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1"""This module implements a LALR(1) Parser2"""3# Author: Erez Shinan (2017)4# Email : erezshin@gmail.com5from copy import deepcopy, copy6from ..exceptions import UnexpectedInput, UnexpectedToken7from ..lexer import Token8from ..utils import Serialize9from .lalr_analysis import LALR_Analyzer, Shift, Reduce, IntParseTable10from .lalr_interactive_parser import InteractiveParser11from lark.exceptions import UnexpectedCharacters, UnexpectedInput, UnexpectedToken12###{standalone13class LALR_Parser(Serialize):14 def __init__(self, parser_conf, debug=False):15 analysis = LALR_Analyzer(parser_conf, debug=debug)16 analysis.compute_lalr()17 callbacks = parser_conf.callbacks18 self._parse_table = analysis.parse_table19 self.parser_conf = parser_conf20 self.parser = _Parser(analysis.parse_table, callbacks, debug)21 @classmethod22 def deserialize(cls, data, memo, callbacks, debug=False):23 inst = cls.__new__(cls)24 inst._parse_table = IntParseTable.deserialize(data, memo)25 inst.parser = _Parser(inst._parse_table, callbacks, debug)26 return inst27 def serialize(self, memo):28 return self._parse_table.serialize(memo)29 30 def parse_interactive(self, lexer, start):31 return self.parser.parse(lexer, start, start_interactive=True)32 def parse(self, lexer, start, on_error=None):33 try:34 return self.parser.parse(lexer, start)35 except UnexpectedInput as e:36 if on_error is None:37 raise38 while True:39 if isinstance(e, UnexpectedCharacters):40 s = e.interactive_parser.lexer_state.state41 p = s.line_ctr.char_pos42 if not on_error(e):43 raise e44 if isinstance(e, UnexpectedCharacters):45 # If user didn't change the character position, then we should46 if p == s.line_ctr.char_pos:47 s.line_ctr.feed(s.text[p:p+1])48 try:49 return e.interactive_parser.resume_parse()50 except UnexpectedToken as e2:51 if (isinstance(e, UnexpectedToken)52 and e.token.type == e2.token.type == '$END'53 and e.interactive_parser == e2.interactive_parser):54 # Prevent infinite loop55 raise e256 e = e257 except UnexpectedCharacters as e2:58 e = e259class ParseConf(object):60 __slots__ = 'parse_table', 'callbacks', 'start', 'start_state', 'end_state', 'states'61 def __init__(self, parse_table, callbacks, start):62 self.parse_table = parse_table63 self.start_state = self.parse_table.start_states[start]64 self.end_state = self.parse_table.end_states[start]65 self.states = self.parse_table.states66 self.callbacks = callbacks67 self.start = start68class ParserState(object):69 __slots__ = 'parse_conf', 'lexer', 'state_stack', 'value_stack'70 def __init__(self, parse_conf, lexer, state_stack=None, value_stack=None):71 self.parse_conf = parse_conf72 self.lexer = lexer73 self.state_stack = state_stack or [self.parse_conf.start_state]74 self.value_stack = value_stack or []75 @property76 def position(self):77 return self.state_stack[-1]78 # Necessary for match_examples() to work79 def __eq__(self, other):80 if not isinstance(other, ParserState):81 return NotImplemented82 return len(self.state_stack) == len(other.state_stack) and self.position == other.position83 def __copy__(self):84 return type(self)(85 self.parse_conf,86 self.lexer, # XXX copy87 copy(self.state_stack),88 deepcopy(self.value_stack),89 )90 def copy(self):91 return copy(self)92 def feed_token(self, token, is_end=False):93 state_stack = self.state_stack94 value_stack = self.value_stack95 states = self.parse_conf.states96 end_state = self.parse_conf.end_state97 callbacks = self.parse_conf.callbacks98 while True:99 state = state_stack[-1]100 try:101 action, arg = states[state][token.type]102 except KeyError:103 expected = {s for s in states[state].keys() if s.isupper()}104 raise UnexpectedToken(token, expected, state=self, interactive_parser=None)105 assert arg != end_state106 if action is Shift:107 # shift once and return108 assert not is_end109 state_stack.append(arg)110 value_stack.append(token if token.type not in callbacks else callbacks[token.type](token))111 return112 else:113 # reduce+shift as many times as necessary114 rule = arg115 size = len(rule.expansion)116 if size:117 s = value_stack[-size:]118 del state_stack[-size:]119 del value_stack[-size:]120 else:121 s = []122 value = callbacks[rule](s)123 _action, new_state = states[state_stack[-1]][]124 assert _action is Shift125 state_stack.append(new_state)126 value_stack.append(value)127 if is_end and state_stack[-1] == end_state:128 return value_stack[-1]129class _Parser(object):130 def __init__(self, parse_table, callbacks, debug=False):131 self.parse_table = parse_table132 self.callbacks = callbacks133 self.debug = debug134 def parse(self, lexer, start, value_stack=None, state_stack=None, start_interactive=False):135 parse_conf = ParseConf(self.parse_table, self.callbacks, start)136 parser_state = ParserState(parse_conf, lexer, state_stack, value_stack)137 if start_interactive:138 return InteractiveParser(self, parser_state, parser_state.lexer)139 return self.parse_from_state(parser_state)140 141 def parse_from_state(self, state):142 # Main LALR-parser loop143 try:144 token = None145 for token in state.lexer.lex(state):146 state.feed_token(token)147 token = Token.new_borrow_pos('$END', '', token) if token else Token('$END', '', 0, 1, 1)148 return state.feed_token(token, True)149 except UnexpectedInput as e:150 try:151 e.interactive_parser = InteractiveParser(self, state, state.lexer)152 except NameError:153 pass154 raise e155 except Exception as e:156 if self.debug:157 print("")158 print("STATE STACK DUMP")159 print("----------------")160 for i, s in enumerate(state.state_stack):161 print('%d)' % i , s)162 print("")163 raise...

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1"""2 :codeauthor: Jayesh Kariya <>3"""4import salt.modules.logrotate as logrotate5from salt.exceptions import SaltInvocationError6from import LoaderModuleMockMixin7from import MagicMock, patch8from import TestCase9PARSE_CONF = {10 "include files": {"rsyslog": ["/var/log/syslog"]},11 "rotate": 1,12 "/var/log/wtmp": {"rotate": 1},13}14class LogrotateTestCase(TestCase, LoaderModuleMockMixin):15 """16 Test cases for salt.modules.logrotate17 """18 def setup_loader_modules(self):19 return {logrotate: {}}20 # 'show_conf' function tests: 121 def test_show_conf(self):22 """23 Test if it show parsed configuration24 """25 with patch("salt.modules.logrotate._parse_conf", MagicMock(return_value=True)):26 self.assertTrue(logrotate.show_conf())27 # 'set_' function tests: 428 def test_set(self):29 """30 Test if it set a new value for a specific configuration line31 """32 with patch(33 "salt.modules.logrotate._parse_conf", MagicMock(return_value=PARSE_CONF)34 ), patch.dict(35 logrotate.__salt__, {"file.replace": MagicMock(return_value=True)}36 ):37 self.assertTrue(logrotate.set_("rotate", "2"))38 def test_set_failed(self):39 """40 Test if it fails to set a new value for a specific configuration line41 """42 with patch(43 "salt.modules.logrotate._parse_conf", MagicMock(return_value=PARSE_CONF)44 ):45 kwargs = {"key": "/var/log/wtmp", "value": 2}46 self.assertRaises(SaltInvocationError, logrotate.set_, **kwargs)47 def test_set_setting(self):48 """49 Test if it set a new value for a specific configuration line50 """51 with patch.dict(52 logrotate.__salt__, {"file.replace": MagicMock(return_value=True)}53 ), patch(54 "salt.modules.logrotate._parse_conf", MagicMock(return_value=PARSE_CONF)55 ):56 self.assertTrue(logrotate.set_("/var/log/wtmp", "rotate", "2"))57 def test_set_setting_failed(self):58 """59 Test if it fails to set a new value for a specific configuration line60 """61 with patch(62 "salt.modules.logrotate._parse_conf", MagicMock(return_value=PARSE_CONF)63 ):64 kwargs = {"key": "rotate", "value": "/var/log/wtmp", "setting": "2"}...

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