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...115 + b"\n")116 (index, match, data) =, timeout=self.timeout)117 return data.decode("utf8")118 119 def get_text_result(self, command, sep=''):120 """121 Execute the command and fetch its result as text.122 """123 lines ="\n")124 if[0].strip(), lines[-1]):125 lines = lines[:-1]126 return sep.join(lines)127 128 def set_tab_url(self, url, tabID=-1):129 """130 Open a URL in any tab, use -1 for the *current* tab.131 """132 with self:133 if not (tabID == 0 or tabID == -1):134 #There should always be a tab zero, same for a current tab.135 #Skip check.136 if not (-1 <= tabID < self.get_number_of_tabs()):137 raise ValueError("TabID should be -1 for current tab or the tab ID.")138 if tabID == -1:139"content.location.href = '{u}'".format(u=url))140 else:141"gBrowser.tabContainer.childNodes[{i}].linkedBrowser.contentDocument.location.href = '{u}'".format(i=tabID, u=url))142 143 def get_tab_url(self, tabID=-1):144 """145 URL of the tab, use -1 for the *current* tab.146 """147 #Access Window Element.148 #gBrowser.tabContainer.childNodes[{i}].linkedBrowser.contentDocument.defaultView149 #gBrowser.tabContainer.childNodes[{i}].linkedBrowser.contentWindow150 with self:151 if not (tabID == 0 or tabID == -1):152 #There should always be a tab zero, same for a current tab.153 #Skip check.154 if not (-1 <= tabID < self.get_number_of_tabs()):155 raise ValueError("TabID should be -1 for current tab or the tab ID.")156 #Ignore first and last char to remove quotes around the Url.157 if tabID == -1:158 return self.get_text_result("content.location.href")[1:-1]159 #linkedBrowser == browser, contentDocument == content160 return self.get_text_result('gBrowser.tabContainer.childNodes[{i}].linkedBrowser.contentDocument.location.href'.format(i=tabID))[1:-1]161 def open_new_tab(self, url=None):162 """163 Open a new empty tab and put the focus on it.164 """165 if url is None:166 url = "about:blank"167 with self:168'gBrowser.selectedTab = gBrowser.addTab("{}");'.format(url))169 170 def get_number_of_tabs(self):171 """172 Number of tabs in the browser.173 """174 with self:175 result = self.get_text_result('gBrowser.tabContainer.childNodes.length')176 return int(result)177 178 def set_selected_tab(self, n):179 """180 Put the focus on the selected tab.181 """182 with self:183 if n != 0:184 #There should always be a tab zero185 #Skip check.186 if not (0 <= n < self.get_number_of_tabs()):187 raise ValueError("Incorrect tab number!")188'gBrowser.selectedTab = gBrowser.tabContainer.childNodes[{n}]'.format(n=n))189 190 def get_selected_tab_index(self):191 """192 Return the currently selected tab id.193 """194 with self:195 result = self.get_text_result('gBrowser.tabContainer.selectedIndex')196 return int(result)197 198 def is_tab_selected(self, n):199 """200 Put the focus on the selected tab.201 """202 with self:203 if n != 0:204 #There should always be a tab zero.205 #Skip check.206 if not (0 <= n < self.get_number_of_tabs()):207 raise ValueError("Incorrect tab number!")208 result = self.get_text_result('gBrowser.tabContainer.childNodes[{n}].selected'.format(n=n))209 return bool(strtobool(result))210 211 def get_tab_elementByClassName_html(self, classNames, index=0, tabID=-1):212 """213 Return the HTML source of an element.214 """215 with self:216 tmpVarName = "MozReplTempValue"217'{v} = gBrowser.tabContainer.childNodes[{i}].linkedBrowser.contentDocument.getElementsByClassName("{n}")'.format(v=tmpVarName, i=tabID, n=classNames))218 result = self.get_text_result('{v}.length <= {c} ? "None" : {v}[{c}].innerHTML'.format(v=tmpVarName, c=index))219'delete {v}'.format(v=tmpVarName))220 if result == '"None"':221 return None222 return result.strip(string.whitespace+'"')223 224 def get_tab_elementByClassName_href(self, classNames, index=0, tabID=-1):225 """226 Get the url an element points to.227 """228 with self:229 tmpVarName = "MozReplTempValue"230'{v} = gBrowser.tabContainer.childNodes[{i}].linkedBrowser.contentDocument.getElementsByClassName("{n}")'.format(v=tmpVarName, i=tabID, n=classNames))231 result = self.get_text_result('{v}.length <= {c} ? "None" : {v}[{c}].href'.format(v=tmpVarName, c=index))232'delete {v}'.format(v=tmpVarName))233 if result == '"None"':234 return None235 return result.strip(string.whitespace+'"')236 237 def get_tab_elementById_html(self, elementId, tabID=-1):238 """239 HTML source of the current tab.240 If the current page is big, don't use241 this method on it, it'll take much time.242 """243 with self:244 tmpVarName = "MozReplTempValue"245'{v} = gBrowser.tabContainer.childNodes[{i}].linkedBrowser.contentDocument.getElementById("{e}")'.format(v=tmpVarName, i=tabID, e=elementId))246 result = self.get_text_result('{v} == null ? "None" : {v}.innerHTML'.format(v=tmpVarName))247'delete {v}'.format(v=tmpVarName))248 if result == '"None"':249 return None250 return result.strip(string.whitespace+'"')251 252 def tab_movie_player_available(self, playerId='movie_player', tabID=-1):253 """254 """255 with self:256 tmpVarName = "MozReplTempValue"257"%(var)s = Components.utils.Sandbox(gBrowser.tabContainer.childNodes[%(id)s].linkedBrowser.contentWindow,{sandboxPrototype:gBrowser.tabContainer.childNodes[%(id)s].linkedBrowser.contentWindow, wantXrays:false})" % {'var':tmpVarName, 'id':tabID})258 result = self.get_text_result("Components.utils.evalInSandbox(\"document.getElementById('%s') == null ? false : true\", %s)" % (playerId, tmpVarName))259'delete {v}'.format(v=tmpVarName))260 return bool(strtobool(result))261 262 def get_tab_movie_player_state(self, playerId='movie_player', tabID=-1):263 """264 Returns the state of the player.265 266 -1 -- unstarted267 0 -- ended268 1 -- playing269 2 -- paused270 3 -- buffering271 5 -- video cued272 """273 with self:274 tmpVarName = "MozReplTempValue"275"%(var)s = Components.utils.Sandbox(gBrowser.tabContainer.childNodes[%(id)s].linkedBrowser.contentWindow,{sandboxPrototype:gBrowser.tabContainer.childNodes[%(id)s].linkedBrowser.contentWindow, wantXrays:false})" % {'var':tmpVarName, 'id':tabID})276 result = self.get_text_result("Components.utils.evalInSandbox(\"document.getElementById('%s').getPlayerState()\", %s)" % (playerId, tmpVarName))277'delete {v}'.format(v=tmpVarName))278 if result == '"None"':279 return -1280 intRes = int(result)281 if -1 > intRes or intRes > 3:282 #Dont use 5 Video Cued, return -1 Unstarted.283 #Same for any other status.284 return -1285 return intRes286 287 def get_tab_movie_player_current_time(self, playerId='movie_player', tabID=-1):288 """289 Returns the elapsed time in seconds since the video started playing.290 """291 with self:292 tmpVarName = "MozReplTempValue"293"%(var)s = Components.utils.Sandbox(gBrowser.tabContainer.childNodes[%(id)s].linkedBrowser.contentWindow,{sandboxPrototype:gBrowser.tabContainer.childNodes[%(id)s].linkedBrowser.contentWindow, wantXrays:false})" % {'var':tmpVarName, 'id':tabID})294 result = self.get_text_result("Components.utils.evalInSandbox(\"document.getElementById('%s').getCurrentTime()\", %s)" % (playerId, tmpVarName))295'delete {v}'.format(v=tmpVarName))296 if result == '"None"':297 return None298 return float(result)299 300 def get_tab_movie_player_duration(self, playerId='movie_player', tabID=-1):301 """302 Returns the duration in seconds of the currently playing video.303 """304 with self:305 tmpVarName = "MozReplTempValue"306"%(var)s = Components.utils.Sandbox(gBrowser.tabContainer.childNodes[%(id)s].linkedBrowser.contentWindow,{sandboxPrototype:gBrowser.tabContainer.childNodes[%(id)s].linkedBrowser.contentWindow, wantXrays:false})" % {'var':tmpVarName, 'id':tabID})307 result = self.get_text_result("Components.utils.evalInSandbox(\"document.getElementById('%s').getDuration()\", %s)" % (playerId, tmpVarName))308'delete {v}'.format(v=tmpVarName))309 if result == '"None"':310 return None311 return float(result)312 313 def tab_movie_player_seek(self, time, playerId='movie_player', tabID=-1):314 """315 HTML source of the current tab.316 If the current page is big, don't use317 this method on it, it'll take much time.318 """319 with self:320 tmpVarName = "MozReplTempValue"321"%(var)s = Components.utils.Sandbox(gBrowser.tabContainer.childNodes[%(id)s].linkedBrowser.contentWindow,{sandboxPrototype:gBrowser.tabContainer.childNodes[%(id)s].linkedBrowser.contentWindow, wantXrays:false})" % {'var':tmpVarName, 'id':tabID})322 result = self.get_text_result("Components.utils.evalInSandbox(\"document.getElementById('%s').seekTo(%s, true)\", %s)" % (playerId, time, tmpVarName))323'delete {v}'.format(v=tmpVarName))324 if result == '"None"':325 return None326 return result.strip(string.whitespace+'"')327 def tab_movie_player_getVolume(self, playerId='movie_player', tabID=-1):328 """329 HTML source of the current tab.330 If the current page is big, don't use331 this method on it, it'll take much time.332 """333 with self:334 tmpVarName = "MozReplTempValue"335"%(var)s = Components.utils.Sandbox(gBrowser.tabContainer.childNodes[%(id)s].linkedBrowser.contentWindow,{sandboxPrototype:gBrowser.tabContainer.childNodes[%(id)s].linkedBrowser.contentWindow, wantXrays:false})" % {'var':tmpVarName, 'id':tabID})336 result = self.get_text_result("Components.utils.evalInSandbox(\"document.getElementById('%s').getVolume()\", %s)" % (playerId, tmpVarName))337'delete {v}'.format(v=tmpVarName))338 return float(result)339 340 def tab_movie_player_setVolume(self, vol, playerId='movie_player', tabID=-1):341 """342 HTML source of the current tab.343 If the current page is big, don't use344 this method on it, it'll take much time.345 """346 with self:347 tmpVarName = "MozReplTempValue"348"%(var)s = Components.utils.Sandbox(gBrowser.tabContainer.childNodes[%(id)s].linkedBrowser.contentWindow,{sandboxPrototype:gBrowser.tabContainer.childNodes[%(id)s].linkedBrowser.contentWindow, wantXrays:false})" % {'var':tmpVarName, 'id':tabID})349 result = self.get_text_result("Components.utils.evalInSandbox(\"document.getElementById('%s').setVolume(%s)\", %s)" % (playerId, vol, tmpVarName))350'delete {v}'.format(v=tmpVarName))351 if result == '"None"':352 return None353 return result.strip(string.whitespace+'"')354 def tab_movie_player_play(self, play=True, playerId='movie_player', tabID=-1):355 """356 HTML source of the current tab.357 If the current page is big, don't use358 this method on it, it'll take much time.359 """360 with self:361 tmpVarName = "MozReplTempValue"362"%(var)s = Components.utils.Sandbox(gBrowser.tabContainer.childNodes[%(id)s].linkedBrowser.contentWindow,{sandboxPrototype:gBrowser.tabContainer.childNodes[%(id)s].linkedBrowser.contentWindow, wantXrays:false})" % {'var':tmpVarName, 'id':tabID})363 if play:364 result = self.get_text_result("Components.utils.evalInSandbox(\"document.getElementById('%s').playVideo()\", %s)" % (playerId, tmpVarName))365 else:366 result = self.get_text_result("Components.utils.evalInSandbox(\"document.getElementById('%s').pauseVideo()\", %s)" % (playerId, tmpVarName))367'delete {v}'.format(v=tmpVarName))368 if result == '"None"':369 return None370 return result.strip(string.whitespace+'"')371 372 def close_tab(self, tabID=-1):373 """374 Close the current tab.375 """376 with self:377 if not (-1 <= tabID < self.get_number_of_tabs()):378 raise ValueError("TabID should be -1 for current tab or the tab ID.")379 if tabID == -1:380'gBrowser.removeCurrentTab()')381 else:382'gBrowser.removeTab(gBrowser.tabContainer.childNodes[{}])'.format(tabID))383 384 def get_curr_tab_title(self):385 """386 Title of the page in the current tab.387 """388 with self:389 result = self.get_text_result('document.title')390 return result391 392 def get_tab_list(self):393 cmd = \394"""395String.prototype.format = function() {396 var formatted = this;397 for(arg in arguments) {398 formatted = formatted.replace("{" + arg + "}", arguments[arg]);399 }400 return formatted;401};402var all_tabs = gBrowser.mTabContainer.childNodes;403var tab_list = [];404for (var i = 0; i < all_tabs.length; ++i ) {405 var tab = gBrowser.getBrowserForTab(all_tabs[i]).contentDocument;406 if(tab.location != "about:blank")407 tab_list.push({"url":tab.location, "title":tab.title});408}409for (var i=0; i<tab_list.length; ++i) {410 var title = tab_list[i].title;411 title = title.replace(/"/g, "'");412 var item = '{"index": {0}, "title": "{1}", "url": "{2}"}'.format(i, title, tab_list[i].url);413 repl.print(item);414}415"""416 with self:417 result = self.get_text_result(cmd, sep='\n')418 li = []419 for e in result.split('\n'):420 li.append(json.loads(e))421 return li422 def restoreRepl(self):423 with self:424'repl.home()')425 426 def isLoadingDocument(self):427 with self:428 result = self.get_text_result("window.getBrowser().webProgress.isLoadingDocument")429 return bool(strtobool(result))430 431 def back(self):432 with self:433 return"gBrowser.goBack()")434 435 @staticmethod436 def sanitizeText(txt):437 txt = txt.strip(string.whitespace + '"')438 if txt.startswith("[URL]") == True:439 txt = txt[len("[URL]"):0-(len("[/URL]"))]440 #<span>The Young Turks LIVE! 6.01.17</span>441 442 ...

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1# Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.2# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be3# found in the LICENSE file.4"""Generates annotated output.5TODO(stip): Move the gtest_utils gtest parser selection code from runtest.py6to here.7TODO(stip): Move the perf dashboard code from to here.8"""9import re10from slave import slave_utils11# Status codes that can be returned by the evaluateCommand method.12# From buildbot.status.builder.13# See:, WARNINGS, FAILURE, SKIPPED, EXCEPTION, RETRY = range(6)15def getText(result, observer, name):16 """Generate a text summary for the waterfall.17 Updates the waterfall with any unusual test output, with a link to logs of18 failed test steps.19 """20 GTEST_DASHBOARD_BASE = (''21 '/dashboards/flakiness_dashboard.html')22 # TODO(xusydoc): unify this with gtest reporting below so getText() is23 # less confusing24 if hasattr(observer, 'PerformanceSummary'):25 basic_info = [name]26 summary_text = ['<div class="BuildResultInfo">']27 summary_text.extend(observer.PerformanceSummary())28 summary_text.append('</div>')29 return basic_info + summary_text30 # basic_info is an array of lines to display on the waterfall.31 basic_info = [name]32 disabled = observer.DisabledTests()33 if disabled:34 basic_info.append('%s disabled' % str(disabled))35 flaky = observer.FlakyTests()36 if flaky:37 basic_info.append('%s flaky' % str(flaky))38 failed_test_count = len(observer.FailedTests())39 if failed_test_count == 0:40 if result == SUCCESS:41 return basic_info42 elif result == WARNINGS:43 return basic_info + ['warnings']44 if observer.RunningTests():45 basic_info += ['did not complete']46 # TODO(xusydoc): see if 'crashed or hung' should be tracked by RunningTests().47 if failed_test_count:48 failure_text = ['failed %d' % failed_test_count]49 if observer.master_name:50 # Include the link to the flakiness dashboard.51 failure_text.append('<div class="BuildResultInfo">')52 failure_text.append('<a href="%s#testType=%s'53 '&tests=%s">' % (GTEST_DASHBOARD_BASE,54 name,55 ','.join(observer.FailedTests())))56 failure_text.append('Flakiness dashboard')57 failure_text.append('</a>')58 failure_text.append('</div>')59 else:60 failure_text = ['crashed or hung']61 return basic_info + failure_text62def annotate(test_name, result, log_processor, perf_dashboard_id=None):63 """Given a test result and tracker, update the waterfall with test results."""64 # Always print raw exit code of the subprocess. This is very helpful65 # for debugging, especially when one gets the "crashed or hung" message66 # with no output (exit code can have some clues, especially on Windows).67 print 'exit code (as seen by %d' % result68 get_text_result = SUCCESS69 for failure in sorted(log_processor.FailedTests()):70 clean_test_name = re.sub(r'[^\w\.\-]', '_', failure)71 slave_utils.WriteLogLines(clean_test_name,72 log_processor.FailureDescription(failure))73 for report_hash in sorted(log_processor.MemoryToolReportHashes()):74 slave_utils.WriteLogLines(report_hash,75 log_processor.MemoryToolReport(report_hash))76 if log_processor.ParsingErrors():77 # Generate a log file containing the list of errors.78 slave_utils.WriteLogLines('log parsing error(s)',79 log_processor.ParsingErrors())80 log_processor.ClearParsingErrors()81 if hasattr(log_processor, 'evaluateCommand'):82 parser_result = log_processor.evaluateCommand('command')83 if parser_result > result:84 result = parser_result85 if result == SUCCESS:86 if (len(log_processor.ParsingErrors()) or87 len(log_processor.FailedTests()) or88 len(log_processor.MemoryToolReportHashes())):89 print '@@@STEP_WARNINGS@@@'90 get_text_result = WARNINGS91 elif result == slave_utils.WARNING_EXIT_CODE:92 print '@@@STEP_WARNINGS@@@'93 get_text_result = WARNINGS94 else:95 print '@@@STEP_FAILURE@@@'96 get_text_result = FAILURE97 for desc in getText(get_text_result, log_processor, test_name):98 print '@@@STEP_TEXT@%s@@@' % desc99 if hasattr(log_processor, 'PerformanceLogs'):100 if not perf_dashboard_id:101 raise Exception(' error: perf step specified but'102 'no test_id in factory_properties!')103 for logname, log in log_processor.PerformanceLogs().iteritems():104 lines = [str(l).rstrip() for l in log]...

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