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...401 monitor_dir, '-H autoserv']402 cmd += self.get_base_cmd_args(section)403 cmd += ['>/dev/null', '2>/dev/null', '&']404 return ' '.join(cmd)405 def get_monitor_cmd(self, monitor_dir, stdout_read, stderr_read):406 cmd = [os.path.join(self.autodir, 'bin', 'autotestd_monitor'),407 monitor_dir, str(stdout_read), str(stderr_read)]408 return ' '.join(cmd)409 def get_client_log(self):410 """Find what the "next" client.* prefix should be411 @returns A string of the form client.INTEGER that should be prefixed412 to all client debug log files.413 """414 max_digit = -1415 debug_dir = os.path.join(self.results_dir, 'debug')416 client_logs = glob.glob(os.path.join(debug_dir, 'client.*.*'))417 for log in client_logs:418 _, number, _ = log.split('.', 2)419 if number.isdigit():420 max_digit = max(max_digit, int(number))421 return 'client.%d' % (max_digit + 1)422 def copy_client_config_file(self, client_log_prefix=None):423 """424 Create and copy the client config file based on the server config.425 @param client_log_prefix: Optional prefix to prepend to log files.426 """427 client_config_file = self._create_client_config_file(client_log_prefix)428, self.config_file)429 os.remove(client_config_file)430 def _create_client_config_file(self, client_log_prefix=None):431 """432 Create a temporary file with the [CLIENT] section configuration values433 taken from the server global_config.ini.434 @param client_log_prefix: Optional prefix to prepend to log files.435 @return: Path of the temporary file generated.436 """437 config = global_config.global_config.get_section_values('CLIENT')438 if client_log_prefix:439 config.set('CLIENT', 'default_logging_name', client_log_prefix)440 return self._create_aux_file(config.write)441 def _create_aux_file(self, func, *args):442 """443 Creates a temporary file and writes content to it according to a444 content creation function. The file object is appended to *args, which445 is then passed to the content creation function446 @param func: Function that will be used to write content to the447 temporary file.448 @param *args: List of parameters that func takes.449 @return: Path to the temporary file that was created.450 """451 fd, path = tempfile.mkstemp( aux_file = os.fdopen(fd, "w")453 try:454 list_args = list(args)455 list_args.append(aux_file)456 func(*list_args)457 finally:458 aux_file.close()459 return path460 @staticmethod461 def is_client_job_finished(last_line):462 return bool(re.match(r'^END .*\t----\t----\t.*$', last_line))463 @staticmethod464 def is_client_job_rebooting(last_line):465 return bool(re.match(r'^\t*GOOD\t----\treboot\.start.*$', last_line))466 def log_unexpected_abort(self, stderr_redirector):467 stderr_redirector.flush_all_buffers()468 msg = "Autotest client terminated unexpectedly"469"END ABORT", None, None, msg)470 def _execute_in_background(self, section, timeout):471 full_cmd = self.get_background_cmd(section)472 devnull = open(os.devnull, "w")473 self.copy_client_config_file(self.get_client_log())474 try:476 result =, ignore_status=True,477 timeout=timeout,478 stdout_tee=devnull,479 stderr_tee=devnull)480 finally:481 return result483 @staticmethod484 def _strip_stderr_prologue(stderr):485 """Strips the 'standard' prologue that get pre-pended to every486 remote command and returns the text that was actually written to487 stderr by the remote command."""488 stderr_lines = stderr.split("\n")[1:]489 if not stderr_lines:490 return ""491 elif stderr_lines[0].startswith("NOTE: autotestd_monitor"):492 del stderr_lines[0]493 return "\n".join(stderr_lines)494 def _execute_daemon(self, section, timeout, stderr_redirector,495 client_disconnect_timeout):496 monitor_dir = daemon_cmd = self.get_daemon_cmd(section, monitor_dir)498 # grab the location for the server-side client log file499 client_log_prefix = self.get_client_log()500 client_log_path = os.path.join(self.results_dir, 'debug',501 client_log_prefix + '.log')502 client_log = open(client_log_path, 'w', 0)503 self.copy_client_config_file(client_log_prefix)504 stdout_read = stderr_read = 0505 try:507, ignore_status=True, timeout=timeout)508 disconnect_warnings = []509 while True:510 monitor_cmd = self.get_monitor_cmd(monitor_dir, stdout_read,511 stderr_read)512 try:513 result =, ignore_status=True,514 timeout=timeout,515 stdout_tee=client_log,516 stderr_tee=stderr_redirector)517 except error.AutoservRunError, e:518 result = e.result_obj519 result.exit_status = None520 disconnect_warnings.append(e.description)521 stderr_redirector.log_warning(522 "Autotest client was disconnected: %s" % e.description,523 "NETWORK")524 except error.AutoservSSHTimeout:...

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1""" Python equivalent of akai section recordingtools2Methods to facilitate recording3"""4__author__ = 'Walco van Loon'5__version__ = '0.2'6from aksy.devices.akai.sysex import Command7import aksy.devices.akai.sysex_types8class Recordingtools:9 def __init__(self, z48):10 self.sampler = z4811 self.get_status_cmd = Command('_', '\x30\x01', 'recordingtools', 'get_status', (), None)12 self.get_progress_cmd = Command('_', '\x30\x02', 'recordingtools', 'get_progress', (), None)13 self.get_max_rec_time_cmd = Command('_', '\x30\x03', 'recordingtools', 'get_max_rec_time', (), None)14 self.arm_cmd = Command('_', '\x30\x10', 'recordingtools', 'arm', (), None)15 self.start_cmd = Command('_', '\x30\x11', 'recordingtools', 'start', (), None)16 self.stop_cmd = Command('_', '\x30\x12', 'recordingtools', 'stop', (), None)17 self.cancel_cmd = Command('_', '\x30\x13', 'recordingtools', 'cancel', (), None)18 self.start_playing_cmd = Command('_', '\x30\x20', 'recordingtools', 'start_playing', (), None)19 self.stop_playing_cmd = Command('_', '\x30\x21', 'recordingtools', 'stop_playing', (), None)20 self.keep_cmd = Command('_', '\x30\x22', 'recordingtools', 'keep', (), None)21 self.delete_cmd = Command('_', '\x30\x23', 'recordingtools', 'delete', (), None)22 self.set_input_cmd = Command('_', '\x32\x01', 'recordingtools', 'set_input', (aksy.devices.akai.sysex_types.BYTE,), None)23 self.set_mode_cmd = Command('_', '\x32\x02', 'recordingtools', 'set_mode', (aksy.devices.akai.sysex_types.BYTE,), None)24 self.enable_monitor_cmd = Command('_', '\x32\x03', 'recordingtools', 'enable_monitor', (aksy.devices.akai.sysex_types.BOOL,), None)25 self.set_rec_time_cmd = Command('_', '\x32\x04', 'recordingtools', 'set_rec_time', (aksy.devices.akai.sysex_types.DWORD,), None)26 self.set_orig_pitch_cmd = Command('_', '\x32\x05', 'recordingtools', 'set_orig_pitch', (aksy.devices.akai.sysex_types.BYTE,), None)27 self.set_threshold_cmd = Command('_', '\x32\x06', 'recordingtools', 'set_threshold', (aksy.devices.akai.sysex_types.SBYTE,), None)28 self.set_trigger_src_cmd = Command('_', '\x32\x07', 'recordingtools', 'set_trigger_src', (aksy.devices.akai.sysex_types.BYTE,), None)29 self.set_bit_depth_cmd = Command('_', '\x32\x08', 'recordingtools', 'set_bit_depth', (aksy.devices.akai.sysex_types.BYTE,), None)30 self.set_prerec_time_cmd = Command('_', '\x32\x09', 'recordingtools', 'set_prerec_time', (aksy.devices.akai.sysex_types.WORD,), None)31 self.set_dest_cmd = Command('_', '\x32\x0A', 'recordingtools', 'set_dest', (aksy.devices.akai.sysex_types.BYTE,), None)32 self.set_name_cmd = Command('_', '\x32\x10', 'recordingtools', 'set_name', (aksy.devices.akai.sysex_types.STRING,), None)33 self.set_name_seed_cmd = Command('_', '\x32\x11', 'recordingtools', 'set_name_seed', (aksy.devices.akai.sysex_types.STRING,), None)34 self.set_autorec_mode_cmd = Command('_', '\x32\x12', 'recordingtools', 'set_autorec_mode', (aksy.devices.akai.sysex_types.BOOL,), None)35 self.set_autonormalize_cmd = Command('_', '\x32\x13', 'recordingtools', 'set_autonormalize', (aksy.devices.akai.sysex_types.BOOL,), None)36 self.get_input_cmd = Command('_', '\x33\x01', 'recordingtools', 'get_input', (), None)37 self.get_mode_cmd = Command('_', '\x33\x02', 'recordingtools', 'get_mode', (), None)38 self.get_monitor_cmd = Command('_', '\x33\x03', 'recordingtools', 'get_monitor', (), None)39 self.get_rec_time_cmd = Command('_', '\x33\x04', 'recordingtools', 'get_rec_time', (), None)40 self.get_pitch_cmd = Command('_', '\x33\x05', 'recordingtools', 'get_pitch', (), None)41 self.get_threshold_cmd = Command('_', '\x33\x06', 'recordingtools', 'get_threshold', (), None)42 self.get_trigger_src_cmd = Command('_', '\x33\x07', 'recordingtools', 'get_trigger_src', (), None)43 self.get_bit_depth_cmd = Command('_', '\x33\x08', 'recordingtools', 'get_bit_depth', (), None)44 self.get_prerec_time_cmd = Command('_', '\x33\x09', 'recordingtools', 'get_prerec_time', (), None)45 self.get_dest_cmd = Command('_', '\x33\x0A', 'recordingtools', 'get_dest', (), None)46 self.get_name_cmd = Command('_', '\x33\x10', 'recordingtools', 'get_name', (), None)47 self.get_name_seed_cmd = Command('_', '\x33\x11', 'recordingtools', 'get_name_seed', (), None)48 self.get_autorec_mode_cmd = Command('_', '\x33\x12', 'recordingtools', 'get_autorec_mode', (), None)49 self.get_autonormalize_cmd = Command('_', '\x33\x13', 'recordingtools', 'get_autonormalize', (), None)50 def get_status(self):51 """Get Record Status52 Returns:53 BYTE54 """55 return self.sampler.execute(self.get_status_cmd, ())56 def get_progress(self):57 """Get Record Progress58 Returns:59 DWORD60 """61 return self.sampler.execute(self.get_progress_cmd, ())62 def get_max_rec_time(self):63 """Get Maximum Record Time64 Returns:65 DWORD66 """67 return self.sampler.execute(self.get_max_rec_time_cmd, ())68 def arm(self):69 """Arm Recording70 """71 return self.sampler.execute(self.arm_cmd, ())72 def start(self):73 """Start Recording74 """75 return self.sampler.execute(self.start_cmd, ())76 def stop(self):77 """Stop Recording78 """79 return self.sampler.execute(self.stop_cmd, ())80 def cancel(self):81 """Cancel Recording82 """83 return self.sampler.execute(self.cancel_cmd, ())84 def start_playing(self):85 """Play Recorded Sample Start86 """87 return self.sampler.execute(self.start_playing_cmd, ())88 def stop_playing(self):89 """Play Recorded Sample Stop90 """91 return self.sampler.execute(self.stop_playing_cmd, ())92 def keep(self):93 """Keep Recorded Sample. Sample with name assigned above, is added to the list of available samples.94 """95 return self.sampler.execute(self.keep_cmd, ())96 def delete(self):97 """Delete Recorded Sample98 """99 return self.sampler.execute(self.delete_cmd, ())100 def set_input(self, arg0):101 """Set Input <Data1> = (0=ANALOGUE, 1=DIGITAL, 2=MAIN OUT 3=ADAT1/2, 4=ADAT3/4, 5=ADAT5/6, 6=ADAT7/8)102 """103 return self.sampler.execute(self.set_input_cmd, (arg0, ))104 def set_mode(self, arg0):105 """Set Record Mode <Data1> = (0=STEREO, 1=MONO L, 2=MONO R, 3=L/R MIX)106 """107 return self.sampler.execute(self.set_mode_cmd, (arg0, ))108 def enable_monitor(self, arg0):109 """Set Record Monitor110 """111 return self.sampler.execute(self.enable_monitor_cmd, (arg0, ))112 def set_rec_time(self, arg0):113 """Set Record Time <Data1> = time in seconds. If <Data1> = 0, MANUAL mode is enabled.114 """115 return self.sampler.execute(self.set_rec_time_cmd, (arg0, ))116 def set_orig_pitch(self, arg0):117 """Set Original Pitch118 """119 return self.sampler.execute(self.set_orig_pitch_cmd, (arg0, ))120 def set_threshold(self, arg0):121 """Set Threshold <Data1> = threshold in dB (-63,0)122 """123 return self.sampler.execute(self.set_threshold_cmd, (arg0, ))124 def set_trigger_src(self, arg0):125 """Set Trigger Source (0=OFF, 1=AUDIO, 2=MIDI)126 """127 return self.sampler.execute(self.set_trigger_src_cmd, (arg0, ))128 def set_bit_depth(self, arg0):129 """Set Bit Depth <Data1> = (0=16-bit, 1=24-bit)130 """131 return self.sampler.execute(self.set_bit_depth_cmd, (arg0, ))132 def set_prerec_time(self, arg0):133 """Set Pre-recording Time <Data1> = time in ms134 """135 return self.sampler.execute(self.set_prerec_time_cmd, (arg0, ))136 def set_dest(self, arg0):137 """Set Recording Detination <Data1> = (0=RAM, 1=DISK) Note: seems to be unsupported138 """139 return self.sampler.execute(self.set_dest_cmd, (arg0, ))140 def set_name(self, arg0):141 """Set Record Name142 """143 return self.sampler.execute(self.set_name_cmd, (arg0, ))144 def set_name_seed(self, arg0):145 """Set Record Name Seed146 """147 return self.sampler.execute(self.set_name_seed_cmd, (arg0, ))148 def set_autorec_mode(self, arg0):149 """Set Auto-Record Mode <Data1> = (0=OFF, 1=ON)150 """151 return self.sampler.execute(self.set_autorec_mode_cmd, (arg0, ))152 def set_autonormalize(self, arg0):153 """Set Auto-Normalise Mode <Data1> = (0=OFF, 1=ON)154 """155 return self.sampler.execute(self.set_autonormalize_cmd, (arg0, ))156 def get_input(self):157 """Get Input (0=ANALOGUE, 1=DIGITAL, 2=MAIN OUT, 3=ADAT1/2, 4=ADAT3/4, 5=ADAT5/6, 6=ADAT7/8)158 Returns:159 BYTE160 """161 return self.sampler.execute(self.get_input_cmd, ())162 def get_mode(self):163 """Get Record Mode (0=STEREO, 1=MONO L, 2=MONO R, 3=L/R MIX)164 """165 return self.sampler.execute(self.get_mode_cmd, ())166 def get_monitor(self):167 """Get Record Monitor <Reply> = (0=OFF, 1=ON)168 Returns:169 BOOL170 """171 return self.sampler.execute(self.get_monitor_cmd, ())172 def get_rec_time(self):173 """Get Record Time <Reply> = time in seconds.174 Returns:175 DWORD176 """177 return self.sampler.execute(self.get_rec_time_cmd, ())178 def get_pitch(self):179 """Get Original Pitch180 Returns:181 BYTE182 """183 return self.sampler.execute(self.get_pitch_cmd, ())184 def get_threshold(self):185 """Get Threshold <Reply> = threshold in dB -63,0186 Returns:187 SBYTE188 """189 return self.sampler.execute(self.get_threshold_cmd, ())190 def get_trigger_src(self):191 """Get Trigger Source <Reply> = (0=OFF, 1=AUDIO, 2=MIDI)192 Returns:193 BYTE194 """195 return self.sampler.execute(self.get_trigger_src_cmd, ())196 def get_bit_depth(self):197 """Get Bit Depth <Reply> = (0=16-bit, 1=24-bit)198 Returns:199 BYTE200 """201 return self.sampler.execute(self.get_bit_depth_cmd, ())202 def get_prerec_time(self):203 """Get Pre-recording Time <Reply> = time in ms204 Returns:205 WORD206 """207 return self.sampler.execute(self.get_prerec_time_cmd, ())208 def get_dest(self):209 """Get Recording Destination <Reply> = (0=RAM, 1=DISK) Note: seems to be unsupported210 Returns:211 BYTE212 """213 return self.sampler.execute(self.get_dest_cmd, ())214 def get_name(self):215 """Get Record Name216 Returns:217 STRING218 """219 return self.sampler.execute(self.get_name_cmd, ())220 def get_name_seed(self):221 """Get Record Name Seed222 Returns:223 STRING224 """225 return self.sampler.execute(self.get_name_seed_cmd, ())226 def get_autorec_mode(self):227 """Get Auto-Record Mode <Reply> = (0=OFF, 1=ON)228 Returns:229 BOOL230 """231 return self.sampler.execute(self.get_autorec_mode_cmd, ())232 def get_autonormalize(self):233 """Get Auto-Normalise Mode <Reply> = (0=OFF, 1=ON)234 Returns:235 BOOL236 """...

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