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1#pylint: disable-msg=C01112# Copyright (c) 2014 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.3# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be4# found in the LICENSE file.5"""Scheduler helper libraries.6"""7import logging8import os9import common10from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import global_config11from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import logging_config12from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import logging_manager13from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import utils14from autotest_lib.database import database_connection15from autotest_lib.frontend import setup_django_environment16from autotest_lib.frontend.afe import readonly_connection17from autotest_lib.server import utils as server_utils18DB_CONFIG_SECTION = 'AUTOTEST_WEB'19# Translations necessary for scheduler queries to work with SQLite.20# Though this is only used for testing it is included in this module to avoid21# circular imports.22_re_translator = database_connection.TranslatingDatabase.make_regexp_translator23_DB_TRANSLATORS = (24 _re_translator(r'NOW\(\)', 'time("now")'),25 _re_translator(r'LAST_INSERT_ID\(\)', 'LAST_INSERT_ROWID()'),26 # older SQLite doesn't support group_concat, so just don't bother until27 # it arises in an important query28 _re_translator(r'GROUP_CONCAT\((.*?)\)', r'\1'),29 _re_translator(r'TRUNCATE TABLE', 'DELETE FROM'),30 _re_translator(r'ISNULL\(([a-z,_]+)\)',31 r'ifnull(nullif(\1, NULL), \1) DESC'),32)33class SchedulerError(Exception):34 """Raised by the scheduler when an inconsistent state occurs."""35class ConnectionManager(object):36 """Manager for the django database connections.37 The connection is used through scheduler_models and monitor_db.38 """39 __metaclass__ = server_utils.Singleton40 def __init__(self, readonly=True, autocommit=True):41 """Set global django database options for correct connection handling.42 @param readonly: Globally disable readonly connections.43 @param autocommit: Initialize django autocommit options.44 """45 self.db_connection = None46 # bypass the readonly connection47 readonly_connection.set_globally_disabled(readonly)48 if autocommit:49 # ensure Django connection is in autocommit50 setup_django_environment.enable_autocommit()51 @classmethod52 def open_connection(cls):53 """Open a new database connection.54 @return: An instance of the newly opened connection.55 """56 db = database_connection.DatabaseConnection(DB_CONFIG_SECTION)57 db.connect(db_type='django')58 return db59 def get_connection(self):60 """Get a connection.61 @return: A database connection.62 """63 if self.db_connection is None:64 self.db_connection = self.open_connection()65 return self.db_connection66 def disconnect(self):67 """Close the database connection."""68 try:69 self.db_connection.disconnect()70 except Exception as e:71 logging.debug('Could not close the db connection. %s', e)72 def __del__(self):73 self.disconnect()74class SchedulerLoggingConfig(logging_config.LoggingConfig):75 """Configure timestamped logging for a scheduler."""76 GLOBAL_LEVEL = logging.INFO77 @classmethod78 def get_log_name(cls, timestamped_logfile_prefix):79 """Get the name of a logfile.80 @param timestamped_logfile_prefix: The prefix to apply to the81 a timestamped log. Eg: 'scheduler' will create a logfile named82 scheduler.log.2014-05-12- @return: The timestamped log name.84 """85 return cls.get_timestamped_log_name(timestamped_logfile_prefix)86 def configure_logging(self, log_dir=None, logfile_name=None,87 timestamped_logfile_prefix='scheduler'):88 """Configure logging to a specified logfile.89 @param log_dir: The directory to log into.90 @param logfile_name: The name of the log file.91 @timestamped_logfile_prefix: The prefix to apply to the name of92 the logfile, if a log file name isn't specified.93 """94 super(SchedulerLoggingConfig, self).configure_logging(use_console=True)95 if log_dir is None:96 log_dir = self.get_server_log_dir()97 if not logfile_name:98 logfile_name = self.get_log_name(timestamped_logfile_prefix)99 self.add_file_handler(logfile_name, logging.DEBUG, log_dir=log_dir)100 symlink_path = os.path.join(101 log_dir, '%s.latest' % timestamped_logfile_prefix)102 try:103 os.unlink(symlink_path)104 except OSError:105 pass106 os.symlink(os.path.join(log_dir, logfile_name), symlink_path)107def setup_logging(log_dir, log_name, timestamped_logfile_prefix='scheduler'):108 """Setup logging to a given log directory and log file.109 @param log_dir: The directory to log into.110 @param log_name: Name of the log file.111 @param timestamped_logfile_prefix: The prefix to apply to the logfile.112 """113 logging_manager.configure_logging(114 SchedulerLoggingConfig(), log_dir=log_dir, logfile_name=log_name,115 timestamped_logfile_prefix=timestamped_logfile_prefix)116def check_production_settings(scheduler_options):117 """Check the scheduler option's production settings.118 @param scheduler_options: Settings for scheduler.119 @raises SchedulerError: If a loclhost scheduler is started with120 production settings.121 """122 db_server = global_config.global_config.get_config_value('AUTOTEST_WEB',123 'host')124 if (not scheduler_options.production and125 not utils.is_localhost(db_server)):126 raise SchedulerError('Scheduler is not running in production mode, you '127 'should not set database to hosts other than '128 'localhost. It\'s currently set to %s.\nAdd option'129 ' --production if you want to skip this check.' %...

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