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1"""CSS selector parser."""2from __future__ import unicode_literals3import re4from . import util5from . import css_match as cm6from . import css_types as ct7from .util import SelectorSyntaxError8UNICODE_REPLACEMENT_CHAR = 0xFFFD9# Simple pseudo classes that take no parameters10PSEUDO_SIMPLE = {11 ":any-link",12 ":empty",13 ":first-child",14 ":first-of-type",15 ":in-range",16 ":out-of-range",17 ":last-child",18 ":last-of-type",19 ":link",20 ":only-child",21 ":only-of-type",22 ":root",23 ':checked',24 ':default',25 ':disabled',26 ':enabled',27 ':indeterminate',28 ':optional',29 ':placeholder-shown',30 ':read-only',31 ':read-write',32 ':required',33 ':scope',34 ':defined'35}36# Supported, simple pseudo classes that match nothing in the Soup Sieve environment37PSEUDO_SIMPLE_NO_MATCH = {38 ':active',39 ':current',40 ':focus',41 ':focus-visible',42 ':focus-within',43 ':future',44 ':host',45 ':hover',46 ':local-link',47 ':past',48 ':paused',49 ':playing',50 ':target',51 ':target-within',52 ':user-invalid',53 ':visited'54}55# Complex pseudo classes that take selector lists56PSEUDO_COMPLEX = {57 ':contains',58 ':has',59 ':is',60 ':matches',61 ':not',62 ':where'63}64PSEUDO_COMPLEX_NO_MATCH = {65 ':current',66 ':host',67 ':host-context'68}69# Complex pseudo classes that take very specific parameters and are handled special70PSEUDO_SPECIAL = {71 ':dir',72 ':lang',73 ':nth-child',74 ':nth-last-child',75 ':nth-last-of-type',76 ':nth-of-type'77}78PSEUDO_SUPPORTED = PSEUDO_SIMPLE | PSEUDO_SIMPLE_NO_MATCH | PSEUDO_COMPLEX | PSEUDO_COMPLEX_NO_MATCH | PSEUDO_SPECIAL79# Sub-patterns parts80# Whitespace81NEWLINE = r'(?:\r\n|(?!\r\n)[\n\f\r])'82WS = r'(?:[ \t]|{})'.format(NEWLINE)83# Comments84COMMENTS = r'(?:/\*[^*]*\*+(?:[^/*][^*]*\*+)*/)'85# Whitespace with comments included86WSC = r'(?:{ws}|{comments})'.format(ws=WS, comments=COMMENTS)87# CSS escapes88CSS_ESCAPES = r'(?:\\(?:[a-f0-9]{{1,6}}{ws}?|[^\r\n\f]|$))'.format(ws=WS)89CSS_STRING_ESCAPES = r'(?:\\(?:[a-f0-9]{{1,6}}{ws}?|[^\r\n\f]|$|{nl}))'.format(ws=WS, nl=NEWLINE)90# CSS Identifier91IDENTIFIER = r'''92(?:(?:-?(?:[^\x00-\x2f\x30-\x40\x5B-\x5E\x60\x7B-\x9f]|{esc})+|--)93(?:[^\x00-\x2c\x2e\x2f\x3A-\x40\x5B-\x5E\x60\x7B-\x9f]|{esc})*)94'''.format(esc=CSS_ESCAPES)95# `nth` content96NTH = r'(?:[-+])?(?:[0-9]+n?|n)(?:(?<=n){ws}*(?:[-+]){ws}*(?:[0-9]+))?'.format(ws=WSC)97# Value: quoted string or identifier98VALUE = r'''99(?:"(?:\\(?:.|{nl})|[^\\"\r\n\f]+)*?"|'(?:\\(?:.|{nl})|[^\\'\r\n\f]+)*?'|{ident}+)100'''.format(nl=NEWLINE, ident=IDENTIFIER)101# Attribute value comparison. `!=` is handled special as it is non-standard.102ATTR = r'''103(?:{ws}*(?P<cmp>[!~^|*$]?=){ws}*(?P<value>{value})(?:{ws}+(?P<case>[is]))?)?{ws}*\]104'''.format(ws=WSC, value=VALUE)105# Selector patterns106# IDs (`#id`)107PAT_ID = r'\#{ident}'.format(ident=IDENTIFIER)108# Classes (`.class`)109PAT_CLASS = r'\.{ident}'.format(ident=IDENTIFIER)110# Prefix:Tag (`prefix|tag`)111PAT_TAG = r'(?:(?:{ident}|\*)?\|)?(?:{ident}|\*)'.format(ident=IDENTIFIER)112# Attributes (`[attr]`, `[attr=value]`, etc.)113PAT_ATTR = r'\[{ws}*(?P<ns_attr>(?:(?:{ident}|\*)?\|)?{ident}){attr}'.format(ws=WSC, ident=IDENTIFIER, attr=ATTR)114# Pseudo class (`:pseudo-class`, `:pseudo-class(`)115PAT_PSEUDO_CLASS = r'(?P<name>:{ident})(?P<open>\({ws}*)?'.format(ws=WSC, ident=IDENTIFIER)116# Pseudo class special patterns. Matches `:pseudo-class(` for special case pseudo classes.117PAT_PSEUDO_CLASS_SPECIAL = r'(?P<name>:{ident})(?P<open>\({ws}*)'.format(ws=WSC, ident=IDENTIFIER)118# Custom pseudo class (`:--custom-pseudo`)119PAT_PSEUDO_CLASS_CUSTOM = r'(?P<name>:(?=--){ident})'.format(ident=IDENTIFIER)120# Closing pseudo group (`)`)121PAT_PSEUDO_CLOSE = r'{ws}*\)'.format(ws=WSC)122# Pseudo element (`::pseudo-element`)123PAT_PSEUDO_ELEMENT = r':{}'.format(PAT_PSEUDO_CLASS)124# At rule (`@page`, etc.) (not supported)125PAT_AT_RULE = r'@P{ident}'.format(ident=IDENTIFIER)126# Pseudo class `nth-child` (`:nth-child(an+b [of S]?)`, `:first-child`, etc.)127PAT_PSEUDO_NTH_CHILD = r'''128(?P<pseudo_nth_child>{name}129(?P<nth_child>{nth}|even|odd))(?:{wsc}*\)|(?P<of>{comments}*{ws}{wsc}*of{comments}*{ws}{wsc}*))130'''.format(name=PAT_PSEUDO_CLASS_SPECIAL, wsc=WSC, comments=COMMENTS, ws=WS, nth=NTH)131# Pseudo class `nth-of-type` (`:nth-of-type(an+b)`, `:first-of-type`, etc.)132PAT_PSEUDO_NTH_TYPE = r'''133(?P<pseudo_nth_type>{name}134(?P<nth_type>{nth}|even|odd)){ws}*\)135'''.format(name=PAT_PSEUDO_CLASS_SPECIAL, ws=WSC, nth=NTH)136# Pseudo class language (`:lang("*-de", en)`)137PAT_PSEUDO_LANG = r'{name}(?P<values>{value}(?:{ws}*,{ws}*{value})*){ws}*\)'.format(138 name=PAT_PSEUDO_CLASS_SPECIAL, ws=WSC, value=VALUE139)140# Pseudo class direction (`:dir(ltr)`)141PAT_PSEUDO_DIR = r'{name}(?P<dir>ltr|rtl){ws}*\)'.format(name=PAT_PSEUDO_CLASS_SPECIAL, ws=WSC)142# Combining characters (`>`, `~`, ` `, `+`, `,`)143PAT_COMBINE = r'{wsc}*?(?P<relation>[,+>~]|{ws}(?![,+>~])){wsc}*'.format(ws=WS, wsc=WSC)144# Extra: Contains (`:contains(text)`)145PAT_PSEUDO_CONTAINS = r'{name}(?P<values>{value}(?:{ws}*,{ws}*{value})*){ws}*\)'.format(146 name=PAT_PSEUDO_CLASS_SPECIAL, ws=WSC, value=VALUE147)148# Regular expressions149# CSS escape pattern150RE_CSS_ESC = re.compile(r'(?:(\\[a-f0-9]{{1,6}}{ws}?)|(\\[^\r\n\f])|(\\$))'.format(ws=WSC), re.I)151RE_CSS_STR_ESC = re.compile(152 r'(?:(\\[a-f0-9]{{1,6}}{ws}?)|(\\[^\r\n\f])|(\\$)|(\\{nl}))'.format(ws=WS, nl=NEWLINE), re.I153)154# Pattern to break up `nth` specifiers155RE_NTH = re.compile(156 r'(?P<s1>[-+])?(?P<a>[0-9]+n?|n)(?:(?<=n){ws}*(?P<s2>[-+]){ws}*(?P<b>[0-9]+))?'.format(ws=WSC),157 re.I158)159# Pattern to iterate multiple values.160RE_VALUES = re.compile(r'(?:(?P<value>{value})|(?P<split>{ws}*,{ws}*))'.format(ws=WSC, value=VALUE), re.X)161# Whitespace checks162RE_WS = re.compile(WS)163RE_WS_BEGIN = re.compile('^{}*'.format(WSC))164RE_WS_END = re.compile('{}*$'.format(WSC))165RE_CUSTOM = re.compile(r'^{}$'.format(PAT_PSEUDO_CLASS_CUSTOM), re.X)166# Constants167# List split token168COMMA_COMBINATOR = ','169# Relation token for descendant170WS_COMBINATOR = " "171# Parse flags172FLG_PSEUDO = 0x01173FLG_NOT = 0x02174FLG_RELATIVE = 0x04175FLG_DEFAULT = 0x08176FLG_HTML = 0x10177FLG_INDETERMINATE = 0x20178FLG_OPEN = 0x40179FLG_IN_RANGE = 0x80180FLG_OUT_OF_RANGE = 0x100181# Maximum cached patterns to store182_MAXCACHE = 500183@util.lru_cache(maxsize=_MAXCACHE)184def _cached_css_compile(pattern, namespaces, custom, flags):185 """Cached CSS compile."""186 custom_selectors = process_custom(custom)187 return cm.SoupSieve(188 pattern,189 CSSParser(pattern, custom=custom_selectors, flags=flags).process_selectors(),190 namespaces,191 custom,192 flags193 )194def _purge_cache():195 """Purge the cache."""196 _cached_css_compile.cache_clear()197def process_custom(custom):198 """Process custom."""199 custom_selectors = {}200 if custom is not None:201 for key, value in custom.items():202 name = util.lower(key)203 if RE_CUSTOM.match(name) is None:204 raise SelectorSyntaxError("The name '{}' is not a valid custom pseudo-class name".format(name))205 if name in custom_selectors:206 raise KeyError("The custom selector '{}' has already been registered".format(name))207 custom_selectors[css_unescape(name)] = value208 return custom_selectors209def css_unescape(content, string=False):210 """211 Unescape CSS value.212 Strings allow for spanning the value on multiple strings by escaping a new line.213 """214 def replace(m):215 """Replace with the appropriate substitute."""216 if codepoint = int([1:], 16)218 if codepoint == 0:219 codepoint = UNICODE_REPLACEMENT_CHAR220 value = util.uchr(codepoint)221 elif value =[1:]223 elif value = '\ufffd'225 else:226 value = ''227 return value228 return (RE_CSS_ESC if not string else RE_CSS_STR_ESC).sub(replace, content)229def escape(ident):230 """Escape identifier."""231 string = []232 length = len(ident)233 start_dash = length > 0 and ident[0] == '-'234 if length == 1 and start_dash:235 # Need to escape identifier that is a single `-` with no other characters236 string.append('\\{}'.format(ident))237 else:238 for index, c in enumerate(ident):239 codepoint = util.uord(c)240 if codepoint == 0x00:241 string.append('\ufffd')242 elif (0x01 <= codepoint <= 0x1F) or codepoint == 0x7F:243 string.append('\\{:x} '.format(codepoint))244 elif (index == 0 or (start_dash and index == 1)) and (0x30 <= codepoint <= 0x39):245 string.append('\\{:x} '.format(codepoint))246 elif (247 codepoint in (0x2D, 0x5F) or codepoint >= 0x80 or (0x30 <= codepoint <= 0x39) or248 (0x30 <= codepoint <= 0x39) or (0x41 <= codepoint <= 0x5A) or (0x61 <= codepoint <= 0x7A)249 ):250 string.append(c)251 else:252 string.append('\\{}'.format(c))253 return ''.join(string)254class SelectorPattern(object):255 """Selector pattern."""256 def __init__(self, name, pattern):257 """Initialize."""258 = name259 self.re_pattern = re.compile(pattern, re.I | re.X | re.U)260 def get_name(self):261 """Get name."""262 return self.name263 def enabled(self, flags):264 """Enabled."""265 return True266 def match(self, selector, index):267 """Match the selector."""268 return self.re_pattern.match(selector, index)269class SpecialPseudoPattern(SelectorPattern):270 """Selector pattern."""271 def __init__(self, patterns):272 """Initialize."""273 self.patterns = {}274 for p in patterns:275 name = p[0]276 pattern = SelectorPattern(name, p[2])277 for pseudo in p[1]:278 self.patterns[pseudo] = pattern279 self.matched_name = None280 self.re_pseudo_name = re.compile(PAT_PSEUDO_CLASS_SPECIAL, re.I | re.X | re.U)281 def get_name(self):282 """Get name."""283 return self.matched_name.get_name()284 def enabled(self, flags):285 """Enabled."""286 return True287 def match(self, selector, index):288 """Match the selector."""289 pseudo = None290 m = self.re_pseudo_name.match(selector, index)291 if m:292 name = util.lower(css_unescape('name')))293 pattern = self.patterns.get(name)294 if pattern:295 pseudo = pattern.match(selector, index)296 if pseudo:297 self.matched_name = pattern298 return pseudo299class _Selector(object):300 """301 Intermediate selector class.302 This stores selector data for a compound selector as we are acquiring them.303 Once we are done collecting the data for a compound selector, we freeze304 the data in an object that can be pickled and hashed.305 """306 def __init__(self, **kwargs):307 """Initialize."""308 self.tag = kwargs.get('tag', None)309 self.ids = kwargs.get('ids', [])310 self.classes = kwargs.get('classes', [])311 self.attributes = kwargs.get('attributes', [])312 self.nth = kwargs.get('nth', [])313 self.selectors = kwargs.get('selectors', [])314 self.relations = kwargs.get('relations', [])315 self.rel_type = kwargs.get('rel_type', None)316 self.contains = kwargs.get('contains', [])317 self.lang = kwargs.get('lang', [])318 self.flags = kwargs.get('flags', 0)319 self.no_match = kwargs.get('no_match', False)320 def _freeze_relations(self, relations):321 """Freeze relation."""322 if relations:323 sel = relations[0]324 sel.relations.extend(relations[1:])325 return ct.SelectorList([sel.freeze()])326 else:327 return ct.SelectorList()328 def freeze(self):329 """Freeze self."""330 if self.no_match:331 return ct.SelectorNull()332 else:333 return ct.Selector(334 self.tag,335 tuple(self.ids),336 tuple(self.classes),337 tuple(self.attributes),338 tuple(self.nth),339 tuple(self.selectors),340 self._freeze_relations(self.relations),341 self.rel_type,342 tuple(self.contains),343 tuple(self.lang),344 self.flags345 )346 def __str__(self): # pragma: no cover347 """String representation."""348 return (349 '_Selector(tag={!r}, ids={!r}, classes={!r}, attributes={!r}, nth={!r}, selectors={!r}, '350 'relations={!r}, rel_type={!r}, contains={!r}, lang={!r}, flags={!r}, no_match={!r})'351 ).format(352 self.tag, self.ids, self.classes, self.attributes, self.nth, self.selectors,353 self.relations, self.rel_type, self.contains, self.lang, self.flags, self.no_match354 )355 __repr__ = __str__356class CSSParser(object):357 """Parse CSS selectors."""358 css_tokens = (359 SelectorPattern("pseudo_close", PAT_PSEUDO_CLOSE),360 SpecialPseudoPattern(361 (362 ("pseudo_contains", (':contains',), PAT_PSEUDO_CONTAINS),363 ("pseudo_nth_child", (':nth-child', ':nth-last-child'), PAT_PSEUDO_NTH_CHILD),364 ("pseudo_nth_type", (':nth-of-type', ':nth-last-of-type'), PAT_PSEUDO_NTH_TYPE),365 ("pseudo_lang", (':lang',), PAT_PSEUDO_LANG),366 ("pseudo_dir", (':dir',), PAT_PSEUDO_DIR)367 )368 ),369 SelectorPattern("pseudo_class_custom", PAT_PSEUDO_CLASS_CUSTOM),370 SelectorPattern("pseudo_class", PAT_PSEUDO_CLASS),371 SelectorPattern("pseudo_element", PAT_PSEUDO_ELEMENT),372 SelectorPattern("at_rule", PAT_AT_RULE),373 SelectorPattern("id", PAT_ID),374 SelectorPattern("class", PAT_CLASS),375 SelectorPattern("tag", PAT_TAG),376 SelectorPattern("attribute", PAT_ATTR),377 SelectorPattern("combine", PAT_COMBINE)378 )379 def __init__(self, selector, custom=None, flags=0):380 """Initialize."""381 self.pattern = selector.replace('\x00', '\ufffd')382 self.flags = flags383 self.debug = self.flags & util.DEBUG384 self.custom = {} if custom is None else custom385 def parse_attribute_selector(self, sel, m, has_selector):386 """Create attribute selector from the returned regex match."""387 inverse = False388 op ='cmp')389 case = util.lower('case')) if'case') else None390 parts = [css_unescape(a) for a in'ns_attr').split('|')]391 ns = ''392 is_type = False393 pattern2 = None394 if len(parts) > 1:395 ns = parts[0]396 attr = parts[1]397 else:398 attr = parts[0]399 if case:400 flags = re.I if case == 'i' else 0401 elif util.lower(attr) == 'type':402 flags = re.I403 is_type = True404 else:405 flags = 0406 if op:407 if'value').startswith(('"', "'")):408 value = css_unescape('value')[1:-1], True)409 else:410 value = css_unescape('value'))411 else:412 value = None413 if not op:414 # Attribute name415 pattern = None416 elif op.startswith('^'):417 # Value start with418 pattern = re.compile(r'^%s.*' % re.escape(value), flags)419 elif op.startswith('$'):420 # Value ends with421 pattern = re.compile(r'.*?%s$' % re.escape(value), flags)422 elif op.startswith('*'):423 # Value contains424 pattern = re.compile(r'.*?%s.*' % re.escape(value), flags)425 elif op.startswith('~'):426 # Value contains word within space separated list427 # `~=` should match nothing if it is empty or contains whitespace,428 # so if either of these cases is present, use `[^\s\S]` which cannot be matched.429 value = r'[^\s\S]' if not value or else re.escape(value)430 pattern = re.compile(r'.*?(?:(?<=^)|(?<=[ \t\r\n\f]))%s(?=(?:[ \t\r\n\f]|$)).*' % value, flags)431 elif op.startswith('|'):432 # Value starts with word in dash separated list433 pattern = re.compile(r'^%s(?:-.*)?$' % re.escape(value), flags)434 else:435 # Value matches436 pattern = re.compile(r'^%s$' % re.escape(value), flags)437 if op.startswith('!'):438 # Equivalent to `:not([attr=value])`439 inverse = True440 if is_type and pattern:441 pattern2 = re.compile(pattern.pattern)442 # Append the attribute selector443 sel_attr = ct.SelectorAttribute(attr, ns, pattern, pattern2)444 if inverse:445 # If we are using `!=`, we need to nest the pattern under a `:not()`.446 sub_sel = _Selector()447 sub_sel.attributes.append(sel_attr)448 not_list = ct.SelectorList([sub_sel.freeze()], True, False)449 sel.selectors.append(not_list)450 else:451 sel.attributes.append(sel_attr)452 has_selector = True453 return has_selector454 def parse_tag_pattern(self, sel, m, has_selector):455 """Parse tag pattern from regex match."""456 parts = [css_unescape(x) for x in'|')]457 if len(parts) > 1:458 prefix = parts[0]459 tag = parts[1]460 else:461 tag = parts[0]462 prefix = None463 sel.tag = ct.SelectorTag(tag, prefix)464 has_selector = True465 return has_selector466 def parse_pseudo_class_custom(self, sel, m, has_selector):467 """468 Parse custom pseudo class alias.469 Compile custom selectors as we need them. When compiling a custom selector,470 set it to `None` in the dictionary so we can avoid an infinite loop.471 """472 pseudo = util.lower(css_unescape('name')))473 selector = self.custom.get(pseudo)474 if selector is None:475 raise SelectorSyntaxError(476 "Undefined custom selector '{}' found at postion {}".format(pseudo, m.end(0)),477 self.pattern,478 m.end(0)479 )480 if not isinstance(selector, ct.SelectorList):481 self.custom[pseudo] = None482 selector = CSSParser(483 selector, custom=self.custom, flags=self.flags484 ).process_selectors(flags=FLG_PSEUDO)485 self.custom[pseudo] = selector486 sel.selectors.append(selector)487 has_selector = True488 return has_selector489 def parse_pseudo_class(self, sel, m, has_selector, iselector, is_html):490 """Parse pseudo class."""491 complex_pseudo = False492 pseudo = util.lower(css_unescape('name')))493 if'open'):494 complex_pseudo = True495 if complex_pseudo and pseudo in PSEUDO_COMPLEX:496 has_selector = self.parse_pseudo_open(sel, pseudo, has_selector, iselector, m.end(0))497 elif not complex_pseudo and pseudo in PSEUDO_SIMPLE:498 if pseudo == ':root':499 sel.flags |= ct.SEL_ROOT500 elif pseudo == ':defined':501 sel.flags |= ct.SEL_DEFINED502 is_html = True503 elif pseudo == ':scope':504 sel.flags |= ct.SEL_SCOPE505 elif pseudo == ':empty':506 sel.flags |= ct.SEL_EMPTY507 elif pseudo in (':link', ':any-link'):508 sel.selectors.append(CSS_LINK)509 elif pseudo == ':checked':510 sel.selectors.append(CSS_CHECKED)511 elif pseudo == ':default':512 sel.selectors.append(CSS_DEFAULT)513 elif pseudo == ':indeterminate':514 sel.selectors.append(CSS_INDETERMINATE)515 elif pseudo == ":disabled":516 sel.selectors.append(CSS_DISABLED)517 elif pseudo == ":enabled":518 sel.selectors.append(CSS_ENABLED)519 elif pseudo == ":required":520 sel.selectors.append(CSS_REQUIRED)521 elif pseudo == ":optional":522 sel.selectors.append(CSS_OPTIONAL)523 elif pseudo == ":read-only":524 sel.selectors.append(CSS_READ_ONLY)525 elif pseudo == ":read-write":526 sel.selectors.append(CSS_READ_WRITE)527 elif pseudo == ":in-range":528 sel.selectors.append(CSS_IN_RANGE)529 elif pseudo == ":out-of-range":530 sel.selectors.append(CSS_OUT_OF_RANGE)531 elif pseudo == ":placeholder-shown":532 sel.selectors.append(CSS_PLACEHOLDER_SHOWN)533 elif pseudo == ':first-child':534 sel.nth.append(ct.SelectorNth(1, False, 0, False, False, ct.SelectorList()))535 elif pseudo == ':last-child':536 sel.nth.append(ct.SelectorNth(1, False, 0, False, True, ct.SelectorList()))537 elif pseudo == ':first-of-type':538 sel.nth.append(ct.SelectorNth(1, False, 0, True, False, ct.SelectorList()))539 elif pseudo == ':last-of-type':540 sel.nth.append(ct.SelectorNth(1, False, 0, True, True, ct.SelectorList()))541 elif pseudo == ':only-child':542 sel.nth.extend(543 [544 ct.SelectorNth(1, False, 0, False, False, ct.SelectorList()),545 ct.SelectorNth(1, False, 0, False, True, ct.SelectorList())546 ]547 )548 elif pseudo == ':only-of-type':549 sel.nth.extend(550 [551 ct.SelectorNth(1, False, 0, True, False, ct.SelectorList()),552 ct.SelectorNth(1, False, 0, True, True, ct.SelectorList())553 ]554 )555 has_selector = True556 elif complex_pseudo and pseudo in PSEUDO_COMPLEX_NO_MATCH:557 self.parse_selectors(iselector, m.end(0), FLG_PSEUDO | FLG_OPEN)558 sel.no_match = True559 has_selector = True560 elif not complex_pseudo and pseudo in PSEUDO_SIMPLE_NO_MATCH:561 sel.no_match = True562 has_selector = True563 elif pseudo in PSEUDO_SUPPORTED:564 raise SelectorSyntaxError(565 "Invalid syntax for pseudo class '{}'".format(pseudo),566 self.pattern,567 m.start(0)568 )569 else:570 raise NotImplementedError(571 "'{}' pseudo-class is not implemented at this time".format(pseudo)572 )573 return has_selector, is_html574 def parse_pseudo_nth(self, sel, m, has_selector, iselector):575 """Parse `nth` pseudo."""576 mdict = m.groupdict()577 if mdict.get('pseudo_nth_child'):578 postfix = '_child'579 else:580 postfix = '_type'581 mdict['name'] = util.lower(css_unescape(mdict['name']))582 content = util.lower(mdict.get('nth' + postfix))583 if content == 'even':584 # 2n585 s1 = 2586 s2 = 0587 var = True588 elif content == 'odd':589 # 2n+1590 s1 = 2591 s2 = 1592 var = True593 else:594 nth_parts = RE_NTH.match(content)595 s1 = '-' if's1') and's1') == '-' else ''596 a ='a')597 var = a.endswith('n')598 if a.startswith('n'):599 s1 += '1'600 elif var:601 s1 += a[:-1]602 else:603 s1 += a604 s2 = '-' if's2') and's2') == '-' else ''605 if'b'):606 s2 +='b')607 else:608 s2 = '0'609 s1 = int(s1, 10)610 s2 = int(s2, 10)611 pseudo_sel = mdict['name']612 if postfix == '_child':613 if'of'):614 # Parse the rest of `of S`.615 nth_sel = self.parse_selectors(iselector, m.end(0), FLG_PSEUDO | FLG_OPEN)616 else:617 # Use default `*|*` for `of S`.618 nth_sel = CSS_NTH_OF_S_DEFAULT619 if pseudo_sel == ':nth-child':620 sel.nth.append(ct.SelectorNth(s1, var, s2, False, False, nth_sel))621 elif pseudo_sel == ':nth-last-child':622 sel.nth.append(ct.SelectorNth(s1, var, s2, False, True, nth_sel))623 else:624 if pseudo_sel == ':nth-of-type':625 sel.nth.append(ct.SelectorNth(s1, var, s2, True, False, ct.SelectorList()))626 elif pseudo_sel == ':nth-last-of-type':627 sel.nth.append(ct.SelectorNth(s1, var, s2, True, True, ct.SelectorList()))628 has_selector = True629 return has_selector630 def parse_pseudo_open(self, sel, name, has_selector, iselector, index):631 """Parse pseudo with opening bracket."""632 flags = FLG_PSEUDO | FLG_OPEN633 if name == ':not':634 flags |= FLG_NOT635 if name == ':has':636 flags |= FLG_RELATIVE637 sel.selectors.append(self.parse_selectors(iselector, index, flags))638 has_selector = True639 return has_selector640 def parse_has_combinator(self, sel, m, has_selector, selectors, rel_type, index):641 """Parse combinator tokens."""642 combinator ='relation').strip()643 if not combinator:644 combinator = WS_COMBINATOR645 if combinator == COMMA_COMBINATOR:646 if not has_selector:647 # If we've not captured any selector parts, the comma is either at the beginning of the pattern648 # or following another comma, both of which are unexpected. Commas must split selectors.649 raise SelectorSyntaxError(650 "The combinator '{}' at postion {}, must have a selector before it".format(combinator, index),651 self.pattern,652 index653 )654 sel.rel_type = rel_type655 selectors[-1].relations.append(sel)656 rel_type = ":" + WS_COMBINATOR657 selectors.append(_Selector())658 else:659 if has_selector:660 # End the current selector and associate the leading combinator with this selector.661 sel.rel_type = rel_type662 selectors[-1].relations.append(sel)663 elif rel_type[1:] != WS_COMBINATOR:664 # It's impossible to have two whitespace combinators after each other as the patterns665 # will gobble up trailing whitespace. It is also impossible to have a whitespace666 # combinator after any other kind for the same reason. But we could have667 # multiple non-whitespace combinators. So if the current combinator is not a whitespace,668 # then we've hit the multiple combinator case, so we should fail.669 raise SelectorSyntaxError(670 'The multiple combinators at position {}'.format(index),671 self.pattern,672 index673 )674 # Set the leading combinator for the next selector.675 rel_type = ':' + combinator676 sel = _Selector()677 has_selector = False678 return has_selector, sel, rel_type679 def parse_combinator(self, sel, m, has_selector, selectors, relations, is_pseudo, index):680 """Parse combinator tokens."""681 combinator ='relation').strip()682 if not combinator:683 combinator = WS_COMBINATOR684 if not has_selector:685 raise SelectorSyntaxError(686 "The combinator '{}' at postion {}, must have a selector before it".format(combinator, index),687 self.pattern,688 index689 )690 if combinator == COMMA_COMBINATOR:691 if not sel.tag and not is_pseudo:692 # Implied `*`693 sel.tag = ct.SelectorTag('*', None)694 sel.relations.extend(relations)695 selectors.append(sel)696 del relations[:]697 else:698 sel.relations.extend(relations)699 sel.rel_type = combinator700 del relations[:]701 relations.append(sel)702 sel = _Selector()703 has_selector = False704 return has_selector, sel705 def parse_class_id(self, sel, m, has_selector):706 """Parse HTML classes and ids."""707 selector = if selector.startswith('.'):709 sel.classes.append(css_unescape(selector[1:]))710 else:711 sel.ids.append(css_unescape(selector[1:]))712 has_selector = True713 return has_selector714 def parse_pseudo_contains(self, sel, m, has_selector):715 """Parse contains."""716 values ='values')717 patterns = []718 for token in RE_VALUES.finditer(values):719 if'split'):720 continue721 value ='value')722 if value.startswith(("'", '"')):723 value = css_unescape(value[1:-1], True)724 else:725 value = css_unescape(value)726 patterns.append(value)727 sel.contains.append(ct.SelectorContains(tuple(patterns)))728 has_selector = True729 return has_selector730 def parse_pseudo_lang(self, sel, m, has_selector):731 """Parse pseudo language."""732 values ='values')733 patterns = []734 for token in RE_VALUES.finditer(values):735 if'split'):736 continue737 value ='value')738 if value.startswith(('"', "'")):739 parts = css_unescape(value[1:-1], True).split('-')740 else:741 parts = css_unescape(value).split('-')742 new_parts = []743 first = True744 for part in parts:745 if part == '*' and first:746 new_parts.append('(?!x\b)[a-z0-9]+?')747 elif part != '*':748 new_parts.append(('' if first else '(-(?!x\b)[a-z0-9]+)*?\\-') + re.escape(part))749 if first:750 first = False751 patterns.append(re.compile(r'^{}(?:-.*)?$'.format(''.join(new_parts)), re.I))752 sel.lang.append(ct.SelectorLang(patterns))753 has_selector = True754 return has_selector755 def parse_pseudo_dir(self, sel, m, has_selector):756 """Parse pseudo direction."""757 value = ct.SEL_DIR_LTR if util.lower('dir')) == 'ltr' else ct.SEL_DIR_RTL758 sel.flags |= value759 has_selector = True760 return has_selector761 def parse_selectors(self, iselector, index=0, flags=0):762 """Parse selectors."""763 sel = _Selector()764 selectors = []765 has_selector = False766 closed = False767 relations = []768 rel_type = ":" + WS_COMBINATOR769 is_open = bool(flags & FLG_OPEN)770 is_pseudo = bool(flags & FLG_PSEUDO)771 is_relative = bool(flags & FLG_RELATIVE)772 is_not = bool(flags & FLG_NOT)773 is_html = bool(flags & FLG_HTML)774 is_default = bool(flags & FLG_DEFAULT)775 is_indeterminate = bool(flags & FLG_INDETERMINATE)776 is_in_range = bool(flags & FLG_IN_RANGE)777 is_out_of_range = bool(flags & FLG_OUT_OF_RANGE)778 if self.debug: # pragma: no cover779 if is_pseudo:780 print(' is_pseudo: True')781 if is_open:782 print(' is_open: True')783 if is_relative:784 print(' is_relative: True')785 if is_not:786 print(' is_not: True')787 if is_html:788 print(' is_html: True')789 if is_default:790 print(' is_default: True')791 if is_indeterminate:792 print(' is_indeterminate: True')793 if is_in_range:794 print(' is_in_range: True')795 if is_out_of_range:796 print(' is_out_of_range: True')797 if is_relative:798 selectors.append(_Selector())799 try:800 while True:801 key, m = next(iselector)802 # Handle parts803 if key == "at_rule":804 raise NotImplementedError("At-rules found at position {}".format(m.start(0)))805 elif key == 'pseudo_class_custom':806 has_selector = self.parse_pseudo_class_custom(sel, m, has_selector)807 elif key == 'pseudo_class':808 has_selector, is_html = self.parse_pseudo_class(sel, m, has_selector, iselector, is_html)809 elif key == 'pseudo_element':810 raise NotImplementedError("Psuedo-element found at position {}".format(m.start(0)))811 elif key == 'pseudo_contains':812 has_selector = self.parse_pseudo_contains(sel, m, has_selector)813 elif key in ('pseudo_nth_type', 'pseudo_nth_child'):814 has_selector = self.parse_pseudo_nth(sel, m, has_selector, iselector)815 elif key == 'pseudo_lang':816 has_selector = self.parse_pseudo_lang(sel, m, has_selector)817 elif key == 'pseudo_dir':818 has_selector = self.parse_pseudo_dir(sel, m, has_selector)819 # Currently only supports HTML820 is_html = True821 elif key == 'pseudo_close':822 if not has_selector:823 raise SelectorSyntaxError(824 "Expected a selector at postion {}".format(m.start(0)),825 self.pattern,826 m.start(0)827 )828 if is_open:829 closed = True830 break831 else:832 raise SelectorSyntaxError(833 "Unmatched pseudo-class close at postion {}".format(m.start(0)),834 self.pattern,835 m.start(0)836 )837 elif key == 'combine':838 if is_relative:839 has_selector, sel, rel_type = self.parse_has_combinator(840 sel, m, has_selector, selectors, rel_type, index841 )842 else:843 has_selector, sel = self.parse_combinator(844 sel, m, has_selector, selectors, relations, is_pseudo, index845 )846 elif key == 'attribute':847 has_selector = self.parse_attribute_selector(sel, m, has_selector)848 elif key == 'tag':849 if has_selector:850 raise SelectorSyntaxError(851 "Tag name found at position {} instead of at the start".format(m.start(0)),852 self.pattern,853 m.start(0)854 )855 has_selector = self.parse_tag_pattern(sel, m, has_selector)856 elif key in ('class', 'id'):857 has_selector = self.parse_class_id(sel, m, has_selector)858 index = m.end(0)859 except StopIteration:860 pass861 if is_open and not closed:862 raise SelectorSyntaxError(863 "Unclosed pseudo-class at position {}".format(index),864 self.pattern,865 index866 )867 if has_selector:868 if not sel.tag and not is_pseudo:869 # Implied `*`870 sel.tag = ct.SelectorTag('*', None)871 if is_relative:872 sel.rel_type = rel_type873 selectors[-1].relations.append(sel)874 else:875 sel.relations.extend(relations)876 del relations[:]877 selectors.append(sel)878 else:879 # We will always need to finish a selector when `:has()` is used as it leads with combining.880 raise SelectorSyntaxError(881 'Expected a selector at position {}'.format(index),882 self.pattern,883 index884 )885 # Some patterns require additional logic, such as default. We try to make these the886 # last pattern, and append the appropriate flag to that selector which communicates887 # to the matcher what additional logic is required.888 if is_default:889 selectors[-1].flags = ct.SEL_DEFAULT890 if is_indeterminate:891 selectors[-1].flags = ct.SEL_INDETERMINATE892 if is_in_range:893 selectors[-1].flags = ct.SEL_IN_RANGE894 if is_out_of_range:895 selectors[-1].flags = ct.SEL_OUT_OF_RANGE896 return ct.SelectorList([s.freeze() for s in selectors], is_not, is_html)897 def selector_iter(self, pattern):898 """Iterate selector tokens."""899 # Ignore whitespace and comments at start and end of pattern900 m = index = m.end(0) if m else 0902 m = end = (m.start(0) - 1) if m else (len(pattern) - 1)904 if self.debug: # pragma: no cover905 print('## PARSING: {!r}'.format(pattern))906 while index <= end:907 m = None908 for v in self.css_tokens:909 if not v.enabled(self.flags): # pragma: no cover910 continue911 m = v.match(pattern, index)912 if m:913 name = v.get_name()914 if self.debug: # pragma: no cover915 print("TOKEN: '{}' --> {!r} at position {}".format(name,, m.start(0)))916 index = m.end(0)917 yield name, m918 break919 if m is None:920 c = pattern[index]921 # If the character represents the start of one of the known selector types,922 # throw an exception mentioning that the known selector type is in error;923 # otherwise, report the invalid character.924 if c == '[':925 msg = "Malformed attribute selector at position {}".format(index)926 elif c == '.':927 msg = "Malformed class selector at position {}".format(index)928 elif c == '#':929 msg = "Malformed id selector at position {}".format(index)930 elif c == ':':931 msg = "Malformed pseudo-class selector at position {}".format(index)932 else:933 msg = "Invalid character {!r} position {}".format(c, index)934 raise SelectorSyntaxError(msg, self.pattern, index)935 if self.debug: # pragma: no cover936 print('## END PARSING')937 def process_selectors(self, index=0, flags=0):938 """Process selectors."""939 return self.parse_selectors(self.selector_iter(self.pattern), index, flags)940# Precompile CSS selector lists for pseudo-classes (additional logic may be required beyond the pattern)941# A few patterns are order dependent as they use patterns previous compiled.942# CSS pattern for `:link` and `:any-link`943CSS_LINK = CSSParser(944 'html|*:is(a, area, link)[href]'945).process_selectors(flags=FLG_PSEUDO | FLG_HTML)946# CSS pattern for `:checked`947CSS_CHECKED = CSSParser(948 '''949 html|*:is(input[type=checkbox], input[type=radio])[checked],950 html|select > html|option[selected]951 '''952).process_selectors(flags=FLG_PSEUDO | FLG_HTML)953# CSS pattern for `:default` (must compile CSS_CHECKED first)954CSS_DEFAULT = CSSParser(955 '''956 :checked,957 /*958 This pattern must be at the end.959 Special logic is applied to the last selector.960 */961 html|form html|*:is(button, input)[type="submit"]962 '''963).process_selectors(flags=FLG_PSEUDO | FLG_HTML | FLG_DEFAULT)964# CSS pattern for `:indeterminate`965CSS_INDETERMINATE = CSSParser(966 '''967 html|input[type="checkbox"][indeterminate],968 html|input[type="radio"]:is(:not([name]), [name=""]):not([checked]),969 html|progress:not([value]),970 /*971 This pattern must be at the end.972 Special logic is applied to the last selector.973 */974 html|input[type="radio"][name][name!='']:not([checked])975 '''976).process_selectors(flags=FLG_PSEUDO | FLG_HTML | FLG_INDETERMINATE)977# CSS pattern for `:disabled`978CSS_DISABLED = CSSParser(979 '''980 html|*:is(input[type!=hidden], button, select, textarea, fieldset, optgroup, option, fieldset)[disabled],981 html|optgroup[disabled] > html|option,982 html|fieldset[disabled] > html|*:is(input[type!=hidden], button, select, textarea, fieldset),983 html|fieldset[disabled] >984 html|*:not(legend:nth-of-type(1)) html|*:is(input[type!=hidden], button, select, textarea, fieldset)985 '''986).process_selectors(flags=FLG_PSEUDO | FLG_HTML)987# CSS pattern for `:enabled`988CSS_ENABLED = CSSParser(989 '''990 html|*:is(input[type!=hidden], button, select, textarea, fieldset, optgroup, option, fieldset):not(:disabled)991 '''992).process_selectors(flags=FLG_PSEUDO | FLG_HTML)993# CSS pattern for `:required`994CSS_REQUIRED = CSSParser(995 'html|*:is(input, textarea, select)[required]'996).process_selectors(flags=FLG_PSEUDO | FLG_HTML)997# CSS pattern for `:optional`998CSS_OPTIONAL = CSSParser(999 'html|*:is(input, textarea, select):not([required])'1000).process_selectors(flags=FLG_PSEUDO | FLG_HTML)1001# CSS pattern for `:placeholder-shown`1002CSS_PLACEHOLDER_SHOWN = CSSParser(1003 '''1004 html|*:is(1005 input:is(1006 :not([type]),1007 [type=""],1008 [type=text],1009 [type=search],1010 [type=url],1011 [type=tel],1012 [type=email],1013 [type=password],1014 [type=number]1015 ),1016 textarea1017 )[placeholder][placeholder!='']1018 '''1019).process_selectors(flags=FLG_PSEUDO | FLG_HTML)1020# CSS pattern default for `:nth-child` "of S" feature1021CSS_NTH_OF_S_DEFAULT = CSSParser(1022 '*|*'1023).process_selectors(flags=FLG_PSEUDO)1024# CSS pattern for `:read-write` (CSS_DISABLED must be compiled first)1025CSS_READ_WRITE = CSSParser(1026 '''1027 html|*:is(1028 textarea,1029 input:is(1030 :not([type]),1031 [type=""],1032 [type=text],1033 [type=search],1034 [type=url],1035 [type=tel],1036 [type=email],1037 [type=number],1038 [type=password],1039 [type=date],1040 [type=datetime-local],1041 [type=month],1042 [type=time],1043 [type=week]1044 )1045 ):not([readonly], :disabled),1046 html|*:is([contenteditable=""], [contenteditable="true" i])1047 '''1048).process_selectors(flags=FLG_PSEUDO | FLG_HTML)1049# CSS pattern for `:read-only`1050CSS_READ_ONLY = CSSParser(1051 '''1052 html|*:not(:read-write)1053 '''1054).process_selectors(flags=FLG_PSEUDO | FLG_HTML)1055# CSS pattern for `:in-range`1056CSS_IN_RANGE = CSSParser(1057 '''1058 html|input:is(1059 [type="date"],1060 [type="month"],1061 [type="week"],1062 [type="time"],1063 [type="datetime-local"],1064 [type="number"],1065 [type="range"]1066 ):is(1067 [min],1068 [max]1069 )1070 '''1071).process_selectors(flags=FLG_PSEUDO | FLG_IN_RANGE | FLG_HTML)1072# CSS pattern for `:out-of-range`1073CSS_OUT_OF_RANGE = CSSParser(1074 '''1075 html|input:is(1076 [type="date"],1077 [type="month"],1078 [type="week"],1079 [type="time"],1080 [type="datetime-local"],1081 [type="number"],1082 [type="range"]1083 ):is(1084 [min],1085 [max]1086 )1087 '''...

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