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12def ip_to_long(ip):3 """Converts a dotted-quad IP to a long.4 5 Input: ""6 Output: 3232235521L7 """8 import struct, socket9 return struct.unpack(">L", socket.inet_aton(ip))[0]1011def long_to_ip(long):12 """Converts a long IP to a dotted-quad string.13 14 Input: 3232235521L15 Output: ""16 """ 17 import struct, socket18 return socket.inet_ntoa(struct.pack(">L", long))1920212223#Helper Functions relying on external data:24External_IP = None2526class IPError:27 def __init__(self, error=""):28 self.error = error29 def __repr__(self):30 return self.error3132def ip_to_long_external(ip):33 """Converts a dotted-quad IP to a long, while automaticly changing it to an external IP.3435 Relies on a global named External_IP, which is a string in dotted-quad IP notation3637 Assuming your WAN IP is,38 Input: ""39 Output: 1165753248L ( encoded)40 """41 global External_IP42 dip = ip_to_long(ip) #Assume ip is okay43 foct = long(ip.split('.')[0]) #grab first octet44 internalipoct = (192, 127)45 if(foct in internalipoct): #check it against pre-defined "internal" list46 if External_IP == None:47 raise IPError48 dip = ip_to_long(External_IP)49 return dip5051def get_external_ip(nocache=False):52 """Gets external IP from, and sets global External_IP53 Warning: no timeout"""54 global External_IP55 if (External_IP != None) and (nocache != True):56 return External_IP57 try:58 import urllib59 u = urllib.urlopen("")60 n = u.close()62 import re63 ip = re.findall("<body>Current IP Address: ([^<]*)</body>", n)64 if len(ip) == 0:65 raise IPError("Unable to get IP from %s"%(n))66 ip = ip[0]67 External_IP = ip68 return ip69 except:70 raise IPError("Unable to get IP from")71 return None727374if __name__ == "__main__":75 import unittest7677 class IPConversionTestCase(unittest.TestCase):78 def runTest(self):79 assert ip_to_long("") == 3232235521L, 'ip_to_long failure'80 assert long_to_ip(3232235521L) == "", 'long_to_ip failure'81 #print "IP converstion tests OK"82 class ExternalIPTestcase(unittest.TestCase):83 def runTest(self):84 ip = get_external_ip()85 #print "External IP is %s"%(ip)86 assert ip != None, 'get_external_ip() failed'87 import time88 print time.strftime("[%Y-%m-%d %H:%M]: ") + "Running testcases..." ...

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...3from ipauth import models4class IPToLongTestCase(TestCase):5 def test_valid_ip(self):6 """ Test the ip_to_long function with valid IP addresses """7 self.assertEqual(models.ip_to_long(''), 2147549441)8 self.assertEqual(models.ip_to_long(''), 2147549185)9 self.assertEqual(models.ip_to_long(''), 2147483905)10 self.assertEqual(models.ip_to_long(''), 2147549440)11 self.assertEqual(models.ip_to_long(''), 167772160)12 13 def test_invalid_ip(self):14 """ Test the ip_to_long function with some invalid IP addresses. """15 self.assertRaises(ValidationError, models.ip_to_long,16 'completely invalid')17 self.assertRaises(ValidationError, models.ip_to_long,18 '128.0.0.a')19 self.assertRaises(ValidationError, models.ip_to_long,20 '')21class LongToIPTestCase(TestCase):22 def test_valid_ip(self):23 """ Test the long_to_ip function with valid IP addresses """24 self.assertEqual(models.long_to_ip(2147549441), '')25 self.assertEqual(models.long_to_ip(2147549185), '')...

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