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1#!/usr/bin/python2#3# Copyright 2008 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.4"""Tests for label."""5import unittest6import sys7import os8try:9 import autotest.common as common10except ImportError:11 import common12from autotest.cli import cli_mock, topic_common13class label_list_unittest(cli_mock.cli_unittest):14 values = [{u'id': 180, # Valid label15 u'platform': False,16 u'name': u'label0',17 u'invalid': False,18 u'kernel_config': u'',19 u'only_if_needed': False},20 {u'id': 338, # Valid label21 u'platform': False,22 u'name': u'label1',23 u'invalid': False,24 u'kernel_config': u'',25 u'only_if_needed': False},26 {u'id': 340, # Invalid label27 u'platform': False,28 u'name': u'label2',29 u'invalid': True,30 u'kernel_config': u'',31 u'only_if_needed': False},32 {u'id': 350, # Valid platform33 u'platform': True,34 u'name': u'plat0',35 u'invalid': False,36 u'kernel_config': u'',37 u'only_if_needed': False},38 {u'id': 420, # Invalid platform39 u'platform': True,40 u'name': u'plat1',41 u'invalid': True,42 u'kernel_config': u'',43 u'only_if_needed': False}]44 def test_label_list_labels_only(self):45 self.run_cmd(argv=['atest', 'label', 'list', '--ignore_site_file'],46 rpcs=[('get_labels', {}, True, self.values)],47 out_words_ok=['label0', 'label1', 'label2'],48 out_words_no=['plat0', 'plat1'])49 def test_label_list_labels_only_valid(self):50 self.run_cmd(argv=['atest', 'label', 'list', '-d',51 '--ignore_site_file'],52 rpcs=[('get_labels', {}, True, self.values)],53 out_words_ok=['label0', 'label1'],54 out_words_no=['label2', 'plat0', 'plat1'])55 def test_label_list_labels_and_platforms(self):56 self.run_cmd(argv=['atest', 'label', 'list', '--all',57 '--ignore_site_file'],58 rpcs=[('get_labels', {}, True, self.values)],59 out_words_ok=['label0', 'label1', 'label2',60 'plat0', 'plat1'])61 def test_label_list_platforms_only(self):62 self.run_cmd(argv=['atest', 'label', 'list', '-t',63 '--ignore_site_file'],64 rpcs=[('get_labels', {}, True, self.values)],65 out_words_ok=['plat0', 'plat1'],66 out_words_no=['label0', 'label1', 'label2'])67 def test_label_list_platforms_only_valid(self):68 self.run_cmd(argv=['atest', 'label', 'list',69 '-t', '--valid-only', '--ignore_site_file'],70 rpcs=[('get_labels', {}, True, self.values)],71 out_words_ok=['plat0'],72 out_words_no=['label0', 'label1', 'label2',73 'plat1'])74class label_create_unittest(cli_mock.cli_unittest):75 def test_execute_create_two_labels(self):76 self.run_cmd(argv=['atest', 'label', 'create', 'label0', 'label1',77 '--ignore_site_file'],78 rpcs=[('add_label',79 {'name': 'label0', 'platform': False,80 'only_if_needed': False},81 True, 42),82 ('add_label',83 {'name': 'label1', 'platform': False,84 'only_if_needed': False},85 True, 43)],86 out_words_ok=['Created', 'label0', 'label1'])87 def test_execute_create_two_labels_bad(self):88 self.run_cmd(argv=['atest', 'label', 'create', 'label0', 'label1',89 '--ignore_site_file'],90 rpcs=[('add_label',91 {'name': 'label0', 'platform': False,92 'only_if_needed': False},93 True, 3),94 ('add_label',95 {'name': 'label1', 'platform': False,96 'only_if_needed': False},97 False,98 '''ValidationError: {'name':99 'This value must be unique (label0)'}''')],100 out_words_ok=['Created', 'label0'],101 out_words_no=['label1'],102 err_words_ok=['label1', 'ValidationError'])103class label_delete_unittest(cli_mock.cli_unittest):104 def test_execute_delete_labels(self):105 self.run_cmd(argv=['atest', 'label', 'delete', 'label0', 'label1',106 '--ignore_site_file'],107 rpcs=[('delete_label', {'id': 'label0'}, True, None),108 ('delete_label', {'id': 'label1'}, True, None)],109 out_words_ok=['Deleted', 'label0', 'label1'])110class label_add_unittest(cli_mock.cli_unittest):111 def test_execute_add_labels_to_hosts(self):112 self.run_cmd(argv=['atest', 'label', 'add', 'label0',113 '--machine', 'host0,host1', '--ignore_site_file'],114 rpcs=[('label_add_hosts', {'id': 'label0',115 'hosts': ['host1', 'host0']},116 True, None)],117 out_words_ok=['Added', 'label0', 'host0', 'host1'])118class label_remove_unittest(cli_mock.cli_unittest):119 def test_execute_remove_labels_from_hosts(self):120 self.run_cmd(argv=['atest', 'label', 'remove', 'label0',121 '--machine', 'host0,host1', '--ignore_site_file'],122 rpcs=[('label_remove_hosts', {'id': 'label0',123 'hosts': ['host1', 'host0']},124 True, None)],125 out_words_ok=['Removed', 'label0', 'host0', 'host1'])126if __name__ == '__main__':...

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1# Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.2# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be3# found in the LICENSE file.4"""Utility functions for AFE-based interactions.5NOTE: This module should only be used in the context of a running test. Any6 utilities that require accessing the AFE, should do so by creating7 their own instance of the AFE client and interact with it directly.8"""9import common10from autotest_lib.server import utils11from autotest_lib.server.cros.dynamic_suite import frontend_wrappers12AFE = frontend_wrappers.RetryingAFE(timeout_min=5, delay_sec=10)13def host_in_lab(host):14 """Check if the host is in the lab and an object the AFE knows.15 This check ensures that autoserv and the host's current job is running16 inside a fully Autotest instance, aka a lab environment. If this is the17 case it then verifies the host is registed with the configured AFE18 instance.19 @param host: Host object to verify.20 @returns The host model object.21 """22 if not host.job or not host.job.in_lab:23 return False24 return AFE.get_hosts(hostname=host.hostname)25def get_build(host):26 """Retrieve the current build for a given host from the AFE.27 Looks through a host's labels in the AFE to determine its build.28 @param host: Host object to get build.29 @returns The current build or None if it could not find it or if there30 were multiple build labels assigned to the host.31 """32 if not host_in_lab(host):33 return None34 return utils.get_build_from_afe(host.hostname, AFE)35def get_board(host):36 """Retrieve the board for a given host from the AFE.37 Contacts the AFE to retrieve the board for a given host.38 @param host: Host object to get board.39 @returns The current board or None if it could not find it.40 """41 if not host_in_lab(host):42 return None43 return utils.get_board_from_afe(host.hostname, AFE)44def clear_version_labels(host):45 """Clear version labels for a given host.46 @param host: Host whose version labels to clear.47 """48 if not host_in_lab(host):49 return50 host_list = [host.hostname]51 labels = AFE.get_labels(52 name__startswith=host.VERSION_PREFIX,53 host__hostname=host.hostname)54 for label in labels:55 label.remove_hosts(hosts=host_list)56def add_version_label(host, image_name):57 """Add version labels to a host.58 @param host: Host to add the version label for.59 @param image_name: Name of the build version to add to the host.60 """61 if not host_in_lab(host):62 return63 label = '%s:%s' % (host.VERSION_PREFIX, image_name)64'label_add_hosts', id=label, hosts=[host.hostname])65def machine_install_and_update_labels(host, *args, **dargs):66 """Calls machine_install and updates the version labels on a host.67 @param host: Host object to run machine_install on.68 @param *args: Args list to pass to machine_install.69 @param **dargs: dargs dict to pass to machine_install.70 """71 clear_version_labels(host)72 image_name = host.machine_install(*args, **dargs)73 add_version_label(host, image_name)74def get_stable_version(board, android=False):75 """Retrieves a board's stable version from the AFE.76 @param board: Board to lookup.77 @param android: If True, indicates we are looking up a Android/Brillo-based78 board. There is no default version that works for all79 Android/Brillo boards. If False, we are looking up a Chrome80 OS based board.81 @returns Stable version of the given board.82 """...

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