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1# Copyright (C) 2012 Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation.2# Copyright (C) 2012 Isaku Yamahata <yamahata at private email ne jp>3#4# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");5# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.6# You may obtain a copy of the License at7#8# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software11# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,12# WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or13# implied.14# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and15# limitations under the License.16"""17slimmed down version of OVSBridge in quantum agent18"""19import functools20import logging21from ryu import cfg22import ryu.exception as ryu_exc23import ryu.lib.dpid as dpid_lib24import ryu.lib.ovs.vsctl as ovs_vsctl25LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)26CONF = cfg.CONF27CONF.register_opts([28 cfg.IntOpt('ovsdb-timeout', default=2, help='ovsdb timeout')29])30class OVSBridgeNotFound(ryu_exc.RyuException):31 message = 'no bridge for datapath_id %(datapath_id)s'32class VifPort(object):33 def __init__(self, port_name, ofport, vif_id, vif_mac, switch):34 super(VifPort, self).__init__()35 self.port_name = port_name36 self.ofport = ofport37 self.vif_id = vif_id38 self.vif_mac = vif_mac39 self.switch = switch40 def __str__(self):41 return ('iface-id=%s, '42 'vif_mac=%s, '43 'port_name=%s, '44 'ofport=%d, '45 'bridge_name=%s' % (self.vif_id,46 self.vif_mac,47 self.port_name,48 self.ofport,49 self.switch.br_name))50class TunnelPort(object):51 def __init__(self, port_name, ofport, tunnel_type, local_ip, remote_ip):52 super(TunnelPort, self).__init__()53 self.port_name = port_name54 self.ofport = ofport55 self.tunnel_type = tunnel_type56 self.local_ip = local_ip57 self.remote_ip = remote_ip58 def __eq__(self, other):59 return (self.port_name == other.port_name and60 self.ofport == other.ofport and61 self.tunnel_type == other.tunnel_type and62 self.local_ip == other.local_ip and63 self.remote_ip == other.remote_ip)64 def __str__(self):65 return ('port_name=%s, '66 'ofport=%s, '67 'type=%s, '68 'local_ip=%s, '69 'remote_ip=%s' % (self.port_name,70 self.ofport,71 self.tunnel_type,72 self.local_ip,73 self.remote_ip))74class OVSBridge(object):75 def __init__(self, CONF, datapath_id, ovsdb_addr, timeout=None,76 exception=None):77 super(OVSBridge, self).__init__()78 self.datapath_id = datapath_id79 self.vsctl = ovs_vsctl.VSCtl(ovsdb_addr)80 self.timeout = timeout or CONF.ovsdb_timeout81 self.exception = exception82 self.br_name = None83 def run_command(self, commands):84 self.vsctl.run_command(commands, self.timeout, self.exception)85 def init(self):86 if self.br_name is None:87 self.br_name = self._get_bridge_name()88 def _get_bridge_name(self):89 """ get Bridge name of a given 'datapath_id' """90 command = ovs_vsctl.VSCtlCommand(91 'find',92 ('Bridge',93 'datapath_id=%s' % dpid_lib.dpid_to_str(self.datapath_id)))94 self.run_command([command])95 if not isinstance(command.result, list) or len(command.result) != 1:96 raise OVSBridgeNotFound(97 datapath_id=dpid_lib.dpid_to_str(self.datapath_id))98 return command.result[0].name99 def get_controller(self):100 command = ovs_vsctl.VSCtlCommand('get-controller', [self.br_name])101 self.run_command([command])102 return command.result[0]103 def set_controller(self, controllers):104 command = ovs_vsctl.VSCtlCommand('set-controller', [self.br_name])105 command.args.extend(controllers)106 self.run_command([command])107 def del_controller(self):108 command = ovs_vsctl.VSCtlCommand('del-controller', [self.br_name])109 self.run_command([command])110 def list_db_attributes(self, table, record=None):111 """112 Lists 'record' (or all records) in 'table'.113 This method is corresponding to the following ovs-vsctl command::114 $ ovs-vsctl list TBL [REC]115 """116 command = ovs_vsctl.VSCtlCommand('list', (table, record))117 self.run_command([command])118 if command.result:119 return command.result120 return []121 def find_db_attributes(self, table, *conditions):122 """123 Lists records satisfying 'conditions' in 'table'.124 This method is corresponding to the following ovs-vsctl command::125 $ ovs-vsctl find TBL CONDITION...126 .. Note::127 Currently, only '=' condition is supported.128 To support other condition is TODO.129 """130 args = [table]131 args.extend(conditions)132 command = ovs_vsctl.VSCtlCommand('find', args)133 self.run_command([command])134 if command.result:135 return command.result136 return []137 def get_db_attribute(self, table, record, column, key=None):138 """139 Gets values of 'column' in 'record' in 'table'.140 This method is corresponding to the following ovs-vsctl command::141 $ ovs-vsctl get TBL REC COL[:KEY]142 """143 if key is not None:144 column = '%s:%s' % (column, key)145 command = ovs_vsctl.VSCtlCommand(146 'get', (table, record, column))147 self.run_command([command])148 if command.result:149 return command.result[0]150 return None151 def set_db_attribute(self, table, record, column, value, key=None):152 """153 Sets 'value' into 'column' in 'record' in 'table'.154 This method is corresponding to the following ovs-vsctl command::155 $ ovs-vsctl set TBL REC COL[:KEY]=VALUE156 """157 if key is not None:158 column = '%s:%s' % (column, key)159 command = ovs_vsctl.VSCtlCommand(160 'set', (table, record, '%s=%s' % (column, value)))161 self.run_command([command])162 def add_db_attribute(self, table, record, column, value, key=None):163 """164 Adds ('key'=)'value' into 'column' in 'record' in 'table'.165 This method is corresponding to the following ovs-vsctl command::166 $ ovs-vsctl add TBL REC COL [KEY=]VALUE167 """168 if key is not None:169 value = '%s=%s' % (key, value)170 command = ovs_vsctl.VSCtlCommand(171 'add', (table, record, column, value))172 self.run_command([command])173 def remove_db_attribute(self, table, record, column, value, key=None):174 """175 Removes ('key'=)'value' into 'column' in 'record' in 'table'.176 This method is corresponding to the following ovs-vsctl command::177 $ ovs-vsctl remove TBL REC COL [KEY=]VALUE178 """179 if key is not None:180 value = '%s=%s' % (key, value)181 command = ovs_vsctl.VSCtlCommand(182 'remove', (table, record, column, value))183 self.run_command([command])184 def clear_db_attribute(self, table, record, column):185 """186 Clears values from 'column' in 'record' in 'table'.187 This method is corresponding to the following ovs-vsctl command::188 $ ovs-vsctl clear TBL REC COL189 """190 command = ovs_vsctl.VSCtlCommand('clear', (table, record, column))191 self.run_command([command])192 def db_get_val(self, table, record, column):193 command = ovs_vsctl.VSCtlCommand('get', (table, record, column))194 self.run_command([command])195 assert len(command.result) == 1196 return command.result[0]197 def db_get_map(self, table, record, column):198 val = self.db_get_val(table, record, column)199 assert isinstance(val, dict)200 return val201 def get_datapath_id(self):202 return self.db_get_val('Bridge', self.br_name, 'datapath_id')203 def delete_port(self, port_name):204 command = ovs_vsctl.VSCtlCommand(205 'del-port', (self.br_name, port_name), '--if-exists')206 self.run_command([command])207 def get_ofport(self, port_name):208 ofport_list = self.db_get_val('Interface', port_name, 'ofport')209 assert len(ofport_list) == 1210 return int(ofport_list[0])211 def get_port_name_list(self):212 command = ovs_vsctl.VSCtlCommand('list-ports', (self.br_name, ))213 self.run_command([command])214 return command.result215 def add_bond(self, name, ifaces, bond_mode=None, lacp=None):216 """217 Creates a bonded port.218 :param name: Port name to be created219 :param ifaces: List of interfaces containing at least 2 interfaces220 :param bond_mode: Bonding mode (active-backup, balance-tcp221 or balance-slb)222 :param lacp: LACP mode (active, passive or off)223 """224 assert len(ifaces) >= 2225 options = ''226 if bond_mode:227 options += 'bond_mode=%(bond_mode)s' % locals()228 if lacp:229 options += 'lacp=%(lacp)s' % locals()230 command_add = ovs_vsctl.VSCtlCommand(231 'add-bond', (self.br_name, name, ifaces), options)232 self.run_command([command_add])233 def add_tunnel_port(self, name, tunnel_type, remote_ip,234 local_ip=None, key=None, ofport=None):235 options = 'remote_ip=%(remote_ip)s' % locals()236 if key:237 options += ',key=%(key)s' % locals()238 if local_ip:239 options += ',local_ip=%(local_ip)s' % locals()240 args = ['Interface', name, 'type=%s' % tunnel_type,241 'options:%s' % options]242 if ofport:243 args.append('ofport_request=%(ofport)s' % locals())244 command_add = ovs_vsctl.VSCtlCommand('add-port', (self.br_name, name))245 command_set = ovs_vsctl.VSCtlCommand('set', args)246 self.run_command([command_add, command_set])247 def add_gre_port(self, name, remote_ip,248 local_ip=None, key=None, ofport=None):249 self.add_tunnel_port(name, 'gre', remote_ip,250 local_ip=local_ip, key=key, ofport=ofport)251 def add_vxlan_port(self, name, remote_ip,252 local_ip=None, key=None, ofport=None):253 self.add_tunnel_port(name, 'vxlan', remote_ip,254 local_ip=local_ip, key=key, ofport=ofport)255 def del_port(self, port_name):256 command = ovs_vsctl.VSCtlCommand('del-port', (self.br_name, port_name))257 self.run_command([command])258 def _get_ports(self, get_port):259 ports = []260 port_names = self.get_port_name_list()261 for name in port_names:262 if self.get_ofport(name) < 0:263 continue264 port = get_port(name)265 if port:266 ports.append(port)267 return ports268 def _vifport(self, name, external_ids):269 ofport = self.get_ofport(name)270 return VifPort(name, ofport, external_ids['iface-id'],271 external_ids['attached-mac'], self)272 def _get_vif_port(self, name):273 external_ids = self.db_get_map('Interface', name, 'external_ids')274 if 'iface-id' in external_ids and 'attached-mac' in external_ids:275 return self._vifport(name, external_ids)276 def get_vif_ports(self):277 """ Returns a VIF object for each VIF port """278 return self._get_ports(self._get_vif_port)279 def _get_external_port(self, name):280 # exclude vif ports281 external_ids = self.db_get_map('Interface', name, 'external_ids')282 if external_ids:283 return284 # exclude tunnel ports285 options = self.db_get_map('Interface', name, 'options')286 if 'remote_ip' in options:287 return288 ofport = self.get_ofport(name)289 return VifPort(name, ofport, None, None, self)290 def get_external_ports(self):291 return self._get_ports(self._get_external_port)292 def get_tunnel_port(self, name, tunnel_type='gre'):293 type_ = self.db_get_val('Interface', name, 'type')294 if type_ != tunnel_type:295 return296 options = self.db_get_map('Interface', name, 'options')297 if 'local_ip' in options and 'remote_ip' in options:298 ofport = self.get_ofport(name)299 return TunnelPort(name, ofport, tunnel_type,300 options['local_ip'], options['remote_ip'])301 def get_tunnel_ports(self, tunnel_type='gre'):302 get_tunnel_port = functools.partial(self.get_tunnel_port,303 tunnel_type=tunnel_type)304 return self._get_ports(get_tunnel_port)305 def get_quantum_ports(self, port_name):306 LOG.debug('port_name %s', port_name)307 command = ovs_vsctl.VSCtlCommand(308 'list-ifaces-verbose',309 [dpid_lib.dpid_to_str(self.datapath_id), port_name])310 self.run_command([command])311 if command.result:312 return command.result[0]313 return None314 def set_qos(self, port_name, type='linux-htb', max_rate=None, queues=None):315 queues = queues if queues else []316 command_qos = ovs_vsctl.VSCtlCommand(317 'set-qos',318 [port_name, type, max_rate])319 command_queue = ovs_vsctl.VSCtlCommand(320 'set-queue',321 [port_name, queues])322 self.run_command([command_qos, command_queue])323 if command_qos.result and command_queue.result:324 return command_qos.result + command_queue.result325 return None326 def del_qos(self, port_name):327 command = ovs_vsctl.VSCtlCommand(328 'del-qos',329 [port_name])...

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