How to use get_scratch_pkg_urls method in autotest

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...358 rpm_urls = self.get_pkg_urls(pkg, arch)359 for url in rpm_urls:360 utils.get_file(url,361 os.path.join(dst_dir, os.path.basename(url)))362 def get_scratch_pkg_urls(self, pkg, arch=None):363 '''364 Gets the urls for the scratch packages specified in pkg365 :type pkg: KojiScratchPkgSpec366 :param pkg: a scratch package specification367 :type arch: string368 :param arch: packages built for this architecture, but also including369 architecture independent (noarch) packages370 '''371 rpm_urls = []372 if arch is None:373 arch = utils.get_arch()374 arches = [arch, 'noarch']375 index_url = "%s/%s/task_%s" % (self.get_scratch_base_url(),376 pkg.user,377 pkg.task)378 index_parser = KojiDirIndexParser()379 index_parser.feed(urllib.urlopen(index_url).read())380 if pkg.subpackages:381 for p in pkg.subpackages:382 for pfn in index_parser.package_file_names:383 r = RPMFileNameInfo(pfn)384 info = r.get_nvr_info()385 if (p == info['name'] and386 r.get_arch() in arches):387 rpm_urls.append("%s/%s" % (index_url, pfn))388 else:389 for pfn in index_parser.package_file_names:390 if (RPMFileNameInfo(pfn).get_arch() in arches):391 rpm_urls.append("%s/%s" % (index_url, pfn))392 return rpm_urls393 def get_scratch_pkgs(self, pkg, dst_dir, arch=None):394 '''395 Download the packages from a scratch build396 :type pkg: KojiScratchPkgSpec397 :param pkg: a scratch package specification398 :type dst_dir: string399 :param dst_dir: the destination directory, where the downloaded400 packages will be saved on401 :type arch: string402 :param arch: packages built for this architecture, but also including403 architecture independent (noarch) packages404 '''405 rpm_urls = self.get_scratch_pkg_urls(pkg, arch)406 for url in rpm_urls:407 utils.get_file(url,408 os.path.join(dst_dir, os.path.basename(url)))409def set_default_koji_tag(tag):410 '''411 Sets the default tag that will be used412 '''413 global DEFAULT_KOJI_TAG414 DEFAULT_KOJI_TAG = tag415def get_default_koji_tag():416 return DEFAULT_KOJI_TAG417class KojiPkgSpec(object):418 '''419 A package specification syntax parser for Koji...

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...442 rpm_names = koji_client.get_pkg_rpm_names(pkg)443 all_rpm_names += rpm_names444 for scratch_pkg_text in self.koji_scratch_pkgs:445 pkg = utils_koji.KojiScratchPkgSpec(scratch_pkg_text)446 rpm_urls = koji_client.get_scratch_pkg_urls(pkg)447 file_names = map(os.path.basename, rpm_urls)448 for f in file_names:449 r = utils_koji.RPMFileNameInfo(f)450 all_rpm_names.append(r.get_nvr_info()['name'])451 return all_rpm_names452 def _get_rpm_file_names(self):453 all_rpm_file_names = []454 koji_client = utils_koji.KojiClient(cmd=self.koji_cmd)455 for pkg_text in self.koji_pkgs:456 pkg = utils_koji.KojiPkgSpec(pkg_text)457 rpm_file_names = koji_client.get_pkg_rpm_file_names(pkg)458 all_rpm_file_names += rpm_file_names459 for scratch_pkg_text in self.koji_scratch_pkgs:460 pkg = utils_koji.KojiScratchPkgSpec(scratch_pkg_text)461 rpm_urls = koji_client.get_scratch_pkg_urls(pkg)462 file_names = map(os.path.basename, rpm_urls)463 all_rpm_file_names += file_names464 return all_rpm_file_names465 def _install_phase_cleanup(self):466 removable_packages = " ".join(self._get_rpm_names())467 process.system("yum -y remove %s" % removable_packages)468 def _install_phase_download(self):469 koji_client = utils_koji.KojiClient(cmd=self.koji_cmd)470 for pkg_text in self.koji_pkgs:471 pkg = utils_koji.KojiPkgSpec(pkg_text)472 if pkg.is_valid():473 koji_client.get_pkgs(pkg, dst_dir=self.test_srcdir)474 else:475 logging.error('Package specification (%s) is invalid: %s' %...

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