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...42 diff = new - old43 if diff == 0:44 return None45 return f"+{diff}" if diff > 0 else f"{diff}"46def get_stats_diff(symbol, tokens, previous_stats):47 if not previous_stats:48 return ""49 previous_symbol_totals = previous_stats.get('all_holdings').get(symbol)50 diff = get_diff(previous_symbol_totals, tokens)51 if not diff:52 return ""53 return f"({diff})"54def get_holders_diff(previous_stats, current_holders, last_checked, last_checked_date):55 diff = get_diff(previous_stats.get('unique'), len(current_holders))56 if not last_checked or not diff:57 return None58 return f"({diff} since {last_checked_date.humanize()})"59def fetch_phunks_stats(should_tweet=True):60 print("Getting unique NFT owners...")61 try:62 previous_stats = get_latest_stats()63 created_at = previous_stats.get('created_at')64 created_at_arrow = arrow.get(created_at)65 time_diff = (arrow.utcnow() - created_at_arrow) # type: timedelta66 if time_diff.seconds < (120 * 60): # 2 hours in seconds67 print("trying to run too early, ignoring...")68 return69 except Exception as e:70 print(f"problem fetching previous stats {e}")71 previous_stats = {}72 holders = get_nft_unique_owners(settings.PHUNK_CONTRACT_ADDRESS)73 phunk_holders = copy.deepcopy(holders)74 print(f"Found {len(holders)}. Iterating through...")75 current_holder_addresses = list(holders.keys())76 sum_holdings = defaultdict(int)77 unique_holders = defaultdict(int)78 new_holders = holders_coll.find({"_id": {"$nin": current_holder_addresses}})79 if not list(new_holders) and not DEEP_FETCH:80 print("No new holders")81 sys.exit(0)82 new_holders_addresses = [h.get('_id') for h in list(new_holders)]83 total_holders = len(phunk_holders)84 counter = 085 for holder, token_ids in holders.items():86 counter += 187 print(f"Handling holder {holder} | {counter}/{total_holders}")88 new_holder = holder in new_holders_addresses89 db_holder = get_holder(holder)90 try:91 if not new_holder and not DEEP_FETCH and db_holder:92 curated_holdings = db_holder.get('holdings')93 else:94 curated_holdings = get_curated_nfts_holdings(holder, include_batch=False,95 curated_contracts=curated_contracts)96 except Exception as e:97 print(f"problems fetching holdings for {holder}: {e}")98 continue99 ch_tuples = []100 for curated_holding in curated_holdings:101 name = curated_holding.get('name')102 balance = curated_holding.get('balance')103 symbol = curated_holding.get('symbol')104 ch_tuples.append((symbol, balance))105 sum_holdings[symbol] += balance106 unique_holders[symbol] += 1107 if len(ch_tuples) > 0:108 print(f"{holder}: {ch_tuples}")109 try:110 if db_holder:111 update_holder(holder, {'token_ids': token_ids, 'holdings': curated_holdings})112 else:113 holder_data = {114 '_id': holder,115 'ens': get_ens_domain_for_address(holder),116 'token_ids': token_ids,117 'holdings': curated_holdings118 }119 save_holder(holder_data)120 except Exception as e:121 raise e122 print("\n\n## All holdings")123 sorted_holdings = dict(sorted(dict(sum_holdings).items(), key=operator.itemgetter(1), reverse=True))124 print(sorted_holdings)125 print("\n\n## Unique holders")126 sorted_holders = dict(sorted(dict(unique_holders).items(), key=operator.itemgetter(1), reverse=True))127 print(sorted_holders)128 try:129 save_stats({'results': sorted_holders, 'unique': len(phunk_holders), 'all_holdings': sorted_holdings})130 except Exception as e:131 print(f"problem storing stats: {e}")132 last_checked = None if not previous_stats else previous_stats.get('created_at')133 last_checked_date = arrow.get(last_checked) if last_checked else None134 print("\n\nCleaning up...")135 result = holders_coll.delete_many({"_id": {"$nin": current_holder_addresses}})136 print(f"deleted {result.deleted_count} old holders")137 print("\n\nTweeting holdings...")138 for addr, meta in curated_contracts.items():139 symbol = meta.get('symbol')140 if not meta.get('show_holdings', True):141 del sorted_holdings[symbol]142 unique_holdings = [f"- {no_tokens} {symbol} {get_stats_diff(symbol, no_tokens, previous_stats)}" for143 symbol, no_tokens in sorted_holdings.items()]144 unique_holdings_str = "\n".join(unique_holdings)145 holders_diff = get_holders_diff(previous_stats, phunk_holders, last_checked, last_checked_date)146 tweet_content = f"""Wallets holding PHUNKS also hold:147{unique_holdings_str}148{"" if not last_checked_date else f"(since {last_checked_date.humanize()})"}149"""150 print(tweet_content)151 if should_tweet:152 tweet(tweet_content)153 print("\n\nTweeting unique holders...")154 unique_owners = {}155 for addr, meta in curated_contracts.items():156 if not meta.get('show_flip', True):...

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...32 print(header_template.format('App', 'Mem diff %', 'Time diff %'))33 def print_sep():34 print(header_template.format(*['-' * (width - 1) for width in col_widths]))35 print_sep()36 def get_stats_diff(slug, stat):37 stats_item1 = stats1[slug]38 if slug not in stats2:39 return 10040 stats_item2 = stats2[slug]41 diff = stats_item2[stat] - stats_item1[stat]42 percent = float(diff) / stats_item1[stat]43 return {44 '%': percent,45 'numerator': diff,46 'denominator': stats_item1[stat]47 }48 def get_all_diffs(name):49 return [get_stats_diff(slug, name) for slug in stats1]50 all_mem = get_all_diffs('mem')51 all_time = get_all_diffs('time')52 for slug, mem, time in zip(stats1.keys(), all_mem, all_time):53 print(row_template.format(54 slug,55 mem_cell_template.format(**mem),56 time_cell_template.format(**time)57 ))58 print_sep()59 print(row_template.format(60 'Average',61 mem_cell_template.format(**avg_dict(all_mem)),62 time_cell_template.format(**avg_dict(all_time)),63 ))...

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