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...88 configfile = open(self.config_path, 'wb')89 config.write(configfile)90 ## Reads the configuration from a given file91 def read(self):92 def read_config(keyOption, defaultValue, castFunction, section=SECTION_INIT):93 try:94 strValue = config.get(section, keyOption)95 return castFunction(strValue)96 except Exception:97 return defaultValue98 config = ConfigParser.RawConfigParser()99 ## Initial window width, default is 550101 self.init_width = read_config('width', 780, int)102 ## Initial window height, default is 450103 self.init_height = read_config('height', 600, int)104 ## Directory path to the map images, default is "userProfile" folder105 self.init_path = DEFAULT_PATH106 strPath = read_config('path', self.init_path, str)107 if not strPath.strip().lower() in ['none', '']:108 strPath = fileUtils.check_dir(strPath)109 if os.path.isdir(strPath):110 self.init_path = strPath111 ## Repository type - filebased / sqlite3112 self.repository_type = read_config('repository_type', 0, int)113 ## URL with the latest version used for the notification updates.114 self.version_url = read_config('version_url',115 '', str)116 ## Whether or not to check for updates, default is True (1)117 self.check_for_updates = read_config('check_for_updates', 1, int)118 ## oneDirPerMap setting, default is False119 self.oneDirPerMap = read_config('oneDirPerMap', 0, int)120 ## Statusbar type, default is STATUS_NONE121 self.statusbar_type = read_config('statusbar_type', STATUS_NONE, int)122 ## save width/height/layer/location at close, default is SAVE_AT_CLOSE123 self.save_at_close = read_config('save_at_close', 1, int)124 ## layer when saved at close125 self.save_layer = read_config('save_layer', LAYER_MAP, int)126 ## location when saved at close127 self.save_hlocation = read_config('save_hlocation', 0, int)128 self.save_vlocation = read_config('save_vlocation', 0, int)129 ## width when saved at close130 self.save_width = read_config('save_width', 780, int)131 ## height when saved at close132 self.save_height = read_config('save_height', 600, int)133 ## The match function to be used in the auto-completion of the entry134 self.match_func = read_config('match_func', ENTRY_SUB_MENU[0], str)135 ## List of map servers to hide136 self.hide_map_servers = read_config('hide_map_servers', '0,3,16,18,19,20', str)137 ## Speed and distance units (default km / km/h)138 self.units = read_config('units', 0, int)139 ## Start offline (default = Yes)140 self.start_offline = read_config('start_offline', 1, int)141 ## limited capabilities (default = No)142 = read_config('limited', 0, int)143 ## Initial map zoom, default is MAP_MAX_ZOOM_LEVEL-2144 self.init_zoom = read_config('zoom', MAP_MAX_ZOOM_LEVEL - 2, int, SECTION_MAP)145 ## language setting, default is 'en'146 self.language = read_config('language', 'en', str, SECTION_MAP)147 ## Initial map center, default is ((1, 1), (210, 170))148 self.init_center = read_config('center', ((1, 1), (210, 170)), str_to_tuple, SECTION_MAP)149 ## Show a small cross in the center of the map, default is False (0)150 self.show_cross = read_config('show_cross', 0, int, SECTION_MAP)151 ## Map service to get images, default is Nokia152 self.map_service = read_config('map_service', MAP_SERVERS[NOKIA], str, SECTION_MAP)153 ## cloudMade API key154 self.cloudMade_API = read_config('cloudmade_api', '333d990d389d5e65a7714dd738b2fc77', str, SECTION_MAP)155 ## Initial style ID for the CloudMade maps156 self.cloudMade_styleID = read_config('cloudmade_styleid', 1, int, SECTION_MAP)157 ## Visibility of the scale158 self.scale_visible = read_config('scale_visible', 1, int, SECTION_MAP)159 ## Amount of days used when user selects the Force Update160 self.force_update_days = read_config('force_update_days', 1, int, SECTION_MAP)161 ## auto-refresh frequency in miliseconds162 self.auto_refresh = read_config('auto_refresh', 0, int, SECTION_MAP)163 ## Part of the URL that is used to get the google tiles164 self.google_src = read_config('google_src', '', str, SECTION_MAP)165 ## Show the name/description of the marker in the map166 self.show_marker_name = read_config('show_marker_name', 0, int, SECTION_MAP)167 ## The font color for the name of the marker168 self.marker_font_color = read_config('marker_font_color', '#00CCCC', str, SECTION_MAP)169 ## The font Description for the marker "sans bold 12"170 ## self.marker_font_desc = read_config('marker_font_desc', 'normal', str, SECTION_MAP)172 ## Maximum number of threads to download maps173 self.maxthreads = read_config('maxthreads', 4, int, SECTION_MAP)174 ## Time delay before drawing the map overlay175 self.overlay_delay = read_config('overlay_delay', 0.1, float, SECTION_MAP)176 ## Initial map opacity177 self.opacity = read_config('opacity', 0.0, float, SECTION_MAP)178 ## Initial map opacity179 self.draw_track_start_end = read_config('draw_track_start_end', 0, int, SECTION_MAP)180 ## Ruler-track width, default is 3px181 self.ruler_track_width = read_config('ruler_track_width', 3, int, SECTION_MAP)182 ## How often is the GPS updated, default is 1 second183 self.gps_update_rate = read_config('gps_update_rate', 1.0, float, SECTION_GPS)184 ## default increment for gps track saving185 self.gps_increment = read_config('gps_increment', GPS_INCREMENT, int, SECTION_GPS)186 ## GPS-type, GPSd (0) or serial (1), default is GPSd187 self.gps_type = read_config('gps_type', 0, int, SECTION_GPS)188 ## Draw GPS-track, default is 1 (True)189 self.gps_track = read_config('gps_track', 1, int, SECTION_GPS)190 ## GPS-track "interval" in meters, default is 50m191 self.gps_track_interval = read_config('gps_track_interval', 50, int, SECTION_GPS)192 ## GPS-track width, default is 2px193 self.gps_track_width = read_config('gps_track_width', 2, int, SECTION_GPS)194 ## GPS serial port, default is 'none'195 self.gps_serial_port = read_config('gps_serial_port', 'none', str, SECTION_GPS)196 ## GPS serial baudrate, default is 9600197 self.gps_serial_baudrate = read_config('gps_serial_baudrate', 9600, int, SECTION_GPS)198 ## Initial GPS mode, default is GPS_DISABLED199 self.gps_mode = read_config('gps_mode', GPS_DISABLED, int, SECTION_GPS)200 ## Maximum zoom to show the GPS, default is 16201 self.max_gps_zoom = read_config('max_gps_zoom', 16, int, SECTION_GPS)202 ## User agent name203 = read_config('name', NAME, str, SECTION_AGENT)204 ## User agent version205 self.version = read_config('version', VERSION, str, SECTION_AGENT)206 ## User agent webaddress207 self.web_address = read_config('web_address', WEB_ADDRESS, str, SECTION_AGENT)208 ## Write the configuration to the default file209 def save(self):210 self.write()211 ## Write the configuration to the default file212 def get_layer_dir(self, layer):213 if self.oneDirPerMap:214 return os.path.join(self.map_service, LAYER_DIRS[layer])215 else:...

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1"""Test LETP config stub.2Use read_config fixture to validate it's expected.3The stub will be used by LETP unit tests.4"""5import pytest6from pytest_letp.lib import swilog7from pytest_letp.lib.modules import SlinkInfo8__copyright__ = "Copyright (C) Sierra Wireless Inc."9COUNT = 010def validate_config(expected_iter, read_config):11 """Validate configured values are set correctly in read_config."""12 for cur_path, cur_val in expected_iter:13"path %s expected value %s" % (cur_path, cur_val))14 if "(" in cur_path:15 # It is an attribute16 attr_path = cur_path.split("(")[0]17 attr = cur_path.split("(")[1].replace(")", "")18 res = read_config.find(attr_path).get(attr)19 else:20 # It is a text21 res = read_config.findtext(cur_path)22"Found %s: %s" % (cur_path, res))23 assert str(res) == str(cur_val), (24 "Expected value not found for %s: expected %s found %s"25 % (cur_path, cur_val, res)26 )27def check_config(request, read_config):28 """Check request's path and expected values."""29 path = request.config.getoption("--path")30 expected_value = request.config.getoption("--expected_value")31 if path and expected_value:32 expected_iter = zip(path, expected_value)33 validate_config(expected_iter, read_config)34def test_cmd_config_set(request, read_config):35 """Test config set from command line."""36 check_config(request, read_config)37@pytest.mark.timeout(5)38def test_config_value(request, test_config):39 """Check a parameter or an attribute value.40 The value can be feed by --path and --expected_value in the command41 line.42 """43 test_config_xml = test_config.get()44 check_config(request, test_config_xml)45 main_config_list = test_config.get_main_config()46 valid_configs = [47 tuple(config.split("="))48 for config in main_config_list49 if "=" in config and not config.endswith("=")50 ]51 validate_config(iter(valid_configs), test_config_xml)52def test_config_same_test_with_2_cfg(read_config):53 """Test should be called twice.54 The same test has different xml configuration in the json file.55 """56 global COUNT57 # First time,58 expected_value = "test" if COUNT == 0 else "test2"59 val = read_config.findtext("foo/bar")60"Found value: %s" % val)61 assert val == expected_value62def test_config_two_xml_with_json_file(read_config):63 """Two tests with different xml configuration in the json file."""64 expected_value = "test"65 val = read_config.findtext("foo/bar")66"Found value: %s" % val)67 assert val == expected_value68def test_config_two_xml_with_json_file_2(read_config):69 """Test should be called twice."""70 expected_value = "test2"71 val = read_config.findtext("foo2/bar")72"Found value: %s" % val)73 assert val == expected_value74@pytest.mark.config("$LETP_TESTS/scenario/config/target_wp750x.xml")75def test_config_value_xml(request, read_config):76 """Test with xml file associated within test."""77 check_config(request, read_config)78@pytest.mark.config(79 "$LETP_TESTS/scenario/config/target_wp750x.xml,$LETP_TESTS/scenario/config/foo.xml"80)81def test_config_value_multi_xml(request, read_config):82 """Test with multiple xml file associated within test."""83 check_config(request, read_config)84def test_config_value_with_json_env_vari(request, read_config):85 """Test environment variable in json file.86 If this function gets called that means,87 the system was able to get $LETP_TESTS path and call88 this function from json file,89 $LETP_TESTS is the env variable used in json file.90 """91 assert request92 assert read_config93"env variable was found")94def test_custom_config_tag_with_attri(read_config):95 """Test custom config arguments tag with attribute."""96 assert read_config.findtext("module/slink3/name") == "/dev/ttyUSB6"97 assert read_config.findtext("module/slink1/name/new_tag") == "new_val"98 assert read_config.find("module/slink3").get("used") == "1"99 assert read_config.findtext("module/slink3/desc") == "mcu"100 assert read_config.findtext("custom/new/tag") == "foo"101 assert (102 read_config.find("module/slink1/name/new_tag").get("new_attri")103 == "new_attri_val"104 )105def test_custom_config_attri_only(read_config):106 """Test custom config arguments attribute only."""107 assert read_config.find("module/slink3").get("used") == "1"108 assert read_config.find("capability/avc").get("used") == "1"109 assert read_config.find("custom/new/tag").get("attri") == "1"110def test_custom_config_tag_only(read_config):111 """Test custom config arguments tag only."""112 assert read_config.findtext("module/slink3/name") == "/dev/ttyUSB6"113 assert read_config.findtext("module/slink1/name/new_tag") == "new_val"114 assert read_config.findtext("module/slink3/desc") == "mcu"115 assert read_config.findtext("custom/new/tag") == "foo"116def test_slink_default_val(read_config):117 """Test default slink config val."""118 assert SlinkInfo.get_num_links(read_config) == 3119 link = SlinkInfo(read_config, "module/slink3")120 assert link.desc().lower() == "cli"121 assert link.speed() == 115200122 assert not link.rtscts()...

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