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...25def translate_text(text):26 if len(text) > 255:27 return f"Too many characters. Try sending less than 255 characters"28 if not text.strip():29 return parse_global(TYPE_HELP, EXAMPLES, MISSING_TEXT)30 if text == "help":31 return parse_global(32 ["Usage", "Examples"], HELP_TEXT, "Translate guide"33 )34 if text == "languages":35 return ""36 kwargs = text.split(" ")[0].split("=")37 if len(kwargs) == 2 and kwargs[0] == "target":38 if not kwargs[1]:39 return parse_global(TYPE_HELP, EXAMPLES, MISSING_TARGET)40 target = kwargs[1]41 text = " ".join(text.split(" ")[1:])42 if not text.strip():43 return parse_global(TYPE_HELP, EXAMPLES, MISSING_TEXT)44 else:45 target = "en"46 translate_client = translate.Client()47 if isinstance(text, six.binary_type):48 text = text.decode("utf-8")49 # Text can also be a sequence of strings, in which case this method50 # will return a sequence of results for each text.51 try:52 result = translate_client.translate(53 text, target_language=target, format_="text"54 )55 except (GoogleAPICallError, BadRequest) as e:56 logger.error(e)57 return "Something went wrong. For usage and examples type '/translate help'."58 return parse_global(59 title="💬 Translate",60 stats={61 "Source text": result["input"],62 "Source language": result["detectedSourceLanguage"],63 "Translation": result["translatedText"],64 },65 items={},...

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2import csv3import re4from scrapy.http import HtmlResponse5# Extract links from bullet point lists.6def parse_global(html):7 response = HtmlResponse("", body=html)8 return response.css("li a[href*='']::attr(href)").getall()9# Mapping from Wikidata IDs to the corresponding enwiki page titles.10with open("wikidata_to_enwiki.tsv", "rt") as f:11 wikidata_to_enwiki = {12 wikidata: enwiki for wikidata, enwiki in csv.reader(f, delimiter="\t")13 }14# List of sections from the following page:15# = "People History Geography Arts Philosophy_and_religion Anthropology,_psychology_and_everyday_life Society_and_social_sciences Biology_and_health_sciences Physical_sciences Technology Mathematics".split()17WIKIDATA_LINK = re.compile("https://www\.wikidata\.org/wiki/(Q[0-9]+)$")18# Extract of English Wikipedia page titles corresponding to pages which are considered19# fundamental. Write them to a TSV file, including their broad category too.20count = 021skipped = 122with open("global_list.tsv", "wt") as fout:23 for page in PAGES:24 category = page.replace("_", " ")25 with open(f"html/Global:{page}.html", "rb") as fin:26 for link in parse_global( match = re.match(WIKIDATA_LINK, link)28 if match:29 entity_id = if entity_id not in wikidata_to_enwiki:31 skipped += 132 else:33 fout.write(f"{category}\t{wikidata_to_enwiki[entity_id]}\n")...

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