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...32class BkrProxyException(Exception):33 def __init__(self, text):34 Exception.__init__(self, text)35'''Hard coded internal paths'''36def make_path_cmdlog(r):37 """38 Converts a recipe id into an internal path for logging purposes39 :param r: recipe id40 :return: a path to the internal command log41 """42 path = AUTOTEST_CACHE_DIR + '/recipes/' + r43 if not os.path.exists(path):44 os.makedirs(path)45 if not os.path.isdir(path):46 raise BkrProxyException("Path(%s) exists and is not a directory" % path)47 return path + '/cmd_log'48def make_path_bkrcache(r):49 """50 Converts a recipe id into an internal path for cache'ing recipe51 :param r: recipe id52 :return: a path to the internal recipe cache file53 """54 return AUTOTEST_CACHE_DIR + '/recipes/' + r + '/beaker_recipe.cache'55'''End Hard coded internal paths'''56"""57Hard coded paths as described in the Beaker Server API58"""60def make_path_recipe(r):61 """62 Converts a recipe id into a beaker path63 :param r: recipe id64 :return: a beaker path to the recipe id65 """66 return '/recipes/' + r67def make_path_watchdog(r):68 """69 Converts a recipe id into a beaker path for the watchdog70 :param r: recipe id71 :return: a beaker path of the recipe's watchdog file72 """73 return '/recipes/' + r + '/watchdog'74def make_path_status(r, t=None):75 """76 Converts id into a beaker path to status file77 Given a recipe id and/or a task id, translate them into78 the proper beaker path to the status file. Recipe only, returns79 the path to the recipe's status, whereas including a task returns80 the path to the task's status.81 :param r: recipe id82 :param t: task id83 :return: a beaker path of the recipe's/task's status file84 """85 rpath = '/recipes/' + r86 tpath = t and '/tasks/' + t or ''87 return rpath + tpath + '/status'88def make_path_result(r, t):89 """90 Converts task id into a beaker path to result file91 Given a recipe id and a task id, translate them into92 the proper beaker path to the result file.93 :param r: recipe id94 :param t: task id95 :return: a beaker path of the task's result file96 """97 rpath = '/recipes/' + r98 tpath = '/tasks/' + t99 return rpath + tpath + '/results/'100def make_path_log(r, t=None, i=None):101 """102 Converts id into a beaker path to log file103 Given a recipe id, a task id, and/or result id, translate104 them into the proper beaker path to the log file. Depending105 on which log file is needed, provide the appropriate params.106 Note the dependency, a result id needs a task id and recipe id,107 while a task id needs a recipe id.108 :param r: recipe id109 :param t: task id110 :param i: result id111 :return: a beaker path of the task's result file112 """113 rpath = '/recipes/' + r114 tpath = t and '/tasks/' + t or ''115 ipath = i and '/results/' + i or ''116 return rpath + tpath + ipath + '/logs'117'''End Hard coded paths'''118def copy_remote(data, dest, use_put=None):119 """120 Copy data to a remote server using http calls POST or PUT121 Using http POST and PUT methods, copy data over http. To use122 PUT method, provide a dictionary of values to be populated in123 the Content-Range and Content-Length headers. Otherwise default124 is to use POST method.125 Traps on HTTPError 500 and 400126 :param data: encoded data string to copy remotely127 :param dest: remote server URL128 :param use_put: dictionary of items if using PUT method129 :return: html header info for post processing130 """131 ret = None132 req = urllib2.Request(dest, data=data)133 if use_put:134 req.add_header('Content-Type', 'application/octet-stream')135 end = use_put['start'] + use_put['size'] - 1136 req.add_header('Content-Range', 'bytes %s-%s/%s' % (use_put['start'],137 end, use_put['total']))138 req.add_header('Content-Length', '%s' % use_put['size'])139 req.get_method = lambda: 'PUT'140 try:141 res = utils.urlopen(req)142 ret = res.close()144 except urllib2.HTTPError as e:145 if e.code == 500:146 # the server aborted this recipe DIE DIE DIE147 raise BkrProxyException("We have been aborted!!!")148 elif e.code == 400 and use_put:149 log.error("Error(%s) failed to upload file %s" % (e.code, dest))150 return ret151def copy_local(data, dest, use_put=None):152 """153 Copy data locally to a file154 To aid in debugging, copy a file locally to verify the contents.155 Attempts to write the same data that would otherwise be sent156 remotely.157 :param data: encoded data string to copy locally158 :param dest: local file path159 :param use_put: chooses to write in binary or text160 :return: nothing161 """162 dpath = os.path.dirname(dest)163 if not os.path.isdir(dpath):164 os.makedirs(dpath)165 if use_put:166 open(dest, 'ab').write(data)167 else:168 open(dest, 'a').write("%s %s\n" % (time.time(), data))169def copy_data(data, dest, header=None, use_put=None):170 """171 Copy data to a destination172 To aid in debugging, copy a file locally to verify the contents.173 Attempts to write the same data that would otherwise be sent174 remotely.175 :param data: data string to copy176 :param dest: destination path177 :param header: header info item to return178 :param use_put: dictionary of items for PUT method179 :return: nothing or header info if requested180 """181 ret = None182 # PUT uses a filename instead of a list like POST183 if use_put:184 udata = data185 else:186 udata = urllib.urlencode(data)187 if utils.is_url(dest):188 ret = copy_remote(udata, dest, use_put)189 if header:190 return ret[header]191 else:192 if header:193 ret = dest + str(time.time()) # should be unique194 dest = ret + "/_task_result"195 copy_local(udata, dest, use_put)196 return ret197class BkrProxy(object):198 def __init__(self, recipe_id, labc_url=None):199 # labc_url determines local or remote functionality200 self.labc_url = labc_url or AUTOTEST_CACHE_DIR201 self.recipe_id = recipe_id202 if not labc_url:203 path = self.labc_url + make_path_recipe(self.recipe_id)204'Writing offline files to %s' % path)205 path = make_path_cmdlog(self.recipe_id)206 self.cmd_log = open(path, 'a', 0)207 def _upload_file(self, lf, rp, r, t=None, i=None):208 if not os.path.isfile(lf):209 raise BkrProxyException("Bad file - %s" % lf)210 lfile = os.path.basename(lf)211 path = self.labc_url + make_path_log(r, t, i) + rp + '/' + lfile212 # copy in chunks213 chunksize = 262144214 start = 0215 total = os.path.getsize(lf)216 use_put = {'total': total}217 f = open(lf, 'r')218 def readchunk():219 return

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