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...25def errorful_view(request, *args, **kwargs):26 raise Exception("Error! Aaargh.") # The Castle of.27def notfound_view(request, *args, **kwargs):28 raise Http404("Error! Ops!")29def handler500(request, *args, **kwargs):30 return HttpResponse("Error! The best error.", status=500)31def four_oh_four(request, *args, **kwargs):32 return HttpResponse("Error! Just a flesh wound.", status=404)33def test_front_error_handlers(rf):34 """35 Test that `SHUUP_ERROR_PAGE_HANDLERS_SPEC` installs error handlers that are overwriting custom ones.36 """37 with override_settings(38 DEBUG=False,39 SHUUP_ERROR_PAGE_HANDLERS_SPEC=["shuup.front.error_handlers.FrontPageErrorHandler"],40 MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES=[], # For Django < 241 MIDDLEWARE=[],42 TEMPLATES=[ # Overriden to be sure about the contents of our 500.jinja43 {44 "BACKEND": "django_jinja.backend.Jinja2",45 "DIRS": [os.path.realpath(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), "templates"))],46 "OPTIONS": {47 "match_extension": ".jinja",48 "newstyle_gettext": True,49 },50 "NAME": "jinja2",51 }52 ],53 ):54 with replace_urls(55 [56 url("^aaargh/", errorful_view),57 url("^notfound/", notfound_view),58 url("^dash/", DashboardView.as_view()),59 url("^index/", IndexView.as_view()),60 ],61 {"handler404": four_oh_four, "handler500": handler500},62 ):63 resolver = get_resolver(None)64 urlconf = resolver.urlconf_module65 handler = BaseHandler()66 handler.load_middleware()67 # test without installing the handler68 assert urlconf.handler404 == four_oh_four69 assert urlconf.handler500 == handler50070 # Test 50071 response = handler.get_response(rf.get("/aaargh/"))72 assert response.status_code == 50073 assert b"The best error" in response.content74 # Test 40475 response = handler.get_response(rf.get("/another_castle/"))76 assert response.status_code == 40477 assert b"flesh wound" in response.content78 # inject our custom error handlers79 install_error_handlers()80 assert urlconf.handler404 != four_oh_four81 assert urlconf.handler500 != handler50082 assert "miss something? 404" in force_text(urlconf.handler404(rf.get("/notfound/")).content)83 assert "intergalactic testing 500" in force_text(urlconf.handler500(rf.get("/aaargh/")).content)84 # Front must handle all possible apps85 error_handler = FrontPageErrorHandler()86 response = handler.get_response(rf.get("/aaargh/"))87 assert "intergalactic testing 500" in force_text(response.content)88 # simulate a view to check whether the handler can handle an89 # error of a non-front view, a front view and a admin view90 for path in ("/aaargh/", "/index/", "/dash/"):91 request = rf.get(path)92 assert error_handler.can_handle_error(request, 500)93 assert error_handler.can_handle_error(request, 400)94 assert error_handler.can_handle_error(request, 403)95 assert error_handler.can_handle_error(request, 404)96 # check the error handlers return the correct status and text97 for status, content in [98 (500, "intergalactic testing 500"),99 (400, "about 400"),100 (403, "get out 403"),101 (404, "miss something? 404"),102 ]:103 response = error_handler.handle_error(request, status)104 assert response.status_code == status105 assert content in force_text(response.content)106 from django.conf import settings107 # front can't handle static and media paths108 for path in (settings.STATIC_URL + "mystaticfile", settings.MEDIA_URL + "mymediafile"):109 request = rf.get(path)110 assert error_handler.can_handle_error(request, 500) is False111 assert error_handler.can_handle_error(request, 400) is False112 assert error_handler.can_handle_error(request, 403) is False113 assert error_handler.can_handle_error(request, 404) is False114def test_admin_error_handlers(rf):115 """116 Test that SHUUP_ERROR_PAGE_HANDLERS_SPEC installs error handlers that are overwriting custom ones.117 """118 with override_settings(119 DEBUG=False,120 SHUUP_ERROR_PAGE_HANDLERS_SPEC=["shuup.admin.error_handlers.AdminPageErrorHandler"],121 MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES=[], # For Django 2122 MIDDLEWARE=[],123 TEMPLATES=[ # Overriden to be sure about the contents of our 500.jinja124 {125 "BACKEND": "django_jinja.backend.Jinja2",126 "DIRS": [os.path.realpath(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), "templates"))],127 "OPTIONS": {128 "match_extension": ".jinja",129 "newstyle_gettext": True,130 },131 "NAME": "jinja2",132 }133 ],134 ):135 with replace_urls(136 [137 url("^aaargh/", errorful_view),138 url("^index/", IndexView.as_view()),139 url("^dash/", DashboardView.as_view()),140 ],141 {"handler404": four_oh_four, "handler500": handler500},142 ):143 resolver = get_resolver(None)144 urlconf = resolver.urlconf_module145 handler = BaseHandler()146 handler.load_middleware()147 # test without installing the handler148 assert urlconf.handler404 == four_oh_four149 assert urlconf.handler500 == handler500150 # Test 500151 response = handler.get_response(rf.get("/aaargh/"))152 assert response.status_code == 500153 assert b"The best error" in response.content154 # Test 404155 response = handler.get_response(rf.get("/another_castle/"))156 assert response.status_code == 404157 assert b"flesh wound" in response.content158 # inject our custom error handlers159 install_error_handlers()160 # here the urlconfs will be the default handlers161 # because admin can't handle such requests162 # but the functions of the handlers are pointing to our factory view163 assert urlconf.handler404 != four_oh_four164 assert urlconf.handler500 != handler500165 assert "flesh wound" in force_text(urlconf.handler404(rf.get("/notfound/")).content)166 assert "The best error" in force_text(urlconf.handler500(rf.get("/aaargh/")).content)167 # Admin must handle only admin app errors168 error_handler = AdminPageErrorHandler()169 # simulate a view to check whether the handler can handle an error of a non-front view170 # Admin handler will check for the resolver_match and admin app only171 response = handler.get_response(rf.get("/aaargh/"))172 assert b"The best error" in response.content173 # can't handle non admin views neither media or static files174 from django.conf import settings175 for path in (176 "/aaargh/",177 "/index/",178 settings.STATIC_URL + "mystaticfile",179 settings.MEDIA_URL + "mymediafile",180 ):181 request = rf.get(path)182 assert error_handler.can_handle_error(request, 500) is False183 assert error_handler.can_handle_error(request, 400) is False184 assert error_handler.can_handle_error(request, 403) is False185 assert error_handler.can_handle_error(request, 404) is False186 # simulate a view to check whether the handler can handle an error of an admin view187 request = rf.get("/dash/")188 assert error_handler.can_handle_error(request, 500) is False189 assert error_handler.can_handle_error(request, 400) is False190 assert error_handler.can_handle_error(request, 403) is False191 assert error_handler.can_handle_error(request, 404) is False192 # check the error handlers return the correct status and text193 for status, content in [194 (500, "admin 500"),195 (400, "admin 400"),196 (403, "admin 403"),197 (404, "admin 404"),198 ]:199 response = error_handler.handle_error(request, status)200 assert response.status_code == status201 assert content in force_text(response.content)202def test_install_error_handlers(rf):203 # no error handler set204 with override_settings(DEBUG=False, SHUUP_ERROR_PAGE_HANDLERS_SPEC=[], MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES=[], MIDDLEWARE=[]):205 def intact_view(request, *args, **kwargs):206 return HttpResponse("OK")207 # set handlers in root urlconf208 with replace_urls(209 [210 url("^/", intact_view),211 ],212 {213 "handler400": intact_view,214 "handler403": intact_view,215 "handler404": intact_view,216 "handler500": intact_view,217 },218 ):219 # install error handlers - as soon as no spec was set,220 # the handlers must return the same as the default handlers221 install_error_handlers()222 resolver = get_resolver(None)223 urlconf = resolver.urlconf_module224 assert urlconf.handler500 != intact_view225 assert urlconf.handler400 != intact_view226 assert urlconf.handler403 != intact_view227 assert urlconf.handler404 != intact_view228 request = rf.get("/")229 assert urlconf.handler400(request).content == intact_view(request).content230 assert urlconf.handler403(request).content == intact_view(request).content231 assert urlconf.handler404(request).content == intact_view(request).content232 assert urlconf.handler500(request).content == intact_view(request).content233 # force clear again234 import shuup.core.error_handling as error_handling235 error_handling._URLCONF_ERROR_HANDLERS.clear()236 # NO handler set in root urlconf237 with replace_urls(238 [239 url("^aaargh/", errorful_view),240 url("^notfound/", notfound_view),241 ],242 {},243 ):244 # install error handlers - as soon as no spec was set,245 # neither handlers set in urlconf, must return blank http responses with errors246 install_error_handlers()247 resolver = get_resolver(None)248 urlconf = resolver.urlconf_module249 request = rf.get("/")250 assert urlconf.handler400(request).status_code == 400251 assert urlconf.handler403(request).status_code == 403252 assert urlconf.handler404(request).status_code == 404253 assert urlconf.handler500(request).status_code == 500254 handler = BaseHandler()255 handler.load_middleware()256 response = handler.get_response(rf.get("/aaargh/"))257 assert response.status_code == 500258 response = handler.get_response(rf.get("/notfound/"))...

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