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1from urllib import request2import os3import platform4import json5import re6import shutil7import subprocess8import tarfile9import zipfile10# Runs a go subprocess and get the installed version11def get_installed_go_version():12 out =['go','version'], capture_output=True).stdout13 result ='go(\d+)\.(\d+)\.?(\d+)?(\w+)*', out.decode('utf-8'))14 if result:15 return result[0]16# Get a list of go releases using Github api17def get_go_releases():18 URL = ''19 req = request.urlopen(URL)20 jsonResponse = json.loads( tagCount = len(jsonResponse)22 if tagCount > 0:23 releases = [jsonResponse[x]['ref'] for x in range(tagCount)]24 releases = [x[x.rindex('/')+1:] for x in releases]25 return releases26# Returns the latest go version string available27# If allow_preview is True include betas and release candidates28def get_go_release(allow_preview=False):29 releases = get_go_releases()30 if releases:31 for version in releases[::-1]:32 ver_info = parse_version(version)33 if ver_info['is_beta'] or ver_info['is_release_candidate']:34 if allow_preview:35 return version36 else:37 return version38# Returns a dictionary with fields version, major, minor, patch, is_beta and is_release_candidate39def parse_version(ver):40 matches ='(\d+)\.(\d+)\.?(\d+)?(\w+)*', ver)41 if matches:42 version = matches[0]43 major = matches[1]44 minor = matches[2]45 patch = matches[3] or 046 beta = None47 release_candidate = None48 if matches[4]:49 beta = True if matches[4].find('beta') >= 0 else False50 release_candidate = True if matches[4].find('rc') >= 0 else False51 return {52 'version': version,53 'major': int(major),54 'minor': int(minor),55 'patch': int(patch),56 'is_beta': beta,57 'is_release_candidate': release_candidate58 }59# Returns 0 if ver1 and ver2 match60# Returns a positive number if ver1 is newer than ver261# Returns a negative number if ver2 is newer than ver162def compare_versions(ver_info1, ver_info2):63 result = 064 result += 100000 * (ver_info1['major'] - ver_info2['major'])65 result += 10 * (ver_info1['minor'] - ver_info2['minor'])66 result += ver_info1['patch'] - ver_info2['patch']67 if ver_info1['is_beta']: result -= 168 if ver_info1['is_release_candidate']: result -= 269 if ver_info2['is_beta']: result += 170 if ver_info2['is_release_candidate']: result += 271 return result72# Returns True if ver2 is newer than ver1. Returns False otherwise.73# If allow_preview is True release canditates and betas will count as valid74# to replace ver1.75def should_update(ver1, ver2, allow_preview=False):76 ver_info1 = parse_version(ver1)77 ver_info2 = parse_version(ver2)78 result = compare_versions(ver_info1, ver_info2)79 if result < 0:80 is_preview = ver_info2['is_beta'] or ver_info2['is_release_candidate']81 if is_preview:82 return allow_preview83 else:84 return True85 return False86def get_update_version(allow_preview):87 try:88 installed_version = get_installed_go_version()89 releases = get_go_releases()90 # Compute only later versions91 index = releases.index(installed_version)92 candidates = releases[index+1:]93 # Find latest version that is a suitable replacement94 for candidate in candidates[::-1]:95 if should_update(installed_version, candidate, allow_preview):96 return candidate97 except json.JSONDecodeError as e:98 print('Could not get release info from Github')99 except subprocess.CalledProcessError as e:100 print('Could not get installed go version')101 except ValueError as e:102 print('Error interpreting go version scheme')103def build_release_file_name(version):104 system = platform.system().lower()105 arch = archMap[platform.machine()]106 extension = extensionMap[system]107 version = version if version.find('go') == 0 else 'go' + version108 name = version + '.' + system + '-' + arch + extension109 return name110# Donwload file and show progress report111def donwload_file(name):112 request.urlretrieve(113 '' + name,114 name,115 progress_report116 )117 print() # New line after donwload is finished118# Remove current go installtion119def remove_installation():120 go_location = shutil.which('go')121 if go_location:122 go_location = go_location[:go_location.rindex(os.sep + 'bin')]123 parent_location = go_location[:go_location.rindex(os.sep + 'go')]124 if go_location:125 shutil.rmtree(go_location)126 return parent_location127def extract_file(name, location):128 if name.endswith('.tar.gz'):129 compressed_file =, mode='r:gz')130 compressed_file.extractall(path=location)131 elif name.endswith('.zip'):132 compressed_file = zipfile.ZipFile(name)133 compressed_file.extractall(path=location)134def progress_report(count, blocksize, totalsize):135 print('\rProgress: ' + str(round((count * blocksize) * 100 / totalsize)) + '%', end='')136archMap = {137 'AMD64': 'amd64',138 'x86_64': 'amd64',139 'i386': '386',140 'i686': '386',141 '386': '386',142 'aarch64': 'arm64',143 'arm64': 'arm64',144 'arm': 'armv6l',145 'armv7l': 'armv6l',146 'armv6l': 'armv6l'147}148extensionMap = {149 'linux': '.tar.gz',150 'windows': '.zip',151 'darwin': '.pkg'152}153def update_go_version(allow_preview):154 # Check if there is an update available155 version = get_update_version(allow_preview)156 if version:157 print('Version ' + version + ' available')158 print('Downloading file...')159 # Build release name based on platform160 name = build_release_file_name(version)161 # Download go release162 donwload_file(name)163 # Remove current installtion164 print('Removing current installation...')165 go_location = remove_installation()166 # Extract new version167 print('Extracting file...')168 extract_file(name, go_location)169 # Remove downloaded file170 print('Removing temporary file...')171 os.remove(name)172 print('Go version updated')173 else:174 print('Your already have the latest version')175def install_go_version(install_path, version, allow_preview):176 target_version = version177 if not target_version:178 release = get_go_release(allow_preview)179 if release:180 target_version = release181 else:182 raise RuntimeError('Could not find a go release')183 if parse_version(target_version):184 name = build_release_file_name(target_version)185 print('Downloading go version ' + target_version)186 donwload_file(name)187 # Create directory if it does not exist188 if not os.path.isdir(install_path):189 os.mkdir(install_path)190 print('Extracting file...')191 extract_file(name, install_path)192 # Remove downloaded file193 print('Removing temporary file...')194 os.remove(name)195 print('Installation complete')196 bin_path = os.path.abspath(install_path + os.sep + 'go' + os.sep + 'bin')...

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...26 html,27)28def is_first_release(version: str) -> bool:29 return version.endswith('.0')30def is_release_candidate(version: str) -> bool:31 return '-rc' in version32def branch_name(version: str) -> str:33 if is_release_candidate(version):34 version = version.split('-')[0]35 (major, minor, _) = version.split('.')36 return f'{major}.{minor}'37def update_index(version: str) -> None:38 p = pathlib.Path(__file__).parent.parent / 'docs' / 'index.html'39 with'rt') as f:40 tree = html.parse(f)41 news = tree.xpath('.//h1')[0]42 date = month = calendar.month_name[date.month]44 header = etree.Element('h2')45 header.text = f"{month} {}, {date.year}"46 body = etree.Element('p')47 a = etree.SubElement(48 body, 'a', attrib={'href': f'relnotes/{version}.html'})49 a.text = f"Mesa {version}"50 if is_first_release(version):51 a.tail = (" is released. This is a new development release. "52 "See the release notes for more information about this release.")53 else:54 a.tail = " is released. This is a bug fix release."55 root = news.getparent()56 index = root.index(news) + 157 root.insert(index, body)58 root.insert(index, header)59 tree.write(p.as_posix(), method='html', pretty_print=True)60['git', 'add', p])61def update_release_notes(version: str) -> None:62 p = pathlib.Path(__file__).parent.parent / 'docs' / 'relnotes.html'63 with'rt') as f:64 tree = html.parse(f)65 li = etree.Element('li')66 a = etree.SubElement(li, 'a', href=f'relnotes/{version}.html')67 a.text = f'{version} release notes'68 ul = tree.xpath('.//ul')[0]69 ul.insert(0, li)70 tree.write(p.as_posix(), method='html', pretty_print=True)71['git', 'add', p])72def update_calendar(version: str) -> None:73 p = pathlib.Path(__file__).parent.parent / 'docs' / 'release-calendar.html'74 with'rt') as f:75 tree = html.parse(f)76 branch = branch_name(version)77 old = None78 new = None79 for tr in tree.xpath('.//tr'):80 if old is not None:81 new = tr82 break83 for td in tr.xpath('./td'):84 if td.text == branch:85 old = tr86 break87 assert old is not None88 assert new is not None89 old.getparent().remove(old)90 # rowspan is 1 based in html, but 0 based in lxml91 rowspan = int(td.get("rowspan")) - 192 if rowspan:93 td.set("rowspan", str(rowspan))94 new.insert(0, td)95 tree.write(p.as_posix(), method='html', pretty_print=True)96['git', 'add', p])97def main() -> None:98 parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()99 parser.add_argument('version', help="The released version.")100 args = parser.parse_args()101 update_calendar(args.version)102 done = 'update calendar'103 if not is_release_candidate(args.version):104 update_index(args.version)105 update_release_notes(args.version)106 done += ', add news item, and link releases notes'107['git', 'commit', '-m',108 f'docs: {done} for {args.version}'])109if __name__ == "__main__":...

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