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...57 if type(field) == dbmodels.BooleanField and in data:58 data[] = bool(data[])59 # TODO(showard) - is there a way to not have to do this?60 @classmethod61 def provide_default_values(cls, data):62 """\63 Provide default values for fields with default values which have64 nothing passed in.65 For CharField and TextField fields with "blank=True", if nothing66 is passed, we fill in an empty string value, even if there's no67 :retab default set.68 """69 new_data = dict(data)70 field_dict = cls.get_field_dict()71 for name, obj in field_dict.iteritems():72 if data.get(name) is not None:73 continue74 if obj.default is not dbmodels.fields.NOT_PROVIDED:75 new_data[name] = obj.default76 elif (isinstance(obj, dbmodels.CharField) or77 isinstance(obj, dbmodels.TextField)):78 new_data[name] = ''79 return new_data80 @classmethod81 def validate_field_names(cls, data):82 'Checks for extraneous fields in data.'83 errors = {}84 field_dict = cls.get_field_dict()85 for field_name in data:86 if field_name not in field_dict:87 errors[field_name] = 'No field of this name'88 return errors89 @classmethod90 def prepare_data_args(cls, data):91 'Common preparation for add_object and update_object'92 # must check for extraneous field names here, while we have the93 # data in a dict94 errors = cls.validate_field_names(data)95 if errors:96 raise django_exceptions.ValidationError(errors)97 return data98 @classmethod99 def _get_required_field_names(cls):100 """Get the fields without which we cannot create a host.101 @return: A list of field names that cannot be blank on host creation.102 """103 return [ for field in cls._meta.fields if not field.blank]104 @classmethod105 def get_basic_field_names(cls):106 """Get all basic fields of the Model.107 This method returns the names of all fields that the client can provide108 a value for during host creation. The fields not included in this list109 are those that we can leave blank. Specifying non-null values for such110 fields only makes sense as an update to the host.111 @return A list of basic fields.112 Eg: set([hostname, locked, leased, status, invalid,113 protection, lock_time, dirty])114 """115 return [ for field in cls._meta.fields116 if field.has_default()] + cls._get_required_field_names()117 @classmethod118 def validate_model_fields(cls, data):119 """Validate parameters needed to create a host.120 Check that all required fields are specified, that specified fields121 are actual model values, and provide defaults for the unspecified122 but unrequired fields.123 @param dict: A dictionary with the args to create the model.124 @raises dajngo_exceptions.ValidationError: If either an invalid field125 is specified or a required field is missing.126 """127 missing_fields = set(cls._get_required_field_names()) - set(data.keys())128 if missing_fields:129 raise django_exceptions.ValidationError('%s required to create %s, '130 'supplied %s ' % (missing_fields, cls.__name__, data))131 data = cls.prepare_data_args(data)132 data = cls.provide_default_values(data)133 return data134class AbstractHostModel(dbmodels.Model, ModelValidators):135 """Abstract model specifying all fields one can use to create a host.136 This model enforces consistency between the host models of the rdb and137 their representation on the client side.138 Internal fields:139 status: string describing status of host140 invalid: true if the host has been deleted141 protection: indicates what can be done to this host during repair142 lock_time: DateTime at which the host was locked143 dirty: true if the host has been used without being rebooted144 lock_reason: The reason for locking the host.145 """146 Status = host_states.Status...

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