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...34 if self.xmlrpc_url:35 self.server = xmlrpclib.Server(self.xmlrpc_url)36 self.token = self.server.login(self.user, self.password)37 self.num_attempts = int(kwargs.get('num_attempts', 2))38 def get_system_handle(self, host):39 """40 Get a system handle, needed to perform operations on the given host41 :param host: Host name42 :return: Tuple (system, system_handle)43 """44 try:45 system = self.server.find_system({"name": host.hostname})[0]46 except IndexError, detail:47 # TODO: Method to register this system as brand new48 logging.error("Error finding %s: %s", host.hostname, detail)49 raise ValueError("No system %s registered on install server" %50 host.hostname)51 system_handle = self.server.get_system_handle(system, self.token)52 return (system, system_handle)53 def _set_host_profile(self, host, profile=''):54 system, system_handle = self.get_system_handle(host)55 system_info = self.server.get_system(system)56 # If no fallback profile is enabled, we don't want to mess57 # with the currently profile set for that machine.58 if profile:59 self.server.modify_system(system_handle, 'profile', profile,60 self.token)61 self.server.save_system(system_handle, self.token)62 # Enable netboot for that machine (next time it'll reboot and be63 # reinstalled)64 self.server.modify_system(system_handle, 'netboot_enabled', 'True',65 self.token)66 self.server.save_system(system_handle, self.token)67 try:68 # Cobbler only generates the DHCP configuration for netboot enabled69 # machines, so we need to synchronize the dhcpd file after changing70 # the value above71 self.server.sync_dhcp(self.token)72 except xmlrpclib.Fault, err:73 # older Cobbler will not recognize the above command74 if "unknown remote method" not in err.faultString:75 logging.error("DHCP sync failed, error code: %s, error string: %s",76 err.faultCode, err.faultString)77 def _disable_host_installation(self, host):78 system, system_handle = self.get_system_handle(host)79 system_info = self.server.get_system(system)80 # Disable netboot for that machine (principle of least surprise on81 # failure)82 self.server.modify_system(system_handle, 'netboot_enabled', 'False',83 self.token)84 self.server.save_system(system_handle, self.token)85 try:86 # Cobbler only generates the DHCP configuration for netboot enabled87 # machines, so we need to synchronize the dhcpd file after changing88 # the value above89 self.server.sync_dhcp(self.token)90 except xmlrpclib.Fault, err:91 # older Cobbler will not recognize the above command92 if "unknown remote method" not in err.faultString:93 logging.error("DHCP sync failed, error code: %s, error string: %s",94 err.faultCode, err.faultString)95 def install_host(self, host, profile='', timeout=None, num_attempts=2):96 """97 Install a host object with profile name defined by distro.98 :param host: Autotest host object.99 :param profile: String with cobbler profile name.100 :param timeout: Amount of time to wait for the install.101 :param num_attempts: Maximum number of install attempts.102 """103 if not self.xmlrpc_url:104 return105 installations_attempted = 1106 step_time = 60107 if timeout is None:108 # 1 hour of timeout by default109 timeout = 3600110 system, system_handle = self.get_system_handle(host)111 if not profile:112 profile = self.server.get_system(system).get('profile')113 if not profile:114 e_msg = 'Unable to determine profile for host %s' % host.hostname115 raise error.HostInstallProfileError(e_msg)116 host.record("START", None, "install", host.hostname)117 host.record("GOOD", None, "install.start", host.hostname)118"Installing machine %s with profile %s (timeout %s s)",119 host.hostname, profile, timeout)120 install_start = time.time()121 time_elapsed = 0122 install_successful = False123 while ((not install_successful) and124 (installations_attempted <= self.num_attempts) and125 (time_elapsed < timeout)):126 self._set_host_profile(host, profile)127 self.server.power_system(system_handle,128 'reboot', self.token)129 installations_attempted += 1130 while time_elapsed < timeout:131 time.sleep(step_time)132 # Cobbler signals that installation if finished by running133 # a %post script that unsets netboot_enabled. So, if it's134 # still set, installation has not finished. Loop and sleep.135 if not self.server.get_system(system).get('netboot_enabled'):136 logging.debug('Cobbler got signaled that host %s '137 'installation is finished',138 host.hostname)139 break140 # Check if the installed profile matches what we asked for141 installed_profile = self.server.get_system(system).get('profile')142 install_successful = (installed_profile == profile)143 if install_successful:144 logging.debug('Host %s installation successful', host.hostname)145 break146 else:147'Host %s installation resulted in different '148 'profile', host.hostname)149 time_elapsed = time.time() - install_start150 if not install_successful:151 e_msg = 'Host %s install timed out' % host.hostname152 host.record("END FAIL", None, "install", e_msg)153 self._disable_host_installation(host)154 raise error.HostInstallTimeoutError(e_msg)155 remove_hosts_file()156 host.wait_for_restart()157 host.record("END GOOD", None, "install", host.hostname)158 time_elapsed = time.time() - install_start159"Machine %s installed successfully after %d s (%d min)",160 host.hostname, time_elapsed, time_elapsed / 60)161 def power_host(self, host, state='reboot'):162 """163 Power on/off/reboot a host through cobbler.164 :param host: Autotest host object.165 :param state: Allowed states - one of 'on', 'off', 'reboot'.166 """167 if self.xmlrpc_url:168 system_handle = self.get_system_handle(host)[1]...

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