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...43 self.good_mirrors = [[], 0]44 self.bad_mirrors = [[], 0]45 self.error_mirrors = [[], 0]46 47 def get_mirror_list(self):48 """Method that connect on, get the mirror list and the repomd.xml.49 """50 temp = self.mirror_list_url % (, self.version, self.architecture)51 try:52 self.mirrors = [ url53 for url in urllib2.urlopen(temp).read().split("\n")54 if url != "" and not "#" in url ]55 except Exception, error:56 print "[ERROR] Failed to get mirror list:", error57 sys.exit(-1)58 temp = self.main_mirror % (, self.version, self.architecture)59 try:60 print temp + self.xml_filename61 self.repodata = urllib2.urlopen(temp + self.xml_filename).read()62 except Exception, error:63 print "[ERROR] Failed to get XML repodata file:", error64 sys.exit(-1)65 self.number_total_mirrors = len(self.mirrors)66 if self.number_total_mirrors == 0:67 print "[ERROR] Did you specify the right options ?"68 sys.exit(-1)69 70 def check_mirrors(self):71 """Method that verify, for each mirror, if its repomd.xml is equal of that on main.72 """73 print "\nChecking the repositories repodata !\n\nUsing:", self.main_mirror % (, self.version, self.architecture) 74 for url in self.mirrors:75 print "\rTesting: %d/%d" % (self.good_mirrors[1] , self.number_total_mirrors),76 sys.stdout.flush()77 try:78 if urllib2.urlopen(url + self.xml_filename, timeout=10).read() == self.repodata:79 self.good_mirrors[0].append(url)80 self.good_mirrors[1] += 181 else:82 self.bad_mirrors[0].append(url)83 self.bad_mirrors[1] += 184 except Exception, error:85 self.error_mirrors[0].append(url + "\n[" + str(error) + "]")86 self.error_mirrors[1] += 187 88 def print_results(self):89 """Method that put the results on STDOUT.90 """91 print """\n92=============== Valid Mirror Results ========================93\tGood\tBad\tError\tTotal\tPerc.Good94\t%4d\t%3d\t%5d\t%5d\t%7.2f%%95=============================================================96[Good Repositories]97%s98[Bad Repositories]99%s100[Errors]101%s102""" % (self.good_mirrors[1],103 self.bad_mirrors[1],104 self.error_mirrors[1],105 self.number_total_mirrors,106 float(self.good_mirrors[1])*100/self.number_total_mirrors,107 "\n".join(self.good_mirrors[0]),108 "\n".join(self.bad_mirrors[0]),109 "\n".join(self.error_mirrors[0]),)110 111 def run(self):112 """Method that execute all method in the right order.113 """114 self.get_mirror_list()115 self.check_mirrors()116 self.print_results()117 118if __name__ == "__main__":119 """Main Function.120 If the programs was called as a script, this will be executed.121 """122 signal(2, SIG_DFL)123 if len(sys.argv) == 4:124 CheckMirrors(sys.argv[1], sys.argv[2], sys.argv[3], ).run()125 sys.exit(0)126 else:127 print "[ERROR] Use: ./ <directory> <version> <architecture>"128 sys.exit(-1)...

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...18 result =['LC_ALL=C pacman -Si glibc'],19 capture_output=True, text=True, shell=True).stdout20 version ='Version +: ([\d.-]+)', result).group(1)21 return package.format(version)22def get_mirror_list():23 if os.path.exists("mirror_list.txt"):24 with open("mirror_list.txt", "r") as fp:25 mirrors = fp.readlines()26 a = map(lambda x: str.strip(x), mirrors)27 return list(a)28 try:29 resp = requests.get(url=mirrorlist_url,30 headers=headers, timeout=GET_TIMEOUT).text31 pattern = re.compile(r"#Server = (\S+)/archlinux")32 mirrors = re.findall(pattern, resp)33 with open("mirror_list.txt", "w") as fp:34 for i in mirrors:35 fp.write(i)36 fp.write("\n")37 return mirrors38 except Exception as e:39 print(e)40 exit(-1)41def get_task(mirrors, times):42 package = get_package()43 speed_result = dict()44 for t_n in range(times):45 for mirror in mirrors:46 print("start test: " + mirror)47 speed = test_speed(mirror + package)48 # speed = random.random() * 1049 print(" time: {:.3f}s".format(speed), end="\n\n")50 if t_n == 0:51 speed_result[mirror] = [speed]52 else:53 speed_result[mirror].append(speed)54 return speed_result55def test_speed(url):56 # if "163" in url:57 # return MAX_TIME58 start = time.time()59 try:60 resp = requests.get(url=url, headers=headers,61 timeout=GET_TIMEOUT, stream=True)62 if resp.status_code == 200:63 try:64 with eventlet.Timeout(DOWN_TIMEOUT):65 _ = resp.content66 except eventlet.Timeout:67 return MAX_TIME68 else:69 print('\033[91m' + " " * 6 + str(resp.status_code) + '\033[0m')70 return MAX_TIME71 stop = time.time()72 except Exception as e:73 print(str(e))74 return MAX_TIME75 return stop - start76def analyze_result(result):77 analyzed_result = {}78 for key, value in result.items():79 ave = sum(value) / len(value)80 min_ = min(value)81 max_ = max(value)82 analyzed_result[key] = [min_, max_, ave]83 sorted_result = sorted(analyzed_result.items(), key=lambda x: x[1][2])84 print(" MIRROR MIN MAX AVE ")85 for key, value in sorted_result:86 print("{:40}\t{:.3f}\t{:.3f}\t{:.3f}".format(87 key, value[0], value[1], value[2]))88 print("\n====================\n")89 for key, _ in sorted_result:90 print("Server = " + key + "/archlinux/$repo/os/$arch")91if __name__ == "__main__":92 mirror_list = get_mirror_list()93 rlt = get_task(mirrors=mirror_list, times=1)...

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