How to use get_os_vendor method in autotest

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...74 os = query.get("os", '') # Shodan is often missing OS detection in my tests...75 os_vendor = ''76 os_family = ''77 if os:78 os_vendor = OSUtils.get_os_vendor(os)79 os_family = OSUtils.get_os_family(os)80 device_type = ''81 services = query["data"]82 # Create Host object83 host = Host(84 ip=ip,85 hostname=hostname,86 os=os,87 os_vendor=os_vendor,88 os_family=os_family,89 mac='',90 vendor='',91 type=device_type,92 )93'[Host {current_host}/{total_host}] Parsing host: ' \94 '{ip}{hostname} ...'.format(95 current_host=host_id,96 total_host=len(self.ips_list),97 ip=host.ip, 98 hostname=' ('+host.hostname+')' if host.hostname != host.ip else ''))99 # Loop over ports/services100 port_id = 0101 for service in services:102 port_id += 1103 module = service["_shodan"]["module"]104 name = get_service_name(module)105 port = service.get("port", None)106 protocol = service.get("transport", None)107 url = ''108 comment = ''109 html_title = ''110 http_headers = ''111 # Print current processed service112 print()113'[Host {current_host}/{total_host} | ' \114 'Service {current_svc}/{total_svc}] Parsing service: ' \115 'host {ip} | port {port}/{proto} | service {service} ...'.format(116 current_host=host_id,117 total_host=len(self.ips_list),118 current_svc=port_id,119 total_svc=len(services),120 ip=host.ip, 121 port=port, 122 proto=protocol, 123 service=name))124 # Get banner125 product_name = service.get('product', '')126 product_version = service.get('version', '')127 banner = '{name}{version}'.format(128 name=product_name,129 version=' {}'.format(product_version) if product_version else '')130 # # Deduce OS from banner if possible131 # if not host.os:132 # host.os = OSUtils.os_from_nmap_banner(banner)133 # if host.os:134 # host.os_vendor = OSUtils.get_os_vendor(host.os)135 # host.os_family = OSUtils.get_os_family(host.os)136 # Get URL for http services137 if name == 'http':138 if 'https' in module or 'ssl' in module:139 proto = 'https'140 else:141 proto = 'http'142 url = "{proto}://{host}:{port}".format(143 proto=proto, host=hostname, port=port144 )145 # Recheck for HTTP/HTTPS for services undetermined by Shodan146 if http_recheck \147 and protocol == "tcp" \148 and not self.services_config.is_service_supported(name, multi=False):...

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...13 software manager interface, thus the native packaging system if the14 currently running distro.15 :type distro_pkg_map: dict16 :param distro_pkg_map: mapping of distro name, as returned by17 utils.get_os_vendor(), to a list of package names18 :return: True if any packages were actually installed, False otherwise19 """20 if not interactive:21 os.environ['DEBIAN_FRONTEND'] = 'noninteractive'22 result = False23 pkgs = []24 detected_distro = distro.detect()25 distro_specs = [spec for spec in distro_pkg_map if26 isinstance(spec, distro.Spec)]27 for distro_spec in distro_specs:28 if != continue30 if (distro_spec.arch is not None and31 distro_spec.arch != detected_distro.arch):...

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