for_serialization(jobs)851def get_info_for_clone(id, preserve_metahosts, queue_entry_filter_data=None):852 """853 Retrieves all the information needed to clone a job.854 """855 job = models.Job.objects.get(id=id)856 job_info = rpc_utils.get_job_info(job,857 preserve_metahosts,858 queue_entry_filter_data)859 host_dicts = []860 for host, profile in zip(job_info['hosts'], job_info['profiles']):861 host_dict = get_hosts([0]862 other_labels = host_dict['labels']863 if host_dict['platform']:864 other_labels.remove(host_dict['platform'])865 host_dict['other_labels'] = ', '.join(other_labels)866 host_dict['profile'] = profile867 host_dicts.append(host_dict)868 for host in job_info['one_time_hosts']:869 host_dict = dict(hostname=host.hostname,870,871 platform='(one-time host)',872 locked_text='')873 host_dicts.append(host_dict)874 meta_host_dicts = []875 # convert keys from Label objects to strings (names of labels)876 meta_host_counts = dict((, count) for meta_host, count877 in job_info['meta_host_counts'].iteritems())878 for meta_host, meta_host_profile in zip(job_info['meta_hosts'], job_info['meta_host_profiles']):879 meta_host_dict = dict(, count=meta_host_counts[], profile=meta_host_profile)880 meta_host_dicts.append(meta_host_dict)881 info = dict(job=job.get_object_dict(),882 meta_hosts=meta_host_dicts,883 hosts=host_dicts)884 info['job']['dependencies'] = job_info['dependencies']885 if job_info['atomic_group']:886 info['atomic_group_name'] = (job_info['atomic_group']).name887 else:888 info['atomic_group_name'] = None889 info['hostless'] = job_info['hostless']890 info['drone_set'] = job.drone_set and job.drone_set.name891 return rpc_utils.prepare_for_serialization(info)892# host queue entries893def get_host_queue_entries(**filter_data):894 """895 :return: A sequence of nested dictionaries of host and job information.896 """897 return rpc_utils.prepare_rows_as_nested_dicts(898 models.HostQueueEntry.query_objects(filter_data),899 ('host', 'atomic_group', 'job'))900def get_num_host_queue_entries(**filter_data):901 """902 Get the number of host queue entries associated with this job.903 """904 return models.HostQueueEntry.query_count(filter_data)905def get_hqe_percentage_complete(**filter_data):906 """907 Computes the fraction of host queue entries matching the given filter data908 that are complete.909 """910 query = models.HostQueueEntry.query_objects(filter_data)911 complete_count = query.filter(complete=True).count()912 total_count = query.count()913 if total_count == 0:914 return 1915 return float(complete_count) / total_count916# special tasks917def get_special_tasks(**filter_data):918 return rpc_utils.prepare_rows_as_nested_dicts(919 models.SpecialTask.query_objects(filter_data),920 ('host', 'queue_entry'))921# support for host detail view922def get_host_queue_entries_and_special_tasks(hostname, query_start=None,923 query_limit=None):924 """925 :return: an interleaved list of HostQueueEntries and SpecialTasks,926 in approximate run order. each dict contains keys for type, host,927 job, status, started_on, execution_path, and ID.928 """929 total_limit = None930 if query_limit is not None:931 total_limit = query_start + query_limit932 filter_data = {'host__hostname': hostname,933 'query_limit': total_limit,934 'sort_by': ['-id']}935 queue_entries = list(models.HostQueueEntry.query_objects(filter_data))936 special_tasks = list(models.SpecialTask.query_objects(filter_data))937 interleaved_entries = rpc_utils.interleave_entries(queue_entries,938 special_tasks)939 if query_start is not None:940 interleaved_entries = interleaved_entries[query_start:]941 if query_limit is not None:942 interleaved_entries = interleaved_entries[:query_limit]943 return rpc_utils.prepare_for_serialization(interleaved_entries)944def get_num_host_queue_entries_and_special_tasks(hostname):945 filter_data = {'host__hostname': hostname}946 return (models.HostQueueEntry.query_count(filter_data) +947 models.SpecialTask.query_count(filter_data))948# recurring run949def get_recurring(**filter_data):950 """951 Return recurring jobs.952 :param filter_data: Filters out which recurring jobs to get.953 :return: Sequence of recurring jobs.954 """955 return rpc_utils.prepare_rows_as_nested_dicts(956 models.RecurringRun.query_objects(filter_data),957 ('job', 'owner'))958def get_num_recurring(**filter_data):959 """960 Get the number of recurring jobs.961 :param filter_data: Filters out which recurring jobs to get.962 :return: Number of recurring jobs.963 """964 return models.RecurringRun.query_count(filter_data)965def delete_recurring_runs(**filter_data):966 """967 Delete recurring jobs.968 :param filter_data: Filters out which recurring jobs to delete.969 :return: None.970 """971 to_delete = models.RecurringRun.query_objects(filter_data)972 to_delete.delete()973def create_recurring_run(job_id, start_date, loop_period, loop_count):974 """975 Create (add) a recurring job.976 :param job_id: Job identification.977 :param start_date: Start date.978 :param loop_period: Loop period.979 :param loop_count: Loo counter.980 :return: None.981 """982 owner = models.User.current_user().login983 job = models.Job.objects.get(id=job_id)984 return job.create_recurring_job(start_date=start_date,985 loop_period=loop_period,986 loop_count=loop_count,987 owner=owner)988# other989def echo(data=""):990 """991 Echo - for doing a basic test to see if RPC calls992 can successfully be made.993 :param data: Object to echo, it must be serializable.994 :return: Object echoed back.995 """996 return data997def get_motd():998 """999 Returns the message of the day (MOTD).1000 :return: String with MOTD.1001 """1002 return rpc_utils.get_motd()1003def get_static_data():1004 """1005 Returns a dictionary containing a bunch of data that shouldn't change1006 often and is otherwise inaccessible. This includes:1007 priorities: List of job priority choices.1008 default_priority: Default priority value for new jobs.1009 users: Sorted list of all users.1010 labels: Sorted list of all labels.1011 atomic_groups: Sorted list of all atomic groups.1012 tests: Sorted list of all tests.1013 profilers: Sorted list of all profilers.1014 current_user: Logged-in username.1015 host_statuses: Sorted list of possible Host statuses.1016 job_statuses: Sorted list of possible HostQueueEntry statuses.1017 job_timeout_default: The default job timeout length in hours.1018 parse_failed_repair_default: Default value for the parse_failed_repair job1019 option.1020 reboot_before_options: A list of valid RebootBefore string enums.1021 reboot_after_options: A list of valid RebootAfter string enums.1022 motd: Server's message of the day.1023 status_dictionary: A mapping from one word job status names to a more1024 informative description.1025 """1026 job_fields = models.Job.get_field_dict()1027 default_drone_set_name = models.DroneSet.default_drone_set_name()1028 drone_sets = ([default_drone_set_name] +1029 sorted( for drone_set in1030 models.DroneSet.objects.exclude(1031 name=default_drone_set_name)))1032 result = {}1033 result['priorities'] = models.Job.Priority.choices()1034 default_priority = job_fields['priority'].default1035 default_string = models.Job.Priority.get_string(default_priority)1036 result['default_priority'] = default_string1037 result['users'] = get_users(sort_by=['login'])1038 result['labels'] = get_labels(sort_by=['-platform', 'name'])1039 result['atomic_groups'] = get_atomic_groups(sort_by=['name'])1040 result['tests'] = get_tests(sort_by=['name'])1041 result['profilers'] = get_profilers(sort_by=['name'])1042 result['current_user'] = rpc_utils.prepare_for_serialization(1043 models.User.current_user().get_object_dict())1044 result['host_statuses'] = sorted(models.Host.Status.names)1045 result['job_statuses'] = sorted(models.HostQueueEntry.Status.names)1046 result['job_timeout_default'] = models.Job.DEFAULT_TIMEOUT1047 result['job_max_runtime_hrs_default'] = models.Job.DEFAULT_MAX_RUNTIME_HRS1048 result['parse_failed_repair_default'] = bool(1049 models.Job.DEFAULT_PARSE_FAILED_REPAIR)1050 result['reboot_before_options'] = model_attributes.RebootBefore.names1051 result['reboot_after_options'] = model_attributes.RebootAfter.names1052 result['motd'] = rpc_utils.get_motd()1053 result['drone_sets_enabled'] = models.DroneSet.drone_sets_enabled()1054 result['drone_sets'] = drone_sets1055 result['parameterized_jobs'] = models.Job.parameterized_jobs_enabled()1056 result['status_dictionary'] = {"Aborted": "Aborted",1057 "Verifying": "Verifying Host",1058 "Pending": "Waiting on other hosts",1059 "Running": "Running autoserv",1060 "Completed": "Autoserv completed",1061 "Failed": "Failed to complete",1062 "Queued": "Queued",1063 "Starting": "Next in host's queue",1064 "Stopped": "Other host(s) failed verify",1065 "Parsing": "Awaiting parse of final results",1066 "Gathering": "Gathering log files",1067 "Template": "Template job for recurring run",1068 "Waiting": "Waiting for scheduler action",1069 "Archiving": "Archiving results"}1070 return result1071def get_server_time():1072 """1073 Return server current time.1074 :return: Date string in format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM1075 """1076 return"%Y-%m-%d %H:%M")1077def get_version():1078 """1079 Return autotest version.1080 :return: String with version.1081 """1082 return version.get_version()1083def get_interface_version():1084 """1085 Return interface version.1086 :return: Sequence with year, month number, day.1087 """1088 return INTERFACE_VERSION1089def _get_logs_used_space():1090 """1091 (Internal) Return disk usage (percentage) for the results directory.1092 :return: Usage in percents (integer value).1093 """1094 logs_dir = settings.get_value('COMMON', 'test_output_dir', default=None)1095 autodir = os.path.abspath(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__),1096 '..', '..'))1097 if logs_dir is None:1098 logs_dir = os.path.join(autodir, 'results')1099 usage = psutil.disk_usage(logs_dir)1100 return int(usage.percent)1101def _process_running(process_name):1102 """1103 (Internal) Return whether a given process name is running.1104 :param process_name: The name of the process.1105 :return: True (running) or False (no).1106 """1107 process_running = False1108 for p in psutil.process_iter():1109 for args in p.cmdline:1110 if os.path.basename(args) == process_name and p.is_running:1111 process_running = True1112 return process_running1113def get_server_status():1114 """1115 Get autotest server system information.1116 :return: Dict with keys:1117 * 'disk_space_percentage' Autotest log directory disk usage1118 * 'scheduler_running' Whether the autotest scheduler is running1119 * 'sheduler_watcher_running' Whether the scheduler watcher is1120 running1121 * 'concerns' Global evaluation of whether there are problems to1122 be addressed1123 """1124 server_status = {}1125 concerns = False1126 disk_treshold = int(settings.get_value('SERVER', 'logs_disk_usage_treshold',1127 default="80"))1128 used_space_logs = _get_logs_used_space()1129 if used_space_logs > disk_treshold:1130 concerns = True1131 server_status['used_space_logs'] = used_space_logs1132 scheduler_running = _process_running('autotest-scheduler')1133 if not scheduler_running:1134 concerns = True1135 server_status['scheduler_running'] = scheduler_running1136 watcher_running = _process_running('autotest-scheduler-watcher')1137 if not watcher_running:1138 concerns = True1139 server_status['scheduler_watcher_running'] = watcher_running1140 if settings.get_value('INSTALL_SERVER', 'xmlrpc_url', default=''):1141 install_server_running = get_install_server_profiles() is not None1142 if not install_server_running:1143 concerns = True1144 else:1145 install_server_running = False1146 server_status['install_server_running'] = install_server_running1147 server_status['concerns'] = concerns...

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