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...95 raise error.HarnessError("Bad use of 'quickcmd'")96 self.cmd = a[9:]97 else:98 raise error.HarnessError("Unknown beaker harness arg: %s" % a)99 def parse_quickcmd(self, args):100 # hack allow tests to quickly submit feedback through harness101 if not args:102 return103 if 'BEAKER_TASK_ID' not in os.environ:104 raise error.HarnessError("No BEAKER_TASK_ID set")105 task_id = os.environ['BEAKER_TASK_ID']106 # Commands are from tests and should be reported as results107 cmd, q_args = args.split(':')108 if cmd == 'submit_log':109 try:110 # rhts_submit_log has as args: -S -T -l111 # we just care about -l112 f = None113 arg_list = q_args.split(' ')114 while arg_list:115 arg = arg_list.pop(0)116 if arg == '-l':117 f = arg_list.pop(0)118 break119 if not f:120 raise HarnessException("Argument -l not found in q_args "121 "'%s'" % q_args)122 self.bkr_proxy.task_upload_file(task_id, f)123 except Exception:124 logging.critical('ERROR: Failed to process quick cmd %s' % cmd)125 elif cmd == 'submit_result':126 def init_args(testname='Need/a/testname/here', status="None", logfile=None, score="0"):127 return testname, status, logfile, score128 try:129 # report_result has TESTNAME STATUS LOGFILE SCORE130 arg_list = q_args.split(' ')131 testname, status, logfile, score = init_args(*arg_list)132 resultid = self.bkr_proxy.task_result(task_id, status,133 testname, score, '')134 if (logfile and os.path.isfile(logfile) and135 os.path.getsize(logfile) != 0):136 self.bkr_proxy.result_upload_file(task_id, resultid, logfile)137 # save the dmesg file138 dfile = '/tmp/beaker.dmesg'139 utils.system('dmesg -c > %s' % dfile)140 if os.path.getsize(dfile) != 0:141 self.bkr_proxy.result_upload_file(task_id, resultid, dfile)142 # os.remove(dfile)143 except Exception:144 logging.critical('ERROR: Failed to process quick cmd %s' % cmd)145 elif cmd == 'reboot':146 # we are in a stub job. Can't use self.job.reboot() :-(147 utils.system("sync; sync; reboot")148 self.run_pause()149 raise error.JobContinue("more to come")150 else:151 raise error.HarnessError("Bad sub-quickcmd: %s" % cmd)152 def bootstrap(self, fetchdir):153 '''How to kickstart autotest when you have no control file?154 You download the beaker XML, convert it to a control file155 and pass it back to autotest. Much like bootstrapping.. :-)156 '''157 # hack to sneakily pass results back to beaker without running158 # autotest. Need to avoid calling get_recipe below159 if self.cmd:160 self.parse_quickcmd(self.cmd)161 return None162 recipe = self.init_recipe_from_beaker()163 # remove stale file164 if os.path.isfile(self.state_file):165 os.remove(self.state_file)166 self.tests = {}167 # sanity check168 if self.recipe_id != raise error.HarnessError('Recipe mismatch: machine %s.. != XML %s..' %170 (self.recipe_id, # create unique name172 control_file_name = recipe.job_id + '_' + + '.control'173 control_file_path = fetchdir + '/' + control_file_name174 logging.debug('setting up control file - %s' % control_file_path)...

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