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...108 'fs_opts': fsopts,109 'fs_mkfs': fsmkfs,110 'mounted': mstat})111 return hd_list112def mkfs_all_disks(job, disk_list, fs_type, fs_makeopt, fs_mnt_opt):113 """114 Prepare all the drives in 'disk_list' for testing. For each disk this means115 unmounting any mount points that use the disk, running mkfs with 'fs_type'116 as the file system type and 'fs_makeopt' as the 'mkfs' options, and finally117 remounting the freshly formatted drive using the flags in 'fs_mnt_opt'.118 """119 for disk in disk_list:120 # For now, ext4 isn't quite ready for prime time121 if fs_type == "ext4":122 fs_type = "ext4dev"123 # Grab the device and mount paths for the drive124 dev_path = os.path.join('/dev', disk["device"])125 mnt_path = disk['mountpt']126 # Create a file system instance127 try:128 fs = job.filesystem(device=dev_path, mountpoint=mnt_path)129 except Exception:130 raise Exception("Could not create a filesystem on '%s'" % dev_path)131 # Make sure the volume is unmounted132 if disk["mounted"]:133 try:134 fs.unmount(mnt_path)135 except Exception as info:136 raise Exception("umount failed: exception = %s, args = %s" %137 (sys.exc_info()[0], info.args))138 except Exception:139 raise Exception("Could not unmount device ", dev_path)140 # Is the drive already formatted with the right file system?141 skip_mkfs = match_fs(disk, dev_path, fs_type, fs_makeopt)142 # Next step is to create a fresh file system (if we need to)143 try:144 if not skip_mkfs:145 fs.mkfs(fstype=fs_type, args=fs_makeopt)146 except Exception:147 raise Exception("Could not 'mkfs " + "-t " + fs_type + " " +148 fs_makeopt + " " + dev_path + "'")149 # Mount the drive with the appropriate FS options150 try:151 opts = ""152 if fs_mnt_opt != "":153 opts += " -o " + fs_mnt_opt154 fs.mount(mountpoint=mnt_path, fstype=fs_type, args=opts)155 except NameError as info:156 raise Exception("mount name error: %s" % info)157 except Exception as info:158 raise Exception("mount failed: exception = %s, args = %s" %159 (type(info), info.args))160 # If we skipped mkfs we need to wipe the partition clean161 if skip_mkfs:162 fs.wipe()163 # Record the new file system type and options in the disk list164 disk["mounted"] = True165 disk["fs_type"] = fs_type166 disk["fs_mkfs"] = fs_makeopt167 disk["fs_opts"] = fs_mnt_opt168 # Try to wipe the file system slate clean169 utils.drop_caches()170# XXX(gps): Remove this code once refactoring is complete to get rid of these171# nasty test description strings.172def _legacy_str_to_test_flags(fs_desc_string):173 """Convert a legacy FS_LIST string into a partition.FsOptions instance."""174 match ='(.*?)/(.*?)/(.*?)/(.*)$', fs_desc_string.strip())175 if not match:176 raise ValueError('unrecognized FS list entry %r' % fs_desc_string)177 flags_obj = partition.FsOptions(,178,179,180 return flags_obj182def prepare_disks(job, fs_desc, disk1_only=False, disk_list=None):183 """184 Prepare drive(s) to contain the file system type / options given in the185 description line 'fs_desc'. When 'disk_list' is not None, we prepare all186 the drives in that list; otherwise we pick the first available data drive187 (which is usually hdc3) and prepare just that one drive.188 Args:189 fs_desc: A partition.FsOptions instance describing the test -OR- a190 legacy string describing the same in '/' separated format:191 'fstype / mkfs opts / mount opts / short name'.192 disk1_only: Boolean, defaults to False. If True, only test the first193 disk.194 disk_list: A list of disks to prepare. If None is given we default to195 asking get_disk_list().196 Returns:197 (mount path of the first disk, short name of the test, list of disks)198 OR (None, '', None) if no fs_desc was given.199 """200 # Special case - do nothing if caller passes no description.201 if not fs_desc:202 return (None, '', None)203 if not isinstance(fs_desc, partition.FsOptions):204 fs_desc = _legacy_str_to_test_flags(fs_desc)205 # If no disk list was given, we'll get it ourselves206 if not disk_list:207 disk_list = get_disk_list()208 # Make sure we have the appropriate 'mkfs' binary for the file system209 mkfs_bin = 'mkfs.' + fs_desc.fstype210 if fs_desc.fstype == 'ext4':211 mkfs_bin = 'mkfs.ext4dev'212 try:213 utils.system('which ' + mkfs_bin)214 except Exception:215 try:216 mkfs_bin = os.path.join(job.toolsdir, mkfs_bin)217 utils.system('cp -ufp %s /sbin' % mkfs_bin)218 except Exception:219 raise error.TestError('No mkfs binary available for ' +220 fs_desc.fstype)221 # For 'ext4' we need to add '-E test_fs' to the mkfs options222 if fs_desc.fstype == 'ext4':223 fs_desc.mkfs_flags += ' -E test_fs'224 # If the caller only needs one drive, grab the first one only225 if disk1_only:226 disk_list = disk_list[0:1]227 # We have all the info we need to format the drives228 mkfs_all_disks(job, disk_list, fs_desc.fstype,229 fs_desc.mkfs_flags, fs_desc.mount_options)230 # Return(mount path of the first disk, test tag value, disk_list)231 return (disk_list[0]['mountpt'], fs_desc.fs_tag, disk_list)232def restore_disks(job, restore=False, disk_list=None):233 """234 Restore ext2 on the drives in 'disk_list' if 'restore' is True; when235 disk_list is None, we do nothing.236 """237 if restore and disk_list is not None:238 prepare_disks(job, 'ext2 / -q -i20480 -m1 / / restore_ext2',239 disk1_only=False,240 disk_list=disk_list)241def wipe_disks(job, disk_list):242 """...

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