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...38 self.msg = msg39 self.output = output40 def __str__(self):41 return "%s (output: %r)" % (self.msg, self.output)42def handle_prompts(session, username, password, prompt, timeout=50,43 debug=False):44 """45 Connect to a remote host (guest) using SSH or Telnet or other else.46 Wait for questions and provide answers. If timeout expires while47 waiting for output from the child -- fail.48 :param session: An Expect or ShellSession instance to operate on49 :param username and password: to send in reply to a login50 :paramprompt: The shell prompt that indicates a successful login51 :raise LoginTimeoutError52 :rasie LoginAuthenticationError53 :raise LoginProcessTerminatedError54 :raise LoginError: If some other error occurs55 """56 password_prompt_count = 057 login_prompt_count = 058 while True:59 try:60 match, text = session.read_until_last_line_matches(61 [r"[Aa]re you sure", r"[Pp]assword:\s*",62 r"(?<![Ll]ast).*[Ll]ogin:\s*$",63 r"[Cc]onnection.*closed", r"[Cc]onnection.*refused",64 r"[Pp]lease wait",65 r"[Ww]arning", r"[Ee]nter.*username",66 r"[Ee]nter.*password", prompt67 ],68 timeout=timeout, internal_timeout=0.5)69 if match == 0: # are you sure you want to continue connecting70 if debug:71 logging.debug("Got 'Are you sure...', sending 'yes'")72 session.sendline("yes")73 continue74 elif match == 1 or match == 8: # "password"75 if password_prompt_count == 0:76 if debug:77 logging.debug("Got password prompt, sending '%s'",78 password)79 session.sendline(password)80 password_prompt_count += 181 continue82 else:83 raise LoginAuthenticationError(84 "Got password prompt twice", text)85 elif match == 2 or match == 7: # "login:"86 if login_prompt_count == 0 and password_prompt_count == 0:87 if debug:88 logging.debug("Got username prompt; sending '%s'",89 username)90 session.sendline(username)91 login_prompt_count += 192 continue93 else:94 if login_prompt_count > 0:95 msg = "Got username prompt twice"96 else:97 msg = "Got username prompt after password prompt"98 raise LoginAuthenticationError(msg, text)99 elif match == 3: # "Connection closed"100 raise LoginError("client said 'connection closed'", text)101 elif match == 4: # "Connection refused"102 raise LoginError("client said 'connection refused'", text)103 elif match == 5: # "Please wait"104 if debug:105 logging.debug("Got 'Please wait'")106 timeout = 30107 continue108 elif match == 6: # "warning added Rsa"109 if debug:110 logging.debug("Got 'warning added RSA to known host list'")111 continue112 elif match == 9: # prompt113 if debug:114 logging.debug("Got shell prompt -- logged in")115 break116 except aexpect.ExpectTimeoutError, e:117 raise LoginTimeoutError(e.output)118 except aexpect.ExpectProcessTerminatedError, e:119 raise LoginProcessTerminatedError(e.status, e.output)120def remote_login(client, host, port, username, password, prompt, linesep="\n",121 log_filename=None, timeout=10, interface=None):122 """123 log into a remote host(guest) using SSH/Telnet/Netcat.124 :param client : the client to use ('ssh', 'telnet' or the other nc)125 :param host : Hostname or IP address126 :param username : Username (if required)127 :param password : Password (if required)128 :param prompt : shell prompt (regular expression)129 :param linesep : The line separator to use when sending lines (e.g.130 '\\n' or '\\r\\n')131 :param log_filename : if specified, log all output to this file132 :param timeout : the maximal time duration (in seconds) to wait for133 each step of the login procedure134 :interface : The interface the neighbours attach to (only use135 when using the ipv6 linklocal address.)136 :raise LoginError : If using ipv6 linklocal but not assign a interface137 that the neighbour attache138 :raise LoginBadClientError: If an unknown client is requested139 :raise Whatever handle_prompts() raises140 :return : A ShellSession object141 """142 if host and host.lower().startswith("fe800"):143 if not interface:144 raise LoginError("When using ipv6 linklocal an interface must be"145 " assigned")146 host = "%s%%%s" % (host, interface)147 if client == "ssh":148 cmd = ("ssh -o UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null -o"149 " PreferredAuthentications=password -p %s %s@%s "150 % (port, username, host))151 elif client == "telnet":152 cmd = "telent -l %s %s %s" % (username, host, port)153 else:154 raise LoginBadClientError(client)155 logging.debug("Login Command: '%s'", cmd)156 # need to realize the aexpect.ShellSession157 session = aexpect.ShellSession(cmd, linesep=linesep, prompt=prompt)158 try:159 handle_prompts(session, username, password, prompt, timeout, True)160 except Exception:161 session.close()162 raise163 if log_filename:164 session.set_output_func(utils.log_line)165 session.set_output_params((log_filename,))166 session.set_log_file(log_filename)...

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