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1"""2Performance tests for field overrides.3"""4import itertools5from datetime import datetime6from unittest import mock7import ddt8import pytest9from ccx_keys.locator import CCXLocator10from django.conf import settings11from import FallbackStorage12from django.core.cache import caches13from django.db import connections14from django.test.client import RequestFactory15from django.test.utils import override_settings16from edx_django_utils.cache import RequestCache17from opaque_keys.edx.keys import CourseKey18from pytz import UTC19from xblock.core import XBlock20from common.djangoapps.student.models import CourseEnrollment21from common.djangoapps.student.tests.factories import UserFactory22from lms.djangoapps.ccx.tests.factories import CcxFactory23from lms.djangoapps.courseware.field_overrides import OverrideFieldData24from lms.djangoapps.courseware.testutils import FieldOverrideTestMixin25from lms.djangoapps.courseware.views.views import progress26from openedx.core.djangoapps.content.block_structure.api import get_course_in_cache27from openedx.core.djangoapps.waffle_utils.testutils import WAFFLE_TABLES28from openedx.features.content_type_gating.models import ContentTypeGatingConfig29from xmodule.modulestore.tests.django_utils import (30 TEST_DATA_MONGO_MODULESTORE,31 TEST_DATA_SPLIT_MODULESTORE,32 ModuleStoreTestCase33)34from xmodule.modulestore.tests.factories import CourseFactory, check_mongo_calls, check_sum_of_calls35from xmodule.modulestore.tests.utils import ProceduralCourseTestMixin36QUERY_COUNT_TABLE_BLACKLIST = WAFFLE_TABLES37@mock.patch.dict(38 'django.conf.settings.FEATURES',39 {40 'ENABLE_XBLOCK_VIEW_ENDPOINT': True,41 }42)43@ddt.ddt44class FieldOverridePerformanceTestCase(FieldOverrideTestMixin, ProceduralCourseTestMixin, ModuleStoreTestCase):45 """46 Base class for instrumenting SQL queries and Mongo reads for field override47 providers.48 """49 __test__ = False50 # Tell Django to clean out all databases, not just default51 databases = set(connections)52 # TEST_DATA must be overridden by subclasses53 TEST_DATA = None54 def setUp(self):55 """56 Create a test client, course, and user.57 """58 super().setUp()59 self.request_factory = RequestFactory()60 self.student = UserFactory.create()61 self.request = self.request_factory.get("foo")62 self.request.session = {}63 self.request.user = self.student64 messages = FallbackStorage(self.request)65 self.request._messages = messages # pylint: disable=protected-access66 patcher = mock.patch('common.djangoapps.edxmako.request_context.get_current_request', return_value=self.request)67 patcher.start()68 self.addCleanup(patcher.stop)69 self.course = None70 self.ccx = None71 def setup_course(self, size, enable_ccx, view_as_ccx):72 """73 Build a gradable course where each node has `size` children.74 """75 grading_policy = {76 "GRADER": [77 {78 "drop_count": 2,79 "min_count": 12,80 "short_label": "HW",81 "type": "Homework",82 "weight": 0.1583 },84 {85 "drop_count": 2,86 "min_count": 12,87 "type": "Lab",88 "weight": 0.1589 },90 {91 "drop_count": 0,92 "min_count": 1,93 "short_label": "Midterm",94 "type": "Midterm Exam",95 "weight": 0.396 },97 {98 "drop_count": 0,99 "min_count": 1,100 "short_label": "Final",101 "type": "Final Exam",102 "weight": 0.4103 }104 ],105 "GRADE_CUTOFFS": {106 "Pass": 0.5107 }108 }109 self.course = CourseFactory.create(110 graded=True,111,112 grading_policy=grading_policy,113 enable_ccx=enable_ccx,114 )115 self.populate_course(size)116 course_key = self.course.id117 if enable_ccx:118 self.ccx = CcxFactory.create( if view_as_ccx:120 course_key = CCXLocator.from_course_locator(, CourseEnrollment.enroll(122 self.student,123 course_key124 )125 return CourseKey.from_string(str(course_key))126 def grade_course(self, course_key):127 """128 Renders the progress page for the given course.129 """130 return progress(131 self.request,132 course_id=str(course_key),133 student_id=self.student.id134 )135 def assertMongoCallCount(self, calls):136 """137 Assert that mongodb is queried ``calls`` times in the surrounded138 context.139 """140 return check_mongo_calls(calls)141 def assertXBlockInstantiations(self, instantiations):142 """143 Assert that exactly ``instantiations`` XBlocks are instantiated in144 the surrounded context.145 """146 return check_sum_of_calls(XBlock, ['__init__'], instantiations, instantiations, include_arguments=False)147 def instrument_course_progress_render(148 self, course_width, enable_ccx, view_as_ccx,149 sql_queries, mongo_reads,150 ):151 """152 Renders the progress page, instrumenting Mongo reads and SQL queries.153 """154 course_key = self.setup_course(course_width, enable_ccx, view_as_ccx)155 # Switch to published-only mode to simulate the LMS156 with self.settings(MODULESTORE_BRANCH='published-only'):157 # Clear all caches before measuring158 for cache in settings.CACHES:159 caches[cache].clear()160 # Refill the metadata inheritance cache161 get_course_in_cache(course_key)162 # We clear the request cache to simulate a new request in the LMS.163 RequestCache.clear_all_namespaces()164 # Reset the list of provider classes, so that our django settings changes165 # can actually take affect.166 OverrideFieldData.provider_classes = None167 with self.assertNumQueries(sql_queries, using='default', table_blacklist=QUERY_COUNT_TABLE_BLACKLIST):168 with self.assertNumQueries(0, using='student_module_history'):169 with self.assertMongoCallCount(mongo_reads):170 with self.assertXBlockInstantiations(1):171 self.grade_course(course_key)172*itertools.product(('no_overrides', 'ccx'), list(range(1, 4)), (True, False), (True, False)))173 @ddt.unpack174 @override_settings(175 XBLOCK_FIELD_DATA_WRAPPERS=[],176 MODULESTORE_FIELD_OVERRIDE_PROVIDERS=[],177 )178 def test_field_overrides(self, overrides, course_width, enable_ccx, view_as_ccx):179 """180 Test without any field overrides.181 """182 ContentTypeGatingConfig.objects.create(183 enabled=True,184 enabled_as_of=datetime(2018, 1, 1),185 )186 providers = {187 'no_overrides': (),188 'ccx': ('lms.djangoapps.ccx.overrides.CustomCoursesForEdxOverrideProvider',)189 }190 if overrides == 'no_overrides' and view_as_ccx:191 pytest.skip("Can't view a ccx course if field overrides are disabled.")192 if not enable_ccx and view_as_ccx:193 pytest.skip("Can't view a ccx course if ccx is disabled on the course")194 if self.MODULESTORE == TEST_DATA_MONGO_MODULESTORE and view_as_ccx:195 pytest.skip("Can't use a MongoModulestore test as a CCX course")196 with self.settings(197 XBLOCK_FIELD_DATA_WRAPPERS=['lms.djangoapps.courseware.field_overrides:OverrideModulestoreFieldData.wrap'],198 MODULESTORE_FIELD_OVERRIDE_PROVIDERS=providers[overrides],199 ):200 sql_queries, mongo_reads = self.TEST_DATA[ # lint-amnesty, pylint: disable=unsubscriptable-object201 (overrides, course_width, enable_ccx, view_as_ccx)202 ]203 self.instrument_course_progress_render(204 course_width, enable_ccx, view_as_ccx, sql_queries, mongo_reads,205 )206class TestFieldOverrideMongoPerformance(FieldOverridePerformanceTestCase):207 """208 Test cases for instrumenting field overrides against the Mongo modulestore.209 """210 MODULESTORE = TEST_DATA_MONGO_MODULESTORE211 __test__ = True212 # TODO: decrease query count as part of REVO-28213 QUERY_COUNT = 34214 TEST_DATA = {215 # (providers, course_width, enable_ccx, view_as_ccx): (216 # # of sql queries to default,217 # # of mongo queries,218 # )219 ('no_overrides', 1, True, False): (QUERY_COUNT, 1),220 ('no_overrides', 2, True, False): (QUERY_COUNT, 1),221 ('no_overrides', 3, True, False): (QUERY_COUNT, 1),222 ('ccx', 1, True, False): (QUERY_COUNT, 1),223 ('ccx', 2, True, False): (QUERY_COUNT, 1),224 ('ccx', 3, True, False): (QUERY_COUNT, 1),225 ('no_overrides', 1, False, False): (QUERY_COUNT, 1),226 ('no_overrides', 2, False, False): (QUERY_COUNT, 1),227 ('no_overrides', 3, False, False): (QUERY_COUNT, 1),228 ('ccx', 1, False, False): (QUERY_COUNT, 1),229 ('ccx', 2, False, False): (QUERY_COUNT, 1),230 ('ccx', 3, False, False): (QUERY_COUNT, 1),231 }232class TestFieldOverrideSplitPerformance(FieldOverridePerformanceTestCase):233 """234 Test cases for instrumenting field overrides against the Split modulestore.235 """236 MODULESTORE = TEST_DATA_SPLIT_MODULESTORE237 __test__ = True238 # TODO: decrease query count as part of REVO-28239 QUERY_COUNT = 34240 TEST_DATA = {241 ('no_overrides', 1, True, False): (QUERY_COUNT, 3),242 ('no_overrides', 2, True, False): (QUERY_COUNT, 3),243 ('no_overrides', 3, True, False): (QUERY_COUNT, 3),244 ('ccx', 1, True, False): (QUERY_COUNT, 3),245 ('ccx', 2, True, False): (QUERY_COUNT, 3),246 ('ccx', 3, True, False): (QUERY_COUNT, 3),247 ('ccx', 1, True, True): (QUERY_COUNT + 2, 3),248 ('ccx', 2, True, True): (QUERY_COUNT + 2, 3),249 ('ccx', 3, True, True): (QUERY_COUNT + 2, 3),250 ('no_overrides', 1, False, False): (QUERY_COUNT, 3),251 ('no_overrides', 2, False, False): (QUERY_COUNT, 3),252 ('no_overrides', 3, False, False): (QUERY_COUNT, 3),253 ('ccx', 1, False, False): (QUERY_COUNT, 3),254 ('ccx', 2, False, False): (QUERY_COUNT, 3),255 ('ccx', 3, False, False): (QUERY_COUNT, 3),...

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