How to use grubby_install_patch_makefile method in autotest

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...1138 groups = match.groups()1139 return (int(groups[2]), int(groups[3]))1140 else:1141 return None1142 def grubby_install_patch_makefile(self):1143 '''1144 Patch makefile, making CFLAGS more forgivable to older toolchains1145 '''1146 cflags_line = 'CFLAGS += $(RPM_OPT_FLAGS) -std=gnu99 -ggdb\n'1147 libs_line = 'grubby_LIBS = -lblkid -lpopt -luuid\n'1148 shutil.move('Makefile', 'Makefile.boottool.bak')1149 o = open('Makefile', 'w')1150 for l in open('Makefile.boottool.bak').readlines():1151 if l.startswith('CFLAGS += '):1152 o.write(cflags_line)1153 elif l.startswith('grubby_LIBS = -lblkid -lpopt'):1154 o.write(libs_line)1155 else:1156 o.write(l)1157 o.close()1158 def grubby_install_backup(self, path):1159 '''1160 Backs up the current grubby binary to make room the one we'll build1161 :type path: string1162 :param path: path to the binary that should be backed up1163 '''1164 backup_path = '%s.boottool.bkp' % path1165 if (os.path.exists(path) and not os.path.exists(backup_path)):1166 try:1167 shutil.move(path, backup_path)1168 except Exception:1169 self.log.warn('Failed to backup the current grubby binary')1170 def grubby_install_fetch_tarball(self, topdir):1171 '''1172 Fetches and verifies the grubby source tarball1173 '''1174 tarball_name = os.path.basename(GRUBBY_TARBALL_URI)1175 # first look in the current directory1176 try:1177 tarball = tarball_name1178 f = open(tarball)1179 except Exception:1180 try:1181 # then the autotest source directory1182 # pylint: disable=E06111183 from autotest.client.shared.settings import settings1184 top_path = settings.get_value('COMMON', 'autotest_top_path')1185 tarball = os.path.join(top_path, tarball_name)1186 f = open(tarball)1187 except Exception:1188 # then try to grab it from github1189 try:1190 tarball = os.path.join(topdir, tarball_name)1191 urllib.urlretrieve(GRUBBY_TARBALL_URI, tarball)1192 f = open(tarball)1193 except Exception:1194 return None1195 tarball_md5 = md5.md5( if tarball_md5 != GRUBBY_TARBALL_MD5:1197 return None1198 return tarball1199 def grubby_build(self, topdir, tarball):1200 '''1201 Attempts to build grubby from the source tarball1202 '''1203 def log_lines(lines):1204 for line in lines:1205 self.log.debug(line.strip())1206 try:1207 find_header('popt.h')1208 except ValueError:1209 self.log.debug('No popt.h header present, skipping build')1210 return False1211 tarball_name = os.path.basename(tarball)1212 srcdir = os.path.join(topdir, 'src')1213 srcdir = self._extract_tarball(tarball, srcdir)1214 os.chdir(srcdir)1215 self.grubby_install_patch_makefile()1216 result = subprocess.Popen(['make'],1217 stdout=subprocess.PIPE,1218 stderr=subprocess.PIPE)1219 if result.wait() != 0:1220 self.log.debug('Failed to build grubby during "make" step')1221 log_lines( return False1223 install_root = os.path.join(topdir, 'install_root')1224 os.environ['DESTDIR'] = install_root1225 result = subprocess.Popen(['make', 'install'],1226 stdout=subprocess.PIPE,1227 stderr=subprocess.PIPE)1228 if result.wait() != 0:1229 self.log.debug('Failed to build grubby during "make install" step')...

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