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...457 finally:458 aux_file.close()459 return path460 @staticmethod461 def is_client_job_finished(last_line):462 return bool(re.match(r'^END .*\t----\t----\t.*$', last_line))463 @staticmethod464 def is_client_job_rebooting(last_line):465 return bool(re.match(r'^\t*GOOD\t----\treboot\.start.*$', last_line))466 def log_unexpected_abort(self, stderr_redirector):467 stderr_redirector.flush_all_buffers()468 msg = "Autotest client terminated unexpectedly"469"END ABORT", None, None, msg)470 def _execute_in_background(self, section, timeout):471 full_cmd = self.get_background_cmd(section)472 devnull = open(os.devnull, "w")473 self.copy_client_config_file(self.get_client_log())474 try:476 result =, ignore_status=True,477 timeout=timeout,478 stdout_tee=devnull,479 stderr_tee=devnull)480 finally:481 return result483 @staticmethod484 def _strip_stderr_prologue(stderr):485 """Strips the 'standard' prologue that get pre-pended to every486 remote command and returns the text that was actually written to487 stderr by the remote command."""488 stderr_lines = stderr.split("\n")[1:]489 if not stderr_lines:490 return ""491 elif stderr_lines[0].startswith("NOTE: autotestd_monitor"):492 del stderr_lines[0]493 return "\n".join(stderr_lines)494 def _execute_daemon(self, section, timeout, stderr_redirector,495 client_disconnect_timeout):496 monitor_dir = daemon_cmd = self.get_daemon_cmd(section, monitor_dir)498 # grab the location for the server-side client log file499 client_log_prefix = self.get_client_log()500 client_log_path = os.path.join(self.results_dir, 'debug',501 client_log_prefix + '.log')502 client_log = open(client_log_path, 'w', 0)503 self.copy_client_config_file(client_log_prefix)504 stdout_read = stderr_read = 0505 try:507, ignore_status=True, timeout=timeout)508 disconnect_warnings = []509 while True:510 monitor_cmd = self.get_monitor_cmd(monitor_dir, stdout_read,511 stderr_read)512 try:513 result =, ignore_status=True,514 timeout=timeout,515 stdout_tee=client_log,516 stderr_tee=stderr_redirector)517 except error.AutoservRunError, e:518 result = e.result_obj519 result.exit_status = None520 disconnect_warnings.append(e.description)521 stderr_redirector.log_warning(522 "Autotest client was disconnected: %s" % e.description,523 "NETWORK")524 except error.AutoservSSHTimeout:525 result = utils.CmdResult(monitor_cmd, "", "", None, 0)526 stderr_redirector.log_warning(527 "Attempt to connect to Autotest client timed out",528 "NETWORK")529 stdout_read += len(result.stdout)530 stderr_read += len(self._strip_stderr_prologue(result.stderr))531 if result.exit_status is not None:532 return result533 elif not raise error.AutoservSSHTimeout(535 "client was disconnected, reconnect timed out")536 finally:537 client_log.close()538 def execute_section(self, section, timeout, stderr_redirector,540 client_disconnect_timeout):541"Executing %s/bin/autotest %s/control phase %d",542 self.autodir, self.autodir, section)543 if self.background:544 result = self._execute_in_background(section, timeout)545 else:546 result = self._execute_daemon(section, timeout, stderr_redirector,547 client_disconnect_timeout)548 last_line = stderr_redirector.last_line549 # check if we failed hard enough to warrant an exception550 if result.exit_status == 1:551 err = error.AutotestRunError("client job was aborted")552 elif not self.background and not result.stderr:553 err = error.AutotestRunError(554 "execute_section %s failed to return anything\n"555 "stdout:%s\n" % (section, result.stdout))556 else:557 err = None558 # log something if the client failed AND never finished logging559 if err and not self.is_client_job_finished(last_line):560 self.log_unexpected_abort(stderr_redirector)561 if err:562 raise err563 else:564 return stderr_redirector.last_line565 def _wait_for_reboot(self, old_boot_id):566"Client is rebooting")567"Waiting for client to halt")568 if not, old_boot_id=old_boot_id):569 err = "%s failed to shutdown after %d"570 err %= (, HALT_TIME)571 raise error.AutotestRunError(err)572"Client down, waiting for restart")573 if not # since reboot failed575 # hardreset the machine once if possible576 # before failing this control file577 warning = "%s did not come back up, hard resetting"578 warning %= logging.warning(warning)580 try:581 except (AttributeError, error.AutoservUnsupportedError):583 warning = "Hard reset unsupported on %s"584 warning %= logging.warning(warning)586 raise error.AutotestRunError("%s failed to boot after %ds" %587 (, BOOT_TIME))588 def execute_control(self, timeout=None, client_disconnect_timeout=None):590 if not self.background:591 collector = log_collector(, self.tag, self.results_dir)592 hostname = remote_results = collector.client_results_dir594 local_results = collector.server_results_dir595, remote_results,596 local_results)597 job_record_context = section = 0599 start_time = time.time()600 logger = client_logger(, self.tag, self.results_dir)601 try:602 while not timeout or time.time() < start_time + timeout:603 if timeout:604 section_timeout = start_time + timeout - time.time()605 else:606 section_timeout = None607 boot_id = last = self.execute_section(section, section_timeout,609 logger, client_disconnect_timeout)610 if self.background:611 return612 section += 1613 if self.is_client_job_finished(last):614"Client complete")615 return616 elif self.is_client_job_rebooting(last):617 try:618 self._wait_for_reboot(boot_id)619 except error.AutotestRunError, e:620"ABORT", None, "reboot", str(e))621"END ABORT", None, None, str(e))622 raise623 continue624 # if we reach here, something unexpected happened625 self.log_unexpected_abort(logger)626 # give the client machine a chance to recover from a crash627

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