How to use modules_needed method in autotest

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1import sys, os, modulefinder, pkgutil, subprocess23from . import etc_default4from . import etc56test_should_clobber_config = False7if "UNIT_TEST" in globals():8 if UNIT_TEST:9 if pkgutil.find_loader("config.etc_test_overrides"):10 pkgutil.find_loader("config.etc_test_overrides").load()11 test_should_clobber_config = True121314class configuration:1516 @staticmethod17 def check_packages():18 mdfinder = modulefinder.ModuleFinder(path=['..',])19 builtin_packages = sys.builtin_module_names20 installed_packages = [x[1] for x in pkgutil.iter_modules()]21 here_packages = [x[1] for x in pkgutil.iter_modules()]2223 # installed_packages=pip.get_installed_distributions()24 # installed_packages=[x.project_name for x in installed_packages]25 required_modules = set()26 for root, dirs, files in os.walk("..", followlinks=False):27 for fil in files:28 if fil.endswith(".py"):29 print(os.path.join(root, fil))30 mdfinder.run_script(os.path.join(root, fil))31 top_packages = [32 x.split(".")[0] for x in list(mdfinder.modules.keys())33 ]34 required_modules |= set(top_packages)3536 modules_needed = []37 for mod in required_modules:38 if (39 (mod not in builtin_packages)40 and (mod not in installed_packages)41 and (mod not in here_packages)42 ):43 modules_needed.append(mod)44 if modules_needed:45 print("FATAL CONFIGURATION ERROR !")46 print("The following modules need to be installed for Infoshopkeeper to run.")47 print("Use pip, apt-get, conda or your preferred package manager to download.")48 for m in modules_needed:49 print(("%s is not installed" % m))50 sys.exit(0)5152 @staticmethod53 def improper_config_die(var):54 print("FATAL CONFIGURATION ERROR !")55 print("Unable to reach configuration value %s" % var)56 print(" (did you modify the config before using ? did you used an")57 print(58 " obsolete config file ?)"59 )60 print("\n\n\n")61 sys.exit(0)6263 @staticmethod64 def no_sql_die(sql_type):65 print("FATAL CONFIGURATION ERROR !")66 print("infoshopkeeper requires MySQL, PostGreSQL or sqlite to be installed.")67 print("""You are configured to use sql database type '%s' and it is not installed \n68 or not reachable via your system path.""")6970 @staticmethod71 def get(var):72 if test_should_clobber_config and hasattr(etc_tst, var):73 return getattr(etc_tst, var)74 elif hasattr(etc, var):75 return getattr(etc, var)76 elif hasattr(etc_default, var):77 return getattr(etc_default, var)78 else:79 improper_config_die.__func__(var)8081 db_type = get.__func__("dbtype")82 if db_type == "mysql":83 try:84"mysql --version", shell=True)85 except subprocess.CalledProcessError as e:86 no_sql_die.__func__(db_type)87 elif db_type == "postgres":88 try:89"postgres -v", shell=True)90 except subprocess.CalledProcessError as e:91 no_sql_die.__func__(db_type)92 elif get("dbytpy") == "sqlite":93 try:94"sqlite3 -version", shell=True)95 except subprocess.CalledProcessError as e:96 no_sql_die.__func__(db_type)97 else:98 no_sql_die.__func__(db_type)99 ...

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1import setuptools2with open("", "r", encoding="utf-8") as fh:3 long_description = 5try:6 # if have requirements.txt file inside the folder7 with open("requirements.txt", "r", encoding="utf-8") as f:8 modules_needed = [i.strip() for i in fh.readlines()] 9except:10 modules_needed = []11setuptools.setup(12 name="exceltopostgresql", # Replace with your own username13 version="0.0.9",14 author="Xiangyong Luo",15 author_email="",16 description="This package help to convert your excel files (xlsx,xls,csv) to Postgresql database.",17 long_description=long_description,18 long_description_content_type="text/markdown",19 url="",20 21 22 classifiers=[23 "Programming Language :: Python :: 3",24 "License :: OSI Approved :: MIT License",25 "Operating System :: OS Independent",26 ],27 python_requires='>=3.6',28 29 install_requires=modules_needed,30 packages=setuptools.find_packages(),31 include_package_data=True,32 package_data= {'':['*.txt','*.xls','*.xlsx','*.csv'],33 "test_data":['*.txt']}...

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