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...44 target_login = ""45 if "successful" in output:46 target_login = target_name47 return target_login48def iscsi_logout(target_name=None):49 """50 Logout from a target. If the target name is not set then logout all51 targets.52 :params target_name: Name of the target.53 """54 if target_name:55 cmd = "iscsiadm --mode node --logout -T %s" % target_name56 else:57 cmd = "iscsiadm --mode node --logout all"58 output = utils.system_output(cmd)59 target_logout = ""60 if "successful" in output:61 target_logout = target_name62 return target_logout63def iscsi_discover(portal_ip):64 """65 Query from iscsi server for available targets66 :param portal_ip: Ip for iscsi server67 """68 cmd = "iscsiadm -m discovery -t sendtargets -p %s" % portal_ip69 output = utils.system_output(cmd, ignore_status=True)70 session = ""71 if "Invalid" in output:72 logging.debug(output)73 else:74 session = output75 return session76class Iscsi(object):77 """78 Basic iscsi support class. Will handle the emulated iscsi export and79 access to both real iscsi and emulated iscsi device.80 """81 def __init__(self, params, root_dir="/tmp"):82 os_dep.command("iscsiadm")83 = params.get("target")84 self.export_flag = False85 if params.get("portal_ip"):86 self.portal_ip = params.get("portal_ip")87 else:88 self.portal_ip = utils.system_output("hostname")89 if params.get("iscsi_thread_id"):90 = params.get("iscsi_thread_id")91 else:92 = utils.generate_random_string(4)93 self.initiator = params.get("initiator")94 if params.get("emulated_image"):95 self.initiator = None96 os_dep.command("tgtadm")97 emulated_image = params.get("emulated_image")98 self.emulated_image = os.path.join(root_dir, emulated_image)99 self.emulated_id = ""100 self.emulated_size = params.get("image_size")101 self.unit = self.emulated_size[-1].upper()102 self.emulated_size = self.emulated_size[:-1]103 # maps K,M,G,T => (count, bs)104 emulated_size = {'K': (1, 1),105 'M': (1, 1024),106 'G': (1024, 1024),107 'T': (1024, 1048576),108 }109 if self.unit in emulated_size:110 block_size = emulated_size[self.unit][1]111 size = int(self.emulated_size) * emulated_size[self.unit][0]112 self.create_cmd = ("dd if=/dev/zero of=%s count=%s bs=%sK"113 % (self.emulated_image, size, block_size))114 def logged_in(self):115 """116 Check if the session is login or not.117 """118 sessions = iscsi_get_sessions()119 login = False120 if in map(lambda x: x[1], sessions):121 login = True122 return login123 def portal_visible(self):124 """125 Check if the portal can be found or not.126 """127 return bool(re.findall("%s$" %,128 iscsi_discover(self.portal_ip), re.M))129 def login(self):130 """131 Login session for both real iscsi device and emulated iscsi. Include132 env check and setup.133 """134 login_flag = False135 if self.portal_visible():136 login_flag = True137 elif self.initiator:138 logging.debug("Try to update iscsi initiatorname")139 cmd = "mv /etc/iscsi/initiatorname.iscsi "140 cmd += "/etc/iscsi/initiatorname.iscsi-%s" % self.id141 utils.system(cmd)142 fd = open("/etc/iscsi/initiatorname.iscsi", 'w')143 fd.write("InitiatorName=%s" % self.initiator)144 fd.close()145 utils.system("service iscsid restart")146 if self.portal_visible():147 login_flag = True148 elif self.emulated_image:149 self.export_target()150 utils.system("service iscsid restart")151 if self.portal_visible():152 login_flag = True153 if login_flag:154 iscsi_login( def get_device_name(self):156 """157 Get device name from the target name.158 """159 cmd = "iscsiadm -m session -P 3"160 device_name = ""161 if self.logged_in():162 output = utils.system_output(cmd)163 pattern = r"Target:\s+%s.*?disk\s(\w+)\s+\S+\srunning" % self.target164 device_name = re.findall(pattern, output, re.S)165 try:166 device_name = "/dev/%s" % device_name[0]167 except IndexError:168 logging.error("Can not find target '%s' after login.", else:170 logging.error("Session is not logged in yet.")171 return device_name172 def get_target_id(self):173 """174 Get target id from image name. Only works for emulated iscsi device175 """176 cmd = "tgtadm --lld iscsi --mode target --op show"177 target_info = utils.system_output(cmd)178 target_id = ""179 for line in re.split("\n", target_info):180 if re.findall("Target\s+(\d+)", line):181 target_id = re.findall("Target\s+(\d+)", line)[0]182 if re.findall("Backing store path:\s+(/+.+)", line):183 if self.emulated_image in line:184 break185 else:186 target_id = ""187 return target_id188 def export_target(self):189 """190 Export target in localhost for emulated iscsi191 """192 if not os.path.isfile(self.emulated_image):193 utils.system(self.create_cmd)194 cmd = "tgtadm --lld iscsi --mode target --op show"195 try:196 output = utils.system_output(cmd)197 except error.CmdError:198 utils.system("service tgtd restart")199 output = utils.system_output(cmd)200 if not re.findall("%s$" %, output, re.M):201 logging.debug("Need to export target in host")202 output = utils.system_output(cmd)203 used_id = re.findall("Target\s+(\d+)", output)204 emulated_id = 1205 while str(emulated_id) in used_id:206 emulated_id += 1207 self.emulated_id = str(emulated_id)208 cmd = "tgtadm --mode target --op new --tid %s" % self.emulated_id209 cmd += " --lld iscsi --targetname %s" % self.target210 utils.system(cmd)211 cmd = "tgtadm --lld iscsi --op bind --mode target "212 cmd += "--tid %s -I ALL" % self.emulated_id213 utils.system(cmd)214 else:215 target_strs = re.findall("Target\s+(\d+):\s+%s$" %216, output, re.M)217 self.emulated_id = target_strs[0].split(':')[0].split()[-1]218 cmd = "tgtadm --lld iscsi --mode target --op show"219 try:220 output = utils.system_output(cmd)221 except error.CmdError: # In case service stopped222 utils.system("service tgtd restart")223 output = utils.system_output(cmd)224 # Create a LUN with emulated image225 if re.findall(self.emulated_image, output, re.M):226 # Exist already227 logging.debug("Exported image already exists.")228 self.export_flag = True229 return230 else:231 luns = len(re.findall("\s+LUN:\s(\d+)", output, re.M))232 cmd = "tgtadm --mode logicalunit --op new "233 cmd += "--tid %s --lld iscsi " % self.emulated_id234 cmd += "--lun %s " % luns235 cmd += "--backing-store %s" % self.emulated_image236 utils.system(cmd)237 self.export_flag = True238 def delete_target(self):239 """240 Delete target from host.241 """242 cmd = "tgtadm --lld iscsi --mode target --op show"243 output = utils.system_output(cmd)244 if re.findall("%s$" %, output, re.M):245 if self.emulated_id:246 cmd = "tgtadm --lld iscsi --mode target --op delete "247 cmd += "--tid %s" % self.emulated_id248 utils.system(cmd)249 def logout(self):250 """251 Logout from target.252 """253 if self.logged_in():254 iscsi_logout( def cleanup(self):256 """257 Clean up env after iscsi used.258 """259 self.logout()260 if os.path.isfile("/etc/iscsi/initiatorname.iscsi-%s" % cmd = " mv /etc/iscsi/initiatorname.iscsi-%s" % self.id262 cmd += " /etc/iscsi/initiatorname.iscsi"263 utils.system(cmd)264 cmd = "service iscsid restart"265 utils.system(cmd)266 if self.export_flag:...

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...62 def setUp(self):63 if Global.debug or Global.verbosity > 1:64 # this makes debug printing a little more clean65 print('', file=sys.stderr)66 def iscsi_logout(self):67 res = util.run_cmd(['iscsiadm', '-m', 'node',68 '-T',,69 '-p', Global.ipnr,70 '--logout'])71 if res not in [0, 21]:72'logout failed')73 self.assertFalse(os.path.exists(Global.device), '%s: exists after logout!' % Global.device)74 def test_InitialR2T_on_ImmediateData_off(self):75 """Test Initial Request to Transmit on, but Immediate Data off"""76 i = 177 for v in self.param_values:78 with self.subTest('Testing FirstBurst={} MaxBurst={} MaxRecv={}'.format(*v), i=i):79 if i not in Global.subtest_list:80 util.vprint('Skipping subtest %d: FirstBurst={} MaxBurst={} MaxRecv={}'.format(*v) % i)81 else:82 util.vprint('Running subtest %d: FirstBurst={} MaxBurst={} MaxRecv={}'.format(*v) % i)83 self.iscsi_logout()84 iscsi_data = IscsiData('No', 'Yes', 'None', 'None', v[0], v[1], v[2])85 iscsi_data.update_cfg(, Global.ipnr)86 self.run_the_rest()87 i += 188 def test_InitialR2T_off_ImmediateData_on(self):89 """Test Initial Request to Transmit off, Immediate Data on"""90 i = 191 for v in self.param_values:92 with self.subTest('Testing FirstBurst={} MaxBurst={} MaxRecv={}'.format(*v), i=i):93 if i not in Global.subtest_list:94 util.vprint('Skipping subtest %d: FirstBurst={} MaxBurst={} MaxRecv={}'.format(*v) % i)95 else:96 util.vprint('Running subtest %d: FirstBurst={} MaxBurst={} MaxRecv={}'.format(*v) % i)97 self.iscsi_logout()98 iscsi_data = IscsiData('Yes', 'No', 'None', 'None', v[0], v[1], v[2])99 iscsi_data.update_cfg(, Global.ipnr)100 self.run_the_rest()101 i += 1102 def test_InitialR2T_on_ImmediateData_on(self):103 """Test Initial Request to Transmit and Immediate Data on"""104 i = 1105 for v in self.param_values:106 with self.subTest('Testing FirstBurst={} MaxBurst={} MaxRecv={}'.format(*v), i=i):107 if i not in Global.subtest_list:108 util.vprint('Skipping subtest %d: FirstBurst={} MaxBurst={} MaxRecv={}'.format(*v) % i)109 else:110 util.vprint('Running subtest %d: FirstBurst={} MaxBurst={} MaxRecv={}'.format(*v) % i)111 self.iscsi_logout()112 iscsi_data = IscsiData('Yes', 'Yes', 'None', 'None', v[0], v[1], v[2])113 iscsi_data.update_cfg(, Global.ipnr)114 self.run_the_rest()115 i += 1116 def test_InitialR2T_off_ImmediateData_off(self):117 """Test Initial Request to Transmit and Immediate Data off"""118 i = 1119 for v in self.param_values:120 with self.subTest('Testing FirstBurst={} MaxBurst={} MaxRecv={}'.format(*v), i=i):121 if i not in Global.subtest_list:122 util.vprint('Skipping subtest %d: FirstBurst={} MaxBurst={} MaxRecv={}'.format(*v) % i)123 else:124 util.vprint('Running subtest %d: FirstBurst={} MaxBurst={} MaxRecv={}'.format(*v) % i)125 self.iscsi_logout()126 iscsi_data = IscsiData('No', 'No', 'None', 'None', v[0], v[1], v[2])127 iscsi_data.update_cfg(, Global.ipnr)128 self.run_the_rest()129 i += 1130 def test_HdrDigest_on_DataDigest_off(self):131 """Test With Header Digest"""132 i = 1133 for v in self.param_values:134 with self.subTest('Testing FirstBurst={} MaxBurst={} MaxRecv={}'.format(*v), i=i):135 if i not in Global.subtest_list:136 util.vprint('Skipping subtest %d: FirstBurst={} MaxBurst={} MaxRecv={}'.format(*v) % i)137 else:138 util.vprint('Running subtest %d: FirstBurst={} MaxBurst={} MaxRecv={}'.format(*v) % i)139 self.iscsi_logout()140 iscsi_data = IscsiData('No', 'Yes', 'CRC32C', 'None', v[0], v[1], v[2])141 iscsi_data.update_cfg(, Global.ipnr)142 self.run_the_rest()143 i += 1144 def test_HdrDigest_on_DataDigest_on(self):145 """Test With Header Digest"""146 i = 1147 for v in self.param_values:148 with self.subTest('Testing FirstBurst={} MaxBurst={} MaxRecv={}'.format(*v), i=i):149 if i not in Global.subtest_list:150 util.vprint('Skipping subtest %d: FirstBurst={} MaxBurst={} MaxRecv={}'.format(*v) % i)151 else:152 util.vprint('Running subtest %d: FirstBurst={} MaxBurst={} MaxRecv={}'.format(*v) % i)153 self.iscsi_logout()154 iscsi_data = IscsiData('No', 'Yes', 'CRC32C', 'CRC32C', v[0], v[1], v[2])155 iscsi_data.update_cfg(, Global.ipnr)156 self.run_the_rest()157 i += 1158 def run_the_rest(self):159 res = util.run_cmd(['iscsiadm', '-m', 'node',160 '-T',,161 '-p', Global.ipnr,162 '--login'])163 self.assertEqual(res, 0, 'cannot login to device')164 # wait a few seconds for the device to show up165 if not util.wait_for_path(Global.device):166'%s: does not exist after login' % Global.device)167 # run parted to partition the disc with one whole disk partition...

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