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...268 except Exception, e:269 logging.error("error running journalctl --show-cursor: %s", e)270 # log some sysinfo data into the test keyval file in case system crash.271 test_sysinfodir = self._get_sysinfodir(test.outputdir)272 keyval = self.log_test_keyvals(test_sysinfodir)273 test.write_test_keyval(keyval)274 @log.log_and_ignore_errors("post-test sysinfo error:")275 def log_after_each_test(self, test):276 """Logging hook called after a test finishs.277 @param test: A test object.278 """279 test_sysinfodir = self._get_sysinfodir(test.outputdir)280 # create a symlink in the test sysinfo dir to the current boot281 reboot_dir = self._get_boot_subdir()282 assert os.path.exists(reboot_dir)283 symlink_dest = os.path.join(test_sysinfodir, "reboot_current")284 symlink_src = utils.get_relative_path(reboot_dir,285 os.path.dirname(symlink_dest))286 try:287 os.symlink(symlink_src, symlink_dest)288 except Exception, e:289 raise Exception, '%s: whilst linking %s to %s' % (e, symlink_src,290 symlink_dest)291 # run all the standard logging commands292 _run_loggables_ignoring_errors(self.test_loggables, test_sysinfodir)293 # grab any new data from /var/log/messages294 self._log_messages(test_sysinfodir)295 # grab any new data from systemd journal296 self._log_journal(test_sysinfodir)297 # log some sysinfo data into the test keyval file298 keyval = self.log_test_keyvals(test_sysinfodir)299 test.write_test_keyval(keyval)300 # log any changes to installed packages301 old_packages = set(self._installed_packages)302 new_packages = set(package.list_all())303 added_path = os.path.join(test_sysinfodir, "added_packages")304 added_packages = "\n".join(new_packages - old_packages) + "\n"305 utils.open_write_close(added_path, added_packages)306 removed_path = os.path.join(test_sysinfodir, "removed_packages")307 removed_packages = "\n".join(old_packages - new_packages) + "\n"308 utils.open_write_close(removed_path, removed_packages)309 @log.log_and_ignore_errors("pre-test siteration sysinfo error:")310 def log_before_each_iteration(self, test, iteration=None):311 """Logging hook called before a test iteration.312 @param test: A test object.313 @param iteration: A test iteration.314 """315 if not iteration:316 iteration = test.iteration317 logdir = self._get_iteration_subdir(test, iteration)318 _run_loggables_ignoring_errors(self.before_iteration_loggables, logdir)319 # Start each log with the board name for orientation.320 board = utils.get_board_with_frequency_and_memory()321'ChromeOS BOARD = %s', board)322 # Leave some autotest bread crumbs in the system logs.323 utils.system('logger "autotest starting iteration %s on %s"' % (logdir,324 board),325 ignore_status=True)326 @log.log_and_ignore_errors("post-test siteration sysinfo error:")327 def log_after_each_iteration(self, test, iteration=None):328 """Logging hook called after a test iteration.329 @param test: A test object.330 @param iteration: A test iteration.331 """332 if not iteration:333 iteration = test.iteration334 logdir = self._get_iteration_subdir(test, iteration)335 _run_loggables_ignoring_errors(self.after_iteration_loggables, logdir)336 utils.system('logger "autotest finished iteration %s"' % logdir,337 ignore_status=True)338 def _log_messages(self, logdir):339 """Log all of the new data in /var/log/messages."""340 try:341 # log all of the new data in /var/log/messages342 bytes_to_skip = 0343 if hasattr(self, "_messages_size"):344 current_inode = os.stat("/var/log/messages").st_ino345 if current_inode == self._messages_inode:346 bytes_to_skip = self._messages_size347 in_messages = open("/var/log/messages")348 out_messages = open(os.path.join(logdir, "messages"), "w")350 out_messages.write( in_messages.close()352 out_messages.close()353 except Exception, e:354 logging.error("/var/log/messages collection failed with %s", e)355 def _log_journal(self, logdir):356 """Log all of the new data in systemd journal."""357 if not hasattr(self, "_journal_cursor"):358 return359 cmd = "/usr/bin/journalctl --after-cursor \"%s\"" % (360 self._journal_cursor)361 try:362 with open(os.path.join(logdir, "journal"), "w") as journal:363 journal.write(utils.system_output(cmd))364 except Exception, e:365 logging.error("journal collection failed with %s", e)366 @staticmethod367 def _read_sysinfo_keyvals(loggables, logdir):368 keyval = {}369 for log in loggables:370 if log.log_in_keyval:371 keyval["sysinfo-" + log.logf] = log.readline(logdir)372 return keyval373 def log_test_keyvals(self, test_sysinfodir):374 """Generate keyval for the sysinfo.375 Collects keyval entries to be written in the test keyval.376 @param test_sysinfodir: The test's system info directory.377 """378 keyval = {}379 # grab any loggables that should be in the keyval380 keyval.update(self._read_sysinfo_keyvals(self.test_loggables,381 test_sysinfodir))382 keyval.update(self._read_sysinfo_keyvals(383 self.boot_loggables, os.path.join(test_sysinfodir,384 'reboot_current')))385 # remove hostname from uname info386 # Linux lpt36 2.6.18-smp-230.1 #1 [4069269] SMP Fri Oct 24 11:30:...387 if "sysinfo-uname" in keyval:...

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