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1#!/usr/bin/python2.42#3# Copyright 2007 Google Inc.4#5# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or6# modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License7# as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 28# of the License, or (at your option) any later version.9#10# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,11# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of12# MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the13# GNU General Public License for more details.14#15# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License16# along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software17# Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.18#19# Author: (Stephen Shirley)20"""nxserver program for accepting nx connections.21"""22import os23import re24import signal25import subprocess26import sys27import time28import traceback29sys.path.append('/usr/freenx/lib')30import nxlog31import nxloadconfig32prog_name = "nxagent-helper"33_COMMANDS = ( "start", "resume" )34state_lines = { 'starting': re.compile(r'^Session: Starting session at '),35 'running': re.compile(r'^Session: Session (started|resumed) at '),36 'suspending': re.compile(r'^Session: Suspending session at '),37 'suspended': re.compile(r'^Session: Session suspended at '),38 'terminating': re.compile(r'^Session: (Terminat|Abort)ing session at '),39 'terminated': re.compile(r'^Session: Session (terminat|abort)ed at ')40 }41info_lines = { 'watchdog_pid':42 re.compile(r"^Info: Watchdog running with pid '(?P<pid>\d+)'."),43 'kill_watchdog':44 re.compile(r"^Info: Waiting the watchdog process to complete."),45 'agent_pid':46 re.compile(r"^Info: Agent running with pid '(?P<pid>\d+)'."),47 'general_error':48 re.compile(r"^Error: (?P<error>.*)$")49 }50options = {}51def main():52 """Do setup, then read and handle command"""53 basic_setup()54 handle_command(*read_command()) # Expand the list passed back into two55 # seperate arguments.56def basic_setup():57 """Setup logging, read configuration"""58 nxlog.setup(prog_name)59 nxlog.log(nxlog.LOG_DEBUG, "started with pid %d\n" % os.getpid())60 nxloadconfig.setup(prog_name)61 level = nxloadconfig.conf.get('LOG_LEVEL', '5') # Default to LOG_NOTICE62 try:63 nxlog.set_log_level(level)64 except ValueError:65 nxlog.log(nxlog.LOG_ERR, "Invalid log level: %s\n" % level)66 nxlog.log(nxlog.LOG_INFO, "config parsed\n")67def read_command():68 """Read a single command from stdin, check that it's valid, return it."""69 raw_cmd = raw_input()70 cmd = raw_cmd.split()71 if len(cmd) < 2:72 nxlog.log(nxlog.LOG_CRIT, "Command has invalid format: %s\n" %73 repr(raw_cmd))74 sys.exit(1)75 if cmd[0].lower() not in _COMMANDS:76 nxlog.log(nxlog.LOG_CRIT, "Unknown command given: %s\n" % repr(raw_cmd))77 sys.exit(1)78 return cmd[0].lower(), cmd[1]79def handle_command(cmd, sessionid):80 """Handle the commands received."""81 global options82 nxlog.log(nxlog.LOG_DEBUG, "command: %s %s\n" % (cmd, sessionid))83 #FIXME: should be using a better, non-hardcoded location84 if cmd == 'start':85 nxlog.log(nxlog.LOG_NOTICE, "Starting session %s\n" % sessionid)86 session_dir = '/tmp/nx/S-%s' % sessionid87 try:88 args = [line[:-1] for line in89 open('/tmp/nx/S-%s/args' % sessionid).readlines()]90 nxlog.log(nxlog.LOG_NOTICE, "Session args: %s\n" % repr(args))91 # Open the session log to pass to nxagent92 nxagent_log = open(os.path.join(session_dir, 'session.log'), 'w')93 options_path = os.path.join(session_dir, 'options')94 opt_read(options_path)95 except IOError, e:96 nxlog.log(nxlog.LOG_ERR, "Session file error: %s\n" % e)97 sys.exit(1)98 options['dir'] = session_dir99 cleanup()100 os.environ['LD_LIBRARY_PATH'] = '/usr/NX/lib'101 os.environ['DISPLAY'] = 'nx/nx,options=%s:%s' % \102 (options_path, options['display_num'])103 os.environ['X_AUTHORITY'] = os.path.join(session_dir, 'authority')104 setup_xauth()105 options['p'] = subprocess.Popen(['/usr/freenx/bin/nxagent'] + args,106 close_fds=True, stdin=None, stdout=nxagent_log,107 stderr=subprocess.STDOUT)108 options['agent_pid'] = options['p'].pid109 write_agent_pid()110 nxlog.log(nxlog.LOG_NOTICE, "Spawned nxagent pid %d\n" % options['p'].pid)111 # Don't want to propogate this to other children.112 del os.environ['LD_LIBRARY_PATH']113 os.environ['DISPLAY'] = ':%s' % options['display_num']114 nxagent_log = open(os.path.join(session_dir, 'session.log'), 'r')115 follow_log(nxagent_log)116 elif cmd == 'resume':117 nxlog.log(nxlog.LOG_NOTICE, "Resuming session %s\n" % sessionid)118 nxlog.log(nxlog.LOG_CRIT, "Session resumption not yet supported\n")119 sys.exit(1)120def follow_log(log):121 """Follow and parse the log of nxagent.122 FIXME: Keeps track of the state of nxagent, performs actions on certain123 state changes.124 """125 try:126 nxlog.log(nxlog.LOG_DEBUG, "Following agent log\n")127 while True:128 line = log.readline()129 if not line:130 if options['p'].poll() is not None:131 ret = options['p'].returncode132 if ret < 0:133 nxlog.log(nxlog.LOG_NOTICE, "Nxagent has exited, "134 "killed by signal %d\n" % -ret)135 else:136 nxlog.log(nxlog.LOG_NOTICE, "Nxagent has exited: %s\n" % ret)137 break138 time.sleep(0.5)139 continue140 line = line.rstrip() # Remove trailing newline141 if match_state(line):142 nxlog.log(nxlog.LOG_DEBUG, "Matched state: %s\n" % line)143 elif match_info(line):144 nxlog.log(nxlog.LOG_DEBUG, "Matched info: %s\n" % line)145 # If any problems occur, we want to cleanup first. When we're done cleaning146 # up, re-raise the exception.147 except:148 nxlog.log(nxlog.LOG_ERR, "Got exception, cleaning up\n")149 print "NX> 1009 Session status: terminated"150 cleanup()151 raise152 nxlog.log(nxlog.LOG_DEBUG, "Finished following agent log\n")153def match_state(line):154 """Try match the given line against a session state155 Return:156 True: the line matched157 False: the line didn't match158 """159 # Faking a static variable160 old_state = match_state.cur_state = getattr(match_state, 'cur_state', None)161 if not line.startswith('Session: '):162 return False163 for state, rx in state_lines.iteritems():164 if match_state.cur_state = state166 handle_state_change(match_state.cur_state, old_state)167 return True168 return False169def match_info(line):170 """Try match the given line against an info line regex171 172 Return:173 True: the line matched174 False: the line didn't match175 """176 for info, rx in info_lines.iteritems():177 m = if m:179 handle_info(info, m)180 return True181 return False182def handle_state_change(cur_state, old_state):183 """Compare the current state to the previous state, and handle as 184 appropriate185 186 Args:187 cur_state: current state name188 old_state: previous state name189 Return:190 None191 """192 if cur_state == old_state:193 return194 nxlog.log(nxlog.LOG_NOTICE,"Nxagent state was: %s Now: %s\n" % \195 (old_state, cur_state))196 print "NX> 1009 Session status: %s" % cur_state197 sys.stdout.flush()198 if cur_state == 'starting' and old_state is None:199 start_app()200 elif cur_state == 'terminated' and old_state != 'terminated':201 nxlog.log(nxlog.LOG_NOTICE, "Nxagent finished, cleaning up")202 cleanup()203def handle_info(info, m):204 """Execute the required response to a given info line match205 206 Args:207 info: The id of the info line208 m: The match object from the info line's regex209 Return:210 None211 """212 if info == 'watchdog_pid':213 options['watchdog_pid'] = int('pid'))214 nxlog.log(nxlog.LOG_NOTICE, "matched info watchdog, pid %s\n" %215 options['watchdog_pid'])216 elif info == 'agent_pid':217 real_agent_pid = int('pid'))218 nxlog.log(nxlog.LOG_NOTICE, "matched info agent_pid, pid %s\n" %219 real_agent_pid)220 if options['agent_pid'] != real_agent_pid:221 # Probably caused by nxagent being a shell script222 nxlog.log(nxlog.LOG_WARNING, "Agent pid (%s) doesn't match "223 "spawned pid (%s)\n" % (options['agent_pid'], real_agent_pid))224 options['agent_pid'] = real_agent_pid225 write_agent_pid()226 elif info == 'kill_watchdog':227 if 'watchdog_pid' not in options:228 nxlog.log(nxlog.LOG_ERR, "matched info kill_watchdog, "229 "but no known watchdog pid\n")230 else:231 try:232 os.kill(options['watchdog_pid'], signal.SIGTERM)233 except OSError, (errno, strerror):234 nxlog.log(nxlog.LOG_WARNING, "matched info kill_watchdog, "235 "got error from kill[%d]: %s\n" % (errno, strerror))236 else:237 nxlog.log(nxlog.LOG_NOTICE, "matched info kill_watchdog, sent TERM.\n")238 elif info == 'general_error':239 nxlog.log(nxlog.LOG_ERR, "Agent error: %s" %'error'))240 else:241 # If none of the above handers match...242 nxlog.log(nxlog.LOG_ERR, "matched info %s, but failed to "243 "find handler for it\n" % info)244def opt_read(opt_path):245 """Parse the nxagent options file into a dict."""246 global options247 options = {}248 #FIXME: this needs to be much more robust249 opt_str = open(opt_path).read().rstrip()250 opt_str, options['display_num'] = opt_str.rsplit(':', 1)251 for pair in opt_str.split(','):252 if pair == 'nx/nx': continue253 name, val = pair.split('=')254 options[name] = val255def setup_xauth():256 """Setup Xauthority file using session cookie."""257 global options258 os.system('xauth add localhost:%(display_num)s MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 '259 '%(cookie)s &> $X_AUTHORITY.log' % options)260 os.system('xauth add :%(display_num)s MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 %(cookie)s' % \261 options)262def start_app():263 """Start the session application (startkde/gnome-session/etc)."""264 global options265 if options['type'] in ('gnome', 'kde'):266 app = nxloadconfig.conf['COMMAND_START_%s' % options['type'].upper()]267 elif options['type'] == 'application':268 app = options['application']269 assert(app) #FIXME(diamond): handle this better270 cmd = 'nxstart %d %s &' % (options['agent_pid'], app)271 nxlog.log(nxlog.LOG_INFO, "Nxagent ready, launching app: %s" % cmd)272 log = open(os.path.join(options['dir'], 'app.log'), 'w')273 s = subprocess.Popen(cmd, shell=True, close_fds=True,274 stdin=None, stdout=log, stderr=subprocess.STDOUT)275 options['app_pid'] = s.pid276 #FIXME(diamond): check for errors here277def cleanup():278 """Cleanup after various things (X11 locks etc)."""279 global options280 for proc in 'watchdog', 'agent', 'app':281 pid_name = "%s_pid" % proc282 if pid_name in options:283 try:284 os.kill(options[pid_name], signal.SIGTERM)285 except OSError, (errno, strerror):286 nxlog.log(nxlog.LOG_WARNING, "Cleanup handler got error %d when "287 "killing %s: %s\n" % (errno, proc, strerror))288 else:289 nxlog.log(nxlog.LOG_WARNING, "Cleanup handler sent TERM to %s\n" % proc)290 for f in ['/tmp/.X%(display_num)s-lock' % options,291 '/tmp/.X11-unix/X%(display_num)s' % options]:292 if os.path.exists(f):293 os.remove(f)294def write_agent_pid():295 """Send the agent pid to nxserver-inner"""296 global options297 sys.stdout.write('NX> 8888 agentpid: %s\n' % options['agent_pid'])298 sys.stdout.flush()299if __name__ == '__main__':300 try:301 main()302 except SystemExit, e:303 sys.exit(e.code)304 except Exception, e:305 trace = traceback.format_exc()306 nxlog.log(nxlog.LOG_ERR, 'Going down because exception caught '307 'at the top level.')308 for line in trace.split('\n'):309 nxlog.log(nxlog.LOG_ERR, '%s' % line)...

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...26 time.sleep(self.watchdog_timeout_sec)27 else:28 logger.log('DEBUG', 'Watchdog disabled')29 break30 def kill_watchdog(self):31 """ Permanently halts operation of the watchdog task """32 self.watchdog_timeout_sec = 033 def watchdog_task(self):34 """ Called once each watchdog period """35 logger.log('DEBUG', f'Watchdog({self.watchdog_name}) Timeout(sec)={self.watchdog_timeout_sec}')36if __name__ == '__main__':...

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